Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


16. Car Crash

~~I knew immediately something was wrong when Harry picked me up from work instead of Liam. Up until that moment, it had been a nice day. Rick hadn’t shown up at all. I was waiting outside for the car to drive up to the stairs, and Liam coming out to greet me, the normal routine. But it was Harry who stood outside, hands stuffed inside his trench coat. When I got closer to him, his eyes were blood shot and red, as if he’d just been crying. His face was pale, making the ghost of a bruise on his forehead from where Louis threw the torch at him stand out vividly.
I asked.
His voice was thick.
“What happened?”
I said, automatically expecting the worse. Had Perrie had a miscarriage? Had Louis or El been attacked by paparazzi, which was very likely. Had Rick hunted down Liam? Panic clutched my heart at the possibility of this last option. Rick hadn’t been at work all day, maybe he had been busy tracking down Liam, torturing him… or worse.
“Harry, what happened?”
I repeated my last question in a more demanding tone.
“Where’s Liam?”
“The hospital.”
My fears had been confirmed. I felt my knees buckle underneath me. Harry helped me back up. I could see his mouth moving, but couldn’t hear him say anything. Rick had caught Liam.
“Bella? Are you listening to me?”
“It’s Niall and Ri.”
I didn’t have time to be relived.
“They had a car crash. Quite a bad one actually. Liam’s with them.”
My heart plummeted.
“Oh my god.”
I murmured, feeling the tears spring into my eyes.
“Are they ok?”
I asked as we got in the car. Harry swallowed.
“Niall broke his wrist and got a concussion.”
I gasped.
“What about Ri?”
A tear ran down Harry’s cheek.
“Oh god. She’s not dead, is she?”
I said, feeling dizzy.
“No! Of course not.”
Harry looked down.
“She’s in a coma.”
I cried on Harry’s shoulder the entire way to the hospital. We ran down the polished corridors until we got to the emergency ward, the whalebone necklace bouncing up and down on my chest.
“That’s the third time this year One Direction has been in hospital.”
One of the doctors tried to joke in attempt to lighten the mood.
“Just leave already!”
We heard Niall snarl. I rounded the corner into her room, shoving past what looked like a very pissed off doctor. There was Ri, lying in the pillows with her hair spread out in a halo around her. She looked like she was just sleeping. I let out a strangled cry when I saw her, sobbing into Liam’s neck when he came over to comfort me. Niall was clutching her hand hard, tears still pouring down his cheeks.
“Wake up, Ri.”
He sobbed.
“He hasn’t moved since they came in. The doctors had to do his cast here because he refused to leave her.”
Liam informed me.
Perrie held onto Ri’s other hand.
“Niall, I’m sorry.”
I put my hand on his shoulder. He ignored me, the only thing he was focusing on being Ri.
“Ri. Please…”
“Come on, darling, you can do it.”
Perrie begged, tears streaming down her own face. I couldn’t talk. I felt faint, light-headed. One of my best friends was lying there, holding onto life by a thread. I broke down in fresh tears, not caring that my running make-up probably made me look like some sort of demented clown. Liam held me close to his body, running his fingers through my tragic haircut.
“She’ll be ok.”
He assured me. Niall stared at Ri’s limp body.
“Ri, open your beautiful brown eyes.”
He pleaded. Ri didn’t move a muscle.
“I need to get some air.”
I ducked out of the crowded room and slumped against the wall next to the door. Liam joined me moments later, draping his arms around my shoulders.
“Do you want anything to eat?”
He asked. But for once I wasn’t hungry. I shook my head.
“Hey, stop crying. It’s ok, she’ll wake up.”
He gently wiped away the tears falling from my eyes.
“But what if she doesn’t?”
I wailed, burying my face in my hands.
“Don’t think like that. Be strong for Niall.”
I knuckled my eyes, fiercely.
“Come on babe, put on a brave face.”
Liam turned the corners of my mouth upwards with his fingers.  I couldn’t help but giggle.
“Hey look!”
A man’s voice spoke from down the hallway. He came around the corner. My heart stopped when I saw he had a camera on his belt.
“Get back inside!”
Liam grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the room. He slammed the door behind him, locking it.
Niall said, angrily.
“We may be trapped again.”
I looked out the frosted glass of the door. Silhouettes of paparazzi flocked outside. Niall looked livid. If looks could kill, we’d have dead bodies piling up next to the door.
“Stay by Ri.”
He said to Perrie, leaving his girlfriend’s side for the first time. Niall threw open the door.
“The love of my life is lying there in a fucking coma.”
He said in a dangerously a quiet voice.
“And you- you just don’t get it do you? No, put those damn things away.”
He pointed at the camera’s the paparazzi had lifted to snap pictures of his speech. They reluctantly obliged, muttering sulkily under their breath.
“This happens to normal people all the time. You don’t barge in on them like this, do you? Ri is in enough stress already without you bastards coming in! I said put those down!”
Niall snarled, gesturing angrily at the cameras they had started to reach for once again. His voice began rising.
“When a normal person gets hurt enough to land them in hospital, it’s terrible. But when a celebrity gets hurt, it’s amazing, its front page news. It’s times like this when we just want to be left alone. So just, piss off!”
Niall slammed the door forcefully in their faces. We all stared at him. He ignored us, pushed past Liam and I and resumed his position next to Ri’s bed.
“Hello, love. I’m back.”
Niall murmured, smiling. He eased the hair off her pale forehead. Ri didn’t move.
There was a knock on the door.
“If it’s those photographers again…”
El muttered menacingly from the corner she was standing in with Louis. Her own makeup was running, much like my own. A doctor entered the room.
“I’m sorry, visiting hours are over. You all will have to leave.”
“Can’t I stay? Just to keep her company.”
Niall begged. The doctor chuckled.
“Mr. Horan, Ms. Miller is in a coma. She knows nothing of what is happening. Staying with her will have as much effect as keeping a brick wall company.”
Niall gave the doctor a death glare, and kissed Ri on her pale cheek.
“I’ll be back tomorrow, babe.”
He promised, letting go of her hand. Harry put his arm around him.
“Cheer up mate.”
“Let’s go over to our place.”
Liam suggested. Niall nodded, knuckling his blood-shot eyes.
“She’ll be ok.”
I assured him, draping my arm over his other shoulder. Niall didn’t say a word.
 I felt Louis put his hand on my shoulder. I turned to face him. His face was serious. I felt my heart plummet. When Louis is serious, something bad has happened.
I asked. I saw the sadness in his eyes. He waited until the others were up ahead before saying something.
“I heard the doctors talking. They said because of Ri’s medical history, she only has a thirty percent chance of waking up. Something like this has happened before and she’s had a near death experience. Chances of it happening again, and her surviving it are very low.”
I saw El walking behind him, fresh tears running down her cheeks. I looked at her to tell me that it wasn’t true, that this was one of Louis’s stupid jokes. But at one glance at her face, I knew that Louis wasn’t kidding.
“We can’t let Niall find out.”
I whispered.
“It’ll destroy him. If that girl dies, he will honestly kill himself.”
El agreed, sniffing.
“Are you three coming or what?”
Niall called from upfront, seeming considerably happier. I forced a smile, seeing Eleanor and Louis do the same next to me. It was lucky Niall was too far away too see our faces clearly. Although we were beaming broadly, I could tell if one was close enough they could see the grief and guiltiness in our eyes.



I am so sorry for not posting :( I kinda forgot until my friend reminded me that I had been neglecting you guys for a while so sorry about that :( anyway, hope you like the new chapters 


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