Broken (Larry Fan Fiction)

When Harry and Louis fall in love, their relationship takes a lot of twists and turns. Can they survive the hurdles in their way, or will they end up broken?


3. Louis

Me and Louis walked back into the room together and the other boys looked at me. "What was that about?" Zayn asked. Before I had time to answer, Louis said, "Harry's going through a rough patch right now. I'm just gonna walk him to his room, that is if you guys don't mind." "That would be fine. Just feel better soon Harry." Liam said, and with that Louis and I began walk down the hall and our ascent in the elevator. Once the elevator stopped at our floor, Louis walked me into my room and helped me onto my bed. "Just lay down and stop crying Hazza. I love you no matter what and the other boys will too. Just get some rest. We only have 2 more weeks until the tour." Louis soothed. He walked into the bathroom for a second and that gave me time to strip off my pants, and I began to put on a more comfortable shirt. I had the shirt around my hands about to put it on when I heard a thud from the bathroom. I ran outside the door and said, "Louis, are you Ok?" I got no response. "Louis, are you Ok?" I questioned once more. I got, again, no response. 'Louis, I'm coming in!' I yelled, frantically trying to get the door open. I struggled with the door, clothed in just my boxers, and when it finally opened, Louis lied sprawled out on the floor in a puddle of blood. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed the phone. I dialed 9-1-1 as quickly as possible. Soon, I sat next to Louis in the ambulance on the way next to the nearest possible

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