Remember Me (Liam Payne Fanfiction)

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  • Published: 4 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2014
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When 18 year old Makaela Dawson moves to a private high school because of all the painful bullying from her tormentors from her previous high school, she never thought she would encounter her old best friend, Liam Payne. Liam Payne, her former best friend who changed completely: Became a major jerk, a bad boy and hangs around with the wrong crowd. Self-destructive, suicidal and depressed, she suddenly realises that she needed Liam more than ever. But what happens when she starts to have a crush on his former best friend, kind and sweet Zayn Malik? Who has an alter ego? Will Zayn protect her from Liam? Will Makaela crack under pressure? Will Liam remember who she is before the time runs out? (Before X Factor) WARNING: Foul Language, sexual references and Excessive Bullying. Read at your own risk. 16+


11. Chapter 10: Blurred Images


After Red told us her text session with her ex best friend Jennifer, we were shocked. Like, oh my god, seriously. They decided to not speak for 9 months and they speak now is just weird. Something's going on between them and we we're helping Red with the master plan. Jennifer and I really hope Makaela is okay and not dead.



I like Makaela I mean she didn't do anything wrong, Liam Payne is a douche. He should've gone to jail for what he did to her. I should be mean, snobby and bitchy to Makaela, but she's a nice girl so I don't have to.



I hate Makaela. She's a total bitch and everything Liam and James says about her are true. Rachel is the total opposite of me, was expected anyway. As twins, we do have our good days and bad days but I just want to see some action. Liam Payne hurt Red's heart and my sister and I are going to see his player bad boy reputation turn into loserville. Zayn's pretty hot though although, when Red told Rachel and I about her "off" sense, we do kinda see what Jennifer is saying. I mean, Zayn may look sweetly to Makaela in the eyes to her but to everyone else, they all think he's looking at her as a target, a prey. Makaela doesn't realise that Liam does have feelings for her but she's just to damn fucking blind to see. She's blinded by the fact that she's so in love with Zayn that Liam is no longer her best interest. Why the fuck am I talking about this?



It's amazing that everyone thinks I'm the good guy, the good boyfriend of Makaela Dawson. Yep, I stole Liam's dream girl and I also brainwashed him into thinking Makaela was a bitch to him. Makaela was lost in my eyes and she loves me. I have won her heart. I'll need to keep this act going if Liam's going to see the light of day. If he tells, John is next and Liam will get my revenge punishment. How did I come up with this master piece? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.




I quickly run into the hospital and enter the room where Makaela is and saw only John and Hilda in the room. "You shouldn't be here. You have no right to be here. After everything you've done to my little sister. You, of all people, you bullied her. Her best friend turned enemy" John said as he clenched his fist and jaw. Hilda held John's and hand looked at him with worried and warm, calm eyes. "I-I just want to see Makaela" I said. John and Hilda looked at each other. John turned to me, relaxed his jaw and fist and nodded. "You have 5 minutes" John said, his arm around Hilda as they exit the room. I sat down on a chair and held Makaela's hand as I began to cry. "Makaela. Makaela, if you can here me I want you to know that ... I love you with all my heart. You may not believe me. Of course you wouldn't believe me, why would you? You hate me after all the things I did to you."


John leans back on the doorway and folds his arms across his chest, eavesdropping and stays quiet as he looks straight at the back of Liam's head. "Look, I'm not asking you to forgive me but please come back to me and for me only. I-I remember everything. I remember how we built sandcastles at the beach. I remember holding your hand when we jumped into the pool for the first time. I remember smiling with you as we danced at your house. I remember playing video games and having Toy Story and Disney marathons every weekend, having a laugh and smiling. I remember when the first time I told you that I loved you. I remember when you came over to my house to celebrate my 12th birthday. I remember the sleepovers and the games of "Truth or Dare" at friends parties. I remember everything. And, I also remember what happened to me. I know who did this to me. I know who made you hate me. You hate me more than I hate myself. Every day I struggle to find the words to tell you why I act like this, why I'm like this. I now know but I cannot tell you. It would put you, your friends and family in grave danger if I tell you. I've loved you from the moment when we became best friends. I've loved you from the time we went to school. I've loved you from the time when you cried about a nightmare. I've been your rock and you've been mine. I'm sorry that I put you and your family at risk. You don't deserve this." I began to cry again, not letting go of Makaela's hand. John's face relaxed and felt sorry for Liam. He left Liam alone and went to back to join Hilda.


"Makaela, if I could go back in time and stop my then teenage-self not to do those things to you, that would be my joy of hope. I really, truly, deeply love you. You have no idea how much I love you. I read your text the other day. I was happy that you messaged me and you listened to the CD I dropped by accident. To tell you the truth, I sounded like an idiot who hadn't broken his voice yet" I said, laughed and chuckled. I looked at my watch and my time was up. I got up and let go of Makaela's hand. I turned to walk out but looked back at her beautiful, peaceful face. "I'm sorry. I wish you could've heard me and to let you know I loved you and always have loved you."


After leaving the room, John asked me for a word. I wiped the tears off and nodded. "So, what do you know" he asked. "What do you mean?" "You said you know what happened to you. What is it?" I took a deep breath. "I was brainwashed by Zayn. I know it sounds crazy but he definitely brainwashed me" I said. "Hmm, well I don't deny you saying that" he said. "Excuse me?" was I all I could say. "For the time I've seen Zayn with Makaela and since they're dating, I have seen him stare at her oddly as in not in love moment but more of a piece of meat moment" he said.


I knew it!


"And besides, from what you've told me in the past about James, he's not smart enough to come up with this plan." I nodded. "Okay, If Makaela wakes up alive out of the blue, I'll try to convince her that you're telling the true. If she doesn't believe you, then I'm afraid you've got no chance ahead of you." I nodded. "Do you mind if I stayed with Makaela tonight?" I asked. "Go ahead. Hilda and I are gonna go anyway" John said with a half smile. "I'm sorry John. I didn't mean for this to happen this bad" I said. "Hey, at least you now know who put you through it and where it came from" he said. I stopped John for one moment. "Zayn said if I told anyone about this, he'd come after you" I said. "Don't worry mate, I have connections that can expose Zayn and will deal with him as well" he said. I nodded.


When Hilda and John left, I re-entered the room and sat down on the same chair and held onto Makaela's hand. I laid my head on the side of the bed, my eyes looking at her. 'She's so beautiful' I thought. I gently squeezed her hand letting her know I was here to protect her. I smiled and kissed her hand and went to sleep. I then felt a slight tug on my hand and looked at Makaela. Nothing. 'I must be dreaming' I thought. I squeezed her hand gently again. I looked down and saw her squeeze my hand a bit. A groan escaped her mouth and her eyes opened a bit. "L-Liam? I-Is t-that y-y-you?" she said. I nodded. I stood up and looked at her in the eyes. They were filled with sorrow and sadness. "Y-you were dead. I thought you were gone forever" I said. She smiled "I never left. Your words brought me back Liam." She then mouthed the words 'I love you'. I kissed her soft lips gently. There were hundreds of sparks and I felt whole again. Her eyes closed as she drifted off to sleep. I smiled and cried. I kissed her one last time on the cheek, sat back down and fell asleep.



I cannot believe Zayn would be the mastermind behind this scheme. Now that I have a feeling of what he would do next which is his next target is of course, Liam; looks like I better ring up the boys about exposing Zayn Malik for good. Liam is a good guy but him being brainwashed, he wasn't himself. I think Makaela should give him a second chance. I've told Hilda everything. At first she didn't believe it but then she did see some sketchiness in Zayn's movements and how he looks at Makaela. It's hard for Makaela to know that she's in love but he wants something more of her and I believe he wants in as soon as possible when she gets out of the hospital. I hope Liam can protect her, keep her safe and well. I clenched my jaw tight. Hilda was worried that something was wrong but she instantly knew it was about Makaela. I knew she was worried about her, we all are.


Zayn, you've just messed with the wrong Dawson.






What will happen when Makaela finally knows the truth? Will she forgive Zayn or Liam? Will Makaela give Liam a second chance? What does Zayn have in mind for Liam? How will Zayn react when Makaela learns the truth?


Also, I have another Movella: called Bree's Special Encounter (One Direction Love Story). Definitely check it out. Like, favorite and comment! =) Amazing 31 favorites =)

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