Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


15. Shopping with Louis, Zayn and Ali

After I showered and got ready I went back to Lamb Chops room. Ali was in the shower and Louis was waiting for me to come back so he could go shower. "Bout time gurl" Louis said when I walked in. "Well I have hair and a body to wash and shave, then I have to do my hair and get dressed, plus when I'm listening to Music I just loose track of time and just jam out, and I was only gone like an hour if that" "Ya an hour is a long time" "Not for a girl it's not" "Ya that's true, ill let you win this time but only this once" I laughed that Louis thinks he let me win "That's funny that you think you LET me win, Louis Ive told you this already, I'm always right ALWAYS!" "ha what ever Melissa, Ima go shower" "ugh please do, you stink" everyone laughed and Louis just gave me a sassy turn away walking out the door. I turned to see there was still food on the table "YES FOOD!!" Everyone looked at me "What?" "Nothing we just thought Niall was talking in a girls voice that's all" Zayn said "Ha thanks Zayn" "Your welcome" he said with a stupid smirk making me laugh "I'm sorry, I'm always hungry but I'm extra hungry since SOMEONE, I'm not gonna say names **coughs**  Harry **coughs** made me throw up my breakfast" "Sorry" "ha I'm kidding Harry it's fine". I walked to the table grabbed a plate and sat down, hmmm what to chose.....Donuts and a bagel and maybe some more chorizo/eggs, ha ya alil of everything sounds good. "Mind if I join you Love?" Niall asked with a smile "Of course not, sit" I said patting the chair next to me, Niall sat down grabbed a plate and put alil of everything on his plate. We started eating "So how is your breakfast....again?" Niall asked "Ha its good and yours?" "Reallly good, Thank you" "Welcome" "So where are you and Harry going out tonight?" "Not sure, HEY HAZ!?" "Ya?' Harry responded "Where are we going tonight?" "Not sure yet, I never been here so I'm not sure what's here so I gotta look some places up" "Okay but do you know what kind of place we're going so I know what kind of outfit to buy to wear?" "ha Not at all, just get a dress or something and maybe some sweat pants and a sweater just in case" "I actually just got sweats and a sweater this morning, I got all you boys something too" "You what?" The four boys, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry asked "Got you guys some stuff at the store this morning?" "WHY?" "Why not?" "Because we have money, we can buy our own things, you don't need to waste your money on us" "It's not wasting, I love you guys and want you to remember me and Tucson, Arizona so I got you some stuff, I don't care how much money you have, if I want to buy you something I'm going to, i love to shop and its my money so you guys can't say anything to change my mind or stop me soooo ya" "Still Melissa we could have got it our..." "Ya and I don't care what you could have got ha I know you guys could of got it but I prefer if I got it for you guys, this way you wont EVER forget me" "I don't think we could ever forget you" Liam said, Harry and Niall added "Even if we wanted to" Then they all four added "NOT THAT WE WOULD!" "I know you wouldn't ha I love you boys, as soon as I'm done eating ill go get them" "okay". I ate my food, while I was still eating Ali and Louis had come back, I'm a bit of a slow eater. At this point Niall had eaten two plates of food. "Melissa you eat so slow, do you always eat this slow?" "yup" "Ive gone threw two plates already and your still on your first one" "I know Niall I'm just a slow eater Ive always been this way" Ali joined in "It's true, shes such a slow eater" "Nice to know" Niall said "Ha why nice to know?" "Just is". I just shrugged my shoulders and finished my food. I got up, grabbed Lambs car keys and went to the car, I grabbed out all the bags and went back in. "What's all that?" Ali asked "Oh these? Just some stuff I got from the store this morning" "What is it?" "Well Ali come into the living room and see". We walked to the living room and I waved Niall with my head to follow me and Ali and he did, we all sat in the living room and I said "Ready guys?" "YES" haha nice "Anxious are we?". I dumped all the bags out on the floor and saw my stuff first and put it back in the bag and then looked for Marcellos (my nephew) outfit then put that back in a bag "What was that?" Ali asked "Oh did you want to see everything I got?" "Well yeah" "Okay" I pulled out cellos outfit and showed them, they liked it and thought it was cute, then I showed them my clothes and they liked it, the boys really seemed to like the Arizona stuff which made me smile, I got them all sweat pants, sweaters (hoodies) and 2shirts. The Arizona stuffs colors are Red, White and Navy blue. "I LOVE THEM BESTIE THANK YOUUUU!!" Louis yelled in my face then jumped on me tackling me to the ground "Louis please get off of me, I think you may have possibly cracked a rib....or two but your welcome" He sat up and pulled me up by my shoulders and pulled me in for a hug then pulled away almost pushing me to the ground, "oh sorry" "it's fine Lou" I said with a smile and small laugh. "Thank You Melissa" Everyone else said "Your welcome, Ali Louis you ready to go to the mall now?" "Yup!" "Great, me too, lets go". Then Zayn asked "Would you guys mind if I tagged along, I wanna get Perrie something?" "Of course not Zayn, that's so cute, I Love Perrie and you two together" "Aw thank you Melissa" "No prob, just speaking the truth". Us 4got up and grabbed our phones, keys and all our things we needed to take with us. Ali hugged Liam bye, Louis and Zayn hugged everyone and so did I but Harry grabbed my hand when I stopped hugging him and decided to walk us out. When we got to the car everyone got in, Ali in the drivers seat, Louis and Zayn in the back, I didn't get in yet because Harry wouldn't let me, "Get something dressy but not to dressy, actually get whatever you want, I'm sure no matter what you get you'll look beautiful, as usual" "Awww Harry your sweet, I love it, it's cuz your British" we laughed and Harry said "why would you say that" "Because you don't ever hear an American guy say something as sweet as that" "Really? Well that's not good" "nope" "Well you go have fun with Alexis, Louis and Zayn, but PLEASE don't let Louis get out of control" "Ha ill try, I'm a shopaholic too so I gotta watch myself as well" "ha wow maybe I should just have Zayn watch out for both of you" "No its fine I can control myself and if not Ali will and I will watch Lou for you" "Okay, thank you Gorgeous, see you later?" "Yes you will" I said with a smile and a wink, Harry leaned in and Kissed me, I kissed back and then Ali honked the horn, rolled her window down and said "SAVE IT FOR TONIGHT GUYS! MELISSA LETS GO!" we pulled away smiled and said bye, I got in the car and Zayn and Louis asked "What's tonight Melissa?" "Me and Harry have a date" Zayn said "Oh that's good are you excited?" and Louis said "WHAT!? You and Harry have a date?" "Yes Louis that's what I wanted to talk to you about and Zayn honestly I am". I heard Louis mumble under his breath "I can't believe this" while looking down and shaking his head, then he pulled his phone out and Zayn said "I'm glad that your excited and Harry sure seems to be excited too" "oh he is" I said giggling, Zayn giggled and said "How do you know that?" "His face, his looks, the tone in his voice and his actions" "Oh ha I see, that's good, Harry deserves to be happy and it seems like your already doing that for him and that's really good but to be honest I pictured you with Niall". Did Zayn really just say he pictured me with Niall? As soon as Zayn mentioned Niall's name Louis looked up. "What did you just say?" Louis, Ali and I all said "I pictured you with Niall?" "Thought that's what you said, Why do you say that?" "I don't know, I just feel like the two of you are meant for each other, or so I thought, till Harry and you had a date". I can't believe Zayn is saying this, I wanna cry, I know me and Niall are meant to be, Niall may not, but I can't let Zayn know I'm in love with Niall and already no what hes telling me now. "But why would you think me and Niall are meant to be?" "Because you are" Louis jumped in, Zayn and I looked at Lou then back at each other and Zayn went on "anyyywayzz, Ya I just think you guys look so great together and the way you both look at one another is just I don't know the words but it reminds me of Perrie and I and you guys are pretty much just alike". "That's exactly what I think" I said under my breath not even meaning to say it aloud at all. "What?" Zayn said "Nothing sorry, That's cute that you think that, but Niall doesn't even like me at all, so I can't think about that I'm sorry Zayn" "Why are you sorry and how do you know Niall doesn't like you at all?" "Because if he did then he would have said for me to not go on this date with Harry tonight" "How do you know he doesn't want you to not go?" "Because, you know when I pulled him to talk outside earlier?" "Ya, what about it?" "I asked him if he didn't want me to go on the date or if it bothered him and he said no that he didn't care if I went out with Harry, so I know he doesn't like me at all" Everyone said "wooow" I just said yup and looked at the window, so they couldn't see the tears falling from my face. My phone buzzed and it, of course, was a text from Louis, I opened the text and it said.

FROM: LouBear

Are you okay?


Ya Lou, I mean it hurts it really does but I know how to keep myself Happy so ill be fine. Thanks


Are you sure, cuz I can see you crying from back here. Its good you can keep yourself happy but are u really happy or just acting like it?


I guess thats something youll never really know will you


I will if I look u in the face, around me, you dont always have to be strong. ill love you no matter what and no matter what emotion ur going threw or how u act, we'll always be besties and I know it may sound crazy because we just met yesterday but I feel like ive known you my whole life.


Awww I WILL ALWAYS Love u2 n YOU may have just met me yesterday but for me Ive known u for almost 3years now and ive always wanted u to be my bestiest friend and now u are and Im so happy about that, that's one of my dreams come true, sadly my dream of Niall and I didnt come true n that does hurt me more then anything probably ever could, of course unless Niall and I were together and he cheated or hit me or did something to hurt me, but I know now for sure he doesn't Love me which I guess I understand cuz he just met me but somehow Harry already likes me so I have to give him a chance and I love Harry and want to give him a chance so Im going to, but ill always be in love with Niall no matter what


Aw Im so glad Im ur dream come true lol but no seriously Im more then glad youve always dreamt of me being ur bestiest friend, I know we'll ALWAYS be best friends from this day forward, Zayn is right though, I cant believe Niall doesnt like you because the way he looks at you is the way u look at him, it seems like he Loves u or likes u. So what ur saying is no one can hurt u more then Niall can? Wow thats real true love there. Harry does deserve a chance and if Niall aint gonna stop u from being with Harry and step up to the plate then forget Niall and go for Harry, I mean youd be cute with him too, Harry will help u forget about Niall and ill help to, I want u to be happy and if that means u being with Harry then u being with Harry it is


Thanks Lou since were here lets just finish this conversation later

Louis didn't even text back cuz we had to get out of the car, we were at the mall, I whipped my face and stepped out the car, good thing I didn't wear make up. "SHOPPPPING TIIIME!" Louis scream in joy, "oh gosh" Ali sarcastically said. Louis grabbed my arm and practically dragged me into the mall, "ALI CALL ME IF WHEN YOU GUYS STEP INTO THE MALL AND YOU DON'T SEE US!" I yelled back to Ali and Zayn. When we got in the mall Louis dragged me half way threw the mall then stopped running after like 5minutes. "OMG LOUIS, Why did you run us all this way?" I said in between breaths, "I wanted to get far enough away from Alexis and Zayn" "Why?" "So it can be just me and you" "Why?" "So we can talk, and we can shop just us" "I, this is gonna sound creepy but it's not at all, well not to me but anyhow, I had day dreams about us going shopping just us two but we can't shop today the way we do in my day dreams" "Why can't we?" "Because we're on a time limit and I don't have money like I do in my day dreams" "Why, How much money do you have in your day dreams?" "Well in some of them I'm an actress so I'm rich and in the rest I'm just rich" I gigged, "You wanna be an actress? " "Ya, that's my dream" "That's a big dream, but a good one"  "I know". My phone started ringing, the song was Cher Lloyd-Oath, so I knew it was Ali "What's up Al?" "Where are you guys?" I looked around and saw Love Culture and told Ali "Next to Love Culture, want us to go in there and you guys meet us in there?" "Ya we'll be there in a couple minutes " "okay see you right now bye " "bye". I put the phone in my pocket and told Louis that we had to meet Zayn and Ali inside Love Culture and he nodded and pulled me in the store. "Why you still being so aggressive and in a hurry?" "Sorry forgot to stop really" "Your crazy Lou" "I know". We walked in and started looking at clothes, Louis was grabbing things off the racks and throwing them at me "Try this, and this OOOO and this oh and maybe this" "LOUIS CHILL I CAN'T SEE!" Louis broke out in laughter, really Louis? ha this guy. "Little help Lou?" "Oh ya hahaha sorrrry, here". He took some of the clothes from me and I fixed the ones that were in my hands and grabbed the rest from Louis. "haha Wow, we can see you got yourself a head start on shopping there Melissa" Zayn and Ali said sneaking up on Louis and I. "haaa ya Louis here is going a little over bored" "Sooo? You want to get the perfect outfit for tonight don't you?" "Louis there is no such thing as perfect, but I do went to get a great outfit for mine and Harrys first date" "How is there no such thing as perfect?" Lou asked, Zayn adding "Seriously?" "Well you 5boys are the only thing or people Ive ever thought that ARE perfect, you boys have NO imperfections" Well that's not true" both boys said "But it is, in mine and all Directioners a.k.a Crazy Mofos, eyes. you guys are perfect, there isn't a single thing you guys could do to make us see it as an imperfection or anything, we love you guys and no joke Ive yet to find something, ANYTHING wrong with you guys and I personally think that's awesome, I mean don't get me wrong I know there's something wrong with you guys but I don't see it" "wow that's Vas Happenin ha that's amazing for you to see us in that way, Id like to see us threw your eyes" Zayn said "Ya that was one of the sweetest things anyone's ever told us, our fans really are the best!" Louis said hugging me causing me to drop all the clothes in my hands. "LOUIS THE CLOTHES" "FUCK THE CLOTHES! THIS MOMENT DESERVES A HUG! ACTUALLY A GROUP HUG ZAYN, ALEXIS JOIN US!" They just laughed and then Louis mean mugged them and pulled them into the hug, they circled around me hugging me and I started to fill a little claustrophobic, especially since I was in the middle of them three and couldn't move, I'm getting hot, I feel like I'm gonna pass out but right after a panic attack. I calmly but with a slight panic in my voice asked "Guys can you PLEASE let go of me, like now?" "NOPE NEVERRRR" Louis said and if I wasn't in this predicament Id laugh "LOUIS NOWW I"M GETTING CLAUSTROPHOBIC, PLEASE GET OFF" I started squirming and freaking out, I can't take it anymore, I can feel my heart beating fast and my forehead and palms getting sweaty, I need to get out of this small space in between everyone, I can' breath "GET OFF!" They all let go fast and looked at me, I couldn't pay attention to their looks cuz I needed air like NOW, They're standing to close still, they let go but didn't back away like at all. I pushed past them and ran and ran and ran and ran till I was outside, They yelled after when I ran but I couldn't look back. I could feel peoples stares as I ran threw the mall but I didn't care, all I cared about was getting air, I need air I can't breath! I got outside and leaned forward, put my hands on my knees and tried to catch my breath. "MELISSA! Come back! What's wrong!?" Louis asked putting a hand on my back, I stood straight and pulled my back away from Louis' hand "PLEASE don't touch me right now!". I was still catching my breath, this is a bad one. "WHY WHAT"S WRONG!?" "Louis just let me catch my breath please" I took a couple steps away and looked for a bench, FOUND ONE! I walked to the bench and sat down, Louis walked near the bench and asked "Can I sit at this end?" "Ya" I waved him to sit. After a few minutes I finally felt better. I took a DEEEEP breath then stood up and sat closer to Louis, wrapping my arm around his shoulder. "Oh so you can touch me but I can't touch you?" "I'm sorry Louis" "nope. sorry doesn't cut it" He said crossing his arms and pouting his head upwards. "Louis, Lou Bear, Lou Lou, Louuuuuu" "no" "Louiiiiiisssss, bestttiiiiieee, I Love You" "I Love you too but no" oh this guy ha "Lou Bear can I please tell you what happened? please Louis Lou Bear?" I whined putting my other arm across his chest to reach his other shoulder to hug him, and put my chin on his shoulder that was on my side, I looked up at him pouting, he glanced down at me and then finally caved in "Fine, what happened?" "good, I just got like REALLY claustrophobic and needed air, I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell or run from you guys, It for some reason just got really bad and I felt like I couldn't breath and I had a little panic attack, I'm sorry" "A Little? it was a pretty nice size panic attack, I'm kidding but on a serious note, I didn't know you had claustrophobia, you knOW Niall does too?" "Yes Louis, of course I know this, it's Niall we're talking about here, I know Niall" "How did you know that?" "You ALWAYS have to keep in mind Lou Bear that I was a fan before I was your guys' friend and I will ALWAYS be a fan" "Okaaaaay, that doesn't answer my question" "Oh Lou but it does, 1D fans are crazy, hints why Niall calls us Crazy Mofos, and Ive probably watched every single one of your guys interviews and read paper interviews too". I feel like Louis is thinking I am crazy right now ha I hope he'll still love me and not want to de-friend me and not talk to me ever again. "Have you now?" "ha yaaaa, please don't let my fan-ness change how you think or feel about me Lou Bear" "Oh Melissa don't be silly, why on earth would I do that?" "Because I know more about you then anyone else you originally would know for 2days, and will probably know almost everything about you that you'll want to tell me, I know alot about you because of this fandom, and that can be crazy, creepy or weird to you or anyone" "ha I know how crazy the fandom is but I'm okay with how it is, I, and the boys as well, Love all of you guys, our fans, and love and appreciate everything you guys have done for us and all the support you've given and we can never fully replay you guys for it or show how much we appreciate you guys and how much we love you guys" "oh God Louis are you kidding? We Love you guys and you guys just being your selves and making One Directions Music, videos, and hopefully soon again the Video Dairies,hint hint ha, it shows us you guys love us because you do so much to keep us happy and that's Love, you guys sacrifice a lot for us, and us true Directioners, see that and we Love it but also feel a bit guilty. We love you boys more than anything and you guys have saved so many of us and some multiple times, We're so thankful for that and you Boys, We Love Yous" I said smiling up in Louis eyes, so he can see how sincere and truthful I'm being. "Really? But how have we saved lives? WAIT why would you guys feel guilty?" "Because you guys talk so many of us out of killing ourselves, tell us we're beautiful, not to self harm, your great people with amazing personalities, you make us smile when no one can, you makes us feel loved and spacial, you make us feel like in every song your speaking directly to us personally, and make us feel like we honestly know you and we are gonna have our dreams come true and be best of friends with all of you and be married to one of you and we feel guilty because you miss family, sleep, privacy, and you guys can't leave tour for certain things like when Liam couldn't leave for his grandpas funeral, that made me so angry, upset and even though I'm not selfish I felt selfish because I'm a fan and management wouldn't let Liam go because of tour for the fans, they didn't wanna upset the fans, well fuck us fans, I wished Liam woulda just left the show and went to the funeral, you guys can handle a show or two without him" "I wish Liam would have went to but management said if he left that he'd be kicked out of One Direction, and he nor us could have that" "ARE YOU SERIOUS!? FUCKING SELFISH BASTARDS! I HATE MANAGEMENT" "Calm down, we comforted Liam, he wasn't fine with it but he didn't have much choice, and we hurt with him, it sucks to see one of your best mates in such pain" "I felt and still feel so bad for Liam and that fact, has he been able to go see his grandfathers stone?" "He has and hes copped with it and hes doing surprisingly well actually" "Good I'm glad, my poor Lamb Chop, I love him" "He loves you too...I'm sure" "ha he does, he told me" I smile and Lou smiled "Are you okay Melissa?" "Ya Lou, I am now, I honestly have NO idea why I got so claustrophobic with you 3hugging me, it was weird" "Well that's usually how claustrophobia works" "No, for me it usually only happens in small places with strangers or in a small place with A LOT of people I do no, not with just 3people" "Well maybe you just got over whelmed" "I guess your right, Ive also been super emotional since I finally got to meet you boys for reals" I said with an overly big smile, I probably looked like a crazy person but whateves ha. "Ya that too, for what Ive seen you've been very emotional" "Only around you Lou" "True, lets get back to Zayn and Alexis, they can't stand in the store holding your clothes for forever" "OH GOSH! *slams palm to forehead* I totally forgot about that, lets go!". As we were about to go inside the mall there was a group of girls fangirling in the corner and one spoke up saying "Um..Louis?" "Yes Love?" "Can we each please get a picture and an autograph, please?" 'Of course Love, *he looks at me* Melissa do you mind waiting a second?" "Of course not Lou, if you girls need, I can take the pictures for you" "OMG If you could that would be great and a big help" One of the girls said and one of the girls at the back of the group was giving me a dirty look and said "ugly, stupid bitch, who the fuck is she" ha well okay. The 1st girl gave me her phone and I took a picture of her with Lou, then for 2 other girls but when it came to the girl from the back she looked at me and said "Ugh no thank you, Jessica can you take it for me, I don't want HER to take it" she gave me the nastyest look then looked back at the first girl whos name is Jessica. "Why not?" Jessica asked "Because I don't like her and don't want her taking my picture" "You don't even know me" I defended, Louis looked at me shocked that I said anything. "I don't need to know you bitch!" "ha funny that your calling me a bitch when your the one being one when I'm being more then nice to you and your friends, when Louis and I have things to do and are on a time limit" "I don't give a fuck what the fuck time limit your on, and I don't like that your with Louis, he has a girlfriend and her name is Eleanor you slut" I slightly giggled to myself, "Why the fuck are you laughing bitch! You think it's okay to break up a happy relationship? and I don't see why Louis would cheat on Eleanor with someone as ugly as you!" Louis spoke up mad "HEY! Now your going over bored talking to this BEAUTIFUL girl like this, when you don't know her, and you don't know our relationship, you.." "No Lou I got this, 1st of all, I know who Eleanor is and I wouldn't ever break up her and Louis, you don't know me and like Louis said you DON"T know mine and his relationship so for you to try and speak about it as if you do is just making you look stupid and if it weren't for ME, you wouldn't even be meeting him right now, and you can call me ugly all you want but there's someone I'm going out with tonight who says and thinks other wise, and I can care less what you think of me because I don't know you or live my life to please you" "Just because you happened to come to the mall with Louis doesn't mean that your the reason I'm able to meet him and I don't care if your going out with someone who "says" he thinks your pretty or whatever, your still ugly and I hate you. you need to stay AWAY from Louis!" "I don't need to do anything, last I checked I was a grown ass woman and do what I please, thank you very much, and I'm sure you care who thinks I'm beautiful if you knew who I was going out with, so watch what you say cuz it'll end up slipping out who it is and I don't wanna hurt your little feelings, I'm nicer then that. and ACTUALLY if it weren't for me Louis wouldn't even be at the mall and possibly not even here in Tucson so actually you wouldn't of met Louis if I weren't with him at the moment, isn't that right Lou?" "Right indeed BESTIE!" Louis and I smirked and the look on this girls face is so damn priceless. "Bestie? What the hell!? How is this bitch your best friend, and we've NEVER ONCE Seen her?" "You don't need to see her for her to be my bestie, I can keep somethings from fans, all of us boys can and shes NOT ugly or a bitch! As a matter of fact she's so beautiful that HARRY is taking her on a date tonight, so you can say she's ugly when in reality she's not and Harry really likes her, and your probably just jealous because shes mine and the boys friend and your not, OH and I won't be taking a picture with you" "WAIT WHAT! WHY NOT!?" "Because your very rude and nasty" "No I'm not I just don't like her" "Exactly, your judging someone before you even know them and she's a great person, and my best friend and I defend and protect my best friends" "Thanks Lou Bear" "Your welcome Mel Bear" "I'm sorry Louis, I thought she was trying to break up you and Eleanor, and I still do think that, she was ALL over you like the slut that she is" "THAT"S IT! Your not going to talk about her like that! Lets go Melissa!" "Lou calm down it's okay, she doesn't know me so she doesn't hurt me BUT just to let you know little immature girl, I WOULDN'T EVER do anything to sabotage Lou and Eleanors relationship, I Love Eleanor and I Love her and Lou together so you can think what you want, and say whatever you want about me because no matter what you say it wont ever hurt me, but I know this is hurting you that Louis doesn't like you and wont take a picture with you, and all your Lovely friends got to" "FUCK YOU BITCH I'M 18 I'M NOT A LIL GIRL! and Louis just being a dick but that's fine, I Love Zayn anyways, nobody likes Louis!" her friends Jessica and the other 2girls said "DON'T LIE, WE LOVE LOUIS AND HE'S MINE AND YOUR FAVORITE!" I got in her face, pointing my finger in her face, talking in a somewhat low voice but with so much anger and with that tone that's sounds threatening and scary "How dare you talk about Louis like that, I should beat your ass for talking about him like he's nothing! Louis is one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest, funniest and big hearted people around, say all you want about me but Don't EVER talk about my boys, that's when you've taken it to damn far and I get crazy, so say something about Louis again and you'll be going threw me you fucking little cunt pussy bitch! Do you understand me?" "Fuck You Bitch, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE! ill say all I want about Louis and the boys, they don't belong to your dumb ass, I'm not scared of you" "Make me get our of your stupid ass face...Bitch, cuz you can't say shit about MY boys, I never said they belong to me but they ARE my life and ill do anything for them, defend them to the end, and if I have to beat a few people on the way then so be it, I'm not a violent person but nobody and I mean NOBODY messes with my boys or my family and friends" She pushed me by my shoulders and said "I SAID GET OUT OF MY FUCKING FACE" "oh so you wanna push?" "I just pushed you didn't I?" I evilly laughed and pushed her back, I heard Louis say my name but I didn't pay much attention I was to mad and wanted to beat this girls ass. She slapped me in the face, this was what I was waiting for because it's self defense and I don't really hit anyone unless they hit me first. I clenched my first and swung, I punched her with all my strength in her left eye. This actually felt good, I never fight I honestly HATE violence and haven't fought since I was like 10 or 11 years old, maybe even younger and only been in about 4 or 5 fights in my whole life. As I swung on her again I yelled "I HAVE ALOT OF BUILT IN ANGER BITCH, YOU JUST FUCKED UP!" "MELISSA STOP!!" I heard Louis yell but it was to late, I was in pure fighting mode, she yelled back "FUCK YOU CUNT" then punched me back, but she punched my lip which caused my bottom lip hit my tooth good I think I bit my lip.. Oh ya it's so on right now, this bitch is gonna get it. Even angrier because she hit me I just lost it and started swinging without stopping, I knocked her down and instead of just leaving her like a sane person would do I got on top of her and kept swinging, I'm crazy right now because I'm enraged with anger! All this built up anger is slowly being released finally. I felt someone trying to pull me off of her but I pulled my arms out of their grip and kept punching this damn girl, then whoever it was grabbed my arms again and someone helped them and they got me off of her and pulled her up and away. "LET ME GO I'M NOT DONE WITH THAT BITCH" I yelled wanting to keep going. "MELISSA" "WHAT?" I looked at Louis and he locked our eyes and said "Melissa, Love please calm down" "NO Louis this bitch needs to learn that it is NOT okay to talk about you or any of the boys in any way other then in a positive way, shes talked shit about you and now I'm gonna fuck her shit up so let me go!" "No Melissa, I appreciate you defending me and the boys but you didn't have to hit her" "She hit me first Louis!" ":I know but you don't need to fight for us, it's okay" "But I do, youd do the same for me if a guy was talking like that about me, wouldn't you?" "of course but that's different" "How the hell is that different!? It's exactly the same!" "I guess your right but I just don't want you fighting, I think you got your point proven". I looked at the girl and when she saw me looking at her, and knowing I was being held back and she was somewhat as well she decided to act brave and said " STUPID BITCH! YOU BETTER HOPE I DON'T GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!" "OH WHAT SO YOU CAN GET KNOCKED TO THE GROUND AGAIN!? YA SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!" She needs to stop talking. "NO BITCH CUZ ILL BEAT YOUR WHITE ASS!" oh fuck No, I hate being called white (No racial, it's just something I don't like being called because it's something that I'm not). "OOOOOO HA BITCH THINKS SHE'S HARD NOW BECAUSE WE'RE BOTH BEING HELD BACK. OH OKAY ALRIGHT MOTHER FUCKER, WATCH YOURSELF!!" "MELISSA LETS GO INSIDE, ALEXIS AND ZAYN ARE WAITING FOR US, NOW!" "Fine, lets go Lou" "THAT"S RIGHT TAKE YOUR ASSES INSIDE, RUN AWAY LIKE PUSSYS!" I acted like I was walking in with Lou and just at the right second I turned around and charged towards her, she just looked panicked but surprisingly she didn't run and she some what got ready for me to get to her, we both swung at the same time and both hit each other, I hit her in the same spot I first hit her, on her left eye and she hit me in the same spot she first hit me, my lip. "MELISSA! DAMN IT!". I put my left leg behind her right leg and pulled, making her trip and fall, I jumped on top of her going crazy. "THIS SHOULD TEACH YOUR BITCH ASS NOT TO EVER SAY SHIT ABOUT LOUIS OR ANY OF THE BOYS OR ME DUMB BITCH!!" I yelled to her face while pounding my fist to her face, arms and sides. after a few minutes I felt two people left me off of her "I"M NOT DONE LET ME GO!" I tried to wiggle out of their grip but it was to tight so I just kicked her but they pulled me back so I couldn't reach her anymore. Her friends slowly picked her up and HA the bitch was crying. she whipped the blood off her lip and her noe, then said while catching her breath and sniffing " I hate you" "GOOD BITCH I WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO LIKE ME, YOUR A RUDE AS FUCK!" "MELISSA STOP" I heard Ali, Louis and Zayn say. I looked at who was holding me and it was Louis and Zayn, when the fuck did Zayn and Ali get out here? The girl said something else "I hate you and I hope you and Harry don't last because he's to good for you and your to ugly for him" "DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO BEAT YOUR ASS A 3RD TIME MOTHER FUCKER CUZ I HAVE NO PROBLEM DOING THAT, SO JUST SAY THE FUCKING WORDS!" "MELISSA!" "WHAT!?" "JUST STOP, LETS GET OUT OF HERE!" "ya leave" this girl needs to keep her mouth shout. "What was that little girl?" "I said leave". Damn shes gots some balls, which is good but in this case if I were her Id just stop talking. "If I were you Id just stop talking" "Why? Your not gonna make me" "Oh are you saying that because now I have to men holding me back?" "No Id say it if they weren't holding you" "Really? Boys would you let me go please?" "No" "Why I won't hit her unless she says something when your not holding me". I yanked my arms out of the boys arms but didn't move from where I was but said "Now, what was that?" "I said your not gonna do shit to make me stop talking" she took a couple steps closer getting brave. I stepped to her face, pulled my fist back and punched her straight in the mouth. "That'll shut you up Bitch!" "FUCK MELISSA!" Louis and Zayn picked me up and started carrying me away. " WHAT THE FUCK GUYS! PUT ME DOWN. NOW!!" "NO NOT TILL WE GET FAR AWAY FROM HERE!". Fuck man I wanted to beat her some more, I hate her! Who does she think she is to talk shit about Louis? That is a true cunt! We got to the car and Louis and Zayn finally put me down, Ali right beside us. "Why the fuck did you do that Melissa!?" Ali asked "BECAUSE THAT BITCH WAS TALKING SHIT AND NEEDED TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON!" "WHY!?" Ali and Zayn asked " BECAUSE SHE WAS TALKING SHIT TO AND ABOUT LOUIS AND THAT IS NOT OKAY WITH ME!" "She was talking shit about Melissa to but that didn't seem to really bother Melissa but once she said something bad about me Melissa started to get mad, and then madder and madder" Louis added. "Wait why was she talking bad about either of you?" Zayn asked "And what did she say?" Ali added. "WHO CARES RIGHT NOW, SHE WAS TALKING SHIT AND KEPT GOING! I WANNA GO BACK AND FINISH!" I started walking but Louis grabbed my wrist, turned me around, locked our eyes and said "MELISSA ENOUGH! She learned her lesson I'm sure, you beat her enough, listen to me and shut up! I Love you and I Love that I know you are a TRUE friend and you Love us for us, I know your truly loyal to us and don't want anything material or anything like that from us and you genuinely care about us and I couldn't of been happier to meet you, but I don't want you fighting. You need to take a few deep breaths and calm down okay?" "Okay Louis ill try, let me close my eyes and breath, I need a little silence, Ima step over here for a sec okay" "DON"T GO BACK OVER THERE MELISSA!" "I"M NOT! SHIT!". I was calming down till he yelled at me to not go over there, FUCK! I walked off and just started walking around the outside of the whole mall, well other then where I fought that stupid girl. I walked into a KoldStones and got a little ice cream, I sat at the table and my phone rang, I looked at the caller ID and of course it was Louis. I didn't feel like talking to him, I'm still upset about the girl and him just yelling at me to not go back over there, I HATE being told what to do but I was gonna respect that he didn't want me to go back and keep fighting and I didn't want to get myself in trouble either. He called afew more times and texted acouple times, Ali tried to call too but I just ignored it too, they stopped for a few minutes then my phone rang again I wasn't even gonna look at my phone but something told me to, so I did and it was Liam, I answered it. "Hello?" "Melissa?" "Yes Liam, what's up?" "Where are you!?" "At the mall, you know this, so why do you sound panicked?" "Louis just called and said you got in a fight? Walked off and now they can't get ahold of you, where are you, are you okay?" "Ya Lamb I'm fine I just need a little space right now to try and calm down" "What happened, why are you fighting?". In the background I could hear someone yell "MELISSA GOT IN A FIGHT? WHY? WITH WHO? IS SHE OKAY? LET ME TALK TO HER!" Liam yelled "NO I"M TALKING! SHUT UP!" they got quiet "Liam who is that, in the background?" "Niall, he heard me say you got in a fight and he's freaking out" "Why would he be freaking out?" "I'm not sure but anyways, your sure your okay?" "Yes Liam I'm fine just angry and trying to cool down, I never fight I HATE violence" "How do you hate violence and then get into a fight? that doesn't make seance" "I know it doesn't but there's alot more to the story here Liam" "well tell me what happened" Liam said and then in the background I could hear Niall again "YA I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I NEED TO KNOW IF SHE'S OKAY. LIAM LET ME TALK TO HER!!" "NIALL SHUT UP I AM TALKING RIGHT NOW, ILL TELL YOU WHAT SHE SAYS AND SHE'S FINE!" "WELL I NEED TO HEAR HER FOR MYSELF LIAM" "Oh my gosh Niall, Melissa?" "Yeah?" "Niall wants to talk to you, do you wanna talk to.." "YES, I mean ya go a head put him on please! I NEED to talk to him to" "Um you say that like you know what he was saying and what I was about to say he said" "Ya cuz I heard everything he said, and I NEED to talk to him probably just as much as he needs to talk to me" "Why?" "I don't know Liam I just feel like hearing his voice right now would calm me down and make me feel better" "Wait what?" "I mean I don't know, hes worried and calming him down will maybe help calm me down?" He could tell I meant the first thing and he pretty much let it be known that he did "You Melissa, we are going to have a talk when you get back here, but right now if that's what you want I will put Niall on the phone, I Love you and please don't get into anymore fights" "I love you too Lammie and I wont" "okay well here's Niall, bye" "Bye". It was quite for a second then I heard that amazing, loving Irish accent "Hello? Melissa?" as soon as I heard Nialls voice I felt calmer and Happier, I smiled and said "Ya, hi Niall" "ARE YOU OKAY!? PLEASE TELL ME YOUR OKAY!" I smiled at how worried he is about me, I giggled and said "Niall babe, calm down I'm fine, I won the fight" in a soft voice Niall asked "What did you just call me?" I panicked, I called Niall Babe, SHIT. Ive always called him it before officially meeting him because, well I always thought Id end up with him. "Um, nothing. What are you talking about?" "Melissa don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about I can hear it in your voice that you know what I'm talking about". I swear the way he can read me, my tone and everything, you'd think we've known each other our whole lives or at least a great portion of it. "I called you Babe, BUT I didn't mean to I'm sorry Niall, hope I didn't upset you by doing that, it just slipped out". The truth is it slipped out because it's so natural with Niall. "Don't be silly Melissa, why would that upset me?" "I don't know, but anyhow, ya I'm fine, I won the fight" I had to get off this babe topic. "It doesn't matter if you won or not why are you fighting?" Niall asked and I could hear Liam in the background "SHE WON!? THAT"S MY GIRL!" and giggle then I heard Niall mumble "ya I wonder if Harry knows about you two? I can't believe you'd do this to me Liam" "Niall, what did you just say?" "um NOTHING!" "Are you sure about that, is there something you wanna talk about Nial?" "No at least not now, My priority right now is making sure your okay" "If you say so, but we WILL talk about last night sometime okay?" "Okay fine, but your okay right, when are you coming back?" "Yes Ni, I'm fine, just angry" "Well why'd you get into a fight? You don't seem like the fighting type" "I'm not, I HATE violence, but she was asking for it so it she got" "ha nice wording there Melissa" "Ha why thank you ha I was gonna say something else but it just changed as I talked" "I can tell haha, well why was she asking for it?" "ill let you guys no when I get back but I'm just so mad still but talking to you is making me less mad, I kinda just wanna listen to your solo parts in all your guys' songs" "Why just my parts, don't you love all the boys parts?" "Of course I do but your voice and Louis is so soothing and calming, I Love your guys' parts most because you have such amazing vocals and management and the label doesn't give you guys enough credit or recognition, and that drives me and other fans insane, but I don't love Liam, Zayn or Harrys vocals any less" "Your amazing, can I sing to you? Maybe it will help to calm you down" "What, right now?" "Ya" "If you want to, I wouldn't mind" I slightly smiled to myself "Okay I'm going to sing to you" "Okay". Niall started singing Little Things. I Love this song! One of my favorite One Direction songs. As soon as I heard his voice I got a smile on my face, completely calmed down and my whole body felt warm and bubbley but at the same time I had chills all over and knots/butterflies in my belly.

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me
But bear this mind it was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me
I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile,
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But i'll love them endlessly
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if I do, it's you, oh it's you, they add up to
I'm in love with you and all these little things
You can't go to bed without a cup of tea
Maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that i keep
Though it makes no sense to me
I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans
You're perfect to me

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if it's true, it's you, it's you, they add up to
I'm in love with you and all these little things
You never love yourself half as much as i love you
You'll never treat yourself right Melissa but i want you to
If i let you know, I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like i love you oh and
I've just let these little things slips out of my mouth
'Cause it's you, oh it's you, it's you they add up to
And i'm in love with you (and all these little things)
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
but if it's true, it's you, it's you they add up to
I'm in love with you, and all your little things.

. "Oh Niall, that was so amazing, you think maybe you can sing your part again please?" "Of course Love"

You never love yourself half as much as i love you
You'll never treat yourself right Melissa but i want you to
If i let you know, I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like i love you oh

"Your so talented Niall, I freaking Love you, and I love how you changed Darling to Melissa, thank you" "Your welcome, thought it would make you feel better" "Niall just hearing your amazing voice made me feel better, changing that was just the icing on the cake. I Love and appreciate it Niallz Thank you " "Anytime, how are you now Love?" "I'm better then great, I'm......I'm amazing! I have a ridiculously big smile on my face and I owe it all to you, you lovely Irish man" I wish you were MY lovely Irish man. "Ha Thanks Love, it makes me happy to know Ive done that for you and put a smile on that beautiful face, now go back to Louis and come back so you can tell us what happened" "Ha Okay Niall I will see you, Lamb Chop and Haz soon, WAIT I haven't got anything for tonight!" "oh tonight, I forgot about that, well you better go get something then hurry back" Nialls voice went from happy to hurt/sad in a split second, but why? "Okay Nialls Lovely ill see you soon" "You to Love bye" "Bye". I hung up the phone with Niall and decided to call Louis, after the 2nd ring he picked up "MELISSA WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!? IVE BEEN TRYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU!" "I know Louis sorry, I just needed some space to calm down" "AND? Are you calm?" "Yes Louis, thanks to Niall" "Wait what do you mean thanks to Niall, did you walk back to the hotel or something?" "Ha HELL NO! ha I don't do walking ha that's way to far of a walk for me to do" "Then why thanks to Niall?" "he sang to me over the phone and made me completely calm and Happy" "Well that's good cuz you were acting crazy but man that is so cute I LOVE IT!" "ha ya I'm sorry about yelling at you and Zayn and Al but that bitch pissed me off ha lets not talk about that right now cuz it will only upset me again but I need to get something for tonight" "Hold on let me step away a bit from these two" there was a pause then Louis said "Okay I moved, now after just having that great phone call with Niall, how are you still going out with Harry?" "Louis just because Niall sang to me doesn't mean anything, he still hasn't said he likes me or that he doesn't want me to go on the date with Harry so I'm still going out with Harry" "Melissa Niall doesn't just sing to girls, he HAS to like you he just HAS To I know he has to" "LOUIS HE DOESN'T And I don't want to think he does just cuz he sang to me cuz all that is gonna do is bring my hopes up just to get thrown right back down and I can't keep doing that to myself, I'm sorry" "Why are you apologizing, you have a point and your right and I'm sorry for adding to that" "It's okay Louis it's not your fault, I understand where your coming from but right now I just need to know exactly where you guys are so I can go over there and we can finish shopping" "Okay I understand, we are back by the car" "Okay ill be right there love you" "Love you too, hurry". I hung up the phone, ate my last bite of ice cream, threw away its little cup and walked towards the car, FINALLY I got there, it felt like it took 20years, okay it only took like 5minutes but still. "MELISSA!" They all 3yelled "ha hi you guys" "WHERE WERE YOU!?" "at KoldStones eating ice cream and calming down". "You went to klodstones and didn't tell us!?" Ali said, Louis and Zayn said "You had ice cream!?" "Oh um ya sorry guys I was just mad and then I got tired of walking so I went in there and just decided to have ice cream, you guys wanna go we can go get some ice cream right now" "But you had some already" "ha and? I only had a little, I can eat more" "No it's fine, lets go find you something for tonight" Louis said "And a gift for Perrie and maybe Eleanor too?" "YES!" "ha good lets go" I wrapped my arm with Louis and started walking. "Heyy Al and Zayn?" "Ya" "How did you guys know I was fighting?" "Oh Louis called me to help him get you off the girl" Zayn answered "Oh okay". Louis asked "Are we going back to the store we were in before you ran out?" "No, lets just go to Windsor" "whats Windsor?" "It's my favorite store here, it has dresses, heels, jackets, shirts, jewelry, its a girl store" "Oh sounds nice" both Lou and Zayn said. As we walked I couldn't help but think of Niall and him singing to me with his Beautiful, angle like voice, man I love his voice and I Love Niall, I needa stop thinking about how In Love I am with Niall, I need to focus on Harry but fuck is it hard when Niall just makes me so happy and he was the only one who could completely calm me like that, well maybe Harry can too I mean he hasn't had a chance to try to yet. Louis whispered in my ear "Why are you smiling, are you thinking about Niall?" "ugh...ya, howd you know?" "Because you only ever smile that crazy to yourself when you think about him, are you sure you want to go out with Harry tonight?" "Louis can we please not talk about this again, I'm going out with Harry tonight and I want to go out with him, and that's that, please please don't ask again". man he makes my head spin more then the situation itself, he adds to the situation and I know its because he loves me and wants me to be with Niall but Niall doesn't want to be with me so I hate thinking about me and Niall in any way other then friends cuz I know that's all Niall wants. "Okay I wont second guess your decision again to go out with Harry tonight" "Thank you". We finally got to my store and walking into my store made me smile big "I can see you love this store Melissa" Zayn stated laughing "ha yaaaa, lets shop!". I let go of Louis and went over to the racks and started grabbing more and more clothes to try on, I started handing stuff to Ali and Louis to hold, I didn't give any to Zayn to hold because he was shopping for Perrie and I didn't want to get in the way of that. "OKAY MELISSA STOP!" Louis and Ali yelled "ha sorry, k lets go try this on shall we?" "YES!" ha well okay. I tried on probably like 20-30dresses a few skirts, some jeans and shirts, Then I found the dress, and we all loved it, I walked out of my dressing room and looked at the Heels/wedges to find the ones that went best with this dress, I found them, as I was sitting from putting the shoes on Louis said "welll, stand up so we can look at you". I stood up and Ali said "Wow that is so cute Melissa you have to get those" Louis added "Ya you look amazing, Harry is gonna Love it, ZAYN! COME OVER HERE AND HAVE A LOOK AT MELISSA!" "ONE SEC BE RIGHT THERE!" "NO NOW!" "Louis calm down, he can take his time, I mean he is going with us". Zayn came and said "Louis why is it so important I get here right this second and not.." Zayn stopped talking when he turned his head towards me "Wow Melissa that's beautiful, you look beautiful, Ni, sorry I mean Harry is gonna love it". Why was he gonna say Niall? I'm not even gonna question that right now it is about Harry, not Niall. "Thank you guys, plus my hair will be done and not thrown up in a bun" "even with the bun you look great" they all said ha sillies. "Thank you guys, I appreciate it, let me change and pick some jewelry and maybe a jacket". I walked back into my room after taking the shoes off and putting them back in their box, I changed, took a deep breath thinking of Niall and trying NOT to but of course it doesn't work, It's impossible I honestly don't know why I even try. I walked out and walked to the clutches/wallets, I saw one that went excellently with the dress and shoes, I grabbed it, the shoes and had my dress. "Should I even get any jewelery?" "I don't think so" Ali said "It's up to you" Lou added "Well Ill see if they have any that I think would go better with the dress then any that I have but if they don't then I don't need any, where's Zayn?" "Over there looking at some stuff for Perrie" "Oh okay". I looked and saw some bracelets and a necklace that went good so I grabbed them, I paid and then we walked over to Zayn. "Any luck Zayn?" I asked "Ya kinda, not really sure which to get her though" "Well which is more like her?" "Actually both" "Then get them both for her and either give them to her at the same time or on two separate occasions" "That's a brilliant idea Melissa, thank you" Zayn said hugging me "ha anytime Zaynie Boo". Zayn got Perrie two dresses and we walked out of Windsor. "Heyy lets go to Claries really fast, boys you don't have to come in this store with us if you don't want to" "Why wouldn't we?" "ha cuz theirs 1D stuff in there and I'm probably gonna get some and fangirl a lil" "oh gosh" Zayn said with a giggle then Louis said "Are you going to scream and cry fangirl?" "Ha of course not! I don't ever fangirl like that, I mean I cry sometimes but not like other girls, I just get teary eyed, I'm more of a hitter" "What do you mean your a hitter?" Both boys asked, Ali answered for me "She gets overly happy and starts to hit either whoever is by her like ME or she'll hit herself" "You truly are weird Melissa" "Why thank you, are you guys coming with us or no?" "HELL YEAH we are I wanna see this" "Oh geez Louis your weird too" "Why thank you" we all laughed and walked to Claries. We walked in and the 1D stuff was in the front to the left I power walked to it, totally forgetting Zayn and Louis were with me and Ali. "Look Ali" I grabbed almost one of everything of 1D in the store, while doing it a got overly happy and hit Ali in her arm a couple times "sorry" "it's fine, I'm used to it". I almost cried but I didn't let the tears fall. A worker came up to me and asked "Hello, would you like a shopping bag while you shop today?" "Yes thank you, can I maybe use two please?" "Of course, here you go" "Thank you" "No problem if you need anything else my name is Elise" "Thank you Elise". She walked off and I put everything in my hands in the bags, I looked at the regular jewelry and got a few rings, earrings, and some Marilyn Monroe stuff for my mom, sister and myself, I got Ali a friendship ring and necklace, when Louis saw that he put his sass pants on "UM WHAT ABOUT ME!?" "ha Louis these are all girl jewelry" "This one is British, it's not girly at all" "Do you want me to get this for us Lou Bear?" he pouted and said "yes I do" "okay Lou Bear I will, Zayn would you like anything?" "haha no thank you , I'm fine". I went to Elise and said "Elise, can I get some body jewelry please?" "Of course which ones would you like?" I told her which belly button rings Id like and she got them. "You have your belly button pierced?" Louis asked "Ya why?" "I think Harry would like that" Zayn said with a smirk and a wink "Shut up Zayn! Why would you not tell me your belly is pierced?" "Never came up Lou and be nice to Zayn!" "Okay but still you should of told me" "What is the big deal Louis?" "It's not a big deal I just didn't know" "So, its my body" "I didn't say it wasn't, sorry it's just shocking" "um okay?". I payed for my stuff and said "Ready guys or did you want to go to more stores and see more of the mall?" Louis looked at his phone "We have time to look at a couple more stores if you guys want but it's already almost 4:30 so we should hurry" "ITS WHAT TIME!?" I yelled "Almost 4:30" "SHIT! Time went by hella fast, I don't even know what time me and Harry are going out tonight" "Just call him and ask him" "I can't Al I don't have his number, I only have Louis and Liam's numbers" "Well here Ill give you his number" Louis said "Wait what if Harry doesn't want me to have his number?" "Don't be ridiculous Melissa, if Harry's going out with you and likes you of course he wants you to have his number, he just hasn't had the time to give it to you and get yours" Zayn said, he has a point but still. "You have a point but Id still want to make sure it's okay with him first, you know?" "Ya". "Ill call him and tell him" Louis said he called him and said if it was okay, then he laughed and talked about something, he hung up and said "Harry and I were laughing cuz he doesn't see why you'd ask, you should already know you can have it, he said you two ARE going on a date tonight and you know he likes you" "I told you" Zayn said "I know I just rather be sure first" "Well that's good but here, here is Harrys number, call him now" I took down the number in my phone and gave Harry a ring, "Hello?" "Hey Haz it's me" "Melissa?" "Yaaa" "Hello Love, how are you ?" "I'm doing alright, what about you?" "I'm great, getting prepared for our date tonight" "Me too, but I was wonder what time were we going to leave the hotel?" "Um probably around 7:30-8, why did you have to have Louis ask if it was okay for you to have my number?" "Because you could have not wanted me to have your number, well not yet at least, maybe you needed to feel you could trust me more before I could have it" "Oh I trust you already, and you've had Louis number since yesterday and you haven't given it out or anything, I trust you never will give out any of our numbers or at least not without permission" "I wouldn't ever do that, you can trust that" "Well good, so have you picked an outfit for tonight?" "I sure have" "Good, how long till you guys are back?" "Probably an hour or so but I wont see you till we are going to leave for our date" "Our date, I like the sound of that and why so long?" "ha me too and because we're just gonna go to a couple more stores just for the heck of it" "Oh well have fun and Ill see you tonight Love" "Okay will do and see you tonight Haz". I hung up the phone and smiled. "Okay we are either leaving at 7:30 or 8, so we have like Louis said till about 5 or maybe even 5:30" "sounds good" Ali and Zayn said, Louis wrapped his arm in mine and pulled me towards a store, we went threw like 3or4 stores, we bought a few things, Louis got some things for El and Zayn got a few more things for Perrie. Then we decided to grab a little bite to eat at the food court, I got a Jumba Juice and a cinnabun. "Melissa are you sure you want to eat anything, since your going for dinner with Harry?" The boys asked, Ali didn't ask cuz she already knew the answer "Of course I wanna eat this, I can eat, Ill still be hungry after this, Ill feel like I didn't even eat anything and who knows if Harry and I are going for dinner, I mean I'm sure we are but just sayin" "Wow, sorry but this just makes me picture you with Niall more" Zayn shocking me, I had nothing to say I just picked up my smoothie and drank some. Louis hit Zayn in his arm when he said that and mouthed the words "Shut up" to him. If only Zayn knew how I felt and Knew that I thought the same exact thing that he just said and have been thinking that for almost 3years, but I can't tell him, Louis is the only one of the boys I can talk to about Niall. We finished up our food, I looked at my phone it was 5:49. "SHIT! Guys we gotta go its almost 6!" "SHIT!" They all said causing people to look at us but we didn't care, we threw away our trash and walked to the car. By the time we got back to the hotel it was 6:15, man do I have to rush to get ready, thank God for shower caps, cuz since I showered my hair was clean but since I got in a fight and sweated from the fight and all the walking I HAD to take a body shower, I woulda went to Liams room to get ready but I just went with Louis and showered in his room, I got out the shower and while in my towel, I walked out of the bathroom "Louis?" "Ya, I'm over here in the kitchen" "Where are my bags?" "Um I believe in the bedroom somewhere, WOE why are you in a towel?" I had walked to the kitchen where Louis was "Because I don't have clothes on" Louis was laughing already before I even finished talking. "Why are you laughing?" " so......funny with that......hhahahaha shower cap" he was laughing in between every word. "Oh ha okay? Anyhow do you think you could please get my bags once you stop laughing please?" He couldn't even look at me he was laughing so hard, but it isn't even that funny, Louis is so weird I LOVE IT! "LOUIS!" "oh gosh ahaha Ya?" he was whipping the laughter tears away then finally focused on my face "Can you please go get my bags?" "Ya sure....OH MY GOSH MELISSA YOUR LIP!" "What about my lip?". Louis grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the bathroom but when he pulled my hand he almost made my towel fall, thankfully he didn't notice. We got to the bathroom and Louis pointed in the mirror and said "Look at your lip, LOOK WHAT THE LITTLE BITCH DID TO YOU!" "Louis calm down" I turned towards the mirror "FUCK! sorry didn't mean to swear but Fuck look at my lip, what is Harry gonna think?" "What is Harry gonna think? Melissa that's not important right now, right now we need to clean it and make sure your okay" "Louis I just took a shower and washed it so it's clean, I was wondering why it burned when I put soap on it and I am standing right in front of you so you can see that I am fine, right now I need to get ready for my date with Harry, that's what's important right now, not my lip" "If you say so, Ill go get your bags be right back" "Thank you Lou Bear" Your welcome Mel Bear". After afew moments Louis was back. "Here you go, but why do you need this if your new outfit is here?" "Because my bras, underwear, make up, and everything else is in this bag" "Oh ya okay" Louis just stood there, "Okay Louis you can get out now, if you don't mind" "oh ya! ha sorry". Louis got out and I put on my underwear, bra and a robe, I opened the bath room door and walked to the door of the hotel cuz I threw my bags by the doors side, I grabbed my Windsor bag and put it on Louis bed, I grabbed my make up bag from my big bag, I sat in front of the mirror and started to look at my face, other then my busted lip I had a few scratches and I'm glad Louis didn't notice those because I wouldn't want him to freak out even more, I started to put on cover up to hide my scratches and old/new blemishes. I heard Louis walking around on the phone and he walked into the room and said "Oh I thought you were in the bathroom sorry" "Louis it's fine you can stay in here I'm just doing my make up" he just nodded okay "Who you talking to?" "Eleanor" I guess El said What on the other end cuz Lou said "Oh nothing, Melissa asked who I was talking to and I said you" I said "Tell her she doesn't know me but I say hi" I giggles and so did Lou "El baby Melissa says you don't know her but she says hi" he paused "she says hi bestie and she can't wait to meet you, wanna talk to her?" "um to Eleanor?" "Ya to Eleanor" "Would she mind if I talked to her?" "Babe would you like to talk to Melissa?" pause "She says yes Bestie, here" Louis handed me the phone, omg I'm about to talk to Eleanor "Hello?" "Hi Melissa?" "Ya it's me, Eleanor?" "Ha yes, so hello, how are you?" "I'm great, how are you?" "I'm also great, you sound a bit shaken or nervous" "Ha I am, just a little" "Why?" "Because I'm talking to you" "Oh but I'm just me I'm not famous or anything, why would you be nervous?" "Your not famous but you are famous ha well your dating Lou Bear, so we know who you are and us TRUE Directioners Love you, so I love you ha, sorry if I sound like a creepy weirdo, I don't mean to" "Aw that's so sweet I love you too, even though I don't know you, but Louis was just telling me all about you and I just want to hug you, thank you for sticking up for him and the boys, that's amazing" "Absolutely, I Love My Boys and NOBODY talks bad about them EVER! I wasn't done with her either bout Lou and Zayn pulled me away and carried me to the car" "ha Louis told me, I understand why you were so mad, I would of been to but I'm glad the boys took you away because we wouldn't want you to get into any trouble" "Ya your right,sorry but I can't believe I'm talking to you right now" "Aw thank you, I can't believe your in love with Niall and going on a date with Harry, can I ask why your doing that? I mean if you don't mind telling me of course". Seriously Louis, you told Eleanor that!? I gave Louis a dirty look and he just said What, I can't believe this. "It's fine, I am in Love with Niall BUT Niall is not in love with me he doesn't even like me at all but I can't believe Louis wouldn't tell you that along with the rest of the information he told you" "Oh no did I just get my babes in trouble?" "Maybe just a little" "I'm sorry Melissa, I didn't mean to cause problems or anything I was just curious" "Oh no Eleanor your fine, I trust you, I'm hoping you wont let anyone know about this other then you , Louis and myself?" "I wont I promise but how do you know Niall doesn't love or even like you?" "I asked him if he cared that I went out with Harry or if he didn't want me to and he said he didn't care, he doesn't like me" "He straight out said he didn't like you?" "No he said he didn't care so to me he doesn't like me or he would have said for me not to go, you know?" "Ya I know, I'm sorry" "It's okay Eleanor, I'm sorry Id love to talk longer but I have like 20minutes IF that to get ready for this date, but have Louis finish filling you in on that" "Okay I'm glad we got to talk and I hope someday we can officially met, like in person and for sure Ill tell him to" "Same here El same here" "Well can you do me a favor and just watch out for Lou while your with him and the boys please?" "Of course, already ahead of you on that one ha I wouldn't let anything happen to these boys if it's up to me" "Oh thank you Melissa! It was great talking to you I hope your date goes well, get my number from Louis and text me or call me after to tell me how it goes" "Are you sure about that" "Ya why not?" "Okay awesome Ill tell Lou but you should tell him too just in case" "Will do, great talking, can't wait to meet you" "Great talking to yo too El Thank you" "For what" "ha I don't know being adorable and being you" "Awww that's so sweet thank you  talk to you soon?" "For sure Beautiful bye" "Bye" I gave the phone back to Louis and hurried and put on my make up, I got up threw my robe off forgetting Louis was in the room, threw on my dress and Louis was like "WOE MELISSA I"M STILL IN HERE!" "OH SHIT! Oh well I don't care, it's not like anything is gonna happen between us, I'm in to much of a hurry to pay attention right now, I have alot to do still" "I guess your right, wow you really are always right" "I told you this". I fixed up my dress to make sure it was on right and straight, I put my jewelry on and started to curl my hair "Lou can you bring me my phone pleassssse" Louis brang me my phone "Thanks" "Yup". I felt like listening to my boys so I put my One Direction playlist on on my phone and I heard Louis laugh "Why are you laughing?" "You would listen to us while getting ready to go on a date with one of us, sorry El" he was still on the phone, "I just feel like listening to you guys right now it has nothing to do with the fact that I have a date with Harry in" I looked at the time on my phone 7:17 "SHIT I HAVE 13MINUTES! FUCK ME!" "What?" "I don't mean it in that way you nasty, I just say it cuz I have bad luck and when I get mad or upset or something I just say Fuck me, just happens" "Your weird" "I know". I hurried and finished curling my hair and it was now 7:29, I ran back to Louis bed and threw on my shoes, grabbed my purse and new clutch and put the little things I needed to take with me in there like my ID, lipstick, money, gum (I have an addiction to gum), and a few other things. I put alil more lipstick on to try and cover my busted lip and then I heard my phone buzz I looked at the caller ID and it said Hazza :} <3 (on Louis and Liams caller Id and Harrys had this after their name (:} <3)) I picked it up and said "Heyy Haz" "Hey Beautiful are you just about ready?" "Just about yes, are you?" "actually I will be ready in about 10 maybe 15minutes, want to meet at Liams at about 8:00?" "Oh gosh that would be great, I can stop freaking out and rushing like a mad man" we both laughed "Great so see ya then?" "See you then Harr". We hung up and I decided to call Liam "Hello?" "Heyy Li Li, you know me and Haz are gonna meet at your room at 8:00 right?" "Oh hello Melissa and no I did not know that but I do now, are you ready yet?" "Ya pretty much just grabbing my things and making sure I look presentable" "Oh good as soon as your done come over, even if it's before 8:00" "Why?" "So I can get a look at you and talk before you leave" "Okay Ill be over in a sec, just gotta grab a few things" "Okay see ya soon Bye" "Bye". I hung up grabbed what I needed and told Lou I was going to Liams room "Hold on I want to come, El baby we are going to Liams room to wait for Harry Ill call you later okay?" he paused for a second "Ha of course I will ha I love you" pause "Okay bye". He hung up and said "You look beautiful, here step back let me take a picture" "Seriously?" "Yes, I want a picture, and so does Eleanor" "Okay well, but hurry". I stepped back and I swear it felt like Louis was taking forever to take the picture and he was making faces so I kept laughing. "Okay Louis your taking forever I need to go" "Okay okay Ill take it, now smile" I smiled and he said he took it, I looked at my phone it was 7:37 so we still had time till Harry got to Liams. Louis and I got to Liams and when Liam opened the door he just stood there looking at me "Wow, Melissa, you look beautiful" "Doesn't she?" Louis said with a smile "She really does" "Aw thank you guys, can we come in now Liam?" "OH YA sorry ha" Liam moved aside and let us in, I saw Niall looking down at his phone get up from the couch saying "Is it Melissa and Louis?" He looked up and dropped his phone, his jaw dropped too. "You alright there Niall?" I asked trying not to laugh at how priceless he looks right now, I pulled my phone out and took a picture, "Niall mate, are you alright?" Liam asked waving his hand in Nialls face, Niall closed his mouth and his eye shook his head, opened his eyes and said "Oh ya sorry I'm fine, just spaced out for a second, Melissa wow, you , look absolutely amazing, you look beautiful" "Aw thank you Niall" I looked down and blushed. "alright you two, now lets sit and talk about the fight, come on Melissa" Liam said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and walking me to the couch. Liam looked at my face while we sat down, he got up walked to the kitchen and came back with a napkin, why does he have a napkin? "Stay still Melissa I need to see something" "Um okay?" He started to whip my lips, I pushed his hand away "What are you doing Liam, your messing up my make up!" "Hold on there's something there" "Fine, go head Ill just fix it" "Thank You". He whipped away, and it hurt considering I had a big fact cut, after a little time he gasped "What, why are you gasping?" Niall, Louis, Zayn and I asked "Your lip" "ugh don't look at it! That's why I have lipstick on to try and cover it" "Well you didn't cover very well if I saw it" "Thanks Liam" I said sarcastically "I'm sorry Love I mean we know you got in a fight so it's not like we're surprised about it" Ali walked in from I think the bathroom "Wow Melissa you look so pretty and cute Harry is gonna be so Happy, oh shit your lip" "I KNOW! DAMN IT!" I got up to walk to the bath room "Where are you going?" everyone asked "To try and fix this!" I walked off and into the bathroom  slammed the door shut, I didn't mean to slam it but it was to late to not slam it, I looked in the mirror and my lip did look bad, if that little bitch didn't punch me there twice and make me bite myself Id be fine. But oh well it is what it is all I can do now is try to cover it for the date. It stung a little before Liam whipped it with a dry ass napkin now it stings even more, I can literally feel it throbbing. i ignored it and sucked up the pain, I put the lipstick on and walked back out to the couches I sat on the reclaimer across from everyone. They all stared at me "I"M FINE! YOU CAN STOP STARING AT MY LIP!" "sorry" They all said. "Okay so tell us about the fight before you leave" Liam said, so I told them word for word what happened and Louis jumped in at times to fill in what I left out or to say how I was fighting and how I looked. "That's my girl, winning and defending us, you rock!" Liam said "Thanks Li". Then there was a knock on the door and we knew it was Harry. I started to get a bit nervous and I got a few butterflies in my stomach and Liam went to open the door, I guess it's time for my first date with Harry Styles.


Well that's the end of this long chapter ha sorry didn't realize how long it was till right now. But I love this chapter, would you fight for the boys too? I Know I would! Love My Boys!! How do you feel about the way things are in the story right now? And Eleanor was in it! and Zayn talked alot more and was so involved in this chapter, I feel bad hes not as in it as the rest o the boys, I LOVE HIM TOO! ha well sorry for taking so long an dmaking this a long chapter but its a good one, well till chapter16 I hope you like it so far! Thank You for reading and Checking it out!! :} <3 

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