Mud-bloods and Pure-bloods (Dramione)

Hermione and Draco hate each other. But when they go back to school the year after the Second Wizarding War and get Head Boy and Girl, will that all change?


5. Chapter 3

Author's POV

Hermione woke up with a smile. She loved Hogwarts. It was like another home.

She put on her favourite stripy shirt, jeans and trainers and walked out of her dorm and into the Common Room. There was Professor McGonagall.

"Ah, Miss Granger, follow me." She said brightly. They walked out of the Common Room, towards the dungeons.

Hermione's POV

McGonagall lead me towards the dungeons, and we stopped outside the Slytherin Common Room. "Wait here" she instructed me. She said the password and went inside, coming out 5 minutes later with none other than Draco Malfoy. He saw me and looked down.

"Follow me," McGonagall said to us and she lead us to the fifth floor. Ae stopped outside of a portrait of a woman with a harp. On it's left was a portrait of Snape and on it's right was a portrait  of Dumbledore. "Miss Granger, please choose a password." McGonagall said. I thought hard. Eventually, I said, "Polyjuice!" And the portrait of the woman swung forwards. McGonagall went in first, followed be me then Draco. "This is the Head Dormitories and Common Room. You two may sleep here or in your house Dormitories, although you must sleep here  twice a week. I shall leave you to settle in." She walked away.

Author's POV

She went down a corridor and opened a door at random. Inside, she saw a 4 poster bed with the Gryffindor symbol on it, and the walls were scarlet outlined with gold. She looked in the wardrobe on the other side of the room and saw it was full of plain white clothes, and some school robes as well. On a note, it said: 'Point your wand at the clothes and say a colour, and the clothes will turn that colour. ~McGonagall'. She pointed her wand at a pair of jeans and said "Black!" And they turned black. She picked out a shirt, a knitted jumper and some boots, and changed them so she had a blue, denim shirt, a dark red jumper and black boots, then put the clothes on, including the jeans. It was Saturday and she had no lessons. She walked out of the Head Common Room and towards the Great Hall for some breakfast.

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