So Long, Good Girl *HarryFanFic*

Annabelle was one of those so called 'good-girls'. Not much of a girl for trouble. She was their prime target; plus her little friend Rachel. These bad boys were going to turn their world upside down. They would live a little on the edge. They would inspire each other. These lads would go to America with their gang members for more 'business' up north. Gang business. Would they want the money at the end? The dream they will soon desire? Or will love take part of this game?
INFO- the boys werent yet famous and they become famous differently.


11. High

Annabelle's pov



The final bell rung, and it was time for me to drive home. I took my keys from my backpack and walked through the parking lot, finding my car. Tori and Abby were waiting with bags in their hands.



"Thanks for the discount, Bells. You really saved us. It's good shit, too." I grinned and opened my mouth to respond, but Abby stopped me.



"Before you talk, we want you to try it out for yourself." I shake my head and try to talk but then Tori beat me to it. "And before you refuse, Harry told us everything about how nobody can hear about our business. We know you're the middle man and everything, but it's time to smoke you out." I laughed and nodded. I think it was time. There's too much stress built up inside.



I followed them into the car parked next to mine. I'm guessing this is where we're going to do it. They pull curtains down over the windows. "Let's hotbox this shit!" Tori screams and turns up the radio to the point to where it blared my eardrums to pudding.



"Just take this lighter, light the bowl and hold the carp down." I did as they said and took my first puff. I held it in for as long as I could before I started coughing up a storm. I took puff after puff until I hit it 6 times. I was really feeling it.



"Have you ever realize how funny lamps are? They just hang over and light up. Helping us through the darkness." We all break out into laughter.



"That was deep. Almost as deep as this needle is about to get in my arm." I stopped laughing and looked over to Abby, who was about to inject herself with what I think is heroin.



"That's too far, Abs." Tori warned her and took the needle from her.



"Don't act like you haven't done it, though," Tori's eyes started to water.



"I stopped because it caused so much trouble for me." And there it was, they always say that after a high, there's always a low. I sat up, started to feel it work away.



"As much fun as that was, I have to go. Thanks for the.. Yeah." I search for the door handle, unable to see through the cloud of smoke in front of me.



"Wait, use these drops so you don't look blood shot. Chew gum, use lotion and perfume to cover the smell." They handed me all sorts of stuff and I did as they said. I left the car, and smoke left as well. I realized that were still on campus... I need to get going,








i know it's short, it's just to show what's kinda going on for her and blah blah blah. I'll make up for a longer chapter next time.

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