Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


3. Nialls Point of View

As I'm sitting across from the rest of the boys, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis, in our tour bus, I cant help but get a little irritated with their arguing and bickering about weather or not to stop in Tucson, I already knew I wanted to go, I just had a gut feeling that we HAD TO go there! Annoyed I stood up and yelled over the lads bickering voices "WE'RE GOING TO STOP IN TUCSON, NOW STOP ALL THE DAMN ARGUING AND BICKERING! (mumbles shit)". Liam I guess heard my mumble and went all Daddy Direction on me saying "Niall watch your language!" "Sorry" I replied. "Okay so its settled we're stopping in Tucson, are we all in agreeance?" Liam asked, I shot them all a dirty look causing them to all agree. I don't know why but for some weird reason I feel myself getting excited. Whats in Tucson that's making me feel this way, or maybe its a who? "Why are you smiling Niall?" Harry asked "NO I'M NOT!!" "Oh yes you are" all the boys say with a smirk on all their faces. "I'm not smiling," They all just give me that look like (cut the crap and spill). "Fine I'm smiling but I don't really know why" I say honestly then looking down and putting my hands on the back of my head, my fingers digging in my blonde/brown hair. I decide to take a nap since we're barley in phoenix and its still 2hrs till Tucson, so I go in my bunk and fall asleep almost instantly.

** Dream**

"Harry put on some pants!" I say, "Its fine with me if he doesn't put any pants on (winks)" Louis teased. " Well its not fine with the rest of us LOUIS especially me, she'll be here any minute and I don't want her to walk in on Harry butt naked!!" I yelled. Harry laughed leaving a stupid smirk on his face, making me angry and mad asking "WHAT!?" Liam said while pointing towards the door "To late" Zayn added "Shes already here". I turned around as quickly as I could and tried to apologize "I'm so sorry, I tried to get him to put pants on but.....ya" "haha Niall no need to apologize, I'm only looking at you, not at Harry" I went to give her a hug and kiss but stopped in my tracks right in front of her to look at her beautiful face, her Brown eyes/hair, her nice soft plump and oh so kissable lips, soft beautiful light skin. She was about 5'2 or 5'3. She was absolutely beautiful and irresistible, my princess. I pulled her to me by her waist, and just as I was about to kiss her Liam woke me up.

**End of Dream**

I woke up a bit happy because yet again Ive dreamt of my dream girl, (yet every dream Ive had of her and my heads yet to put a name on her) but also a bit angry because Liam woke me up right as we were going to kiss, (I still haven't got to kiss her in my dream yet either >:[) so I got mad at Liam saying "What the hell Liam, I was in the middle of a dream here, what do you want!?" "Sorry Niall but we've pulled over to get some food, and we all know how much you love food and how mad you'd be if we didn't wake you to ask you what you want.... wait were you dreaming about that girl again?" Liam replied making me feel a little bad for getting mad at him but then happy for mentioning her causing me to think about her more, and every time I think about her I get knots and butterflies in my belly. "Ha sorry Liam ya you guys know me well, where have we stopped? and yes I was it was great.....kinda ha you made me not be able to get the kiss Again" "We're at Subway, I'm so sorry Ni I didn't mean to. you'll meet her in real life someday. I promise you" Li said "Thanks Liam I hope so, you always know what to say. can you just get me what I always get please I need to wee", "Your welcome and The chicken and Bacon ranch melt right?" I just simply replied with a "You got it, thanks" Liam said "yup" and got off the bus.

**Skipping bathroom and eating**

We're driving down a street, I look around for a sign with the name and BAM I see one, the name of the street is called Valencia. As we're driving down it I, for some odd reason scream out "TURN LEFT HERE!!". We turn and I say to "Turn into these apartments". The lads look at me weird but I ignore their stairs. Once we get into the apartments I direct our driver Allen where to go, till I see an apartment that sticks out, I'm not quit sure why considering it looked just like all the rest. As I jump up and begin to run towards the door the boys stopped me, "NIALL, What are you running and getting all excited for?" "I'm not quit sure I just have to get to that apartment there in the back, it feels right" I replied. Liam was the first to say something "Id argue with you or say that sounds ridiculous but honestly I agree with you" "So do I" Harry, Zayn, and Louis all said at the same exact time which caused us all to giggle. "Okay enough of this lets go!" I say with a cheeky smile, the boys just laughed and got off our bus with me. I'm nervous, weird. I make the boys go up the stairs in front of me and say "I have this gut filling" the lads look at each other and say together "We do to". Every step we went up I got more nervous but also more excited. Liam and Louis both knocked on the door at the same time making me laugh silently. When the door opened I couldn't believe my eyes.


Okay guys im going to have to do 2 chapters in Nialls point of view because if I do it all in one chapter ha its gonna be one loooong chapter its already kinda long and he still has so much to say, all the 1st two chapters he was so quite because he was thinking so much and was so shocked and over whelmed and couldnt believe what he saw when that door opened haha sorry it took me so long to update tonight I was busy all day and was trying to get Nialls thoughts down nice, hope I did good and hope you guys liked it! ill write and update Nialls 2nd chapter tomorrow or I guess today cuz its 1:10am ha had to update for u guys woulda felt guilty if I didnt. A chapter a day !! Hope you guys like it so far, thank you for reading and checking it out!! :)

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