Mud-bloods and Pure-bloods (Dramione)

Hermione and Draco hate each other. But when they go back to school the year after the Second Wizarding War and get Head Boy and Girl, will that all change?


3. Chapter 2

Author's POV

"So, what are you most looking forward to?" Harry asked everyone.
"Quidditch. I miss it!" Ron replied, "Also the feasts."
"Herbology!" Said Neville.
"Care of Magical Creatures!" Ginny said, grinning.
"I'm not quite sure!" Luna and Hermione said simultaneously.

~*~At Hogwarts~*~

Draco got off the train and went to help the first years to the castle. On the way, he saw Hermione helping a group of girls who were fussing over her, almost like she was their heroine.

He found the rest of the first years and said, "Right, I'm Head Boy. This way.", and lead them to the boats and helped them in. Little did he know he was being watched.


Hermione was crowded by first year girls. They were all telling her about their summer and what they were looking forward to and what house they want to be in. One girl said, "I'm Kayla, and I want to be in Gryffindor and be really smart and be Head Girl when I'm old enough, like you!" Hermione was flattered.

She escorted them to the boats and looked over at Draco. He was helping first years into the boats. She smiled, as he would usually just walk away.


"Passey, Kayla!" McGonagall said.

"Hmm, difficult, you are full of knowledge and talent, yet bravery. Hmm, yes, I think another GRYFFINDOR!" The Sorting Hat bellowed, and Hermione welcomed her to the table. That was the end of the Sorting, and before they all tucked into the feast, McGonagall said a few words. "Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts! As usual, the forest is forbidden to ALL students, and you MUST obey the Prefects and Head Students which, this year, are Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Thank you." They all ate until they were full and went to their common room.


Hermione sat down and read the updated version of Hogwarts: A History. She had been reading for about 5 minutes when Kayla sat next to her.

"Hi Hermione! I've just got my Timetable, and I've got Potions then Transfiguration, then Charms, then DADA then Muggle Studies then Herbology!" She chattered.

"That's great! Our DADA teacher is meant to be nice this year, but I haven't met them so I can't tell you. Professor McGonnagall's nice, if a bit strict, and so is Professor Flitwick. You'll have a great time!" Hermione replied.

"Okay! I see my friends! I'll speak to you tomorrow!" Kayla said then walked away to a group of first year girls. Hermione read for another hour then went to bed.

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