Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


10. The Kiss

Wow I'm really kissing Harry Edward Styles right now, this is Amazing. NO IT SHOULD BE NIALL!! Oh who am I kidding let me enjoy this while I can, his lips are so soft and his kiss is so sweet. Its literally one of the best kisses of my life, and Ive had a good share of kisses. I know it should be wrong because I'm in Love with Niall but for some reason it some what feels right, but still a very little wrong. Just as we were kissing I heard a car door slam and moved from Harry to see Niall with his head down in the front seat of Liams rental car, and I think I just seen him whip a tear? Why is Niall crying, I let go of Harry and walked to the car and opened the door to Niall, "Niall what's wrong?" "Nothing Melissa I'm fine" Niall said not even looking up at me. "Niall something's wrong, you wouldn't be sitting in Liams car if there were nothing wrong and you didn't even look at me when you answered me" "I Don't ALWAYS have to look at YOU when I talk Melissa!" He said that rather rudely "Niall please tell me what's wrong" I said almost in a begging way. Niall looked up at me with red puffy eyes with tears still coming down while he quickly whipped them away and angerly said "MELISSA I SAID I"M FINE NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I couldn't help but get hurt and feel he was upset because of Harry and I, so I asked "Are you upset because of what just happened with Me and Harry?" "NO, I don't care about what you and Harry do, your both your own persons, so what you want!" "Then why are you being to mean to ME Niall?" "I don't want to talk to you right now, can't you see that!" "Niall I'm.....Sorry" I said looking him in the eyes while tears started to roll town my face, tears still slightly coming down his, as soon as my first tear feel I seen Nialls face sadden and feel bad. "Melissa I..." I ran off to Alis back yard, I could hear Niall yell "Melissa wait, come back I'm sorry" "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED NIALL!?" Everyone yelled at Niall. I couldn't hear them saying anything else because I was now in the back yard on the porch couch. I heard the back door open but I couldn't bring myself to left my head to see who it was, "Melissa?" It was Alis brother Tommy, he sat down by me and asked "Melissa are you okay?" "I don't know" "What do you mean, what happened?" "Niall got mad and yelled at me but he wont tell me why hes upset, I partly think it's because me and Harry kissed but he said its not so I don't know" "Why would he be mad at you, especially if your kissing someone when your all single, well I'm not sure about them two but I know you are" "We all are, but I just don't understand why he'd be mad at me for any other reason" "Well don't let it bother you, this is the first time Ive EVER seen you cry and Ive known you for years and I DON"T like it at all" "I know Tom but it hurts to much to not cry, Ive loved Niall for 3yrs" "How can you love someone you just met?" "He just met me, Ive known him for 3yrs, I know it sounds crazy but it just feels right with Niall always has" "Well if that's how you feel you need to tell him" "I can't, not now. not till I know he feels the same, the timing has to be right" "I understand but please don't cry Melissa I don't like seeing you like this and never want to see you like this ever again, do you want me to go have a word with this Niall guy?" "No its okay Tommy thank you though, Ill have to talk to him sometime tonight staying with them, hopefully I can just room with Ali or Louis or someone" "HOPEFULLY ALI!" Tommy said making me laugh "Thanks Tom" "for what?" "Being here and making me laugh" "Your welcome, I'm here if you need anything Melissa" "Me too Tommy" We hugged and then heard a cough. Looked up to Ali and Louis looking at us with a smile. "Well that was cute" Louis said "Look at Tommy being nice for once" Ali said, Tommy was rather rude sometimes but he came through if you really needed him, as you can see. "What happened with Niall?" They both asked, I told them what I told Tommy, "YOU DID WHAT WITH HARRY!?" "SHUT UP! Before the rest of the boys come back here" "We don't care, why did you and Harold kiss!?" Louis asked sassy as hell ha. "Well he caught me AGAIN when I fell off the car and well it just happened" "why'd you fall?" "oh I don't know Louis cuz I slipped and u didn't see to grab me before I fell so Harry ran over and caught me" "That bastard!!" "LOUIS!" "What? Your supposed to be with.." he was cut off by Liam approaching the back yard and me saying "Louis be quite!" "Why what are you guys talking about that I can't hear?" Liam asked "Nothing Liam just what happened right now with Niall that's all" I said "Oh that, ya Niall just told me what happened, and he feels realllly bad for yelling at you" "I'm sure he dose" I said sarcastically and putting my head down so no one could see my tears slowly fall, I felt a hand rubbing my back to try and make me feel better but I didn't look to see who it was. "He does Melissa, hes crying right now because he knows he hurt you and he didn't EVER want that" Liam said, why did he put so much into the ever? "Why would Niall care if he hurt me or not Liam huh, obviously he doesn't if he yelled and got mad at me the way that he did" "Melissa because he saw you kiss Harry and he lo.....he I don't know he just didn't like it for some reason" "He what? What were you going to say Liam?" I asked whipping my tears and walking towards Liam. "Nothing Melissa hes just really hurt that he hurt you" "I don't think he is or he'd be the one talking to me right now and not you, no offense" "None taken but you have to believe me and if not them go see for yourself" "Ill go in a second I just need to finish calming down before I face him, Tommy can I use your headphones really fast please?" "Sure but for what?" "To listen to Music to fully calm down" "Oh okay ya hold on let me go get them" Tommy went in the house and was back out in a matter of seconds, "Here you go" "Thank you" "No problem" I put on Ariana Grande & Nathan Skyes Almost Is Never Enough, first cuz well it was on the top of my list in my phone, it was just reminding me of Niall, so I put on Beneath Your Beautiful from Labrinth ft Emeli Sande, I love this song but reminds me of Niall too ha every song reminds me of Niall because I sing every song to Niall (Posters&pictures) and change up words and names to Niall, So I just put my 1D playlist on, first listening to Truly Madly Deeply, then Shes Not Afraid . Forgetting I was next to Ali, Tommy, Louis and Liam, I was singing every single song that I had listened to out load I heard Louis laughing so hard and when I turned to face them I saw Louis rolling around on the ground holding his stomach, oh gosh. I faced palmed myself and took a head phone out, "Were you guys listening the WHOLE time?" Louis tried to answer but couldn't stop laughing so Ali did "Yes, the boys found it hilarious as you can see and well I'm used to it" "Good gosh, well if I ever want the boys to be my good friends they were gonna have to see the singing side to me sometime I guess its good to some what get it out of the way now" I said giggling, we all laughed and I handed Tom his headphones back "Thanks again" "your welcome" "I guess I should go talk to Niall now" "Ya hes not doing to hot right now, knowing your hurt" Liam said "Is he still crying?" "I believe so" "I wish he wasn't, its probably gonna make me cry again seeing him cry" "You'll be fine Melissa, I promise" Liam said with a smile I smiled back, took a deep breath and said "Okay I can do this. Ill be back". I went to the front to see Harry and Zayn leaning on the car talking, they looked up when they seen me walking "What did you do to Niall!?" They both asked a bit angry "Calm down would you, I didn't do anything to him, he got upset and when I tried to ask what was wrong he yelled at me, so I did nothing well.......pretty much nothing" I said the last part eye balling Harry with a look that said (Our kiss, it was us who upset Niall) He knew what I was saying in my look and looked down, Zayn looked at Harry and said "Why did you look at Harry that way? and why'd you put your head down Harry, what did you guys do?" "Nothing we just pause kissed" Harry said not looking up, "You what!? So what, why would that upset Niall?" "I don't know" Harry and I said looking at Zayn. "I'm going to go talk to him now okay?" "Okay, try to make him smile please" Zayn said "No worries, I can do that, it's one of my specialties" I said with a smirk and a wink making Zayn giggle. I went to the drivers side of the car and got in, Niall looked up and said "I'm so sorry Melissa, I didn't mean to yell at you and make you run off crying" he looked down tears still in his eyes, a couple tears fell down my face. I lifted Nialls head up by his chin and said "Niall please don't cry, when you cry that makes me cry, I know you didn't mean to hurt me but what I really want to know is, why did you get upset that Harry and I kissed?" I asked hoping hed tell me what I want to hear and sadly he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, he said "I didn't get upset that you and Harry kissed, what are you talking about?" "Liam said that's why you got upset" "Well Liam's a damn liar, sorry i don't mean to get loud" "then why'd you get upset and crazy?" "I just miss home is all" "are you sure, cuz I feel like there's much more to it then that" "Well I just feel like sometimes I'm the least favorite in the band and everyone loves Harry, and the band would be better off without me" he said looking down, tears rolling down both our faces not "Niall don't you EVER, and I mean EVER think like that! You are so Handsomely good looking its not even funny, and your so many peoples favorite, shit your MY favorite and you have probably the best voice but honestly you all have such amazing voices I couldn't really say who has the best, but I can say that I sing my heart out to your guys songs but when your verse comes on I stay quite so I can hear you sing because I love you so much, without you there is no One Direction, actually if anyone of you left the band it wouldn't be One Direction anymore, and Id probably stop listening to the band if there were only 4members left, you guys were put together for a reason, your ALL meant to be in this band and you have just as many fans as Harry and the same amount of girls love you and crush on you as Harry, so don't EVER think your less important then any of the boys because your all equally important and Loved by TRUE Directioners!" "Wow" "oh and the band would differently NOT be better off without you that's for damn sure!" "Thank you" Niall said with a huge smile and then throwing his arms around my waist and pulling me in for an awkward hug, it was awkward because we were in the front seat of a car ha. "Your welcome Nialler" I whispered in his ear. "Lets get out of this car so everyone knows that your okay" I said pulling away, both of us with smiles "Okay". We got out of the car and Zayn said "YOU MADE NIALL SMILE!!" "I sure did" "but how? we can't ever make him smile like that when he's sad and crying, Liam and I can make him stop crying but he never has a HUGE smile like that. What did you do?" Zayn asked baffled "I told you its one of my specialties, I have a gift" we all smile and Zayn came up to my and whispered in my ear "Ill find out your secret" we looked at each other and just laughed. I grabbed Nialls hand and said "Come on boys lets go in the back and get Ali, Liam and Louis so we can go, I'm starting to get hungry" "ME TOO!!" Niall shouted "Of course" Zayn, Harry and I said, we all laughed and went to the back yard. "We're ready to go guys" I said "Okay so are..." Liam began but paused when he saw us  then continued "Is Niall......Smiling??" "Yes I am" "But how?" "Me! I have a gift" I said sticking out my tongue. We just laughed, said by to Tommy and were on our way. As we were driving, I was in back with Niall again, I said "I was thinking, Louis can I see your phone really fast please?" "Um for what?" "Just let me see, you'll see for what" "okay here you go" "Thank you" I went threw his calls list and found the number I was looking for and hit call, I waited for it to stop ringing and for the phone to be answered and then it was answered after about 3rings "Hello?" "Heyy Liam it's Me" "Melissa?" "ha yes sir" "why are you calling Liam?" everyone in my car asked I just waved my hand to them and said "shhhh" "What's up Melissa?" "Okay Liam not we are going to go to this Circle K at the corner okay I have something I want us all to get before we get to the hotel, so just in case its on Grant and Tucson blvd okay?" "Oh okay see you in a sec then?" "Yupp, bye Lammie" "hahaha bye Melissa". I hung up the phone and handed it back to Lou "Thanks Lou" "Welcome?" "Ali go to Circle K please" "Why?" "Just go, Liam's going there with Haz and Zayn too so just go, didn't you hear what I was tell Liam" "Yes" "so why all the questions?" "I only asked one question" "ha okay well no more just go pleeease". We pull up to the Circle k and we all get out of the cars and meet up. "Okay so what I was thinking was we get some redbox movies, some snacks, maybe some games or drinks and have a super funn night" I said maybe a little to excited, but I really didn't care considering I was overly excited and freaking out on the inside. "Lets do it, games I'm all for it and we can play Truth or dare too!" Lou said "Snacks? can we get alot of snacks?" Niall asked "Hell yeah we can!" I answered "works for me" Ali and Liam both said then smiled and blushed at each other, "Harry, Zayn?" they looked at each other then back at me "Lets do it". We went to the redbox and picked out a few movies, I put the movies in the car and we all went in the store and got ALOT of snacks, chips, cookies, everything. Got a few regular drink and a few alcoholic drinks, and afew bottled waters, we got a few other things as well, we paid and put the stuff in Alis truck because the boys had their bags in Liams trunk. We had to stop at a grocery store as well to get a 32pack of beer, cuz Niall loves beer. just Ali, Louis and I went in. We decided to get cups and pong balls so we could play Beer Pong, Louis surprisingly didn't know what that was so we said we'd just show him with the rest of the boys so we didn't have to explain more then once. We paid and got in the car.

**Skipping Car Ride**

We unloaded everything from both cars into the rooms. "Wait are Ali and I rooming together cuz Id rather room with one of you, no offense Als" "none taken same here" "I CALL MELISSA!!" Louis said before Ali even finished saying here. "Sweet" I said "Liam calls Ali!" I said a bit loud "I was about to say that" Liam said with a smile and a blush. Ali and I put our stuff in the rooms we were staying in then we all met up in Nialls room. "LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTTTTTEDDDDD!!" I said and Louis said "OHHHHHH YEEEAAAHH!" we all laughed and tried to decide what to do first, it was like 8:39pm so we still had the whole night ahead of us. The boys were arguing about what to do, Liam wanted to watch Toy Story3, Harry and Niall wanted to drink, Louis wanted to play Truth or Dare and Zayn wanted to.....actually Zayn wasn't saying anything. I looked around and didn't see him so I walked around the hotel room and saw him fixing his hair in the bathroom mirror and started to laugh. "What are you laughing at?" "You ahahahahah" "Why? What's so funny?" "Your so conceded" "I am NOT......okay maybe just a lil" we both laughed and went to the living room area of the hotel where the boys were still arguing. Zayn and I went over to Ali at the couch and sat down with her. "We should come up with a plan, the three of us" Ali said, Zayn and I nodded "Well why don't we start off with a movie for Liam?" Ali asked "Of course you wanna start a movie FOR LIAM ha just kidding I think we should too since its still early" I replied, Zayn said "And we can make popcorn and eat all kinds of food while we watch the movie" "mmmm food" I said aloud, then looked up and the 3 of us laughed. "Then we can teach the boys Beer Pong, and play more drinking games and regular games and just have a whole lot of funn!!" I said super excited. Zayn went to the bathroom, I think this time to use the bathroom and Ali asked, "What was the kiss like with Harry?" "Honestly?" "well ya" "It was honestly amazing" "Seriously? How?" "Ya, I don't know why but it was just.......I don't know how to explain it, it, it was just amazing, it felt right but I kinda knew it was wrong or at least I wanted to know it was wrong but it only felt a lil wrong but more right, is that wrong or weird?" "I mean its not but it is but only because of Niall....WAIT so that probably is the reason Niall was mad like Liam said, but why would he get mad unless he likes you?" "He was upset about something else, he says Liam was dumb for saying that but I have a feeling Liam was telling the truth and Niall just didn't want me to know" "What reason did he say he was upset?" "He felt like he shouldn't be in the band and fans just favorite Harry" "That's so ridiculous because that's not true" "Right. Well I set him straight" "good I'm glad cuz he has an amazing voice and 1D would be weird and super different without him" "That's what I said, well kinda, I used like a whole story to explain to him how impotent he is" as I was saying that all the boys came in and said "how important is who?" Ali started before I cut her off "Nobo..." "Niall" "Why is Niall so important?" Harry asked "HEY" Niall said in defense. "Because he's Niall and he's amazing that's why, enough said" I answered. "Zayn told us your guys plan for the way the night should work and we agreed so lets watch my movie I mean a movie" Liam said, we nodded and Liam put in Toy Story3, I sat between Niall and Louis with Harry on the other side of Lou, Ali was sitting between Liam and Zayn. The movie started and I got up to get the popcorn and snacks, "I'm going to get the popcorn, dose anyone want anything?" I asked "chips, soda, a chocolate bar, gummys, popcorn" "ha wow okay so who's gonna help me carry all this stuff?" "I WILL, sorry ha I will" Niall answered getting up to go to the kitchen with me. "Ill start the popcorn Ni can you start taking everything out the bags from the stores and putting it all out on the counter please?" "Sure thing" as I put the popcorn in the microwave and Niall begun to empty the bags he asked "Hey can I ask you something?" "of course, anything whats up?" "Why did you and Harry kiss, IF you don't mind me asking?" "It kinda just happened" "How?" "well when I feel off the car he caught me and we looked each other in the eyes and just leaned in and kissed, it was just a spear of the moment type of thing" "Oh" "dose that bother you?" "no, how can it, were all friends" "But I just feel like.... nevermind its stupid" "no you can tell me" "I don't no what I was gonna say that's why I stopped, sorry" "'s okay, did you like the kiss?" "Honestly, do you seriously want to know?" it took him a few seconds to answer but when he did he said "Yes, i honestly do" "Well ya I kinda did, I don't know why, part of my was saying it was wrong but another part was saying it was right so I'm just a bit confused about the whole thing". The popcorn beeped and I pulled it out, forgetting to let it cool I tried to open it and burned myself, "SHIT!!" I yelled, angry. "Oh my gosh Melissa are you okay?" "Ya I just burned myself, thanks" "Okay lets get your hand under some water, come here" Niall said grabbing my hand and yet again there goes those sparks, chills, butterflies and knots, I wonder if that'll ever stop but I hope not. In came running Louis with everyone not to far behind. Louis shouting "NIALL IF YOU HURT HER ILL KILL YOU JUST LETTING YOU KNOW NOW!!" "Louis calm down I just burned myself and Niall's helping me, you can all go back to the movie" "No, I heard you scream so I had to make sure you were okay" Lou responded Liam looked at Louis then back at me "We all did, NOT just Lou" "well thanks guys but I'm fine didn't mean to freak anyone out, we got this go ahead and get back to the movie we'll be right there" they just nodded and went back to the movie. "Thank you Niall" "No problem" He said looking up into my eyes from my hand and making my stomach turn inside out, I know that I'm in love with Irish boy the question is, is he with me? and I know the answer is no so why am I fooling myself, its Niall freaking James Horan, he'll never want or love me. We both started to lean in when Liam and Ali walked in and said "Sorry didn't mean to interrupt" with a smile and a wink. Niall and I moved away from one another so fast, faster then you could even say One Direction. "no interruption" I said "Ya we were just uh cleaning her hand" Niall added. "Mmhmm suuuurre" they both said. "Anyhow we just came to see if the two of you needed any help" "Sure just grab what you guys want from the counter there, we can get the rest". They grabbed what they wanted and were off. Niall and I grabbed everything else and went back to the movie to join everyone else. I couldn't stop thinking about, what if Niall and I just kissed and the kiss with Harry. What am I supposed to think right now, Dose Niall like me? Dose Harry really like me? Why did I enjoy, shoot not just enjoy but why did I love Harrys kiss? why did we have to kiss it just complicated things. I feel like now I'm torn between Niall and Harry even though neither has said they liked me or told me to pick or anything but still. and I'm still pretty sure Niall doesn't like me and who knows if Harry really dose, he probably was just feeling the moment, for all I know he can be wishing it never happened. I'm so confused and my thoughts are all over the place, I need a  drink this is alot to take in right now, Niall, Harry. Harry, Niall, oh gosh I need a drink like NOW!


Well thats the end of chapter 10, what do you think? Can you believe Melissa and Harry kissed? Is it weird she loved it and enjoyed it? you see Ali interrupted Melissa and Niall almost kissing again, but Liam was with her this time. Melissa seriously needs to talk to Ali about that. sorry I havent updated all week, its been a long crazy week but Ill try to update more. Well till the next chapter, I hope you like it so far.

Thank you for reading and checking it out!! :) <3

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