Beautiful Nightmares

Bella Tomlinson, sister of Louis Tomlinson, gets pregnant with Liam Payne's baby. No worries, right? Wrong. The next nine months is complete and utter chaos, even more so when a once loved work colleague changes his mind about Bella for the worse. Will Bella and Liam's love last long enough to see their baby together, or will Rick make sure that death does them part?


1. Beautiful Nightmares



Hi guys :) this is my first Movella, hope you like it :)







He kissed me lovingly, clutching me as if he could never bear to let me go. I closed my eyes, kissing back trying to mentally record every second in my mind. Suddenly he stopped and whispered: "You're dreaming. It's time to wake up." 

"No." I protested, burrowing into his neck. "Never."

"You have to wake up now."

"Let me sleep. Let me stay with you." 

"Tomorrow night. I promise. "

With that he gently kissed me on the forehead. "Now wake up." He shoved me backwards, and instead of hitting the ground I kept falling and falling into black nothingness, falling until I couldn't scream anymore, falling forever with a voice echoing through my head "wake up, wake up..."


Somebody shook my shoulders. "Get up! Come one Bella, or we’ll be late."

I warily opened my eyes.

"That's it darling. Open those eyes."

In my blurred morning vision I could just make out the outline of my boyfriend, Liam Payne. I smiled and leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. I stayed nuzzled in his shoulder, our shadows Siamese on the wall.  For that moment everything was perfect. Almost worth getting up at the crack of dawn. Almost.

"Ok, hug times over Bella."

"Five more minutes." I begged

Liam sighed and rolled his eyes. "If I keep giving you five more minutes we'll miss our flight."

"Fine." I grumbled and threw a pillow at him, which he dodged.

"Go have a shower babe. You look terrible."

He smirked.

I snorted with laughter. "I'd like to see you get up at five in the morning and not look like Godzilla."

"I wouldn't look like Godzilla. I'd look like Batman."

He flexed, winking at me.

"Whatever." I chucked another pillow at him and shut the bathroom door before he could retaliate and decapitate me with a well-aimed coat-hanger.


I stripped and stepped into the shower, letting the water run over me, clearing my head. I heard a knock and hastily grabbed a towel from the rack. "Come in." I called once I had made sure I was decent. Liam pushed open the door with his hand over his eyes, but peeking through his fingers.

"Just grabbing your shampoo and soapy things."

I leaned into the shower and passed the three bottles over to him.

"Be careful with those soapy things. They keep Godzilla away and Bella here."

He laughed. "Alright. Be ready soon, I want to leave here in twenty minutes."

He left the room. I ran a brush through my light brown hair, and pulled into a side braid. I quickly moisturized and got changed into leggings and a neon yellow knitted jumper, with my black ballet flats to finish.

"There." I said aloud, satisfied with my appearance. I went to grab my hoop earrings from the cabinet, but found they weren't there

"Shit. Liam babe have you moved my silver hoops?"

"No. Just wear the diamond studs."

"But I need the hoops."

"No you don't." He poked his head around the door. "The only people that are going to see you are El, Perrie and the boys. And I know you're the most beautiful thing on this planet even without hoop earrings. They take attention away from your eyes anyway." He kissed me on both of my closed eyelids.

"I'll wear the studs then." I smiled and kissed him back on the lips.  "I love you, Liam."

"I love you too, Bella. Come on, we have a plane to catch."


"Perrie, calm down." Perrie was clawing the edge of her seat tight, her feet stuck firmly to the plane floor. "It's perfectly safe.  You'll be ok." Zayn tried to soothe her. She was sweating.

"Zayn, I can’t do this.”

"It's okay, love." Said Zayn , taking her hand. “Just breathe."

"I told you. I can’t do this. Oh god I'm going to puke."

She rushed to the bathrooms

I turned to Liam, laying my head on his chest. He hugged me tight, and stroked the top of my head. "Have a little nap. I'll wake you up when we're about to land."


"As if I'm going to ‘nap’ for nineteen hours.”


Liam chuckled and ruffled my hair, like I was a little girl.

"Have they got any coffee?"

I heard El whisper over the aisle. Louis, my elder brother, and her soon-to-be husband was practically falling asleep on top of her.

 "He's using my boobs as flipping pillows."

Liam grabbed a glass of water from a passing steward and threw it in Louis's face.

 "Holy shit!" Louis jumped up rapidly, bashing his head on the overhead locker. “You bloody bastard!" He shot Liam a death glare, then removed his dripping sweater. El giggled helplessly, attempting to hide herself with her purse. Louis made a shocked face at his fiancée. "Eleanor! After all we've been through, you're laughing at me, right when I need you most!" He cried, jokingly. "I-I... I'm wounded!" Other passengers were starting to stare. "Goodbye, cruel world." Louis finished, and slumped back into his seat.

"Right. That was Louis Tomlinson everybody."


"Attention all passengers, we are preparing for takeoff." A voice came over the speakers.


"Fiji or bust!" Shouted Liam.




"I'm back." I came up from behind. "You promised me tonight

I tapped him on the shoulder. "You promised." 


He turned to face me. "I can't."


"Why not?”

He pushed me away. "No I can't. I can't love you anymore. Not after what you did." 


I furrowed my brow. "What?"


He threw me a look of disgust. "Don't play dumb. You know what you did. You know what you did to us." 


"I don't! I don't know what I did!"


 "You ruined your life! I can't love a woman like that." He snarled, and began walking away.

"What did I do? Tell me please!" I shrieked back at him, now tears running down my cheeks.  


"Find a mirror bitch."


I turned to face myself. No. Not me. My reflection. Mascara trails tracked down my cheek bones. My eyes were red and puffy from crying. I couldn't see anything wrong with my face. Maybe it was because of my weight? I looked down. And screamed.


 It ripped out of my throat, the cry of an animal. New tears spurted from my eyes, spilling over in torrents. Where my totally flat stomach used to be, was a bump. Not a tiny muffin top either. A baby bump. 


I kneeled over, sobs shaking my body. 

I was dead inside, knowing what I had done to myself, at only the tender age of nineteen. Who would look after it?  Who had got me pregnant? Who was the baby's daddy?


My eyes snapped open. I leaned forward, crying into my hands. I wasn't ready to be a mother. Not yet. I was still young, still a child myself.  Something stirred beside me. I felt his hand snake around my waist, and pulled me into him. "It's ok, it's just a night mare." Liam’s gentle voice brought me back to reality. I was suddenly aware of the droning of the airplanes engine, Perrie snoring next me, the abrupt lightness of my abdomen. It was just a dream. All my imagination.


I couldn't get back to sleep. Every time I tried, my stomach was replaced with a swollen lump of flesh, straining under the burden that was my unborn child. Each time I awoke, my hands would automatically run down to my wombal area, grasping the skin around my hips.


By the time dinner was served, my abdomen was covered in red marks, skin torn in places where my nails had dug in.

The stewardess placed a dish on my tray.

"I think I’m going to be sick."

I hissed quickly at Liam, before pushing the plate away, undoing my seatbelt and quickly making my way to the bathrooms. I shoved open the door and locked it. I breathed deeply, painfully gripping my stomach again. Why was I so worked up about this? I wasn't really pregnant, it was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare. I splashed water in my face, saturating my shirt.  I shook my head. I couldn't be bothered cleaning it up. I reapplied my makeup and unlocked the door, rubbing my tear-stained eyes, surroundings blurring.


I sniffed and struggled past Perrie and Zayn’s legs, then fell backwards into my seat.

 "You ok Bells?"

 Liam kissed me on the cheek, my face brushing against his stubble.

I put on a weak smile.

"Nothing. It's just night terrors."

He held me at arm’s length, examining my face.

"It's not nothing. What are these night terrors about exactly?"

I looked away, hands moving to my middle again.

"Really, it's nothing." I insisted.

"Tell me."

"Look, I'm tired. I just want to get some sleep before we get there." I changed the subject.

 "Goodnight Liam."



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