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Hello everybody! This is a completely unoriginal idea but here I am, starting a movella review report. I can't review anything marked as red (not old enough) but I can read over anything marked green or yellow. I would prefer not to have fan-fics about 1D or Justin Bieber, but if it absolutely desperate, I would be more than happy to review it. Just leave the name of your book in the comments below and I will review them ASAP. :)


12. The Hunger Games: Tribute- By The RedPanda

First let me say that when I read the last Hunger Games book, I was heart broken. I mean, heart broken as on the verge of tears as I'm sure many of you were when you finished the world breaking series. But, thankfully, we have people like The RedPanda who don't sit around crying but get up and weave us another story.

The Hunger Games: Tribute is set before Katniss ever went to the Hunger Games which I quite like as we get to see her training and supporting her extremely close friend, Mellow Colf and let me just say, I love the names of the RedPanda's characters. I mean, Mellow is so original and it really fits in with the story as well. I also love the name Bianni as I thought this was quite an appropriate name to name Mellow's best friend. 

Furthermore, I love the tension when we see Bianni and Mellow are picked to be the tributes. They are best friends and it is simply impossible to think that they could ever have to kill each other but I simply love how the RedPanda makes you think of the impossible, anyways. 

The RedPanda also makes sure that the past characters personalities stay the same because don't you hate it when you read a fan fic and all of your favorite characters are mixed up? I love/hate Effie's personality as always and The RedPanda has flawlessly managed to keep her character in check: "First we need to get the car to the train and then the train to the Capital. SUCH FUN!" I love how she puts 'such fun' in capitals as it really makes Effie's true enthusiasm shine through, which certainly gives a back bone to the character.

I also adore Mellow's funny but closed off relationships with people. It certainly makes her very real and very convincing. For example, she says to Haymitch: "Morning, Haymitch, good to see you so sober this morning. What, out of beer?" This remark just made me laugh and smile as it painted a perfect picture of the two arguing so early in the morning inside my head. I thoroughly enjoyed this part in the story.

I can't wait for The RedPanda to update more and as usual, I'm lost for words when I see all of this talent!

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