One Direction Imagines! *FINISHED!*

Hey! Im making one direction imagines so just comment your name,eye and hair colour, abit about you, which boy you like and yeah..... Please like,comment and favourite! It will mean alot to me.


20. Samantha with Louis

Samantha POV

I havent been feeling too well lately. I have no idea why though. My friend thought it would be good to go out and get some fresh air. So thats what I did. I put on a jumper over my t shirt as I didnt want to get too cold out in the london windy air. Typical london. I walked down an alleyway to cut through all the streets and to go into town. I smelled the air to get a whiff of the nearby cafe. I love going inside and its nice and cosy. An old friend of mine works in there so I always go in and say hello to her.

I plugged in my earphones listening to some of my favourite music. Suddenly, I collided with someone. We were both on the floor holding out heads. "Ow, Im so sorry. I-I was just playing a game with some friends and then...." I looked over to see it was THE louis tomlinson that bumped into me. He got himself up and brushed off and dirt. "Here,..." He had his hand out for me to take. I took it and pulled myself up.

"I really am sorry..." Just then, the others came up behind him. "Well done louis, you have yourself a woman..." I heard Harry giggle behind him. "No!" Louis called. "No, I was running away from you guys, when I accidentaly bumped into this girl...W-" Harry interupted him. "Whats your name love?" Louis looked angry but I couldnt help but laugh. "My name is Samantha..."  I smiled and waved goodbye. "Wait!" Louis called after me. "Come with us back to ours please?" I nodded and followed them all. Good job I did bump into him. I never thought I would.

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