So Long, Good Girl *HarryFanFic*

Annabelle was one of those so called 'good-girls'. Not much of a girl for trouble. She was their prime target; plus her little friend Rachel. These bad boys were going to turn their world upside down. They would live a little on the edge. They would inspire each other. These lads would go to America with their gang members for more 'business' up north. Gang business. Would they want the money at the end? The dream they will soon desire? Or will love take part of this game?
INFO- the boys werent yet famous and they become famous differently.


8. I'm Not So Bad


"Dang Annabelle... You look terrible." Savannah said when she saw me from a distance. I gave her the finger.

"There's something off about you. And hey- don't be giving people the finger idiot. Why do you look like a hobo?" I gulped.

"I woke up late so I had 20 minutes to get ready. Can I borrow your brush? I was in such a rush I forgot mine!" Savannah smiled and handed it to me. I brushed out every tangle and handed it back to her.

"Where's Rach?" I asked. In her response, she shrugged.

"She was upset earlier. We couldn't find you. Hey, let's go to my locker." And we did what she insisted. We dodged all of the people to get to her locker.

"Any run in with Harry?" I shook my head. I just met him yesterday, lost my v card to him, and then I might of enjoyed it. Just then, the bell rang.

"I'm about to. If you see Rachel, tell her I'm really sorry. And say I've been crying which is a lie." We laughed.

"And you're lying! What are you up to bells?" She giggled but I knew she actually suspected something.

I made my way to first hour, where Harry sits behind me. I find him already in his seat, winking at me. I strut to my desk.

"You seem happy, princess." I grinned and sit down, facing him.

"I had an amazing time earlier. We're going to do it again, aren't we?" His eyes widen.

"Oh wow, you actually want to do it?" I bite my lip, making him whisper in my ear.

"Are you willing to meet me at my car during lunch?" I lean towards his ear.

"Nobody finds out. I'm down." 

Was this a bad idea? Probably. I'm attracted to him, but nobody will ever figure out.


"She said that she's sorry!" Savannah screams at me for the tenth time.

"I don't care what she says, Sav! She's been different and as every day goes by, she'll continue to change. Don't tell me that those boys didn't change her!" Her eyes aim to the floor. She knew I had a point.

"A little, okay. But I don't think it's the boys. Annabelle is tired of being pushed around by you! I'm surprised that she's going through so much trouble to warm up to you. Little does she know is that right when she comes back, you'll be controlling her." A tear fell from my eye.

"She's like a sister to me! I want her to be safe because I'm worried that she's going to do something bad just like Miley Cyrus or Lindsey Lohan!"

"Damn it Rachel! Stop bossing everyone around!" I crossed my arms.

"Where is Annabelle anyway? Did she switch lunch tables or something?" I took a bite of my apple and look around.

"I guess. I would've too."

"Hello Rachel. Can I have a word with you?" I turn around and there's Zayn.

"Actually no." 

"Please? Don't be scared." You know what? Screw everything, I'm going just to tell him off.

"Sure." Zayn led me behind the portables.

"What the heck is wrong with you? Life doesn't revolve around drugs and alco-"

"So because I drink and smoke means I'm a terrible person? Everyone in rehab are to be shunned? You would like me if you knew me." I fall to the ground.

"I'm sorry, I can't help but judge. I really can't." He slides down next to me.

"Why are you like that then?" I bury my face in my hands.

"I was taught to stay away from those things and everyone who took part into it. I really wish I could change but this is who I am and how I think." Zayn pats my head.

"Can I be an exception to your little avoiding people who do that?" I chuckled and he hands me a piece of paper.

"I know you think I'm going to crazy stalk you but I'm different from the other guys. I'm not as bad. Harry runs everything, we're just part of his cartel." I gulped. Harry wasn't at lunch and Annabelle weren't. Does that mean....

"My friend and Harry are friends. Is she safe?" 

"I'll be honest, no. She's taking a huge risk." 

"We have to stop her..."

"Wait. Look at the paper." I uncrumble the paper and there were numbers.

"Text me if you need to talk."

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