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  • Published: 4 Oct 2013
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When 18 year old Makaela Dawson moves to a private high school because of all the painful bullying from her tormentors from her previous high school, she never thought she would encounter her old best friend, Liam Payne. Liam Payne, her former best friend who changed completely: Became a major jerk, a bad boy and hangs around with the wrong crowd. Self-destructive, suicidal and depressed, she suddenly realises that she needed Liam more than ever. But what happens when she starts to have a crush on his former best friend, kind and sweet Zayn Malik? Who has an alter ego? Will Zayn protect her from Liam? Will Makaela crack under pressure? Will Liam remember who she is before the time runs out? (Before X Factor) WARNING: Foul Language, sexual references and Excessive Bullying. Read at your own risk. 16+


28. Chapter 25: Letter Turned Confession

WARNING: Strong Language and Bullying.


In bold font, an countdown to Makaela's coma.




23 hours to go


Zayn is still sleeping as he holds Makaela's icy cold hands. Liam is there as well, sitting down on a chair opposite Liam holds Makaela's second icy cold hand and his thumb strokes gently. His eyes opened a bit as he sleeps. Liam couldn't get the last important thing: The letter addressed to him. He racked his brain for theories and second guesses but nothing came to him. Liam went home after that and opened the front door to his apartment. As he stepped in, he felt he stepped on something. He looked down and there lies the letter addressed to him. He picked it up and closed the door. He went upstairs to his room. He stripped and took a shower. After that, he wrapped the towel around his waist and wasted no time in opening the letter. He opened the folds carefully and began to read the title. It was not a letter but a diary entry from Makaela. 'Why would she give me this?' I thought. I shrugged and read.


Dear Dairy,


Why is my life so complicated? I mean, home is good with John and Hilda as they are growing closer each day. Hilda is like a sister to me and I hope one day she will be my sister. School. Where do I begin. Every time I walk to my locker, I would get stared, laughed and pushed by some people. Those people not not as worse as Liam Payne. Liam, the boy who I once called my best friend turned bully. He turned against me when I needed him the most. I helped him with everything and we used to do everything together when we were kids. I miss my best friend. One time, I told Hilda I had a crush on Liam, the whole school found out the next day. Hilda didn't tell but Christina "Red" Dennis overheard the little talk between Hilda and I. I was humiliated. I will never forget those words he said to me: "You're a fucking whore. Who would ever want to be with you and be in your fucked up life?"


Liam bullied me the start of seventh grade and he still does. I tried to stay strong every time he would beat me in front of everyone but I don't think I could take it anymore. I'm at the point where I'm starting to believe all the nasty, trashy words he throws at me. Not only him but the "Trix" and "The Divas" too. I haven't done anything to either of them and I get this daily. I have bruises and scratches all over my body and John hates seeing me hurt.


But, I have a confession that I never revealed to Liam.


One time at school, Liam beated me that day and brought up about my parents' death - that's when I cracked. After school, I went home and knowing John and Hilda were out on a date was perfect enough for me to commit suicide. Mum and dad were proud of John and I but their death was hard on both of us. I went up to the medicine storage and took out the bottle of prescribed sleeping pills. I then went to my bathroom and locked the door. Taking the cup I used to rinse my mouth, now filled with water. I poured a handful of the pills and put one at a time in my mouth, taking gulps of water each time. After finishing the handful of pills, I began to feel dizzy and the water spilled everywhere. I collapsed to the floor and everything turned black.


I remember waking up in a hospital wondering why I was still alive. I thought the sleeping pills would take my life, but knowing that I didn't take enough made me turn insane. I didn't go back to school for two weeks because I needed therapy and rest. Everyday I would go on Facebook and see everyone talk about me badly, especially Liam. My wall was filled with nasty comments, mostly from Liam. I remember crying as I read them. His words hurt me like a thousand knives in my heart. I deleted my Facebook account after that; letting Liam win.


Liam began to cry but held back the tears. He kept reading.


I then began cutting my wrists, thighs and stomach. Everyone at school would call me a "freak", "slut", "whore", and other harsh names because of the clothes I wear. I would always go in a pair of black skinny jeans, blue oversize printed t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Shoes would be black high top converse. I still have the scars and the pain soothes me. The pain from the razor blade brings comfort and feeling safe. I was out of control. I was then depressed and tried to commit suicide countless times. I didn't have the heart to suppress the negativity surrounding me. I was alone. I hated myself for not trying to quit cutting. Eating was an issue. I never ate. The only things I would eat were apples and watermelon. The drinking part was water and green tea.


I was all gaunt and looked like a dead corpse but walking and barely alive. It was at this point I tried to commit suicide by hanging myself but John was there and stopped me. I remember him and I were watching a movie called Toy Story, my favourite. He would bring popcorn and tea and have a laugh. John always knew how to cheer me up - that's why he and I have a great sibling bond.


I hate myself for going through this. No actually, I hate Liam for this. He left me to become popular.


What Liam doesn't really know even though I wrote it before on this entry, I really do have a huge crush on Liam. Yeah, we were best friends but I still like him even though he tortures me through hell. I almost died when he beaten me and I was scared. Not that I haven't been scared before, being scared of Liam came with a price: He was enjoying it. I hated how he was looking at me with those amazing eyes but hurt me inside because of the constant bullying. I sound crazy and insane but now I regret liking him but I cannot shake it off.


Ending this entry for now.


- Makaela


PS: Can you help who you fall for?


Liam finished reading and cried harder. He fell asleep after his eyes closed.



20 hours to go


After reading Makaela's diary entry that was sent to him, Liam just stayed in bed. He didn't want to get up and having to face the phone call. To him, it was personal. Sure, he didn't want to feel guilty for not being with Makaela in her last hours but he just couldn't handle it. Thinking he would lose control if she died. He shook the feeling and decided to get up, got dressed and grabbed his car keys, phone and wallet. Putting on a pair of dark sunglasses and black leather jacket, he drove to the posh club. The bouncers recognized him and let him in, leaving all those who waited in line dumbfounded, all groaned and not knowing who they let in.


Liam thought may be being in the club who help him forget what would happen in the last few hours and let loose. Although, he wasn't a fan of clubbing, he went anyways to drain his sorrows and trying to have a good time. He walked to the bar and ordered a beer. Once he got his drink, he took a sip and sighed. "Why so glum, babe?" a voice said. Liam turns and sees a girl who looked to be 19 years old. She had dirty blonde hair, her face caked in with makeup. She wore a see-through dress that showed her sexy black undergarments. He gulped.


The girl saw Liam checking her out, she walked seductively towards him, her hand on his chest, touching his toned abs slowly which made Liam feel uncomfortable. The girl smirked and looked into his eyes. "The names Silvia. What's yours sweetness?" she said seductively. "Liam" he said making no eye contact. He thought suddenly going to the club was a bad idea after all. He removed her hand out of his grasp and hurriedly walked out of the club, leaving Silvia standing there in shock.


Liam went home and grabbed a couple of beers. He sat down on the sofa and began to watch a marathon of Toy Story films. He was going to get drunk while watching is favorite Disney movies. The thing about it is that he doesn't want to wake up and remember anything after tomorrow. He'd rather be passed out and stay unconscious to be with Makaela. Thinking about her wasn't going to make him feel any better.


He needed a distraction and watching Toy Story as he drank each bottle of beer at a time to get drunk became an hourly routine. He just sat there, not caring about the world; died from feeling happy. Hurt was an understatement - after what Sophia had done to Makaela and discovering it, he regretted setting her free. Who knows if she would return to finish the job. Liam knew Sophia wasn't going to give up that easily.


Liam checked him phone and saw he had 50 missed called, 99+ text messages and 84 voice mails. He ignored them all knowing the lads and the management would try to lift his spirits, but nothing could lift his hopes if Makaela was dead. His brown eyes revealed only sadness, feeling empty and anger. There was no happiness left in him.




Zayn was at home praying hard that Makaela would make it. He knows Liam was back to his old jealousy ways because he was seen with her. It wasn't his fault, after all, Liam did cheat on Makaela. For once, Zayn decided not to think about anything that happened between him and Liam. All he cared about was Makaela and her decision: Him or Liam. It was the choice she would have to make but as for Zayn, he had to be the one to tell her which will be the hardest to reveal. Why? After becoming friends with Makaela in school, he felt a sense of happiness as he smiles; the precious memories of him and Makaela, the happiness in her eyes but also the sadness behind it. Zayn knew he was selfish, jealous and wanted revenge but comparing everything he had planned to win Makaela's heart without her knowing his true nature, he failed to win her. Yet, she still forgave him.


This seemed to curious Zayn the most as to why she would forgive him for his devious ways. Zayn was of course, the true "bad boy", not Liam. Makaela, a girl with a kind heart, an innocent soul with natural beauty and undying love for Liam never died down. Zayn knew the sparks between Makaela and Liam; it was only a matter of time before they knew they were meant for each other.


Despite everything, Zayn felt Liam's aggressive, abusive ways of bullying Makaela were what triggered into no longer hurting Makaela. Zayn didn't understand this either. No one understood about the relationship and their history together other than Liam and Makaela. Zayn got up and took out a sketch pad and and pencil and began to draw. He didn't care what he was drawing, as long as it kept his mind off of things.




Louis, Harry, Niall, Christina, Rachel, Melissa and Jennifer were all at Louis' penthouse, hanging out. They were all trying to have a day of being normal. Even though it was wrong, Louis couldn't help but feel guilty. No one was at the hospital to know the hours of Makaela's scheduled coma. They were in the living room watching Grease. They were belting out the songs and having fun. Everyone wanted Makaela to wake up and come back into her lives but after everything she's been through, everyone is losing hope; including John and Jenna.




Sorry for the boring chapter. Doing more of these. Will Makaela come out of her coma before it's too late? Comment below!


PS: Thank you to those who enjoy reading this Movella, the amount of likes and  favorites are amazing. I didn't think this fanfiction would be good enough but I have tried to make this intriguing and it seems you all agree.


Five more chapters before Remember Me comes to an end. Yes, it's sad for me to end this. I don't want to end this but the sequel will be released which I'm so excited for. Official summary and title revealed in the last chapter.


- Amee

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