Remember Me (Liam Payne Fanfiction)

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  • Published: 4 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2014
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When 18 year old Makaela Dawson moves to a private high school because of all the painful bullying from her tormentors from her previous high school, she never thought she would encounter her old best friend, Liam Payne. Liam Payne, her former best friend who changed completely: Became a major jerk, a bad boy and hangs around with the wrong crowd. Self-destructive, suicidal and depressed, she suddenly realises that she needed Liam more than ever. But what happens when she starts to have a crush on his former best friend, kind and sweet Zayn Malik? Who has an alter ego? Will Zayn protect her from Liam? Will Makaela crack under pressure? Will Liam remember who she is before the time runs out? (Before X Factor) WARNING: Foul Language, sexual references and Excessive Bullying. Read at your own risk. 16+


2. Chapter 1: Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

It's been years since I've kept a diary. Then again, I don't really like to write down how I really feeI about family, friends, social life and school tasks. I'd rather keep it bottled up in my head. I dreamt about this one memory when I was young. In the memory, I remember the warm sun bared on my skin as I wore my one-piece pink flower swimsuit and holding my best friends' hand at the beach. Smiling as we built sandcastles, splashed each other with water and pranking each other with sneaky bucket loads of water without each other noticing. Who is my best friend you ask. His name is Liam Payne. His mother and my mother were childhood friends and he and I became really good friends. We just clicked instantly. We were inseparable. I guess you could say we were like brother and sister. We had each others back though the good, bad and the bloody. We never had a single fight in our friendship. We didn't really have one. Some people in school said we were dating but it was a rumor. But then there was bullying - mainly towards me. They didn't bully Liam because they thought he had the young "bad boy" potential which made me sick to my stomach. I was eight and he was eleven. Liam didn't stick around with the bullies, he stuck around with me. Until high school came along.


That's when everything changed.


In the beginning of high school called Lorecoft High School, Liam became distant and avoided eye contact with me at all costs. I didn't know what I did to him, then again I don't know what happened. I didn't do anything and he ignored me. I was hurt and upset so I decided to forget about him completely. He began hanging out with the wrong crowd and began to bully me with his friends. Everyone in the schools, students and teachers all disliked me except for one student: a senior jock named Trent Lowe. Even though he was older than me, he was really friendly and I was comfortable around him. He made me feel happy inside and as well on the outside. We had so much in common: Music, art, sports and caring about family. He's really smart and tells the funniest jokes. Trent was in the school's soccer team called 'The Thunders". He was also popular and all the girls threw themselves at him hoping to be his girlfriend but he didn't take any interest. After being friends for three years, he told me he had a huge crush on me which surprised me because I didn't really see the signs when we were friends. We started dating when he was on his last year at the school. On the first week, Liam was super jealous and he would always keep eye contact fixated at Trent and would glance at me every once in a while; I didn't take any notice of it. At the time, I thought 'Why would he care, he's shagged more than half of the girls in our year than his friends did'. Not only was he the biggest jerk, but he shagged two of the most popular girls in school: Christina "Red" Denis and Jennifer Taylor Banks - who were best friends at the time.


Christina is what you call a skank and a player. "Red" is her nickname because she dyed her hair red, as she hated her naturally brunette hair. Brought up in a high wealthy family, having a younger sister and an older brother; in which the older brother would have a shotgun in their hands if the boyfriend or "date" were to dump Red. Even though this has happened to Christina a lot in her past, her brother never really fired a short, the shotgun was only for show. Jennifer is a blonde and likes to "cake" herself with makeup even though she was able to fool people around her that her makeup looks natural. She was brought up in a rich family of two older brothers who went to take over the family business. When Liam shagged the two best friends and the two girls found out, their friendship turned bitter, very bitter. Since then, Christina gained twin brunette beauties: Rachel and Melissa Brown and all three were called "The Divas". Jennifer was back to her usual self - still mean and rude but bipolar and hung out with her group of friends called "Trix". 

Liam was the biggest jerk in our year. He always skipped classes and school, always be at the Principal's Office for fighting and vandalism. He also did illegal drugs, drink alcohol + getting himself drunk and smoke 2 packs a day. Every time this happens, He would always blame it on my boyfriend Trent, even though the teachers knew it was always Liam. Liam would curse at the teachers and students if he didn't get his way. He was also kicked out of his family's home because his parents couldn't deal with his crap anymore so he rented an apartment not far from the school. Trent and I thought he needed help before anything else happened. We tried to help him but at his own way, he would taunt me with harsh words, physically hurt me and curse at Trent.


When Trent graduated, I was happy for him. He took me as his prom date and the theme was 'Disney'. I dressed up as Jasmine and Trent dressed up as Prince Charming. He went to University to become a lawyer. We broke up after Christmas because we both thought we were better off as friends. We never fought  in our relationship. Now, I'm a senior in Lorecroft High School, getting good grades and plan to go to University or travel to LA. The teachers have become nicer to me and some students talk to me but only a few seconds. I live with my older brother John. Both of our parents died in a car crash five years ago. John took care of me for all these years. He was a sweet, caring brother and he still is today. We have a brother and sister bond that can never be replaced. He is a lawyer. He has a girlfriend named Hilda Jean. A stunning blonde beauty and we happen to be in the same year. She doesn't dislike me and we have so much in common. She's popular (the nice kind) and she has a group called "The Kittens" - remain sweet, kind and caring instead of looking like trashy girls. She allowed me to join her group of seven other girls. They're amazing girls. Hilda and John have been together for more than 3 years and they're still going strong. Liam has made a pass on Hilda when her and John first started dating but she rejected him coldly. John knew Hilda was "The One" for him.


I'm going to end this entry. Goodbye.


xoxo Makaela.

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