Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


14. The Next Morning

I slowly opened my eyes, ugh the light from the window was ridiculous! I lifted my head just enough to see Liams face and he was still asleep so I laid my head back on his chest, closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, ya NO success so I slowly got up and threw my jeans on, grabbed Liams phone and put my number in his phone and I was gonna put his in mine but then I remembered I left it in Nialls room Fuck me man! So I wrote Liam a note and put it on the bed side table.


Dear Lammie Bear I went to the store I took your phone, SORRY, but I took it just in case of emergency and if any of you need to get ahold of me before I get back, I shouldn't be any longer then 30-40minutes. Hopefully you don't wake up before I get back but if you do, no worries Ill be back real soon kk see you soon. ps if you do need to get a hold of me just go to Lous room and ask to use his phone okay. Love You, Love Melissa.

I grabbed his car keys and walked out the hotel room and to the car. I got in the car and went to Frys. Before I got out the car I noticed Liam had some sunglasses and a snapback hat so I grabbed them and put them on, I didn't even get to brush my hair before leaving the hotel so I looked like a hot ass mess. I grabbed the keys and went in the store, I grabbed a cart because there was no way in hell I was gonna carry everything, I'm not even sure what I'm going to get. After being in the store for a while I hear a phone ring and move in my butt pocket, it was Liams phone. I pulled the phone out and looked at it and it was Louis so I answered it. "Hello" I answered "Melissa?" "Yup, what's up Lou?" "Why are you answering Liams phone?" "I took it" "Took it? Took it where? and where's your phone I tried to call you" "ha Louis calm your self, I took Liams phone because I left mine in Nialls room last night and I'm at the store, AND if you were trying to get a hold of me what's the problem here?" "Is Liam with you, what are you at the store for?" "Liam's asleep still so please don't go to his room and I'm getting stuff to make breakfast for everyone, can you do me a favor please?" "Ya sure, wait can you cook?" "I sure can, I'm a great cook and can you go to the kitchen part of your hotel room and see if they have any pans please?" "Oooo see you'd be perfect for Niall" "Ya I know Lou" Why did he just have to bring Niall up, I was trying so hard not to think about him right now, I mean it wasn't really working but now I'm felling guilty and bad all over again, great now I'm crying, the tears are just falling (I mostly cry silently). "There's no pans here Melissa" "Really?" "Ya there's none, what are you gonna do?" "I'm gonna have to buy some, if Liam goes to your room at all tell him I'm gonna be a little longer then I said because I have to go to another store now, please and thank you" "Why would Liam come to my room?" "Because since I took his phone I told him if he needed me to go use your phone and I said I shouldn't be longer then 30-40minutes" "Oh okay, ya no problem, be careful see ya soon MelBear" "Did you just give me a nickname LouBear?" This made me smile, I love Louis he ALWAYS makes me smile, he may have been the reason why I was just crying but he's also the reason why I stopped. "I sure do MelBear, you know, like LouBear? Do you not like it?" "Don't be silly Louis I LOVE IT!" "Shhh aren't you in a store?" "ya what's your point?" "People will think your crazy yelling on the phone" "hahaha Seriously Lou? I don't care what people think of me, and I am a little crazy" "Ha okay a little crazy, finish what your doing and come back already I Miss You!" "I miss you too LouBear Ill see you soon love you" "Love you too MelBear bye" "Bye". I hung the phone up and put it back in my pocket and finished food shopping. I put all the bags in the trunk and drove to Walmart, I went in and got some pans, plates, and a pack of plastic silverware. I walked around and decided to look at the posters and magazines, I saw some with the boys that I didn't have so I got them ha I wonder what the boys will say to that. Then I saw one with Chris Brown on the cover and I HAD to get it, see I love other celebs too but the boys are on the top of the list but Chris Brown in beside them. I got a few other magazines with other people and went to the hair product aisle, thinking about dying my hair, no Ill just wait a little. I went to the next aisle and got some body wash and a scrubber for the shower and some shampoo&conditioner and all the other things for a shower and what not. Liams phone rang again and it was Louis again. "What;s up Lou?" "Where are you?" "At the store why?" "I talked to you like an hour ago?" "No you didn't! Did you?" "YA are you okay?" "Ya I'm fine, sorry time's just flying by, it feels like its only been like 30minutes, let me just finish getting some stuff and Ill be there in like 30,SHIT" "Okay wait why'd you say shit?" "I forgot about the food in the car, I gotta go Lou Love you bye". I didn't even wait for him to say anything back I just hung the phone up and started walking to the register but on my way I got distracted my the huge UofA/Arizona section. I went to it and got myself a few things and the boys too and even Ali, I got my nephew an outfit too. Then I went to the register and checked out. I ran to the car and threw the stuff in the trunk. When I was at the light about to turn on the street where the hotel was I called Louis, "Hello?" "Lou I'm about to pull up can you go outside to help me with the bags please?" "Ya be right out" "Okay thanks see ya soon". We hung up and I pulled into the hotel and saw Lou standing outside waiting with a stupid bin grin. I parked and got out. "Hi Lou Bear, why are you smiling so big for?" "Because your FINALLY here and I missed you! DUH!!" Lou said while picking me up in a huge hug and spinning me around. "Ugh Louis please don't spin me, my heads spinning enough already!" "Why get a little to drunk last night you pasent?" "you don't even know Louis, come on put me down and lets get just the food and pans out right now" Lous put me down and said "What do you mean just those right now, isn't that all you got?" "ummm no" "What else did you get?" "Louis another reason I knew we'd be great best friends is because we both LOVE to shop" "Okay so what does that have to do with this?" "Well I went to Walmart for the pans and ended up buying alot of other stuff, because I'm a bit of a shopaholic" Louis started laughing and said "So you shopped and bought alot more stuff?" "yaaa so Ill get the one walmart bag that has the pans and we can leave the rest of the walmart bags in here for now and Ill get them later, so just get the Frys bags okay?" "Okay". We walked to the trunk and I opened it "WOOOOOOW" Lou said "What?" "That is a lot of walmart bags" "I told you" "We really are meant to be best friends" Louis said with a weird, creep but cute grin, making me smile and giggle, "I know Lou, come on lets get the food out". We took the bags in and when I walked threw Liams door Liam turned around and ran to me and picked me up in a to tight of a hug and said "Where were you!? I was so worried!" "Liam I told you where I was" "NO YOU DIDN'T OR I WOULDN'T BE SO WORRIED RIGHT NOW!" "LIAM Stop yelling and chill out, I left you a note on the bedside table" "No you didn't!" Liam put me down so I can show you" He put me down, I can't believe he didn't see the note. We walked to the room and I picked the note up and handed it to him, he read it then said "oh, I'm sorry I didn't see it, Louis why didn't you tell me anything when I asked if you knew where she was?" "Louis you saw him and didn't tell him where I was and that I was fine?" "Nope" "WHY NOT!?" Me and Liam yelled at Louis, "Because he was so panicked and the look on his face was priceless" "SO WHY WOULDN'T YOU TELL ME!?" "SERIOUSLY LOU WHY WOULD YOU LET HIM PANIC AND WORRY?" "Because, I don't know I didn't think you'd take so long to get back" "SO LET ME ALMOST HAVE A HEART ATTACK WORRYING!?" "OKAY STOP! Lets not argue, I'm safe and here and we're all friends and we had a long enough night lets night have a long morning, lets at least eat before having to deal with anything, please" "your right" they both said I gave Liam a hug and kiss on the cheek and said "Thanks for worrying Lamb Chop" he and Louis laughed. I took all the food out of the bags and put it all where it goes. Damn I need to go get the bags with the plates and all that. "Ill be right back I need more bags from the car, "More bags?" Liam asked confused, I just said while walking out the door "Ya with the plates and stuff'. I came in and put the things from the bag away, I pulled the eggs, chorizo, cheese tortillas, and pans out, I washed the pans and said "Get Niall, Harry, Zayn and Ali here OH and tell Niallz to bring the movies too please and thank you". Louis called cuz Liams phone was still in my pocket. I started cooking and I could hear Louis in the other room arguing with someone on the phone, I wonder who it was. About 2minutes later Louis came in and I asked who was he arguing with and I couldn't believe his answer but then again I could. "Niall, he refuses to come" "WHAT!?" Liam and I both said. "Ya he says he doesn't want to that he's not hungry" "Niall's ALWAYS hungry" "Ya I know that's why I don't understand why he wont come" Liam and I looked at each other then looked down. "Ima go talk to him watch the food for me really fast" I said then Liam said "But Melissa you wont listen to you right now" "Why wont he listen to Melissa, he always has so far well since we met her yesterday" Louis said confused "ill make him, or at least ill try" I said storming out. I knocked on Nialls door and when he opened it he said "What do you want?" I walked past him into the room "GET OUT!" "NO NIALL WHY WON'T YOU COME EAT AND DON'T SAY YOUR NOT HUNGRY CUZ WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE!!" "I DON'T WANT TO EAT WITH YOU AND LIAM!" "Niall, I know you saw me and Liam but I don't know what you saw but right now is NOT the time to talk about it, right now is the time to eat, we had a long night I don't want to have a long morning, can't we just forget about last night for a couple hours so we can eat and just all enjoy each others company?" "Fine, I guess your right I'm sorry for being rude, lets go eat" "There's the Niall I know and Love, lets eat and I'm sorry for yelling at you". I grabbed Nialls hand which I shouldn't have done because again I felt sparks and chills run threw my body and I got those butterflies and knots in my stomach. I still and always will fell this for Niall, ill always be in love with him, I just wish, yet again that he was in love with me too. As we walked to Liams room, our fingers entwined I couldn't help but smile, I looked at Niall who was looking at me with a smile, I looked him in the eyes and I could see happiness but also hurt, how could I do this to Niall? I'm a horrible human being! I stopped us and wrapped my arms around Nialls waist hugging him tight, I let a few tears fall but I didn't let Niall see, it took him a moment to realize what I was doing then he tightly hugged me back.

Nialls ~POV~

Why would they want me to be in the same room with them after I saw them all over each other last night?  I guess I can't be to mad at Melissa because she doesn't know how I fell about her but LIAM KNOWS, HE FUCKING KNOWS SHE'S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!! WHY WOULD LIAM DO THIS TO ME!? I Love this girl! Melissa is here and we're arguing about it. We argued for like 1minute then I agreed with her and she grabbed my hand which I wish she didn't because again I felt sparks and chills run threw my body and I got those butterflies and knots in my stomach, I still and always will fell this for Melissa, ill always be in love with her, I just wish, yet again that she was in love with me too. We walked with our fingers entwined, I couldn't help but smile, I also couldn't stop staring at Melissa. She's so beautiful, but looking at her I felt hurt and happiness, She looked up at me with a smile and I really think she can see past the happiness to the hurt in my eyes. She stopped us right before we got to Liams room and hugged me tight around my torso, it took me a moment to realize what she was doing but once I did I hugged her tightly back, I let a few tears fall but I didn't let Melissa see. I Love her and I wish I could tell her but I can't, why does love have to be so complicated?

Melissas ~POV~

I wanna tell Niall that I'm in love with him but I just can't, why does Love have to be so complicated? I want to just stay in Nialls arms for as long as possible but of course not I hear Louis "Awww look how cute, sorry couldn't stay quite any longer, I tried" Fucking Louis man! Niall and I let go and look towards Liams room to see everyone with their phones up and facing us, except for Liam I still had his phone. "Why do you guys have your phones out and facing us?" I asked "No reason" Louis said with a sneaky look on his face. "Whatever, I needa get in there and finish cooking" "Wait your cooking?" Niall asked while grabbing my wrist. "Ya why?" "Nothing, that's awesome that's all?" "ha why?" "I just love when a girl cooks" I just smiled at him and we went inside, I handed Liam his phone "Here you go Liam" 'OH YES! Thank You" "Ha welcome". I walked to the kitchen mixed some eggs in a bowl while the chorizo still needed a little more time to cook by its self, I added cheese to the eggs, mixed it up and waited a few minutes for the chorizo. "So where'd you learn to cook Melissa?" Niall asked sitting at the bar connected to the wall in front of the stove, "By my mom and myself, oh my brothers and dad too, What about you Niall?" "My mom and dad" "I love food and I love to cook" "Same here" Niall said with a cheeky smile "ha I know Niall" "of course you do ha" "What can I say you boys interest me" ha MOre then they know, Is that weird? ha whatever. "Right now you interest me" Niall said "I interest you Niall?" I asked shocked at what he said "Yes" "Why?" "Your cooking, beautiful and we both Love food and cooking, how are you not?" "You think I'm beautiful?" I said looking down, pulling a piece of hair behind my ear, touching my hair made me remember to put it up so my hair wont get in the food, I stepped away from the food and threw it up in a pony. "Are you kidding me? Of course I think your beautiful" "Thank you Niall, you already know how I feel about the way you look but Ima say it any way, I know your Handsome" I'm surprised no one is in here interrupting us or bothering us, they're actually letting us have time alone, I LOVE IT! I'm in such a great mood right now. Niall and I just smiled into each others eyes then I had to look away cuz I was cooking, I took the chorizo off the stove and drained the grease out and out it back, adding the eggs and cheese, it was done within 10minutes then I heated the tortillas, pulled out the donuts, bagels, cream cheese, orange, apple, pineapple, grape and cranberry juice, and all the things like sauces, sour cream and stuff like that then asked Niall "Can you help me set this all up on the table please, well the food not the drinks" "Ya sure, why not the drinks?" "The drinks can be made over here they'll take up to much table space" "Gottcha, wow you got so much food and drinks man I love you" "ha Love you Niall thanks" I wish he said I'm in love with you but he wont. We set everything up and I asked everyone what they wanted to drink, I made their drinks and set them with each plate and then me and Niall sat down together and yelled out "BREAKFAST IS READY, COME AND GET IT!" Niall made his plate first then everyone else, I waited till everyone was done making their plates to make mine, "THANK YOU MELISSA!" Everyone yelled "ha your welcome, Niall thanks for helping set up the table" "Your welcome Love". We ate and surprisingly there was still food after so I grabbed a donut and said "Niall can I see the key to your room please, I need my phone and wanna get the movies" "Sure, ill just go with you" "Okay lets go" Niall grabbed a donut too and we walked off. We grabbed the movies and I could not find my phone, I walked to Nialls bedroom and saw my phone half under his pillow, Niall was in the restroom. I pulled my phone from under the pillow and unlocked it to see that Niall had a picture opened of me, but why? Niall walked in and saw me sitting on his bed looking at my phone confused, "Niall why is my picture up on my phone?" "oh um I was looking at it last night" "Why?" "I um..." My phone rang cutting Niall off "Hello?" "Hey where the hell are you guys?" "In Nialls room why?" "Well get back already, you guys are taking for ever" "no we're not but we're coming see you in a sec" I hung up the phone, "Okay so why were you looking at a picture of me?" Seriously why would he look at a picture of me? "I was thinking about you" "Why, what were you thinking about?" "I don't know, don't they want us to go back?" "Don't try and change the subject Niall" "I told you, you interest me, I find you very interesting" "okay but what does that have to do with my face?"

Nialls ~POV~

I walked out of the bathroom and into my bed room and seen Melissa sitting on my bed looking at her phone confused, why? Then she asked why her picture was up on her phone, SHIT I forgot I was looking at that, I couldn't help myself I missed her so much last night and I needed to see her face. I felt so guilty for hurting her and then I felt really hurt when I saw her and Liam together, I just needed to see My Loves face. Even though I was just looking at a picture of her I still got lost in her eyes, is that weird? I don't care if it's weird I'm in love with her! I made up a lie after we went back and forth for a little and said "I told you, you interest me, I find you very interesting" I was surprised with how fast I came up with that, well it wasn't really a lie because I do fine her very interesting but that wasn't the reason I was looking at the picture. Then she asked "Okay what does that have to do with my face?" wow she wasn't letting this go was she? I couldn't tell her the real reason why I was looking at the picture though, think Niall think OH got it. "You have a face like no girl Ive ever seen so I wanted to memorize its beauty" That was a good save....right? Well I think so and she seemed to think so too because she started to smile and blush which made me smile. "I love your smile....Sorry did I just say that out loud?" "Yes you did and I think it was cute, Thank You Niallz" "Your welcome beautiful" She smiled and looked down, I stepped closer to her, stood her up and put my hand on her chin to pull her face up to look at me, man she really was beautiful and had a beautiful smile, I'm in love with her face and her smile, I'm in love with everything about her. As I closed my eyes and leaned in to kiss her, us being inches away from each others lips, there was a loud bang on the door, we jumped back and the bang turned into bangs and then we heard Louis "MELISSA! NIALL! COME ON OPEN THE DOOR I KNOW YOUR IN THERE, C'MON C'MON OPEN UP!!" "Damn it Louis!" we both mumbled then laughed. We walked to the door and I opened it "WHAT LOUIS!? WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING HERE!" "OBVIOUSLY! I wouldn't of had to come and get you guys if you weren't, everyone is growing inpatient, well I wasn't I was.." Louis paused while he looked towards Melissa, when I followed his gaze at her she was giving him this look like he better shut up and then he started talking again "I was just texting El so I didn't even really realize how long you two were gone but everyone was bugging me to call Melissa and come get you guys because they know we're Besties!" Louis said with a stupid grin but I was still wondering why Melissa gave Louis that look.

Melissas ~POV~

Stupid Louis ruined what was or could have been a moment with Niall, then on top of that he almost said something that would have given away how I feel for Niall. I just said "Yes Bestie, we are Besties ha lets go back to Liams room shall we all?" I said Louis yelled yes while Niall just said it in a regular tone. I grabbed both their hands and we almost left before I stopped us, "WAIT we forgot the movies and my phone on Ni's bed" "ill run in and grab them, be right back" Niall said running inside. "Louis What the fuck? Why'd you intturupt us?" "Everyone was buggin but mostly Harry, why what's the big deal?" "What's the big deal!? Niall was about to kiss me, we were or almost were having a moment and you ruined it" "I'm so sorry Melissa but if I didn't come Harry was gonna come" "It's fine Lou I'm not that mad, I just wish Niall and I could of kissed then maybe he'd say he liked me or something but I gotta stop dreaming cuz that's never gonna happen" "Here comes Niall, but never say never" Louis finished with a odd and kinda creepy grin. "Got them" Niall said "Thanks Ni" "No problem, lets go watch a movie" Niall said with a smile. I grabbed his hand, I still had Lous in my other hand. We got to Liams room and Harry speed walked to us and said "What took you guys so long?" "I couldn't find my phone" "Oh okay, well I missed you Melissa" I smile and Harry picked me up spinning me in a hug. ugh not this again, I can't take the spinning right now. "Harry please stop spinning me" "Neverrrrr" oh gosh I feel it coming, "Harry please put me down or I'm going to throw up all over you" "Oh NO please don't" "Then stop spinning me and put me down" I paused then felt it coming up threw my chest but managed to still yell "Put me DOWN NOW HARRY HURRY!!" Harry hurried and put me down oh gosh I'm not gonna make it to the bathroom, I couldn't even get my balance all I could manage to do was put my hand over my mouth then all of a sudden I felt big warm hands/arms scoop me up and run me to the bathroom, as soon as they put me down I collapsed in front of the toilet and started to vomit all my breakfast, thanks Harry because my breakfast wasn't good or anything. Whoever carried me to the bathroom pulled my hair back and yelled for Ali to bring them something to tie my hair. My ears were ringing and I was to focused on throwing up that I couldn't really pay attention to who it was, they rubbed my back the whole time after teeing up my hair. After throwing up a few more times it was finally over, I sat there for a second regaining my energy and then flushed the toilet. When I got up I saw that it was Liam. "Thank you Liam, I owe you" "I told you, I will always protect you" "I freaking Love you Liam" I said while wrapping him in a tight hug, maybe a little to tight because he said sounding out of breath "'t....breath" "oh hahaha sorry Lamb Chop" I let him go for him to just do the same to me, he wrapped me in a tight hugged and I tried to laugh but since he was squeezing me so tight it was hard. He let me go and we laughed. "ALIII!" I yelled, she came in and asked "What?" "Can you please go to Louis room and get my tooth brush, tooth paste and mouth wash?" "Ya sure, be right back" "Thanks" "Your welcome". "Are you okay to be in here alone?" "Ha yes of course I am, thank you Liam, when you go out there can you please make sure nobody but Ali comes in here?" "Of course Love, see you in a jiffy" "Your silly, see you in a bit Lamb" ha giggled and walked out closing the door behind him" I sat at the edge of the tub thinking about Niall and what we talked about in his room, I was deep into thought when there was a light knock on the door and it opened and in walked Ali with my smell better breath stuff. "Thank you so much Ali" "No problem, are you okay?" "Ya I just have a slight hangover, I can really only feel it when I move to fast or, obviously get spinned and Harry overly spinned me" we both laughed at the last part about Harry. I started brushing my teeth and saw Ali brought her tooth brush too and started brushing her teeth beside me. We finished up and just left our things on the sink, we walked out and all the boys other then Liam asked if I was okay I said yes then looked at Harry and said "Thanks Harry" sarcastically but jokingly, I felt bad cuz he looked down and said "I'm so sorry Melissa, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just wanted to hug you and show you some affection, I just wanted to show you I missed you instead of just saying it". I walked over to Harry feeling SO guilty, I lifted his head so he was looking at me and said "Harry I'm so sorry, I was just joking with you, I wouldn't of thrown up if I didn't have a slight hangover. You didn't hurt me. your fine please don't feel bad" "Are you sure? I really am sorry, and I really did miss you" "Yes I'm sure and I think that's cute you missed me even though I was gone for like 10minutes" Louis interrupted and said "You and NIALL were gone actually for like half an hour" I shot Louis a dirty look and said "Louis shut up" threw my teeth. I looked back at Harry and said "For like 30minutes" he giggled and said "It was along 30minutes" he said pouting, he looks so adorably hot when he does this I can't stand it, "Well then, I'm glad you missed me and proved it threw actions because we all know actions speak louder then words" "Yes they do and since I can't spin you ill just do this" "Do Wha" Harry cut me off smashing his lips to mine. I enjoyed it but what was he thinking kissing me in front of everyone like this, after a few seconds I put my hand on Harry's chest and pushed him slightly away, he gave me a confused face. "I haven't forgotten about your and Alis kiss last night, I'm still upset about it" "Seriously? well lets talk about it so we can get it behind us and put it in the past, I want to forget about it" I looked around at everyone, who was already staring at Harry and I. I looked back at Harry and said "This is not the place to discus this" Harry grabbed my hand pulling me towards the door, "um Harr, where are we going?" "To my room so we can talk this out" "Okay" I looked towards everyone with a weird face and said "I guess we'll see you guys soon?" "Not till we're done talking about this" Harry said, everyone just said "See ya later". We walked out of Liams room walking to Harrys, when we got in Harry closed the door and walked us to the living room, he sat me on one couch while he pulled the recliner in front of me and sat on it. "Okay Melissa talk" "I'm just upset about the way you and Alexis kissed, I didn't like seeing that at all" "Why it was a dare that NIALL dared, do you remember how NIALL dared me to kiss her?" "Don't try to put all of this on Niall Harry!" I replied giving Harry attitude in defense for Niall. "Calm down Melissa you don't have to get so defensive, I'm just reminding you that Niall is the one that made the dare" "I understand that he did but he gave you guys a simple 5minute dare and you and Alexis turned it into a 15minute make out session and practically having sex with your clothes on, so don't try to blame it all on Niall" "You sound just like him!" "like who?" "Niall, he said the same thing" "really, Why?" "Because we were arguing about it last night before he went out to find you and Liam" "Well he's right" "No if Niall would have never dared us to kiss we would have never kissed the way we did!" I stood up mad at this point "NO STOP PUTTING THE BLAME ON NIALL AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS HARRY, AND STOP TRYING TO TURN ME AGAINST NIALL!" Harry stood up too "WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING HIM!? WHY DON'T YOU GET MAD AT HIM AT ALL!?" "BECAUSE HARRY" I took a deep breath "I yelled at him for it last night when you and her were all over each other, he followed me into the kitchen and we talked about it, I haven't had the chance to talk to you and Alexis" "Well you have the chance to talk to me now" "I do, so talk tell me why you went so damn over bored with the fucking kiss" "I don't know, I was drinking and your face popped in my mind and that's what I saw" "If MY face popped in your mind then you would have stopped so don't lie and try to make yourself look good Harry because I HATE liars so tell me the truth!" I can't believe he's trying to lie to me right now, seriously do I look that stupid. "OKAY okay, I'm sorry, but I'm a guy what was I supposed to do?" "Um kiss for 5minutes and then STOP when Liam says to!" "I know I should have but I was drunk and she got on top of me and I didn't stop her, I should of but I had already lost my self control by the alcohol. I'm sorry I wont let it happen again with her but can I ask why your getting so upset about it?" "Because Harry I like you, I didn't know I liked you as much as I did till I saw your guys' lips touch and I get over raged with jealousy and I thought you liked me, but I guess I was wrong" I looked down and mumbled the last part but Harry still heard it, he pulled my chin up the same way Niall did not to long ago in his room and said "Melissa I DO like you, Ive told you this already, I'm sorry I hurt you, I hate that Ive hurt you but I promise I wont hurt you again, can you please forgive me?" He put both hand on each of my cheeks and looked into my eyes with pleading and hurt in his, I couldn't help but to forgive him "Of course I forgive you Harry" he closed his eyes and started to lean in, I did the same our lips met and it felt nice, I did love kissing Harry but it was nothing Like the kiss with Niall. We stayed like that for a few minutes then we slowly pulled away, we both dropped onto the couch then Harry put both my hands in his and turned to face me "Melissa?" "Ya Haz?" I said with a smile looking at him. "Will you go on a date with me tonight?" Did I just hear what I think I heard? "Did you just ask me out on a date?" "Yes I did, will you?" "Id love to Harry" "YES!" Harry said with a huge smile making me smile, although I was Happy and smiling I couldn't help but wish it had been Niall who asked me, I wonder how Niall would feel about it of even care. My phone buzzed from a text so I pulled it out and it was from....of course my Lou Bear, it said

FROM: LouBear

Hey are you okay? Harry isn't making you cry or anything right? cuz if he is ill hurt him!

haha of course leave it to Lou to make me laugh at a serious moment with Harry I smiled and replied to him.

To: LouBear

Ha NO LouBear Im fine thank you! Why would you think he's making me cry?

FROM: LouBear

Because you guys have been gone for quit sometime I just wanted to make sure you were okay is all, dont wanna see you getting hurt again, especially from Hazza

To: LouBear

Im fine, actually better then fine, we'll be there in like 10mins

FROM: LouBear

why better then fine? what going on over there lil missy?


ill tell you later



I didn't text back I just put the phone in my pocket and then looked at Harry who was looking at me looking like he was trying not to laugh. "What?" "was that Louis?" "Ya, how'd you know?" "Because you were laughing and smiling big like a crazy person" "I didn't laugh that crazy" "Okay maybe not laugh but smile" "Louis has that effect on me ha he just makes me laugh cuz hes so funny" "believe me I know, he has that effect on me too" we laughed then I said "Okay we should head back to Liams room, I have to still talk to Ali" "Oh ya I forgot about that, so are you and I okay?" I kissed Harrys cheek and said "We're better then okay, we're great" "Good" Harry said then gave me a soft, gentle peek on the lips we got up and walked to Liams room hand in hand, with smiles on both our faces the whole time. We knocked on the door and Louis swung the door open and yelled with open arms "MY LOVELIES YOUR BACK! COME AND GIVE PAPA LOUIS A HUG!!" we didn't even have a chance to move when Louis leaped forward wrapping both Harry and I in a tight hug and whispered in our ears "Is everything okay, what happened? I want details" "Ugh Louis later! I have to talk to Alexis" I said then me and Harry said "LET US GO!" "Fine don't gotta get sassy, that's my job" we laughed and Louis let us go, we walked in I walked up to Ali who to my surprise was sitting with, Liam? "Heyy Al can I talk to you please, and Lamb can I get a key..." I paused and remembered I had one in my pocket from when I went to the store "WAIT never mind Lamb I forgot I have one from when I went to the store" "Ha okay" Liam said Ali got up and followed me outside, we walked over to the curb and sat down. "Okay what's up?" "Well I wanna talk to you about last night, why'd you kiss Harry the way you did?" "I don't know, it just happened" "No Ali it didn't Just happen, tell me why you did it" "I was drunk Melissa, you know I'm not a big drinker" "Okay that is true but I still don't get it, you were drunk when you kissed Liam to and you didn't get like that with him" "I know, wow that's true, I didn't think about that" She got quite and I could tell she was thinking, we sat there in silence for a few minutes then she finally said "You know what I think it was?" "No obviously not" "I think it was because with Harry all it was, was lust but with Liam, man how to explain it with Liam, it was different, I mean there was a little lust but when we kissed it was so romantic, it just felt right, like everything in the world had disappeared other then the two of us, you know what I mean?" I did know what she means that's how I felt with Niall but I couldn't tell her. "Ya, I think I know what you mean, I get it" "Why'd you get so upset though?" "Harry asked the same thing" "What did you tell him?" "I said that I liked him, and I didn't know I liked him as much as I did till I saw your guys' lips touch and I get over raged with jealousy and I thought he liked me, but I guess I was wrong" "Wow, and what did he say?" "That he liked me and  that he was sorry he hurt me, he hates that he hurt me but he promises he wont hurt me again, and he asked if I could forgive him, and I said yes then we kissed" "YOU GUYS KISSED......AGAIN?" "Ya why, what's the big deal?" "Nothing I approve, you know I want you guys to be together" "ya I don't really understand why but okay" "Me either I mean I know you think your in love with Niall but I think you could be in love with Harry someday and I think you'd be cute together" Why the fuck does she keep saying I THINK I'm in love with Niall I DON"T think I KNOW! but I'm not even gonna argue with her I'm just going to act like I didn't hear her mention the love of my life and talk about Harry instead, because there's know winning with Niall with her. "Harry asked me on a date for tonight" "OMG did he, did you say yes?" She had a stupidly huge smile on her face which made me giggle "Yes Ali I said yes" "Oh goodie, when are where are you guys gong?" "I'm not sure we didn't talk about all that" "Oh well what are you gonna wear?" Not sure was gonna see if you and Louis wanted to go to the mall and go shopping together in a couple hours" "Ya I'm fine with that, what time do you wanna go, it's almost 11 now" she said looking at her phone. "Don't know, let me talk to Lou in a little and ill let you no" "okay cool and Melissa I am sorry about me and Harrys kiss last night, I honestly didn't mean for it to go that far" "it's cool Al just don't EVER let it happen again" "I wont I promise". We walked to the room but before I opened the door I stopped and said "Oh and when we get in the room please don't mention anything about mine and Harrys date tonight" "Why not?" "Because I don't want everyone to know about it yet, well not Niall, I wanna talk to Niall about it in private" "Why I doubt Niall cares" "Just please don't say anything" she nodded and we walked in. She's probably right, Niall probably doesn't care but Id rather tell him then him hear out loud with everyone else. "Are you guys okay?" Liam asked "ya we're good" we both said while Ali sat by Liam, I shoulda asked her about that when we were outside. you know what Ima just ask them both now "Are you two okay?" "Ya, we talked when you were talking to Harry" Liam answered smiling at me then at Ali, "Are you and Haz gonna talk?" "Ya maybe a bit later" Liam said, Harry looked up with a confused face "We are?" "Of course we are, we're best mates we can't be fighting now can we?" "We definitely can not" they both smiled at each other and I said "Okay good, Heyy Lou me and Ali are going to go to the mall to shop I want you to go, wanna go?" "HELL YEAH I DO! You know I LOVE to shop, What time?" We all laughed at Louis excitement "Not sure maybe around 2 if that's okay with you guys?" "Works for me" Both Ali and Louis said. "okay cool, works for me too" we laughed then the rest of the boys said "Why can't we come?" "I have to talk to Lou about something and we're only gonna be gone for like an hour, the malls down the street and I just need an outfit" "Outfit? for what?" all the boys including Louis but except for Harry, Harry just smiled cuz he knew what for. "Niall can I talk to you ALONE please" "Um sure?". We walked outside and I saw Louis look threw the window and just nodded my head, "Lets go over here Louis paying to much attention" Niall laughed his AMAZING laugh and then said "okay ya". We walked around the corner and sat by the basketball court "I love basketball" "I Love fo.." "Soccer I know" I interrupted with a smile making him smile "How do you know that?" "Seriously Niall? I pay attention to what you and the boys like, I always understand what your talking about on twitter, I go to your page before anyone elses" "really?" "Yes Niall, you seen my twitter, but anyhow that's not what I wanted to talk to you about". I had to get back to the main reason we're here right now, before I make my head spin even more because talking to Niall about Niall his making me sad because it's bringing my feeling up to myself and I can't handle that right now, gotta try and focus on Harry and only Harry. "Oh what did you want to talk to me about, is everything okay?" "Ya Niall everything is fine, I just wanted to know how you would feel if I went on a date with Harry tonight" "What do you mean how would I feel? your the one going on the date not me!" "Why are you getting mad?" "I"M NOT GETTING MAD!" "Then why are you yelling?" "I didn't mean to"

Nialls ~POV~

Why is she going on a date with Harry? Can't she see that I Love her? I guess not, I mean I should tell her but she doesn't feel the same obviously if she's going on a date with Harry tonight, I hate this sooo much, but I can't show her my pain, nobody can see how bad this hurts me. Damn it! I just yelled at her, calm down Niall, act natural and show her support, make her think your happy to see her with......another man, gosh this REALLY hurts! "I'm sorry" I said "It's okay, if your not okay with me going with Harry Niall just tell me" She said it with a look in her eyes like she wanted me to NOT be okay with it, why is she looking at me like that? Is she really giving me that look or our my eyes just seeing what they want to see, is my mind and heart playing games with me right now? "Why wouldn't I be okay with it? I know Harry likes you and it seems like you like him, don't you?" please say no, please say no. She looked down for a second then back up "Ya, I do" She didn't seem to happy saying that "Why do you say it like your not?" "Ha sorry I thought I did" She didn't but I hate this but I can never act like it bothers me and that bothers me even more.

Melissas ~POV~

I was hoping Niall would say he didn't want me to go or something, anything to show me he has feelings for me but all I'm doing thinking that way is bringing my own hopes up and then shooting them down, I need to STOP! "Your sure your okay with it Niall?" "Of course Melissa, what reason would I have not to?" I wish it was the reason that you LOVE ME but of course not. "No reason just wanting to make sure is all" "Ya, as long as you want to do this and you like Harry" "Ya I guess I do, ya I do" "If your Happy I'm Happy" "Niall if your Happy I'm Happy" we both faked a smile, him being with me would make me Happy, I mean Harry will make me happy too I'm sure but not like Niall. "Come on beautiful lets get back to the room before Louis calls you" "Why do you say that?" I already knew, everyone pretty much knew, if I was gone for more hen what Louis thought was enough time he called or texted, which I didn't mind cuz I Love my LouBear. "He always calls or textes you if your gone to long, well what he thinks is to long" "So true" we both laughed then Niall said "Doesn't that bother you at all?" "Of course not, I Love My LouBear" "Aw that's cute" "If you say so Niall" "Oh I do" he said sticking his tongue out at me, I playfully slapped his arm, "HEYA" "ha what happened?" I asked trying to act like I didn't hit him. "What do you mean what happened? You just hit my arm" "Did I? I don't remember that, I think your imagining things" "I am NOT imagining things Melissa you hit me" I looked at him grinning and squinting my eyes "hmmm I don't think so Niall" "Oh really?" "Yup Niall, really" "Then I didn't do this". Niall jumped in front of me and picked me up spinning me around, WTF is with these guys spinning my hungover ass today. "NIALL PLEEEEASEE PUT ME DOWN BEFORE I THROW UP AGAIN!!" He put me down so fast it took me a second to realize he did. "Ya I definitely don't want that to happen again, and I most definitely don't want to be the reason for it" "Smart move Ni" "Thanks", I just smiled at him and wrapped my arm around his waist and he wrapped his around my shoulder, we got to Liams room and I opened the door and as soon as the door was closed behind us Louis ran towards us and said "WHERE WERE YOU GUYS!? I was just about to call you Melissa I was SO worried" ha this guy. "Louis we were gone for like 20minutes IF that calm down" Niall added "Seriously Lou" "Don't seriously Lou me, I have to know she is SAFE every second of every day" omg Louis is insane, but man do I love him. "Louis I was with her, of course she was safe, I wouldn't ever let ANYTHING bad happen to her!" "Good". What the hell, do all these boys think I'm a little girl or something? "PLUS I can handle myself thank you very much!" "Ya ya ya ya, Id prefer to just know your safe that's all, after all, I can't lose my best friend after only have her for a day now can I?" "Ha I guess not but I can handle myself, I did grow up in Tucson Arizona and surrounded by Males, you guys don't have to worry about me, I promise" Liam joined in saying "Melissa no matter what you say we will worry even if we do know you are safe, we love you that much already, same goes for Alexis" "That is like the sweetest thing you guys, BUT just because you love me doesn't mean to smother me and treat me like a child that'll push me away instead of bring me closer to you, and I don't want that" "Glad you told us now because we probably would have done that, and we don't want that either" "good I'm glad but Ima shower to get ready to go SHOPPPPING" I laughed at myself which made everyone laugh at me. I went to Louis room to shower since that's where my things were. I put on Story Of My Life on my phone and hopped in the shower, singing at the top of my lungs, I'm sure the boys and Ali could hear me from Liams room. I'm so excited to shop with Louis, Ive been dreaming about this day for years and I can't wait for my date with Harry. I know Niall really doesn't feel the same about me now because he doesn't care that I'm going out tonight with Harry. But I'm still and always will be In Love with Niall.


Well that's the end of this chapter, are you mad that Niall didn't tell Melissa NOT to go on a date with Harry and that he Loves her? OR are you glad shes going out with Harry instead? I wish Niall and Melissa would get together but they're both to afriad to tell the other how they feel, sad huh? Oh and Story Of My Life video makes me cry EVERYTIME I watch it I Love Louis and I know his Grandparents would be overly proud of him, Im so sorry LouBear, We Love you with everything! But its a great song and video I Love My Boys and I KNOW WE DID BREAK THAT VEVO RECORD! ha ya its not possible to have under 30-40millions views, just saying, but anyhow I hope you like it so far, thank you for reading and checking it out!! :} <3

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