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Hello everybody! This is a completely unoriginal idea but here I am, starting a movella review report. I can't review anything marked as red (not old enough) but I can read over anything marked green or yellow. I would prefer not to have fan-fics about 1D or Justin Bieber, but if it absolutely desperate, I would be more than happy to review it. Just leave the name of your book in the comments below and I will review them ASAP. :)


19. As Long as There's Christmas-Prez

These days, I feel like I sometimes loose sight of what writing is all about. I'm constantly checking my word count, seeing how many pages it is, asking myself if my story could be a proper book... But really, the true purpose of writing is to enjoy it; it's all about quality, not quantity, right? Anyways, Prez's short story 'As Long as There's Christmas' put me back into the right frame of mind when it comes to writing.

This piece was short. Short but one of the best Christmas pieces I've read. It is beautifully described, shows what love really is and gives the real message of Christmas all in about four to five minutes. That takes some skill. I mean, of course it is good to write long stories but when it comes to fables, journaling or coded messages, you want them to be short but jam packed with information to keep the reader interested and this is EXACTLY what Prez achieved.

The first paragraph captivated me- the two sisters were running but the older one was falling a little bit behind to let the younger one feel like she was winning- to give her a boost of confidence. I thought this was positively precious as it wasn't straight out 'I love my sister' but it was through a meaningful action, one of the best declarations of love there is. 

Furthermore, I loved the character names. When you think about it, the name of a character really a) makes them real and b) shows their personality and I believe that Prez picked the names perfectly. For instance, she names the younger girl Noela and personally, this reminds me of a young, sweet child who is innocent and loving; much like Christmas, which I think the name symbolizes. 

Also, Prez made the girls' language very appropriate and fitting. They lost their parents and the year was 1859 so it would be evident that the girls probably didn't go to school and may be illiterate and have grammar issues. You wouldn't want them to be speaking Kings English as this would be out of place and Prez made sure that the girls spoke exactly as they should; "...ya slowpoke!" The fact that she used slang, I thought, was very good writing skills and made it seem realistic.

I loved how the girls found the mother's locket in the story, I mean, for some reason, I think that a locket is just one of the sweetest, most lovely mementoes to find and I LOVE when people add it in stories. I could also just picture the colors perfectly; a slightly rustic golden locket against pure white snow. It was just perfect to think about and painted a great picture in my head.

Finally, the ending of the story was very touching. "But what she told us will stick with us for a long, long time." I thought that this really showed that words tend to be some of the most prized possessions that we have. It wasn't the locket or the spirit of her mother that made the girls truly happy- it was the words that buried themselves inside their hearts. I just got little goosebumps when I read that- it was a beautiful ending to a great story!

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