Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


1. Meeting The Boys

Ali and I were laying in the living room talking when I said "Ali im hungry!!" Ali just sighed and said "Then get up make yourself something to eat" "Im to lazy to get up right now" I said, She replied with, "Your always to lazy", I said "Not always" pause "okay maybe most of the time" we both laughed and decided to watch some television. We put on MTV on and "Teen Wolf" was on, not long after we heard a knock on the door, we looked at each other and I got up to answer the door because we were at my house and it was just the two of us home. (By this point your probably wondering who I am, but don't worry you'll find out shortly and you'll properly get to know who Ali is as well.) When I opened the door I couldn't BELIEVE my eyes, there in the flesh, right in front of me was no other then the wonderfully talented and famous One Direction, all Five boys, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and of course Niall Horan. I'm such a huge 1D fan I wanted to play it cool but at the same time I was freaking out, so I mentally slapped myself and said "Hello?", Liam replied with a "Hello Love, we're One Di" I cut him off saying " ha I know who you guys are Liam You silly boy ha your One Direction, I Love You Guys.......Sorry don't mean to fan girl I just.." cut off by Louis "Its fine happens to us all the time" Harry joining in "Ya we're used to it" and Zayn added "We Love all our fans" They all smiled as did I. By now Ali was standing beside me and said "Hi" all the boys replied with "Hi's" and "hellos". I asked them if they'd like to come in and they agreed, as they came in I introduced myself, "I'm Melissa Lopez and this here is my best friend Alexis Peters". We shook hands, but when I shock Nialls I felt sparks and chills run threw my body as I also get butterflies and knots in my stomach, this love Ive felt for him for the past 3years is real. We all sat down.
"So boys what can I do for you guys......Wait why are you guys in Tucson?" Zayn said "Liam care to answer this one?" "Ha I guess I should, shouldn't I? Liam started "Well we were driving through Arizona to get to our next state, which is California, on our tour and we decided to stop here since we've never been to Tucson, we've heard both bad and good things about it". Liam finished and Louis picked up where he left off, "It took us some time to finally make that decision, we were arguing, well more like debating weather to do so or not" "And you guys decided to stop? Obvi ha ignore that question please" I said as all the boys and Ali laughed. I asked what I was thinking "can I ask why you guys knocked on my door, I mean I'm super glad and happy you did but I live in a very large apartment complex and not right in front where you park so what brought you guys to my door?"


Heyy guys Im going to introduce the characters now,

Ali (Alexis Peters is her full name)

Birthday June 5th 1992

Shes one year older than me, she has blonde/brown hair, Blue eyes, she Mexican, Irish, German, and White, Shes 5'3. Loves to read loves to learn, Loves her family and friends and is a great person Caring and nice shes also my best friend so dont F*** with her ill hunt you down ha. She secretly crushes on Liam of all the boys :)

   Hi Im Melissa Lopez but most people call me Mel,

Birthday April 2nd 1993

I have Brown hair and Brown eyes, Im Cuban, Italian, German, Sicilian, and Chines, Im also 5'3. Love Music, Love God, Love my family and friends, Im a caring and good person but I can also be the biggest B**** if you get on my bad side so dont! haha Niall is my favorite but I love all the boys the same the only difference with Niall is that Im secretly In Love with Him. Oh and I wear glasses.

Ali and I are the best of friends, nothing can come between us, we've been through everything together and have been best friends for as long as we both can remember and we have a fun life, we do everything together and we're both excited to see whats going to happen with One Directon. :)


I hope you guys enjoy this story, Thanks for reading and checking it out!! :) <3

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