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Hello everybody! This is a completely unoriginal idea but here I am, starting a movella review report. I can't review anything marked as red (not old enough) but I can read over anything marked green or yellow. I would prefer not to have fan-fics about 1D or Justin Bieber, but if it absolutely desperate, I would be more than happy to review it. Just leave the name of your book in the comments below and I will review them ASAP. :)


11. Melody: A One Direction FanFiction- By Prez

Firstly, I have to say I was very excited when I got Prez's request about reviewing the Movella Melody: A One Direction FanFiction. I absolutely loved the first one and I was extremely excited to get my hands (or mouse) on the second. 

I was thoroughly surprised to find that Prez could actually improve her writing further. It was already superb before but now it is simply outstanding. Prez moves along her story with a nice, fitting pace. It wasn't too fast that the reader got lost but it wasn't too slow that that the reader got bored. Also Prez was quite good with sentence structure, for when a moment was tense, the sentences were all shortened but when they were full of emotion and worry, they were long and meaningful. 

Secondly, I loved how this Movella opened up. "Secondary school was going to kill me." I'm sorry but this was an awesome way to jump right into the story, not delaying anything. This sentence made me laugh right out loud, it was written so bluntly and simply, I loved it! The character's personality really came across all at once. Furthermore, I can definitely relate to this feeling which only made the comment funnier as I knew exactly where Melody was coming from on this.

Also, I loved how we saw Melody's funny and quirky side but I also loved how in chapter 2, we saw how kind and caring she was. "Shh, I'm right here." I muttered. We were four years apart but I always had been something like a second mother to my sweet little brother." My heart melted at this point. It was refreshing to find a character that actually LOVED her siblings. I could perfectly imagine this tense scene with Melody hugging her brother. It was very sweet and effective.

Finally, I thought it was great how Prez reintroduced Gwen again, this time older and married. I always adore seeing past characters in sequels, seeing how they got on with their life. Furthermore, I loved how Gwen says, "I'm pregnant, not an invalid." I also laughed out loud when I read this (Prez, you are very good with keeping your reader interested by using humor) and I immediately thought, 'Girl Power!' I seriously love characters like this. 

Overall, Prez did a fantastic job with the writing in this Movella but also I loved the story, it was very original and had a lot of flair.

Well done Prez and please, update soon!

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