Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


5. Niall Wake Up!!

Harrys ~POV~

When the door opened there stood one of the most Beautiful girls Id ever seen. Ima make her mine. Boy am I glad Niall lead us here, smart lad he is. I hope shes single.

Zayns ~POV~

Melissa and Alexis seem like really nice girls, I like them. But hanging out with them makes me miss Perrie, I'm gonna call her once we get back onto our tour bus. Missing the love of my life alot right now. Its been about two months since we last seen each other, but I'm enjoying the company of my best lad and the gals.

Louis' ~POV~

Melissa and Alexis are beautiful birds but not nearly as beautiful as MY bird Eleanor. I miss her but looking at the positive in this situation, I'm with my four best lads and I think I just made two new friends, YAY ha, you can never have to many friends. I'm excited to see how this day will end and where it will take us.

Liams ~POV~

When the door opened I was surprised that a beautiful young woman stood there then Niall told me it was her. I knew exactly what he was talking about (his dream girl) it made me get happy. Then when Alexis showed up beside Melissa in the doorway I felt a little nervous, She was stunningly beautiful. I will make sure Melissa and Niall get together and that Alexis and I will as well, we'll make two extremely cute couples. I'm so happy right now.

Niall ~POV~

**Blacked out Dream**

"Melissa my princess" I call out, "Ya Babe" Melissa responded, "Come lay and watch a movie with me", I just wanted her to lay with me so I could wrap my arms around her and cuddle her. "ill be right there let me make some popcorn",She said "Okay what do you wanna watch?" "Lets just watch Grease 1 and 2", "Sounds good to me, ill get them ready". Louis comes running in, pushing passed Melissa with the popcorn almost knocking her to the ground. "LOUIS WATCH OUT, YOU ALMOST MADE MELISSA FALL, DAMN IT!!" "Sorry Melissa I didn't mean to" Louis said looking towards Melissa in the doorway, "Its okay Lou, Niall thanks ha" "your welcome Love". Louis all excited said "So I heard you guys are gonna watch a movie, lets start" as I was about to tell him to get out I hear my name being called by Melissa, and slowly started to open my eyes.

**End of Black out Dream**

Melissa ~POV~

"NIALL!!" We all screamed as Niall went down to the ground in my room. I didn't know what to do, Loving Niall as much as I do I started crying and both Ali and Liam said "Melissa please don't cry, its just gonna make the situation worse" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN DON'T CRY!? NIALL JUST PASSED THE FUCK OUT AND IS STILL PASSED OUT!!" I yelled angry as hell that they'd tell me not to, even though I hate crying in front of anyone but come on its Niall we're talking about. "Louis take Melissa to get water and calm her down please" Liam told Louis. "Ill calm down when I see Niall AWAKE Liam" I said. Louis just grabbed my hand and lead me to the kitchen and said "Come on Melissa". I didn't want to leave Niall but I didn't want to upset the boys anymore or make them not like me, so I went with Louis. When we got to the kitchen I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and tried to drink it but couldn't because I was crying so much, good job Melissa looking like such a cry baby in front of the boys and on the first day they meet you, idiot. Louis said "Melissa why are you crying so hard? I mean you just met Niall today" "Louis YOU guys just met me today, for me Ive known you guys for the last 3years, I know it sounds crazy but I really Love you guys and I love who you guys are, and I'm sorry for crying I wish I wasn't but I love Niall so much, Id cry if it were any of you. I'm an idiot, sorry" I responded, I wanted to say so much more but I just didn't know how to word it and didn't want Lou to think I was any crazier then hes probably already thinking. "Melissa I think I understand, and if I don't fully understand, than hopefully someday you'll help me fully understand, it makes me happy to know you love Niall and all us lads that much, thank you for that. I love that you love us for us and not what we have or who we are I mean being One Direction a famous boy band, or for our money, that makes me happy. why do you think your an idiot?" Louis asked, "For crying in front of you guys the first day you guys met me, I didn't think Id ever cry in front of any of you but maybe Niall" I answered. Louis responded to my answer with "Melissa that doesn't make you an idiot, that makes you strong and proves you have a big heart, I love that your crying right now. What do you mean, you didn't think you'd ever cry in front of any of us but maybe Niall?" I looked down and said "Thank you and because I see Niall as the man I'm supposed to be with, Ive always felt that Ive been in love with him. You saw my twitter, I meant everything Ive ever put on there" I stayed looking down, I couldn't look Lou in the eyes while I said that. Louis said "Awww that's so cute, Really?" "Yes Louis, really" I giggled when Louis Aw'd and he smile cuz he got me to laugh and stop crying. "Well Melissa Niall will be okay I promise you, and ill make sure he knows how you feel..." "NO Louis you cant tell him or any of the boys, Promise me you wont tell any other soul, this stays between the two of us" I cut Louis off. "ha okay I promise, but why?" Louis asked "I just have to keep it to myself, well and you now. If I tell Niall I want it to be at the right time and I need to know he feels the same, I don't wanna ruin us being able to become friends with this" I said. "Okay Melissa no worries I promise you I wont tell a single soul but maybe Eleanor" "That's fine you can tell El" I said, we both smiled and gave each other big bear hugs as we were hugging Liam came out and said "If your done.....What are you guys doing!?" he said the last part angry, not sure why. "Hugging, whats it look like?" Louis said sassy. "Well stop and if Melissa's done crying Id like you guys to come back in and try talking to Niall" Liam responded even angrier then before. "Okay we'll be right there" Louis said, Liam just mean mugged us and went back in my room. I looked at Louis and said "Go ahead, ill be right there" "Are you okay?" Lou asked I said "Ya ill be fine I'm just gonna grab a couple things and ill be right there" "Okay but if you need anything I'm right here, see you in a sec" Louis said, Aw hes so sweet Love Louis. "Thank you Louis same here okay. I'm here for you too no matter what, just to let you know, you and I, we're gonna be best friends" I said with a smile, making Louis smile and say "You know what, I think you just might be right" I smiled again and said "I know I'm right" we both laughed and Louis went to my room with everyone else. I grabbed a cloth and wet it with some cold water and grabbed another bottle of water from the fridge and went to my room. I walked in the room seeing Niall on my bed but still passed out. I felt my eyes start to water but this time I tried to fight the tears. I looked over at Louis who's was the only one who noticed I was in the doorway and he gave me a look that said (don't cry its okay) and with that look I fought the tears and toughened up. I walked more in and cleared my throat causing the boys and Ali to turn their heads in my Direction, so they were all looking in One Direction (see what I did there lol), I asked "Did Niall wake up at all?" "No" Ali, Liam, Zayn and Harry replied, "Then how'd he get on my bed?" "Liam and Harry picked him up and put him on there" Zayn said answering my question. "What do you have there?" Liam asked, "Oh its for Niall, can I get to him please?" I asked "Of course here you go" Liam said while moving to the side so I can get passed him and get to Nialls side. I put the cold cloth on his forehead. I started talking to him saying "Niall? Niall please wake up". I whispered in his ear "Niall please wake up I love you" when I pulled my head from Nialls ear everyone but Louis was looking at me weird and Ali and Liam at the same time said "What did you just whisper into Nialls ear?" I looked at Louis who was smiling and back at Ali and Liam and said "Nothing, why?" "Oh I don't know, I mean you did just put your mouth to his ear and say something" Ali said, "Do you know what she whispered Louis that your smiling like an idiot?" Liam added. Louis did know but he promised he wouldnt say anything, so he said "No, I just feel like smiling, I was um.... Thinking of Eleanor, ya I was thinking about Eleanor" He said smiling, obviously happy with himself for coming up with that all on his own and that quickly. "Whatever" Liam and Ali said together. I turned my attention back to Niall as did the others, I started talking to Niall again "Niall, Niall please, please wake up, Niall?" I stopped for a split second because I coulda sworn I seen his head move and his lips twitch. So I started again but this time asking "Niall? Please tell me your waking up. Well obviously you cant say it (looking at everyone I said) You guys no what I mean........wait guys I think hes walking up look!, Start calling out his name too maybe if we're all calling him it'll help him wake up faster!" so we all start to say Nialls name "Niall, come on Niall we're all here, wake up please, Niall? NIALL!!" we all yelled his name the last time cuz Nialls eye fluttered and then opened. Niall was finally awake. excited I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him, he giggled and hugged me back. As we hugged, yet again I felt the sparks and chills run threw my body as I got butterflies and knots in my stomach. I'm so happy hes awake. Niall began to speak so I let him go but stayed close by his side, "What happened?". I spoke up before anyone else could, "We're not sure we all started to walk out of my room when we heard a loud bang and when we turned around you were on the ground knocked out, scared me half to death!" Niall cutely giggled and said "Did I scare you? I'm so sorry Love, Melissa I didn't mean to, I remember what happened now". "Do you know why you passed out?" Liam asked, "Ya.... um  I mean no" Niall answered "What do you mean ya?" Ali, Louis and I asked at the same time, "I meant to say no" Niall said looking down at his hands, but I knew he meant yes but I didn't push it I just threw my arms around his neck again and whispered in his ear "Please don't ever do that to me again, I almost died. I cant lose you Niall, even if this is the last time we'll ever see each other again. As long as I know your okay and healthy and alive that's what all that really matters to me and all your fans" Niall replied "I wont ever scare you like that again I promise, and I also promise this wont be the last time we ever see each other again, not if I have any say or control of it". "What are you guys whispering about over there?" Harry asked a little, I think Jealous? Niall and I detached from one another and looked each other in the eyes and smiled while holding hands, "WELL!?" Harry asked still jealous but this time with a bit of anger in his voice. We realized we were holding hands in front of everyone and let go instantly and got up, Niall didn't realize he had the cloth on his head so he mad it fall to the ground, we both went to pick it up at the same time and bombed heads, Niall fell back and landed on the bed when I fell back i was caught by Harry. We looked into each others eyes, I'm not sure what I was feeling but I liked it, I didn't know what it was but something was telling me to kiss Harry and before I know it Harry was moving in, just as we were about to kiss Liam and Louis yelled "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?" I pulled myself out of Harrys arms as quickly as I possibly could and simple said with my head hanging down "I don't know, (mumbled sorry)". Harry said "What we're both single....I think. Melissa do you have a boyfriend?" They all looked at me other then Ali cuz she already knew the answer, I just said "No, I'm single" and put my head back down and walked out of the room to the living room. As I was walking out I could hear Harry say "See we're both single, we can kiss if we want to, so I don't see the problem". The boys all looked at Ali and she just sighed and went after me. "Melissa! what the hell was that all about??" Ali asked confused and curious.


Well that's the end of this chapter. I bet you guys didn't expected that with Harry now did you? ha Are you excited about what Melissa's gonna say to Ali? Do you think it was just an "In the moment" type of thing with Harry or something more? Ima try and make all the chapters this long, some may be longer. Louis got alot of time in this chapter, im glad ha, Hope your excited to find out what happens next  well until chapter 6 lol

Hope you like it so far, Thank you for reading and checking it out!! :) <3

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