Broken (Larry Fan Fiction)

When Harry and Louis fall in love, their relationship takes a lot of twists and turns. Can they survive the hurdles in their way, or will they end up broken?


1. Intro

I sat on the marble counter of the hotel room bathroom. The Claridge was a beautiful hotel, but not as beautiful as the person I was thinking about. Louis was just in the next room of their condo. I looked down at my black Converse as a tear fell onto the toe. There is no way it could ever happen. Louis would never be into me. Another tear fell from my eye onto my shoe. My hair dropped down into my face and I pulled back a couple of ringlets from my face. I can't stand the pain it brings me to know that i will never be with the one person I love. Louis had Eleanor and would never want me. 

A knock sounded from the wood of the door, pulling me out of thought. "Harry? Are you ok?" Liam's voice came through the door. "Yeah, I'll be out in a second." I responded. I also hated lying to my best mates all the time.  I couldn't bring myself to tell the boys, as I was afraid they would hate me. I was afraid of the rejections that my best friends could express. I pulled myself together, wiped the tears from my eyes, and walked out of the door out into the living area. Louis was asleep of the couch. He was so graceful, even in his sleep. He was dreaming as he barely smiled through his expressionless state. I just looked at him and tried to hold back my tears. the beautiful boy sleeping on the couch will always just be my friend, even if I wanted him to be more. 


     I was soon snapped out of my trance by Niall. "Harry, what's wrong?" Niall asked. " Nothing, I was just thinking." I replied. "We're worried about you. I think you've done to much 'thinking'. You seem to be out of it all the time." Niall said. "It's just been hard on me, the tour is coming soon. I just need some time to think about stuff once I get home before we leave." I said, pushing even more ringlets away from my face. "Well we have a conference today. It's really important. Can you please actually focus on it?" Liam asked. "I'll try my best." I answered.

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