The Script

Luke is an archaeologist and he is having trouble in his town, Toas and it is upto him to solve the problem and save everyone.


1. Voynich Script

1696, Sunday,

   My  friend once said that secrets have a cost, sooner or later everyone will pay for it……

 Present Day, Taos New Mexico

                I was having nightmares about the past again, it was getting harder to sleep as the slow humming sound rang though the house. The sound was getting worse every day the people had started going insane. Taos is famous for the mysterious sound known as the “Taos Hum”. To this day scientists don’t know where this sound comes from, some say these are the voices of the lost souls trying to reach out to us and some others believe it is a natural phenomenon. Whatever it is people of this town have gotten insane hearing to it.

I as an archaeologist had found an old script in the town now known as the “Voynich script”, the language was a dead one, no one knew what was in it we could never find out its contents that is until this morning. A woman had just been admitted to the asylum. I was called for, it was strange as why would people call an archaeologist for a mental patient? The woman had been asking for me and the script and claimed that she could read it, she said the sound had talked to her and told her to read it. We could not show the original so we showed her a photograph. Amazingly she read it like it was written in English and she even identified the plants.

                She mentioned that the script was over 2500 years old. She mentioned that the plants in the book when mixed together were the key to something. She kept saying ”It’s Coming”. Then she got out of control and we had to sedate her.

                I thought about what she said, what if those plants really were the key to something? The next day the woman said she had no recollection of the previous day. It was strange. People said that she was just schizophrenic. But I kept thinking about her words the other day. What is coming? I forgot about it in the next few days that is until a week had passed since the incident.

                 Some people had reported sick with a strange disease which the doctors were not able to diagnose. The woman again went crazy and said that those people were just the beginning. The disease spread like wildfire and had affected 15 people by the next day. Their condition was getting worse. I then asked the woman if something could be done to save those people. She said that the answer lied within me and my previous experiences. On the way back home I thought about what she said. When I came near my door I hit my head on the pavement as I slipped on my mattress.

                I then suddenly realized what the woman was talking about. I remembered that I was the one who had written the voynich script. Those dreams about the past they were memories, my previous memories had been wiped out by a similar fall I had suffered. I had found the secret to eternal life long back in 500 BC.The script I had written was about the ingredients needed for it. The taos hum was nothing but the spirit world calling for me as it was my time. The price of immortality was being paid by everyone in the town. I thought it was the best for everyone if I reversed the process to stop the epidemic from spreading. What was the point of being immortal if no one else lived?

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