So Long, Good Girl *HarryFanFic*

Annabelle was one of those so called 'good-girls'. Not much of a girl for trouble. She was their prime target; plus her little friend Rachel. These bad boys were going to turn their world upside down. They would live a little on the edge. They would inspire each other. These lads would go to America with their gang members for more 'business' up north. Gang business. Would they want the money at the end? The dream they will soon desire? Or will love take part of this game?
INFO- the boys werent yet famous and they become famous differently.


9. Maybe You Haven't Changed, Styles

Annabelle's pov




"I thought you were one of those girls who cared about what everyone thought." Harry says, pulling on his grey t shirt. I shrugged.



"There's things I do care and that I don't. If anyone found out about what's going on between us, I don't know what I'd do." His eyes travel down to my lips.



"I wish you felt the same about me. I can honestly say I'm falling for you." I gulped. I do... I really do.



"It wouldn't matter if I did," I open the car door.



"Tori and Abby are probably expecting you." Harry tried to smile, but I saw something different from his usual, cheeky smile. The way his mouth curves, it doesn't show joy in his eyes. I frown and turn away, hoping he didn't see that. 





"What's going on between you and Harry?" Rachel stops me right when I sit down at our table. I cross my arms tightly.



"Oh you caught me. We're just friends, oh my gosh! I'm not doing drugs or anything bad." Her veins were popping out of her forehead.



"You and him sneak around, obviously! Look," she points her abnormally fat finger Harry's direction, as he walked back from his car in the parking lot.



"I bet you were with him!" I start to panic. Savannah raises her eyebrow and I stand up.



"Yeah! I was," I furrow my eyes in Rachel's direction. "Because if we were in public, you wouldn't speak to me and you'd try to intervene. My rel- friendship with Harry doesn't have anything to do with you." I decide that I wasn't hungry anymore.



"Annabelle!" Zayn yells behind me as I walk down the hallway to my locker. I put in my combination and turn the cold spiral.



"I saw you and Rachel get into another argument. Look, her and I were discussing you and Harry and she's truly worried." I take eyeliner from my pink bag and apply it to my eyelid.



"I didn't ask for her word on my choice of friends," 



"I know that's not all that's going on between you two, I'm not dumb. Whatever it is, it's time to 'fess up." I roll my eyes.



"If you're so concerned, how about you ask your old friend Harry! I'm not dumb either. Trust me, you'll never be able to get into Rachel's pants, she believes in after marriage." I slam my locker door.



"And you're a virgin, too." He says, obviously uneducated. I chuckle.



"Nope. Don't tell Rachel or she'll give me a pregnancy test." 



"Who was it?" Zayn asks and I turn around. His eyes pierced into my soul. I want to tell him so bad, but I couldn't. This isn't like me, I thought, I don't act like this.



"I don't kiss and tell." I sway my hips away. Maybe this wasn't like me, because I've never been my true self. At this very moment, I felt adrenaline pump through my blood because I felt so free. There's no longer shackles on my ankles.




Harrys POV 



When I sat down for lunch, I stayed quiet. I couldn't stop wondering why Annabelle draws me in so easily. Usually I go for the girls who live on the edge, like me. I remember when I first saw her yesterday.  I thought she looked so pretty and stunned. She looked like she was almost trapped in the wrong body. I let that fall through my mind and later realized she was, and my mission is to unleash the real Annabelle, not the pretend.



"Haz, c'mere." Zayn calls me over and I did as he said. "Yeah?"



"You need to be completely honest when I ask you this, ok man?"  I nod, but my palms became sweaty.



"Are you and Annabelle sleeping together?" My eyes race to the cement. I'm a great liar when it comes to people who rarely know me, but I can't ever lie to my best mates.



"Why do you ask?" Good, just ask him everything he knows or suspects.



"You and her sneak around and I spoke with her a minute ago, but she denied everything I threw her way." She's stubborn, I can tell. I think my so-called mission is working. It's a personal one, because I know the real her wouldn't care what everyone thought about us. 



"Listen to me," Zayn puts his hand on my chest as a way of saying stop.




"I don't believe her. She's acted really sassy and even thought it was partially sexy, it didn't distract my senses completely. I could tell you were doing something." 




"Fine.. Yeah we are, but don't tell anyone or I swear I'll turn you in," I gulp. "to Jason." Jason was the only guy who scared Zayn, and he's even higher up in importance of our business than I am. I help run the operation.






"You really don't know why?" 



"Yeah, she's gorgeous and has a body of a goddess, but you're going to ruin everything for her."



"I like her for who she is, trust me. She's amazing and to me, she's everything I could ask for. She just doesn't like me back."



"Listen to yourself! You sound like those guys we make fun of in movies. Like a faggot. What happened to you having sex with any lady you could find?" I groan.



"Before we moved I did that. Before we came to this stupid ass high school, I did that. Before I met Annabelle and her and I are trading." Zayns eyes go wide.



"Trading what?"



"in exchange for me giving her a discount for bud, her and I-"



"that is truly messed up!"



"She wants to!" Zayn hits me in the arm harder that a playful hit but too soft to be serious.



"How many times?" He was pissed off.



"Twice" He bites down on his lip.



"Do you know what you've done? That was her first time, dumb ass! It meant nothing to you!" I laugh.



"Yes it did. She could of disagreed but she enjoys it." 




"Maybe you haven't changed, Styles."

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