So Long, Good Girl *HarryFanFic*

Annabelle was one of those so called 'good-girls'. Not much of a girl for trouble. She was their prime target; plus her little friend Rachel. These bad boys were going to turn their world upside down. They would live a little on the edge. They would inspire each other. These lads would go to America with their gang members for more 'business' up north. Gang business. Would they want the money at the end? The dream they will soon desire? Or will love take part of this game?
INFO- the boys werent yet famous and they become famous differently.


13. Ladies

Annabelle's pov


I woke up suddenly, and I was breathing fast. I look at the clock and it's been an hour since I was at Harry's. How did I know that? I don't remember anything else. I heard voices coming from the room besides this one, which in guess was the living room since I was cuddled up on the couch. I guess I was sober.



"Your girlfriend or whatever needs to help us sell. It's either that, or were dead. Or even in London! Being beaten by Jason and his group!" Liam said. That was about me, wasn't it? I sigh and look at my shoes.



"She's not my girlfriend! And if she helped us, her friends would eat her alive! She's not cut out for it anyway." That really hurt me. That was Harry's reply? I'm not cut out for it? 



"Whatever! Go wake her up." An unfamiliar voice said. Wait... Wake me up? I jumped to the couch just before Harry opened the door. He started shaking me.



"Wake up, stoner." I pretended to wake up and laughed.



"Can I take a quick shower, please?" I asked politely. He groaned and made me follow him upstairs to a bedroom. He opened a door and inside was a bathroom.



"You were so high earlier, it was like you smoked more than just weed." He smirked, like I was supposed to admit something.



"I barley remember anything, but I remember everything I smoked and it was just weed." Harry bent down to turn on the shower.



"So you don't remember what you said to me?" He asked desperately. I shook my head in honesty. 



"Ok, I'll be out there if you need anything." When he left, I began to shower. It was weird that he was naked in here at one point, but I guess that it's weirder that we were on each other naked at one point.. Or two. 


After I showered, I realized that I didn't bring pajamas in here. Did I even bring clothes? I think I did.. Probably. I just know I was coming here and that's all. I wrap the towel around me and creak the door open a little.



"Psst Harry." I whispered.






"Did I bring pajamas?" I slightly look into the room. He takes a bag, probably mine because it's from my house, and goes through it.



"No. Come out here. I'll give you something." I step out and make sure my towel is on tight. His eyes travel every inch of my body.



"I-uh I'll give you a shirt to sleep in and you could sleep in it like a gown or something... I know that-um girls like to do that in like movies..." Harry said, unfocused. His eyes never left my body, but I was covered. He's seen me without a towel before, but it wasn't in light at all so he probably doesn't remember.



"Yeah, thank you." I smile and finally his eyes hit mine. He smiles back and goes to a drawer and pulls out a Pink Floyd t shirt. I go back into the bathroom and pull it over me, along with some panties of course. When I go back into the bedroom, Harry is on his phone smiling. He was adorable.. And I was falling for him.



"I'll just go to the couch, then." He doesn't pay attention. He's acting weird... Or normal. He usually acts all creepy and scary, but I think now he's being himself. A loving teddy bear. I like when he's not acting all tough. I skip downstairs and lay down on the couch. I finally get some sleep.



I'm woken up by the front door opening. I look up and see two girls, twins. They were gorgeous, unlike me.. that's what I thought at least. They both wore tight, crop tops. They also had shorts that basically showed their whole butt. They were so pretty still, and I'm insanely jealous. 



"Lindsey, Britney, welcome. May I say, I didn't know Harry had such good numbers like you two ladies." Niall greeted them. They both giggled and Niall held his hand out, and each of them out one delicate hand on too of his.



"Follow me, Harry is expecting you. Damn, you both are absolutely beautiful." Once they disappeared, a tear came down my eye. It was a hot tear of jealously. I started to cool down until I heard disgusting noises from Harry's bedroom, and I couldn't control my tears. I cried myself to sleep that night.

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