So Long, Good Girl *HarryFanFic*

Annabelle was one of those so called 'good-girls'. Not much of a girl for trouble. She was their prime target; plus her little friend Rachel. These bad boys were going to turn their world upside down. They would live a little on the edge. They would inspire each other. These lads would go to America with their gang members for more 'business' up north. Gang business. Would they want the money at the end? The dream they will soon desire? Or will love take part of this game?
INFO- the boys werent yet famous and they become famous differently.


14. Yeah.. Lets Go Back To Class

Annabelle's POV



I was awoken by a door shutting upstairs. Somebody was awake. I wiped the crust from my eyes, caused by crying, and looked towards the clock above the door. It was 5:30 AM, time to get ready for school. 

I saw my bag next to the couch, but I didn't bring it. Harry must've actually paid attention to me and remember I needed my stuff. I pictured the two girls walking into his room, undressing in front of Harry, what a monster.

I open my bag, revealing a baby blue v neck, white skinny jeans, and grey toms. I went to the bathroom and put everything on. Oh god, I shouldn't of worn a push up bra yesterday... I didn't bring a new one to change in. Now my boobs are literally flying out of my shirt. Great.

I take scramble through the bottom of the bag to find some makeup. I put on my mascara, styled my eyebrows, foundation, and powder to set it. I didn't have a flat iron or anything, so the best I could do was do a side braid since it was a mess.



"Wow," Were Harry's first words when I walked out of the bathroom. His eyes locked in my chest. I turned away and went to the couch for my phone.



"Yeah school is going to start in a little bit. We need to go." I loosen my backpack straps so my backpack dangles lower on my back. It's been annoying me, anyway. I slip it over my arms and open the door.



"We need to wait for the boys." Harry's face was blank.



"Oh," I step closer to him, an inch away. "did I ask?" I turn to walk through the door and to Harry's car.



"I guess they can take Liam's car..." Harry mumbled quietly. I don't know why he bothered to respond, nobody was listening. Not a soul.



We started driving to school and he popped a question.



"Are you mad at me?" His worried eyes looked almost... innocent.


"No," I lied. Harry let out a deep breath and pulled into the school.



"Alright good, princess." My eyes shut tightly. I was so tired of that name. And being pushed around like a puppy. It's time to take a stand.



"It's funny how you call me that, you know? Since it's not my name and I'm not six years old." I opened the car door and slammed it behind me.



"What's your problem?" Harry yelled after me. He grabbed my hand and I turn around.



"I'm just done. You're an asshole, Harry. And you don't even see it!" I let it out. His grip on my hand loosened and eventually collapsed. He let me loose and I wander around the campus. 



"You and Harry again? Really bells?" Rachel said and I froze dead in my tracks. I'm so done. I approach her ready to throw my thoughts her way.



"Rachel, you're the biggest bitch I've ever met. How about you stop worrying about my actions and you actually live for once." I hissed. Rachel's face became red and the group she was with shared a dozen gasps.



"Annabelle Winter! It's official, we're not friends anymore!" Rachel whined.



"Tell someone who cares." I see Abby and Tori to my left laughing. I walk their way.



"That was so funny! She's like crying and you're just telling her how much you hate her!" They began to imitate her like Siamese twins.



"Hey so I need somewhere to sit at lunch, any takers?" I say as they smirk. They both nod and away we go.



"Tori did you dye your hair?" I asked and she smiled and talked about how much she loved it. It was way better than her Ariana Grande hair, honestly. It was her natural brown color. 




The bell rings loudly and I head off to first period. Today I basically changed everything... My friends, attitude, and where I sit at lunch like dang. I sat down and I remember, Harry is behind me. I groan and lean against my hand.



"I'm sorry I'm an asshole." Harry said silently. I shushed him.



"Not now..."



"Yes now. Look, let's go in the hallway." I was about to object, until he beat me to it.



"Annabelle said she hurt her ankle and needs to see the nurse. She can barley walk, can I assist her?" Harry stood up and lied through his teeth. I just kept my mouth shut. The teacher allowed us and pretended to limp. His arm around me, his hand keeping my ribs in place all for the act. I realize why I like him. I feel safe by his side.



"Look, I'm really sorry Annabelle. From the bottom of my heart." Harry picks me up wedding style, and carries me to the shut down toilets. 



"Harry you just piss me off so much. You drive me crazy!" Harry picks me up and puts me on the sink. I leaned against the wall, and he's only an inch taller now.



"I don't know what I did. We were fine yesterday." I gave him an aggravated look.



"You invited over two girls for your own advantage. An asshole does that." Harry's face drops.



"I know... But why are you mad?" His words were like an obvious song. I wanted to scream 'I like you!' At the top of my lungs, but something is holding me back. 



"I-uh just think that it's messed up. Zayn was right, you never changed. I'm guessing you've always been a jerk." His green eyes pierce mine.



"I'm sorry. I only did that because I was...bored."



"Bored?" I scoffed.



"Ok I'm officially done with you. Let me go." I tried to move off of the sink, but his hands blocked me.



"You wouldn't understand!" His voice became deeper.



"Oh yeah, I wouldn't! 'Oh I'm bored let me just fuck this guy'!" I mocked him. 



"It's business!" 



"What kind of business, Harry!? Please enlighten me!" I crossed my arms and relaxed. I took some breaths to cool off from our fight.



"Those girls... Their brother is a huge dealer around here. We need more money, so we need to knock out the competition. In order for that, I had to fool them. I got them drunk, and sadly took advantage but it's all pretend." Oh.. Now I feel bad. I treated him like dirt.



"I'm sorry..." I let the words slip from my lips.



"It's okay.. Do you want to go back to class-" I let my mouth crash into his. His arms hold me in place around my back. I mess with his hair. I needed to stop but I didn't want to. I finally listed to my gut instead of my heart, and backed away. We got carried away.



"Yeah... Let's go back to class."

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