Remember Me (Liam Payne Fanfiction)

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  • Published: 4 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2014
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When 18 year old Makaela Dawson moves to a private high school because of all the painful bullying from her tormentors from her previous high school, she never thought she would encounter her old best friend, Liam Payne. Liam Payne, her former best friend who changed completely: Became a major jerk, a bad boy and hangs around with the wrong crowd. Self-destructive, suicidal and depressed, she suddenly realises that she needed Liam more than ever. But what happens when she starts to have a crush on his former best friend, kind and sweet Zayn Malik? Who has an alter ego? Will Zayn protect her from Liam? Will Makaela crack under pressure? Will Liam remember who she is before the time runs out? (Before X Factor) WARNING: Foul Language, sexual references and Excessive Bullying. Read at your own risk. 16+


34. Remember Me Explained

I guess I never really explained to what was Remember Me really about. As it's titled, Remember Me is a Liam Payne Fanfic which both contains a love triangle and bullying. Because I was bullied a long time ago (remember, you are not alone), I thought I would entitle some of the experiences in here in slight lighter detail. As described, in no shape or form was I bullied in Chapter 23: The Horror. However, verbal bullying and harassment was involved when I was bullied. If you are someone who is dealing with bulling and has either fallen into depression/gone suicidal, check out my Movellas


This is rated R for a purpose - the swearing and the bullying and also may trigger some issues as well. I didn't want it to be too dramatic as these things happened but Three Years Later takes a whole new level. The sequel pretty much surfaces Liam and Louis on a journey to find Makaela of her whereabouts with plot twists and cliffhangers much more to come. I have saved the best shockers for this squeal as much as I could.


Three Years Later is purposely designed to retract the journey. New characters are introduced such as Ashley Crawford. Here are some updated details for Three Years Later:


- Louis has a secret which was kept at distant range from his POV's but has a solid connection with Makaela.

- Zayn, Naill and Harry are yet to be known of there whereabouts in later chapters.

- As a former boyfriend, Zayn still has his bad boy ties but has a history with Ashley.

- There will be a wedding.

- Three of the characters will die/disappear for good.

- A main character will do the unthinkable.

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