Broken (Larry Fan Fiction)

When Harry and Louis fall in love, their relationship takes a lot of twists and turns. Can they survive the hurdles in their way, or will they end up broken?


2. The Meeting

After Louis woke up, we all sat around and talked about the upcoming press conference.  "If you have anything to tell the public now is the time. They want some dirt on us. We need to give it to them." Liam said "I don't have anything for em'" Zayn responded. "Neither do I" Niall said. "Um, other that I really hate carrots, No." Louis answered. Then, they all looked at me. I felt an eruption in my chest. I just got up and ran to the bathroom outside of the conference hall in the hotel.

I got in there and I fell to the floor, tears already pouring out of my eyes. I couldn't take the pressure of all of them waiting for me to say something that could completely ruin our friendship. I sat up against the wall with my legs drawn up to my forehead. Then, Louis stumbled in, out of breath from running up and down the hall looking for the room that could have been containing me. His eyes connected with mine and he was immediately on a knee next to me. "What's wrong Haz?" He asked. "If I told you would hate me and never talk to me again." told him. "That's not true. Harry, I'll always be here for you." Louis spoke in a quite tone, comforting me with every word. "Louis, I can't tell you. i don't want anything to ruin our friendship." I spoke quietly hoping he wouldn't hear me. "Well than we can't be friends anymore, because I'm not a good enough friend for you to trust. I thought me and you could talk to each other." Louis said, tears rolling down his face. "No Lou, I do trust you bu-" I was cut off. "Then if you trust me, tell me what's wrong Harry Edward Styles!" Louis yelled, tears continued to roll down his cheeks. "Louis, I'm Gay!" I yelled. Tears fell from my eyes as I lied down on my side. Louis got up and walked over next to me and got down on his knees and leaned closer into me. His icy, blue eyes gazing into my green ones, looking straight into my soul. He held out his hand for me, and I willingly took it. He helped he up to my feet and hugged me. "You see, that wasn't so hard." Louis whispered in my ear before we exited the bathroom. "Please don't tell the other boys." I said in a low voice. "I won't Harry. You can trust me." Louis said before we walked into the conference room.

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