Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


12. Truth or Dare

Did I enjoy Harrys kisses today? Of course I did but do they really want me to answer that? What if they don't like my answer or what if my answer makes everyone but Harry hate me? "Do you guys really wanna know the answer to that?" I asked looking at all of them and stopping on Louis, "Yes that's why I asked" Lou said, Harry said "I know I do" with a wink and smirk, Liam said "Ya" Zayn said "shhhtYaaa" then I looked at Niall who just looked up with no emotion and said "Sure why not". "Okay to be honest..........Yes, yes I did" Harry got happy and said "YES, I knew it". Why would Louis ask me that when Niall is right there?

** Nialls ~POV~

She liked it? I was hoping she would say no. I guess my Dream Girl is just that, "A Dream Girl", nothing more. I knew it, she was to good to be true. I know now for a fact she doesn't feel the same for me as I do her. Yet again, Harry got the girl. I can't be mad he just got to her first and I know if he really likes her or does have feelings for her, he'll treat her right, ill be here to make sure he NEVER hurts her cuz if he does then he'll have to deal with ME. I have to protect her and make sure no one EVER hurts her! I look up to see her looking at me with a look as if she feels like shes hurt me, I mean she has but I can't let her know that and why would she even feel like that? I just gave her a weak smile, trying to reassure her that it was okay. If only she could read minds then she could read mine and know what I'm thinking and how I truly feel about her. I look at Harry, he was looking back and forth from me to Melissa with a weird, confused and curious look on his face. I just looked down, grabbed my phone and went on Twitter for a moment, well till Louis yelled at Melissa. Why'd Louis have to ask Melissa if she enjoyed the kiss? And now why did you have to ask her this?

**Harrys ~POV~**

YES! I knew she enjoyed our kisses. Hopefully I can make her mine tonight, or tomorrow. As long as it's before we leave Tucson that's all that matters. SHE WILL BE MINE!! I smiled and looked up, Melissa was looking at Niall with hurt in her eyes and Niall gave her a weak smile and then he looked at me noticing that I noticed them. What's going on between the two of them, have they kissed already too? Does Niall fancy her as well? Why did Melissa look hurt at Niall for liking my kisses, does she wish it didn't happen? Oh no, did I make her do something she didn't want to do? No cuz then she wouldn't of liked it.....right? Man I'm so confused, I need to talk to her like NOW, but I don't want to stop our game of make it weird. Don't know what to think or do, ill just have to wait a little. Why would Louis ask that? Louis pulled me out of my thoughts with a question I didn't want or expect to hear, Why?

** Liams ~POV~**

WHAT!? She liked it? How could she do that to poor Niall? Well she doesn't know that Niall's in love with her and that hes been dreaming about her for 3years now. She's his "Dream Girl", I'm the only other person other then Niall that knows it's her. The other lads no about Nialls "Dream Girl" but they don't know it's Melissa, Niall hasn't had the chance to tell them. I hope he does before Harry makes Melissa his. I thought maybe she felt the same way about Niall cuz the way they both look at each other, the way they look into each others eyes, and they've almost kissed a few times, but I guess I was wrong. They'd be perfect together though, They're a perfect match. Did Louis seriously just ask that? yes, yes he did.

**Zayn ~POV~**

It doesn't surprise me at all that Melissa enjoyed the kiss, it was with Harry for crying out loud. Anyone Harry has ever kissed has "enjoyed" his kiss and sooner or later fallen in love with him, yet it's harder for Harry to fall in love, I don't think hes ever been in love yet, he came close once but then something (I'm not sure what) happened. I just hope if anything comes from these two it goes well and they're happy. Honestly I pictured her with Niall, you know what, They'd be perfect together, oh well. WOW Louis, why'd you ask that, why would you even think that?

**Louis ~POV~

She seriously kissed Harry more then once? She keeps telling me she's in love with Niall and then she goes and kisses Harry, not once but TWICE! Really? I have to get her and Niall to kiss so she can remember how she feels about Niall and know that it is really Niall and NOT Harry. I mean I want Haz to be happy and in love but not with Melissa, Melissa is Nialls, They are meant to be, They're perfect for each other. I can feel i, I know they're right, they ARE meant to be and right now Harrys ass is getting in the way. I thought she was truly in love with Niall, why would she keep kissing Harry? "I thought you were in love with Niall?" SHIT I can't believe I just said that out loud, and I could see that neither could Melissa. She's gonna think she can't trust me but she CAN! I didn't mean to say that aloud, I just thought aloud, it just slipped out. Everyones eyes widened as they looked at Me then Melissa, she un-widened her eyes. I can't believe I did that, I mouthed the words "I'm so sorry" she just looked away, I don't blame her for getting mad or upset at me.

**Melissas ~POV~

I CAN NOT BELIEVE LOUIS JUST SAID THAT!! Now I have to fix this, I looked at everyone and landed on Louis and said "Of course, I'M in love with all of you. Why would you just say Niall?" Why ain't I just coming out with it? I guess I just don't want to scare Niall off and have him think I'm a crazy weirdo. If he felt the same Id tell him but I know for a fact he does NOT like/love me in that way at all. I wish he did. Not all dreams and wishes come true, but Harry is one of my dreams too, I guess I mean Ive dreamed about dating Harry but never the way I have for or about Niall. Ive never thought I was in love with Harry but Ive been in love and known Ive been in love with Niall since the WMYB video. I hope I'm not doing the wrong thing by not only giving Harry a chance but also for not admitting or telling Niall that, well I"M IN LOVE WITH HIM!! I saw that Niall was about to say something si I looked at Louis in a panic, so he said "OH, makes seance" before Niall could talk and since now it was my turn I quickly asked "Liam truth or dare?" "Dare" "I dare you to kiss miss Ali Cakes here" they looked at each other and blushed, "For how long?" "Till I'm done making myself another drink, so get to it". Ali and Liam met in the center of our circle and looked into each others eyes. "HURRY UP AND KISS! I want to make my drink already!" I said rushing them, they took a deep breath and leaned in and started to kiss, it looked like the got lost in their kiss, I even got lost for a second, till I remembered I needed to make my drink, so I made my drink then said to Ali and Liam "Okay I'm done, you can stop now", they kept going, I told them a couple more times to stop but I guess they didn't hear me, so I put my drink down, got up, walked over to them and threw my body in between theirs and said "I said stop like 20times in the last 5minutes" I laughed, "sorry" they both said shyly. Oh gosh these two. "Niall truth or dare?" Liam asked "uh dare?" "I dare you to kiss Melissa". "WHAT!?" Niall and I both asked shocked. "You heard me" Liam answered. I looked at Niall then Harry, this is weird, "What about Harry?" Niall asked Liam "What about Harry? They're both single, they only kissed" Liam responded then looked at Harry "Ya it's just a dare, we're not together, not YET anyways, so kiss her while you can" Harry said to Niall then looked at me and winked. Yet? Does this mean Harry is going to ask me to be his girlfriend or something? "For how long?" Niall asked "5minutes" "Okay" Niall and I both said then I added "Wait, how will you know when its been 5minutes?" "ill set a timer on my phone, once you guys start kissing, so go in the center of the circle and start" Liam said. I don't like feeling like I'm being put on the spot or pressured, but it's a dare and I gotta do it, I can't and wont back out or a dare. As Niall and I sat in the center and looked each other in the eyes it all felt okay and like we were the only two in the room and I couldn't help but smile and when I smiled Niall smiled. Then Liam said "WELL DO IT! What are you two waiting for?" We both shot him a dirty look and he just smirked. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I could hear Niall taking a deep breath too. I opened my eyes and looked into Nialls, We leaned in, smiled and Niall whispered to me "are you sure you want to do this?" "Of course I am Niall" "Okay, are you ready?" "Ive been ready for the past 3years" I can't believe I just said that, it just slipped out, it was such an in the moment type of thing. "Wait what?" Niall said while backing up, I grabbed his face and pulled it to mine, crashing our lips together, a few seconds later after Niall realized what was happening he started to kiss back. WOW I can literally feel the sparks on our lips as they touched, my entire body was going insane, my stomach was in so many knots I don't even know how the butterflies fit. My head was spinning, my body began to feel weak and even my cells were going crazy, it felt like they were doing back flips while I got the chills, goosebumps and all the hairs on my arm stood up. I haven't ever felt like this kissing any other guy, not even Harry. Nothing has ever felt so right, so meant to be. I just got lost in our kiss, I thought I got lost in Harrys kiss, but I guess I was wrong because it was nothing like how it is with Niall, I'm so lost in Niall and our kiss right now, it feels like we're the only two people in the world and nothing else matters but us and this moment. This is the most AMAZING feeling in the world, being In Love. Why am I fighting this? I need to be with Niall, NOT Harry. Niall is the ONE and I know this, I just wish Niall felt the same way, how can he not? How am I the only one who feels all this? I'm so In Love with him, our kiss and this moment. I wish he was my "Last First Kiss" . I Love Liam so much for this right now, Why would he do this? Shit who cares why. I'm In Love with my "Dream Guy" My Irish Guy. "OKAY!" I heard Harry yell. Niall and I separated our lips but rested our foreheads together, my arms around his neck, his hands around my lower back holding on tightly. We opened our eyes into one anothers and I swear his eyes read "I Love You", I know that's what mine were saying to him. And for a split moment everything in the world was how it was supposed to be, it was absolutely perfect. Till Harry and Ali ruined it "OKAY, you can go back to your spots in the circle!" Rude. Niall and I sat back in our spots and then Ali came and sat between me and Niall, pushing us both so she could make a big enough space between us for her to sit/fit. "WHAT THE FUCK ALI!?" "What, I wanna sit by you bot" "SO PUSH US!? And since when do you want to sit near either of us?" "Sorry, and since now" " Can I talk to you in the other room NOW!?" I grabbed Alis arm and pulled her into the room, she yanked her arm out of my grip and said "What?" "WHAT!? WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN WHAT!?" Ya what, why do you wanna talk?" "Seriously don't piss me anymore off, why do you have to get mad that me and Niall FINALLY kissed and then cock block us!?" "I didn't get mad and I didn't try to co.." "FUCK YOU DIDN'T! YOU SURE THE FUCK DID so STOP LYING AND TELL ME WHY!" "FINE! Well your pretty much already with Harry, so why mess that up by being all Lovey Dovey with Ugh Niall?" "First of ALL me and Harry aren't anything and DON"T talk about Niall with that rude ass attitude towards him or about him like that! And we were NOT being all Lovey Dovey, it was a DARE! And you have no right to tell me who I can and can't kiss, this is MY life NOT yours!" Who the fuck does she think she think she is, telling me how to live My life and to talk about Niall like that, talk about me how you want but don't say shit about my boys especially Niall! "You heard Harry, he practically said you two are gonna be together, I haven't heard Niall mention being with you or even liking you, and not to make you more upset but he probably woulda never kissed you if Liam didn't dare him to, and I'm not trying to talk bad about Niall, I just don't want you to get hurt. I'm your best friend and you mine so I'm just trying to look out for you". I didn't want to keep arguing with her about this, it doesn't matter because she's gonna keep pushing me on Harry and away from Niall. "I understand, lets go back out there" "That's it?" "Ya, I don't wanna fight with you about this and don't want a guy or two get between us". I didn't want to tell her how I really felt or how AMAZING and RIGHT the kiss with Niall was. "Sit with Harry" Ali said, "What, why?" "because you and Harry are a for sure thing, you and Niall are not" "you don't know that" "I'm not trying make you sad but we ALL know Harry likes you and wants to be with you, there for it's a for sure thing, but nobody know if Niall likes you or wants to be with you so there for it's not a for sure thing, sorry Melissa" "I guess your right, go ahead Ill be right out" I couldn't talk to her about Niall or Harry any more, well at least not right now anyhow. "Why, are you okay?" She asked, "I'm fine I just needa pee" "oh okay see ya in a little". I went into the bathroom, closed and locked the door and just collapsed on the floor and just started to cry. What am I supposed to do? I mean Ali's right, we all know how Harry feels but have NO idea how Niall feels, I mean when I look in his eyes I think I know what he's thinking and how he feels but that could just be my mind and heart playing games with me. I guess I have to pick Harry, I mean Id like to be Harrys Girlfriend but Id LOVE to be Nialls wife. I wish I knew how Niall felt. I know if Niall doesn't tell me how he feels before Harry asks me out then ill try to forget my feelings for him (which will probably be impossible) and put all my focus on Harry, because I WILL say yes to him if he asks me out. We all deserve the best, Oh gosh I can't stop crying, I hate this! Why couldn't everything that's happened between Harry and I been between Niall and I, Both kisses and the almost first kiss, why couldn't all those be with Niall instead? I Loved Harrys kiss don't get me wrong but I was IN Love with Nialls kiss. There was a knock on the door but I didn't say anything, since I was crying and couldn't really talk. There was another knock, this time followed by a voice, "Melissa? It's me.....Louis. Open the door please". I reached my arm out to the door nob and unlocked it, Louis came in closing and re-locking the door behind him, then he turned around and saw me. "MELISSA!? OH MY GOSH, WHAT'S WRONG ARE YOU OKAY!?" he asked with concern and dropped to his knees so he could be by my side and pulling me up into a tight bear hug, I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my  face in his chest and started balling my eyes out even more then before, I realllly need to STOP crying in front of Louis. "Melissa, Love, what happened, what did Alexis do to make you cry? Tell me so I can go yell at her" I let out a little laugh "Louis I freaking Love you, it's Niall, Harry and Ali, I just don't know what to think or do" "Ya I wanted to talk to you about the whole Harry and Niall situation but what does Alexis have to do with any of this?" "Well Ali thinks I shouldn't be with Niall ans I SHOULD be with Harry" Louis pulled back but help me out in front of him by my shoulders. "SHE WHAT! WHY?" "Because we ALL know Harry does like me and wants us to be together and NONE of us knows how Niall feels and we don't even know if he likes me" "She does some what have a point but what about the kiss?" "It was sooo AMAZING and I know that I'm In Love with Niall but I still don't know how he feels and he probably would of never kissed me if Liam didn't dare him to" "Your probably right but that's only because Niall's shy when it comes to girls, but you should know how he feels if not from the kiss then from the was he looks at you and the way you two look into each others eyes" "I know but I feel like it's just my mind and heart playing games with me" "I see it" "see what?" What is Louis talking about he sees it? "How Niall looks at you, but your right, we still don't know how he feels and we DO know how Hazza feels" "I wanna give Harry a chance and Ali told me I should, she thinks me and Harry fit more then me and Niall" "That's a load of shit! You and Niall would be perfect together....I mean you and Harry would look good together but you and Niall wouldn't only look PERFECT together but your personalities are a perfect match, you guys are so compatible, You and Niall are the perfect match, your perfect for each other, YOU and NIALL!" "Thanks Louis, but Niall isn't making it seem like that, after being in here and thinking, if Niall doesn't say he Loves....I mean likes me before Harry asks me out, I'm going to say yes to Harry" "I get it, I mean Harry deserves a chance as well, I just wish it was Niall" "You don't think I wish it were Niall too? Because I DO" "I'm sure you do, are you good to go back out there yet or no?" "ya, let me just wash my face". Louis helped me up and waited for me while I washed my face, as I was drying it I said "OH and Louis, can we keep this just between the to of us please?" "Of course" "OH HEYY! What the hell was that earlier, asking me if I was in love with Niall in front of everyone!? That was between the two of us!" "Oh I know, I'm SOOO sorry, it just slipped out, I thought out loud, I didn't mean to. I didn't even know I was doing it till was already out. I', sooo sorry" "It's okay" "Why'd you cover it up though? Why didn't you just let Niall know how you feel?" "I can't" "Oky you already told me why so lets just go out there before they come in here". Louis unlocked and opened the door then looked at me and asked if I was ready, I sighed and nodded yes. Louis grabbed the hand and held it, I held his back. When we came out everyone was starring at us. Ali was sitting now by Niall so I couldn't, so now I had to sit between Louis and Harry. I didn't let go of Louis hand but Harry grabbed my other hand and asked if I was okay, I just said ya. "Where were we? OH yes, Niall your turn" Louis said trying to loosen up the tension in the room and get everyones eyes off of us. "Oh ya um Harry truth or dare?" "Dare" "Okay I dare you to kiss Alexis" "WHAT!?" Everyone but Niall said "Kiss Alexis" "why?" Harry asked "Ya why?" Liam, Ali, Louis and I added. "Because that's my dare" "Fine, for how long?" "5minutes" Ali and Harry went to the center of the circle and I think I could feel myself getting.......jealous? Damn it Niall, why'd you have to do that? Wow I just realized I like Harry and have more feelings for him then I thought. As Ali and Harry got closer I got my drink that I had just made before going into the room and drank ALLLL of it, when I put the cup down, they were kissing, I didn't like seeing that AT ALL! So I grabbed the bottle of alcohol and took it to the kitchen, I heard Niall yell "MELISSA" but I ignored him and grabbed a shot glass, poured a shit and took it, I was about to take another one when Niall stopped me, "What are you doing, why did you run off?" "Why would you make Harry and Ali kiss? Why make her kiss Harry, why not Liam?" "She already kissed Liam" "SO WHY HARRY?" I took my 2nd shot. "I DON'T KNOW! He's the only other single male here" "YOUR SINGLE TOO!" "I'm not gonna tell Harry to kiss me" "WHY NOT? It's not like you two haven't kissed before, you didn't have to dare him to KISS ANYONE!" "What does it matter? You two aren't together!" "YET! Sorry" I can't believe I just got mad and yelled at NIALL, what the hell is the matter with me!? "Sorry Niall I didn't mean to yell or get mad at you, your right we're all single no need to get mad" "Well Louis and Zayn are taken". We both laughed "You know who I meant Nialler". I hugged him and he hugged me back. "Okay I'm gonna take another shot Niall you wanna take one or maybe two with me?" "Of course Ill take a shot or two with you". We smiled then I poured two shots and handed one to Niall, "here's to" I paused then at the exact same time Niall and I both said "To Friendship, Health, Love and Happiness". We smiled and took our shot, then we took one more before Louis came in and said "WHAT THE HELL NIALL!?" Niall responded "What?" "Why would you have Harry and Alexis kiss?" I jumped in the conversation to stop them from arguing "Louis, Niall and I already talked about it" "Oh okay, did you guys talk about anything else?" Louis asked talking about Nialls feelings, and rising his eyebrows at me "Nope that's ALL" "Well that sucks" "ya it does". "Wait what sucks?" Niall asked confused "Nothing" Lou and I said, "You guys are so weird, no wonder you  became instant best friends" Niall said, me and Lou looked at each other, smiled and high fived then looked n=back at Niall and said "Why Thank You". "Lets take a shot together" I said pouring 3more shots, we all grabbed one and Me and Niall said the same thing "Here's to Friendship, Health, Love and Happiness" Louis added "And to being with the right person that we TRULY make us Happy and we TRULY Love and are meant to be with". We clicked our glasses together and then took our shots. Wooooweeee I can feel my 5shots and 2full glass drinks ha nice, ya Ima go sit down. "Where are you going?" Both boys asked me "back to the game, you coming?" "Ya". We walked in and Ali and Harry were still kissing but now Harry was laying on his back and Ali was on top of him cradling him, seeing that just pissed me the fuck off! I looked at Liam and said "How long as it been?" "15minutes" "why haven't you told them to stop?" "I have they don't hear me" He said looking down at the time on his phone. WTF, I'm so mad right now, I can feel my body slowly heating up. "ALEXIS YOU CAN GET THE FUCK OFF OF HARRY NOW! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING!? Ali jumped off Harry and they both jumped up from the ground and to their feet. "We were doing Nialls dare" "NO YOU WEREN'T! Nialls dare was only a simple 5minute kiss NOT act like sluts and grind on top of each other for 15 FUCKING MINUTES, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?" "It was..." I cut Ali off "FUCK THIS! Louis can I see one of the keys to our room please?"? "Are you going to our room right now?" "Not yet but I will in a little, I wanna make sure I have a key" "okay here you go" "Thanks, Liam wanna go for a walk or something?". Liam didn't even get to answer cuz of ALEXIS "Why do you ask Liam, Why does he have to go with YOU!?" Is this bitch really giving ME attitude after WTF she just did!? HA shes funny. "He doesn't have to do anything! I'm asking him because he likes you and you made us all think you liked him too but apparently you like Harry, so Shut up! Liam do you wanna come with me or stay here with those two?" "Id like to go with you" Liam finally was able to answer. Alexis said "but Liam...." Liam just closed his eyes, took a deep breath and looked at me to respond, so I did, "Seriously DON'T "but Liam" him, just give him and ME this space right now!" I said the last part looking at Harry and he just looked down. I grabbed Liams hand, entwining our fingers and said "Lets get out of here". I opened the and pulled Liam outside, closing the door behind us, well more like slamming it. I felt a few angry and hurt tears leave my eyes, I just whipped them away. Liams hand was so soft and felt really good to hold but I don't know if I like it in either the way of a friendly way or a coupley way, I think maybe the Friendly way, not quit sure. We were walking so fast we already walked almost a block away from the hotel. I heard Liam sniffle so I looked up at him and saw tears leaving his beautiful brown eyes. I stopped and turned to face him and pulled him in for a tight bear hug. "Liam don't cry" "I'm sorry I'm just a little hurt and a little mad" I understand so am I but neither of us deserves to be hurt or cry" "Your right we don't!" Liam said with a wear smile, "oh come on Lammy Bear, I know you can smile better then that, smile for me please" Liam started to smile/laugh "There you go Lamb Chop, there's that Lovely Liam smile" I said with a big smile, "Lammy Bear? Lamb Chop? haha I Love it ha no ones ever called me anything like that" "Well no one's me now are they" "No, definitely not. That's for sure" "Is that a bad thing" "of course not, it's the best thing, that's probably what makes you spacial and we all feel in love with you, not like that, like who you are" "Aw thanks Lammie, I knew you didn't mean like IN love ha you couldn't all fall in love with me" "You never know, it could happen" "Wait what do you mean it could hap...". Liam cut me off by crashing his lips to mine and kissing me, as soon as I realized he was kissing me I kissed him back. I'm kissing Liam James Payne.


Well there's alot of twist and turns in this chapter aint there? ha sorry it took so long to update, I type like half of it then it erased so ya ha What do you think about all the kissing? Maybe they shouldnt have played truth or dare ha darn you Louis jk ha Louis and Melissas relationship is amazing, sorry I just really love it! Ill try to update in the next couple days but this is a busy weekend but Ill try to have the next chapter up by monday night, well till chapter13 I hope you like it so far!!

Thank You for reading and checking it out!! :} <3

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