Empty World

The boy who looking for survival people, and he with 3 children who fight the darkness person


1. Something going on

'Mike!' I shout

'What?!' Mike shout,

He really skinny, emo on his hair, his age is 17 soon 18, and I marching to him, punch him, he scream like a mad dog, 'shut up man' I hush him, he ran with screaming, I ignore him, later it's was 10.00pm 'right look like i'm going to bed now see ya later!'

I said to mike 'see ya don't get a wanker on your black bed :D'he laugh

'-_- very funny mike' I shrug.

Next day I was woke up my curtain was mess up and broke I was wondering what going on, I looking outside I'm really shock my eyes big eyes like a owl, the outside was really messing, the care was upside and the car on fire and houses too the people lay on the road and path too. I was too panic going outside. I ran downstairs the car land on the wall it's damage I going up the car roof

I was too afraid step on the path and road, I have go with it, step on the path

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