One Direction Imagines! *FINISHED!*

Hey! Im making one direction imagines so just comment your name,eye and hair colour, abit about you, which boy you like and yeah..... Please like,comment and favourite! It will mean alot to me.


18. Tori with all the boys

Tori POV

Im bad, I really am. Infact, I regret it so much. If you're wandering what on eath Im talking about, its thatIm listening to all the boys' conversations when I shouldnt be. "I love her louis, the felling is so strong I just cant deny it..." What do you mean Harry? Then I heard Liam speak up. "No Harry, I love her and always have. You just want to take over my life. Besides, you just want to get inside her..." ........I-I. Im speechless and I cant feel my cheeks turning a hot red. Harry didnt say anything. "No. You guys have got it all wrong. I've loved her first with her pretty blonde hair that just lays on her shoulders and....." Niall was interupted and Zayn spoke. Right. Ive had enough of this arguement stuff. Im going to break it all up. I walked into the room to find complete and utter silence. A few minutes past. Suddenly....."WE LOVE YOU TORI!"

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