So Long, Good Girl *HarryFanFic*

Annabelle was one of those so called 'good-girls'. Not much of a girl for trouble. She was their prime target; plus her little friend Rachel. These bad boys were going to turn their world upside down. They would live a little on the edge. They would inspire each other. These lads would go to America with their gang members for more 'business' up north. Gang business. Would they want the money at the end? The dream they will soon desire? Or will love take part of this game?
INFO- the boys werent yet famous and they become famous differently.


6. See You At School


The thing that scared me most about Harry is knowing what he's capable of. He and his boys deal all around the US and the UK. Not only that, they're good at what they do. It's hard for me to believe any of them if they said they hadn't taken anyone's life. 

My phone vibrated and there appeared a text from an unknown number. 
-you have what I want so give it up.-
I scratched my head and responded

-and that would be what exactly?-
I waited for at least an hour and no reply. I assumed it was somebody messing with me, or maybe a wrong number. My bedroom door opened and in came my mother.

"Rachel's mom called and she wasn't happy. What happened?" I rolled my eyes and got on my phone.

"None of your business." I scrolled through Instagram and my mom knocked my phone from my fingertips.

"Not many things piss me off, bells. That did. I'm your mother."

"I'm 16, not 12. You can leave now, though." I knew I pushed her over the edge, but honestly Im tired of people pushing me around. I'm tired of high expectations and being treated like a child.

"What has gotten into you lately?" She screamed. I pointed to the door and she took my offer and left. I was not going to fight with her. I decided to go on a little walk to brush off some steam. I tip toed through the front door and I was free. By free, I mean out the house for about thirty minutes.
I heard faint whispers in the distance. Being the nosey person I am, I quieted down and listened,

"I could use a hit. Damn it, are we out?" A familiar voice sounded.
"You smoked seven in the last two hours, tori." Tori and Abby... They are huge sluts and they have a craving for drugs.

"Hey you!" I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned around and they were staring at me.

"Yeah?" I asked. They stumbled to me.

"You're friends with the new guys. Do you think you could hook me up with something? Possibly on a discount, too?" I chuckled.

"I'm not their friend. But I know you could just ask any of them." Abby nodded.

"The thing is, we need it cheap." I shivered.

"And you're telling me this because..?"

"Because you can get it discounted I bet. A little birdie told me about Harry's little thing he has for you. I'll give you props for pulling him around your finger so quick. You should teach me that sometime. Possibly Friday at Randy's party?" Tori smirked. I knew Rachel wouldn't speak to me again.

"I'm busy Friday" I lied.

"You'll have to change that. I never got your name," Tori held out your hand

"Annabelle" A laugh came from Abby's mouth.

"See you at school tomorrow, Annabelle"
Sorry it's short! I wrote this on my phone
Give me some comments for the next chapter(:thanks 

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