Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


2. Why my apartment?

Ali added "Seriously shes pretty far in". Louis answered a little sassy saying "Well thAAAt Melissa and Alexis is a good question" Zayn helped out Louis saying "Yet very hard to explain" "What do you mean?" Ali and I both asked in sink. We all laughed a little and Liam continued, "Well you see Niall here was the one who brang us to this exact apartment" Harry jumped in with "And the rest of us felt like it was right where he was leading us so we didn't protest". We all looked at Niall, as we did so he blushed and looked down. "Niall is that true?" I asked while taking a couple steps closer towards him. Niall looked up and replied with a simple "Yeah" But for me it seemed like he said so much more. I fell the exact way I knew Id feel when I met Niall, Love but now its not just a fantasy its reality. "What did you "Feel" or "think" that brought you to my apartment Niall?" "I'm not really sure to be honest, its just like something was telling me to come this way and that theres someone or something spacial in this apartment that's meant for me.....or I mean us (mumbles "me") to meet and/or be in and a part of mine, I mean our lives, (mumbles "It was right"), All of us ask Niall "What was that last part!?!?" looking at Niall with somewhat serious faces but more curiosity then anything, he looks at everyone but stops when he gets to me and locks his eyes to mine, he blushes and scratches the back of his head and says "It was right". Everyone but Niall and myself, Aw'd. Niall and I just look into each others eyes and I swear its like he knew exactly what I was thinking because after looking in each others eyes, a few seconds later we were both smiling and began to step closer to one another just as we were about to touch everyone else in the living room noticed and Louis yelled "Am I the only one who sees this? Looks like love" everyone laughed and Niall and I just looked down all shy like haha. When we looked up they all had stupid grinny smirks on their faces which made me and Niall fight our smiles from showing on our faces. I Love these people and still cant believe One Direction is in my living room. AAAA I mentally screamed, Im honestly surprised with how calm Im being I thought to myself."Im surprised how calm your being" Harry said making me giggle, "exspacially considering you such a huge fan as you say you are" Zayn added. "Or were you just saying that and you secretly hate us but since we're famous and showed up on ur doorstep, you wanna act like a fan to get something out of us and use us!?" Louis said kinda mad, sassy and a little rude. I answered a bit sassy and rude back a little hurt by Louis but decided to answer Harry first, "Hazza I was just thinking that Id be laughing at that lil coincidence right now but Im quit hurt that Louis would think that and say anything like that, I wouldn't EVER try to get anything from you guess unless it were a picture or an autograph, and I wouldn't EVER use you guys, 1st off Im not that kind of person to use anyone and 2nd I Love you guys and would do practically anything for you guys, so Dont You EVER think that Id do that!" Louis just looked down, upset that hed said anything, Liam, Zayn and Harry grinned and Niall smiled big. Ali added to what I had said before anyone else could say anything saying "ha ya shes a bit obsessed with you guys, shes always talking about you guys, if we're talking about something and it reminds her of you guys, instead of keeping it herself she said it aloud to who evers around, even if nobody want to hear it.. honestly it can get annoying at times". "THANKS ALI!!" I said a little angry and kinda embarrassed.The boys all laughed and Liam said "Not that we dont believe your a fan or anything but do you think you could maybe prove it, please?" "Oh gosh you seriously want me to prove it? its not that I dont mind proving it, I just dont want you guys to think Im crazy and weird. ha I mean I am weird but in a good way, you know what I mean? haha" I responded. " We just never know, Louis could be right for all we know" Liam said, "Okay Liam, boys please follow me to my room" I commanded. The boys and Ali followed, before I opened the door I stopped and said, "Promise you guy wont leave because what your about to see and think Im crazy, Im just a fan and my celebs make me happy" they nodded and I opened my door as we walked  in, you could see their faces all over my walls, on my desk, everything in my room pretty much. "Ha okay Im sorry I ever doubted you Melissa" Louis said laughing "ha its okay Lou, shall I show you guys my twitter? ha I dont know if you'll wanna see it" "SHOW US!!" Louis screamed, hurting all our ears, yet causing us to all laugh. I pulled out the laptop and showed them they didnt say much but eyes widened every here and there and there were a few laughs. When they were done looking at twitter the all said "Okay we believe you".


Okay thats the end of this chapter, chapter 3 will be in Nialls point of view I cant wait to write and hopefully update that chapter tomorrow, if you already read chapter 1 read it again if you want cuz I changed it alittle bit. Hope your liking it so far. Thank you for reading and checking it out!! :) <3

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