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Hello everybody! This is a completely unoriginal idea but here I am, starting a movella review report. I can't review anything marked as red (not old enough) but I can read over anything marked green or yellow. I would prefer not to have fan-fics about 1D or Justin Bieber, but if it absolutely desperate, I would be more than happy to review it. Just leave the name of your book in the comments below and I will review them ASAP. :)


5. Silenced-By GraceySweetie

This poem made me speechless, literally. Gracey has an incredible talent for writing poetry that should be very well recognized and I have no doubt in the future that we will be seeing Gracey's name in the spotlight. I got all this from only ONE poem.


First off, the cover art is amazing. It is, of course, about the writing but that doesn't mean you can't have an attractive cover. The picture itself really drew me in and the simple (yet effective) title silenced truly made me want to read the poem.

Gracey writes the poem in a series of small chapters and each of these chapter eventually lead up to the characters death. The writing is phenomenal, Gracey's use of metaphors and describing words paints a dark but intriguing picture in my head of this particular character. For example, she uses the line "Suffocating in Darkness" which I love because it really does show the reader how evil and frightening the dark can be. The metaphor "I'm in a closet" also gives the reader deep insight to how the character is feeling as it seems she feels as though she is cramped in somewhere small and awfully lonely. Gracey does a fantastic job in her poetry writing because of these aspects. 

Furthermore, I loved how she added in all of these questions throughout her poem. It made the reader really think and ponder over the girl, which only made me more interested into finding out what happened at the end. 

Thirdly, I loved how Gracey composed the ending. It was very short and hurtful, just like death, which made the end so effective. It really added a lot of feel to the writing and it just made me tremble. 


This is an amazing piece of writing in which I had goosebumps the whole way through! Well done Gracey and PLEASE keep on writing!

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