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Hello everybody! This is a completely unoriginal idea but here I am, starting a movella review report. I can't review anything marked as red (not old enough) but I can read over anything marked green or yellow. I would prefer not to have fan-fics about 1D or Justin Bieber, but if it absolutely desperate, I would be more than happy to review it. Just leave the name of your book in the comments below and I will review them ASAP. :)


10. Pokemon Platinum: The Sinnoh Adventures- By pkmtrainerLuciana

I really should start giving fan fictions more of a chance, I mean, the more I read them, the more I enjoy them. I've never really been into Pokemon before but pkmtrainerLuciana's story got me hooked. 

After reading the first chapter, I automatically wanted to read more, but not only that, I wanted to play pokemon! I have to give it to you, Luciana, you are a VERY good writer! What the author of this particular movella did well was description. "I jumped out of bed instantly and turned on the TV. It was still early, but I couldn't stay in bed any longer." What I like about this is the statement paints a pretty clear picture in my head of a character taking the stairs down two at a time and plopping on the couch to turn on the TV. Luciana showed me that I don't need to add gobs and gobs of endless description about the TV remote and couch, but in fact that a little goes a long way. Furthermore, I got a very good feel for the character-all out of one sentence! I already can tell that this particular person is very excitable and has a large passion for what they do. 

Secondly, I love how Luciana ends her chapters. The first one ended by it saying, "My journey was about to begin." And I don't know about you, but that makes me certainly want to read on. The sentence is like an end to a beginning, it has a great affect on the reader, adding lots of dramatic tension right at the end, making you want to just read one more chapter (or two.)

Also, I particularly enjoy Luciana's talent for battle writing. It's quick and fast-paced, just how I like it. It keeps the reader interested, making them want to find out exactly what happens next, is victory to come or is loss to follow? You are constantly asking yourself. Luciana definitely has a talent for this sort of thing.

Finally, I just like the story over all. The thing that really matters about the actual movella is not the description or structure but the enjoyment level of the reader. I think that Luciana has created a fun and original story which I thoroughly loved reading.

Keep writing, Luciana!

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