Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


11. Niall, Harry and some Beer Pong

Id say there was about 20 more minutes or so left of Toy Story3 but I needed a drink now, so I got up and went to the kitchen, I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I walked out of the living room but luckily no one said anything. As I was making a drink with some Cranberry juice and Vodka I hear someone walk in, I turned and it was Ali. "What's wrong?" She asked "Nothing, I just need a drink" "Well obviously because something is wrong or you wouldn't so badly need a drink" "my heads just going in circles and driving me crazy because of Harry and Niall" "Why?" "Because I know Ive always been in love with Niall and meeting him and the feelings I get make me feel/know I am in love with him, but then Harry and I kissed and I loved it, so I'm now confused on what to do, and I honestly don't even know if either of them even like me at all" "Like I said before I think they both like you" "I don't think so Als or they would have told me something.....I think" "Harry kissed you, he shouldn't have to say he likes you, for you to know that he does" "What if he just feels/thinks it was a spear of the moment type of thing and wishes it didn't happen? And what about Niall?" "well I can't say anything for Niall, but I'm sure Harry wanted to kiss you and it wasn't just a spear of the moment type of thing especially considering he tried to kiss you at your house earlier today" "I guess your right, I gotta figure out if either of them do" "Maybe when we play truth or dare" "YES!" "Shhh you don't want any of them to hear do you?" "No ha my bad". Although I guess they did because here came in Harry saying "Why you yelling yes?" "Ha no reason" I said but Ali jumped in not getting that I didn't want Harry to know, "Actually we were wondering if you liked Melissa or had any feelings for her.....OH and if you kissed her because you wanted to or because it was just a spear or the moment type of thing and wish it didn't happen?" "Ali!" I said in a loud whisper and then looked back at Harry and said "You can be honest, it wont hurt my feelings" "I DO like you and have wanted to kiss you since you opened the door to your flat earlier for the first time today" Harry said with a cheeky, and seductive smile "really?" I said with a smile, putting my hand on the back of my neck and putting my face down. Harry grabbed my chin pulling my face to his and saying "Yes really, here Ill prove it to you' "wha..." Harry cut me off by kissing me again, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me in. It was so amazing even better then the first time, I just got lost in the kiss and kinda forgot all about Ali and everything else till she cleared her throat. Harry and I stopped kissing but rested our foreheads on each other and smiled and said "wow". Luckily Niall didn't see this time, but I wonder why Ali didn't stop our kiss like she always dose with Niall. "Haz?" "Ya Beautiful?" "Can I have a moment alone with Ali please?" "of course". Harry walked back to the living area with a smile and I turned to Ali, put my hand on my hip and said "Now why do you always interrupt Me and Niall from kissing but now Me and Harry?" "What are you talking about?" "every time Me and Niall are about to kiss you stop us, WHY!?" "No I don't" "The fuck you don't! You have 3 or 4 times already and you were standing right there when me and Harry kissed so why didn't you stop us?" "I don't know to tell you the truth, it kind of just happens, maybe I think Harry would be a better fit for you" "really Harry!? not Niall?" "Ya Harry, not saying Niall and you wouldn't be a good fit cuz honestly you'd be a great fit with any of them even Liam but Id kill you if ever you and Liam did ANYTHING, but Harry's just seductive and seems like a flirt and a freak and you like that, Niall just seems quite, shy and not so freaky" "um the quite ones are usually the freakiest and I don't care about all that when it comes to who they are and how I feel" "I know but for some reason I feel like you should give Harry a shot and forget about Niall" I grabbed Alis hand and pulled her into the room and closed the door. "I will not EVER forget about Niall, I don't think he likes me more then a friend, I will maybe give Harry a chance, cuz well all the boys are amazing and I KNOW Harry likes me but ill feel guilty because of Niall and..." Ali cut me off "and nothing you KNOW Harry likes you and you don't think Niall even likes you more then a friend so I don't see a problem here, just give HARRY a chance" "I guess your right but I know ill always be IN love with Niall, and I wouldn't ever want that to mess up anything with Harry if we ever become anything, you know?" "Ya I think I get you, but I don't think your really IN love with Niall you just Love him..." "NO I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM, I don't just love him Ali, you should already know this" "I do. I just thought if I said that you'd think that but it didn't work ha I want you to just try with Harry, I think it'll be good for you and you guys would be good together, I'm sure you can fall in love with Harry too and maybe even fall outta love with Niall" "I doubt ill ever FALL outta Love with Niall, once your in love that's that but I shouldn't pass up a good guy that, your right I could possible end up falling in love with on a guys who won't ever want me or be in Love with me" "Who knows you and Harry could be very happy together" she said with a big smile and a wink "Your right, ill think about giving him a chance, I mean I love Harry and would love to be with him I just wish it were Niall instead you know?" "ya, lets get out there before they get suspicious" "Okay, how long have we been talking?" "Not sure but I'm sure its been a little and I'm sure the movie is over" "Ya probably". We walked back to the kitchen to get my drink and the boys were sitting in there waiting for us. "What were you two talking about?" Harry asked in a, I believe sexual way? "Um just talking" "About what?" Zayn asked Louis added "Ya what?" With a wink "Just girl stuff" "UH OKAY TMI !" Louis yelled Ali and I laughed and said "Ew Louis not like that kind of girl stuff, you nasty" we all laughed. "Okay what did we have next on the list Zayn?" I asked "Um I believe it was you gals teaching us some drinking game called pong beer?" Ali and I started to laugh and the boys looked at us like we were insane "It's called hahahahah Beer Pong hahaha not Pong Beer hahahaha" we all laughed and when we finally finished Ali and I looked at each other nodded looked at the boys and said "Lets do this dame thing, its game time" Louis, Harry and Niall looked at each other then us and said "Oh its so on, after we find out how to play" Louis added the last part. I quickly downed (chugged) my drink I had just made not to long before and the boys said "DAAAAAMMMNN GUUUUURL" ha they're so funny. "What?" "Was there alcohol in that?" Louis asked "There sure was" I said happily. "Then why'd you drink it so fast?" Daddy D (Liam) asked "I needed it" "Why?" All the boys asked "its been a realllly long day" They just nodded with understanding in their faces. "Alright anyhow, lets do this!" "please" Ali said. "Okay Ali and I will going to show you how to set up and we'll play do a quick round to show you exactly how to play, okay?" "k" they said and nodded. "Okay Ali here's your 6cups, okay boys you make a pyramid with the cups at both ends of the table and someone from each team needs to face off" "what's that?" Louis, Harry and Niall asking super interested in what I'm saying to them. "face off is when one person from each team gets a pong ball, stands a couple feet back on their side of the table looks the other person (they're against) in the face ha and throws the ball trying to make it in the other persons cups, whoever makes one first in face off goes first" "okay sounds simple what about the rest of the game?" Zayn asked, shocking me that he was the one to ask but I answered "It's almost the same thing, you have to stand back but you can now look at the cups" "watch let us show you guys" Ali said. So we pored the beer in the cups, got a ball and faced off. I made the shot "oh just tell let you guys know, I'm a champ at this game so good luck ha and I want Louis to be my Beer Pong Partner!" "But I wanted to be your partner!" Niall and Harry both said then gave each other a dirty look but it was the kind of look that said (its on). "SHES MINE!!"Louis yelled I laughed because it reminded me of the video dairy's and I said "YES I AM" going up to Lou, grabbing his hand and taking him to our side of the table. "We can do three to a team and just make the rules for 3 instead of 2, but there will be one person out since we're at odd" I said "ill stay out since I don't drink" Liam said with a smile, "Even though you got both your kidneys now?" "ya I wanna keep them healthy just in case" "Ya but you have them both, I mean its really good you wanna keep them healthy but do you ever wanna drink?" "Sometimes I do but I'm happy without it and can have fun without it so what's the point, and you never know if the same thing will happen again, I mean I HOPE it doesn't but Id rather be smart and safe rather then sorry, you know?" "Ya I get you , I completely understand and I HOPE and Pray you keep both your kidneys forever and that they are always in GREAT condition" "Wait whats wrong with his kidneys what are you two talking about??" Ali asked so confused "Liam was born with only one kidney, well he had them both but one didn't work so he technically only had one" "When I was born I was effectively dead. Weird, I know. The doctors couldn't get any reaction from me so I had to be brought round and although it seemed like I was okay, there were underlying problemsI was born three weeks early and I kept being ill. From the age of zero to four I was always in hospital having tests done but they couldn't find out what was wrong. They discovered that one of my kidneys wasn't working properly and it had scarred. I had to have 32 injections in my arm in the morning and evening to try and make me better.
I've still got both kidneys but one doesn't work so I have to be careful not to drink too much, even water, and I have to keep myself as healthy as possible, But then my faulty kidney magically fixed itself" Liam added. "wow I'm so sorry Liam, I didn't know" Ali said "It's quit alright Love, not your fault" They just looked each other in the eyes and smiled. Then out of nowhere we all hear Nialls Irish accent yelling "I'M ON MELISSA AND LOUIS TEAM!!" "Ha okay then there Niall relax" I said pulling toward me by the arm so he could be standing with Louis and Me. "Guess I'm with Alexis and Hary" Zayn said. Ali and I let one of the boys from our teams face off since they had never, I let Louis do it but only because he was in my face saying "I wanna do it, I wanna do it, let me, let me, can I do it? Can I do it? me pick me, over here right in front of you, this guys right here, ME, come on Melissa let me do it come on Meli..." "OKAY LOUIS, you can do it shit" "Don't sass me that's what I do" "Louis just get the damn ball so we can get started please". Ali picked Zayn, I'm not sure why. It took them a couple tries till Zayn got the shot, "Good job Lou" I said messing around. So Ali, Harry and Zayn all took their shots since they get to go first and only Ali made her shot so one of us had to drink that cup she made the ball in, which I had to explain how the shots and drinks worked and Louis got so excited with a huge smile and then fastly grabbing the cup and throwing the liquid from in the cup down his throat "Oh gosh Louis going to get stupid drunk isn't he?" I asked in Nialls eat "Ya so we should be careful with him" "Louis calm down don't drink to much to fast okay?" "Don't worry Melissa Ill be fiiiine, I drink all the time" "Okay Louis but I don't want you to getstupid sick" "Bestieee I will be fine do not worry ooookaaay?" "Okay it you say so Bestie". It was our turn and we all actually made our shots, Louis, Niall and I. We got so excited we all high fived and started jumping around and then laughed when we realised what we were doing. "Oh and when we all make the shot it's our turn again, so hurry up and get your cups so we can go oh and re-rack, make a little triangle" I said and the boys faces got so confused "Oh you get to re-racks in each game, but only2, we gotta use more cups in the next game since there are so many of us" "Okay you got it"  Ali said so we went again and only Niall made a shot so then it was their turn. We played Beer Pong for like 40minutes to an hour then I wanted to show them another drinking game but Louis also wanted to play Truth or Dare so we decided to just play Beer Pong for 2more games then do truth or dare. I could feel the buzz already, I felt great but Didn't wanna get super drunk or keep drinking beer, I'm not a big fan of beer but ill drink it. "LET ME DO FACE OFF LOUIS PLEEEEAAASSSSE!!" I asked he said "Fine go ahead" putting his hand on his hip turning his head and pointing at the game. "YES, Lets do this shit Ali Cakes!" "Oh goodness, your drunk aren't you Melissa?" Ali asked "NOP, just a little buzzed is all but NOT drunk, well not yet at least AHA" we laughed and we faced off, we both made it so we had to re face off and I missed and Ali made it, "yup you can tell I'm buzzed since I missed hahah" "haha bull crap that's an excuse, are you trying to say I'm not good enough to beat you?" "pretty much ha I'm just kidding but I usually get it so I was just busting your chaps". They shot but only Ali made it so Niall just drank that one, Louis drank most of them but then I yelled at him to stop drinking all of them and let Niall and I have some, but if he hadn't done that in the begging Id be so hammered right now so Thank you Louis. By now we were playing with 10cups instead of 6 and we were having so much fun we celebrity shot Liam in, which is when you call someone into the game to shoot for you. He had a really good shot, he helped us beat Alis team a good few time because when he shot for us he made every single one of them and I mean EVERY single one, but when he shot for them he missed like 2-4shots. I Love Liam, helping us out, beat he didn't mean to miss for them but he did so it doesn't matter, we were having fun and that's all that matters. So we finished the last game and MY team won. "YES that's what I'm talking about team" I said high fiving both Niall and Louis at the same time. "Oh Yaaaaa, well that was super fun" I said "Ya it was! Now lets play some Truth or Dare!" Louis so overly excited but yet also with a look that he had something sneaky up his sleeve for this game, oh gosh please don't ,make this at all weird or awkward for anyone Louis. "I'm gonna start!" Louis said aggressively "of course BooBear, you alllllways go first" Harry said with a smirk. We got some drinks, a bottle of liquor and a bottle of juice, and some cups and went to the living room. We moved the table and pushed the couches back so the center of the floor was cleared so we could sit in a circle together, it was Liam, Niall, Me, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Ali. We made ourselves quick drinks with the bottle and juice and then Louis started "Melissa" "oh gosh" I said rolling my eyes, I did NOT want to be the first one asked anything, "Truth or Dare?" "Um Ima start with Truth" "WHAT SERIOUSLY!?" "Yes Louis ill pick dare a little later, I just don't wanna start off with a Dare" "ugh fine, is it True that you enjoyed that kiss with Harry today?". Under his breath but still loud enough for everyone to hear Harry said "Which one?" winking at me with a seductive grin that made me want to just get him down on his back and climb on top of him and kiss him sexually. "What did you just say?" Niall said, oh no not this again, why does Niall sound and look angry at what Harry just said, I looked at the other boys and Liam and Louis looked mad too added to what Ni said "Ya what the hell did you just say?" and Zayn just looked confused at the whole situation. "We kissed twice" Harry said "WHAT!?" Niall, Liam and Louis said "Ya" I said with no emotion, "What do you mean you kissed twice?" "Like we kissed more then one time" Harry answered sarcastically "WELL NO SHIT! But how, where, and why??" Niall asked "well you guys no about the car and then earlier in the kitchen" I said chugging some of my drink, I could feel myself sweating. I am feeling so guilty right now but why? "WHY!?" Liam and Louis asked "Because I like Melissa and I wanted to prove it to her that I did" "why would you have to prove it?" Liam asked "Boys seriously why all the questions? You guys didn't ask them truth or dare, if you want to know more then when its your turn see if one of them will pick truth and then ask, right now Melissas question from Louis is if she enjoyed Harrys kiss earlier today, and they're both grown single adults who can do what ever they want" Ali said "thanks Al" I said she just nodded and smiled. "Um okay fine, then Melissa did you enjoy Harrys kiss.....kisses today?" Louis re-asked. I still couldn't believe how mad Niall, Liam and Louis were getting, why would they be?



Well here the end of the chapter, little twist thrown around in there aint there? haha. Who should she pick? DO you think Niall will ever tell Melissa how he feels, because she doesn't know he feels the same way as she dose and thats whats pushing her even closer towards Harry. Well Im super tired so gonna sleep but I HAD to make sure I posted before because Ive been doing bad on updating been busy but till chapter 12, Ihope you like it so far!!

Thanks for reading and checking it out!! :) <3

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