Remember Me (Liam Payne Fanfiction)

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  • Published: 4 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2014
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When 18 year old Makaela Dawson moves to a private high school because of all the painful bullying from her tormentors from her previous high school, she never thought she would encounter her old best friend, Liam Payne. Liam Payne, her former best friend who changed completely: Became a major jerk, a bad boy and hangs around with the wrong crowd. Self-destructive, suicidal and depressed, she suddenly realises that she needed Liam more than ever. But what happens when she starts to have a crush on his former best friend, kind and sweet Zayn Malik? Who has an alter ego? Will Zayn protect her from Liam? Will Makaela crack under pressure? Will Liam remember who she is before the time runs out? (Before X Factor) WARNING: Foul Language, sexual references and Excessive Bullying. Read at your own risk. 16+


21. Chapter 19: The BIG Break III



School today was no exception. Everyone was excited to see who made it to the X Factor. The list of results went up and Hilda went to check for Makaela. The paper said:



X Factor - Singing Contest


These students who have tried their best and have earned their place to be in the X Factor in the states. These students were recognized with high potential and likely to succeed. These students are all great, hardworking individuals. Congratulations to these students.


1. Brianne Jason

2. Lauren Celic Kelly

3. Jane Parker

4. Niall Horan

5. Jake Winchest

6. Zayn Malik

7. Harry Styles

8. Ray-Ray J.

9. Louis Tomlinson

10. Liam Payne

11. Lillie Luther

12. Reece Jackson


These students will sing their audition songs that they have chosen and sung in front of a large group of students as an audience at the X Factor auditions.


Good Luck.


Mr Bruno


Hilda takes a photo of the list and runs back to Makaela. She is taking out her study books for class. Hilda passes her the phone and Makaela looks and scrolls down the list. Liam got in. So did Zayn and the rest of the boys she knew. She looked up at Hilda and smiled, only for the others, not Liam. Yay.


Makaela looked up and saw Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry looking at the list and cheered. Liam smiled and looked at Makaela who looked away from his glance. She then looked at Zayn who gave her a thumbs up and smiled. Makaela grinned and blushed. She felt her cheeks getting hot. She looked away and went back to talking to Hilda. Liam looked away and left. He clenched his jaw. He was jealous.




Previously on Chapter 19: The BIG Break II


'I had to make this right again, but how?" he thought. He shrugged the thought away and went Makaela's house. He parked his car and before he could press the door bell, he heard laughing and singing. He leaned over where the glass sliding door is and he see Makaela with John, Hilda and Zayn. Zayn, why was Zayn in there. Liam furrowed his eyebrows. He then saw they were holding hands and sees Zayn's arms around her waist. She was smiling. I pressed the door bell. I heard footsteps and someone opened the door.


It was ...




A smiling Makaela opens the door. She sees who is standing in front of her and her eyes stopped at him. Her smile turned to pure anger. Before Liam could say anything, she slammed the door and walked to the living frustrated. John, Hilda and Zayn saw Makaela in the living crying. Zayn held her in his arms and sat her down on the sofa. John went to get her a drink when Hilda went to the door and opened to see Liam. She's had enough. "Leave. Makaela. Alone" she said. "Look I..." Liam said but was cut off. John stood beside Hilda and sees Liam. "You should leave" John said, sternly. "But I..." Liam said but was cut off again by John. "No, you broke my sister's heart. I asked you if you were in love with my sister or if it was just a faze and you told me you were so in love with her. You said you couldn't live without her" he said.


Makaela and Zayn were quiet and peered to eavesdrop and saw what was happening. Luckily, Liam didn't see them. "I know but..." Liam said but John wasn't finished. "You can't live without her? Wow. You fucking made out with your ex girlfriend right in front of my sister. How dare you. I have no respect for you and she has no respect for you. You're a joke to her. She couldn't stop crying after that happened - she wasn't herself. She is happy now" John said. Liam looked up. "She and Zayn have been reconnecting and since Zayn has changed, I think I'll might give him another chance to date my sister. Unlike you, who happens to not care about Makaela. You don't deserve her" John said. John clenched his jaw.


Liam stood there like a frightened lost puppy. Liam looked and saw Makaela looking at him. She was crying. Her eyes were red and puffy. John turned to see where Liam was looking and saw Makaela. Zayn held Makaela and they stood next to John. Makaela rested her head on Zayn's shoulder. "Why is he here" Liam asked. "Never mind why Zayn is here" Makaela sad, sniffing as she wiped the tears away. Zayn held her close to him. "Can I talk to you?" Liam asked. Everyone looked at Makaela. She sniffed and nodded. "I'll be okay" she said and hugged John, Hilda and Zayn. She leaned on the side of the door and folded her arms. "Start talking, Payne" she said.


Liam took a deep breath. "Okay look, what you saw was not what it looked like. She came onto me. She kissed me first. I never wanted her in my life at all. I don't know why we were together in the first place. After when she cheated on me many times, I finally had enough. I left broke up with her, I left her, I erased her out of my memory. Makaela, I love you so much..." Liam said but was cut off. "You love me. You. Love. Me. How can you say those three words when you cheated on me with your ex?" she said. "I-I love you. Don't you understand?" Liam said. Makaela shook her head in doubt. "Understand? I perfectly understand. I understand that I was just some lost puppy for you to toy around when you had the chance to plan to get back with your ex." She sighed. "Liam, I can't deal anymore of this. I can't deal on what is going on between us" she said as a tear shed down. Liam furiously shook his head. "N-No, please don't say it. Your my best friend and girlfriend. Please, don't say the words. I can't loose you" he said as he cried. Makaela swallowed hard and breathed, she looked at him with a stern look. "Liam Payne, we're done" she said and walked back in the house and slammed the door. She ran to her room, locked it and cried. Her window was open and Liam could hear her cry.


Liam just stood there frozen in defeat. He lost the girl of his dreams and it was all because of Sophia; her antics to get him back worked but not enough to buy his love. Liam wasn't fooled. He knew Sophia's menacing cheating ways after they were together for over a year but found out on their one year anniversary. His heart just shattered into am million pieces - never to be fixed again. He cried and covered his face with his hands. He heard Makaela cry. Liam looks up and sees Makaela from her bedroom window and he sees Zayn holding a glass of water and hands it to her. She half smiles and puts the glass on her beside table. Zayn sits next to her, hugs her tight and kisses her cheek. He wipes the tears off her face and hugs her again, not letting go. Liam turns and gets in his car. Before he does, Sophia's friend parked the car in front of the house and she walked up to the door and banged repetitively in anger. Liam sits there watching.


John opens the door and sees Sophia. "Who are you?" he asked. "I'm Sophia, I'm here to see Makaela" she said, placing her hands on her hips looking impatient. Wow John thought. Hilda was in the kitchen making tea and sees Sophia. She stops making tea and stands next to John. "Hilda, how's the slutty whore? She crying her eyes out?" Sophia spat as she smirked. Hilda was about to say something but John stopped her, anger crossed his face as he clenched his jaw. Hilda sighed and went back to the kitchen to finish making the tea. "Don't you dare say that about my sister" John spat. "Whatever gorgeous" she said, touching his abs. John slapped her hands away and she winced. "Ow. That hurt" she whined. "No shit Sherlock" John said. Sophia glared at him.


Just then, Makaela and Zayn were at the door and Sophia smirked. Makaela was in no shape to play 'Cat and Mouse' with Sophia if she was planning to get Liam back. "Hey slut, keep your filthy hands off my man. He's no good for you, you don't deserve him. He's too good for you. He's mine so stay the fuck away from us" she spat. "How about you leave me the hell alone? I don't care about your past with Liam. What you do is what you do. You chose to cheat on him several times. Why do you think he hates you so much - you cheating that's what you bitch. Your the one who is a slut. You knocking on my door saying that I'm a slut, a whore, a bitch and a worthless girlfriend (don't deserve Liam). Look at you - your the one who is saying that to me because you are a insecure little girl" Makaela said. Sophia gasped, so did John and Zayn.


Makaela finally stood up for herself. She didn't want to take anybody's crap anymore; especially Sophia's. Sophia looked like she was going to explode. She turned her heels and left in a huff. Before she could get in, Liam stepped out of his car and walked up to Sophia. She saw him and smiled happily, running to him for a hug. Makaela, John and Zayn looked at Liam in disgust and was about to close the door then they heard something. Thud.


John, Makaela and Zayn looked to see what had happened. Sophia was on the ground, face flat. "Ow" she screamed, getting up and wiping the dirt off her face, arms and slutty outfit. "You did that on purpose" she yelled. Liam shrugged and grinned. Liam stood in front of her friend's car with his arms folded. "Step away NOW!" she yelled. Liam shook his head. "Nope" he said popping the "p". John, Zayn and Makaela furrowed their eyebrows in confusion. John leaned over to Makaela and Zayn. "This is better than watching TV" he whispered. They chuckled and laughed quietly finding this amusing.


"You are to leave them alone. Also, watch what you say about Makaela because what you say will come right back to bite you in the ass" Liam said, smirking. Sophia was about to say something but instead, she slapped him across the face and flipped the bird at his face. "How mature of you" he said, stepping aside. She got in the car and drove off. Liam grinned happily. He turned around to find Makaela standing in front of him smiling. "You finally did something" she said. Liam glanced down and back to her, smiling. The adorable brown eyes he has were melting her heart. "You're still a cheater" she said, no longer smiling and walked back to the house and closed the door. Liam sighed. 'At least she's happily smiling' he thought. He turned around and went to his car and drove off.


Back inside the house, John told Hilda what happened and she laughed, happy to know that Sophia had gotten what she deserved. Hilda still didn't forgive Liam, nor did Makaela, Zayn and John. They spent the rest of the day playing video games, talking and a movie with popcorn, drinks and pizza.


Hilda and John were in the kitchen talking and Makaela and Zayn were left in the living room alone. She smiled at him and he smiled back. "Why you back?" she asked. "I was there with my family for a couple of days but, I didn't want to miss the cruise. When I left again and heard about the school's event, I decided to come one last time to give it a shot" he said. "I didn't know you could sing" she said. "You never asked" he said, smiling. Makaela poked his nose and smirked. "Your turn" she said. Zayn began to tickle Makaela on the stomach. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, stop Zayn" she said laughing. John and Hilda rushed to the living to see what was going on. They saw and kept quiet and tried not to laugh. Zayn tickled her a bit harder this time on the sides of her body. He smiled. She kept laughing. "Okay, say Zayn Malik has the sexist body in the universe" he said. "No" she said, laughing. "Whatever floats your boat then" he said, still tickling her. He kept tickling her. "Fine. Zayn Malik has the sexist body in the universe" she said. Zayn stopped tickling her and she fell to the ground, trying to catch her breath. John and Hilda burst out laughing. Makaela glared at them but laughed.


After a night of fun, Zayn said goodbye to John, Hilda and Makaela and left. John and Hilda went to bed early while Makaela was in her room. She was in her pajamas.




She took out her phone and saw she had one text unopened. She opened the message ... It was from Liam.



I love you. Don't you ever forget that. I've left to sort some things. I will be back. When I come back, I will have changed. I love you so much. You don't know how much I love you. You are beautiful to me. Sophia is the past, she's no longer in our lives. Give me one more chance.


- Liam x


She rolled her eyes and let her phone charge and she fell asleep with the memories of Liam in her dreams.

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