One Direction Imagines! *FINISHED!*

Hey! Im making one direction imagines so just comment your name,eye and hair colour, abit about you, which boy you like and yeah..... Please like,comment and favourite! It will mean alot to me.


10. Suzannah with Niall

Suzannah POV

I was waiting anxiously in line outside the O2 arena. I cant thank my parents enough because they brought me front row tickets to see one direction! They are my life and I dont know what Id do without them. "You may go in........" said the guard. I showed him my ticket and he nodded for me to go in. I ran straight to front row and waited. My heart was racing 1000 times a second and Im really nervous. This is my 3rd time in my whole life so far that Ive been to see one direction. I must've been waiting for about 5 minutes mow and there is only 5 seconds left. "5.........4..........3..........2..........1....!" Here they are now!!

"Hello london!" Shouted Niall through the microphone. He looked out into the crowd then down into front row. It seemed like he noticed me. He waved and smiled at me then went back to looking at everyone. This is going to be an amazing night!


Suzannah, Im really sorry if its short but this is all I could think of for your imagine. I hope you like it.



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