One Direction Imagines! *FINISHED!*

Hey! Im making one direction imagines so just comment your name,eye and hair colour, abit about you, which boy you like and yeah..... Please like,comment and favourite! It will mean alot to me.


32. Felicia with Zayn

Felicia POV

Im speechless. I really dont know what to say. Their new song, story of my life is amaZAYN. (aha get it?) Its actaully made me cry but I love it. I especially love zayns voice in it.


And Ive been waiting for this time,

to come around. But baby running

after you, is like chasing the clouds.

His voice just makes my heart melt. I sigh as I think back to when I did actually meet him and the others. It wasnt really meant to happen, but it was the best moment of my life.


I had woken up to alot of screaming from all the fans. I live in the middle of london, so alot of celebs come here and stuff. Apparently, One Direction is here. I roll out of bed and quickly got dressed. I dont want to miss seeing them. As you can probably tell, I am infact, a fan of them. A directioner to be precise. I brush my blonde hair and put on my favourite perfume, by One Direction called Our Moment. It smells so good Im literally addicted to the smell. I rush downstairs, grab an apple, and head out the door. "Good morning honey!" I here my mother say before I shut the door.

I shoved my way through crowd of girls and tried to see if I could see them. All of a sudden, all the girls went all loud and then I heard their names being shout. "ZAYN!" "LOUIS!" "HARRY, WE LOVE YOU!" "NIALL, YOUR MY IRISH LEPRECHAUN!" I started jumping up to see if I can see them. But unfortunately, Im little on the short side so I cant really see whats going on. "Move out of the way B*@?#!" said a girl next to me. She looked about 16 or 17. I was being pushed to the back and then to the front.

All of a sudden, I was pushed too forward that I fell over and landed on the hard floor. The girls didnt care, they wanted to see One Direction. I tried to pick myself up but I couldnt. My leg was hurting really bad. I cried but wiped away my tears, not wanting the boys to see. But they did. I looked through gaps on the floor and saw the boys pointing and making their way towards me. I moved out of the way for them to get past but a hand was stuck infront of me. I took it and stood up. Tears were still silently falling. "Are you ok?" The voice asked. I shook my head. "M-My leg really hurts....." "Come with me."

I was picked up and taken into a big black riot van. "Whats name love?" They asked. The voices sounded very familiar. I dried my tears to see that I was in One Directions black van. "M-My name i-i-is Felicia." I saw Zayn sitting next to me and I was in his arms. "What happened to you?" Asked Harry. I smiled abit and then spoke. "I wanted to see you guys through the big crowd but Im a little short, so I was being pushed and shoved and then someone pushed me out of the way and then thats when I fell onto the floor and hurt my leg real bad."

"Lets get you to the doctor....You're leg looks bad." I smiled and nodded in agreement to what Liam said. From then on, they were with me the whole way to the hospital and with my X-Ray of my leg. They were there for the whole thing. My leg was broken and so it needed surgery, and when I was laying in the bed, and being given the drugs to go to sleep, the last words I heard was.........


"I love you Felicia......" Zayn said and then I blanked out.

*End of flashback*

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