Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


8. Meeting my parents and siblings

What am I supposed to do, why couldn't he just ignore that I said that? I can't tell him, not now, not till I know he feels the same and at this point I don't think he does. I just said "What are you talking about?" "When you were like "Ive finally got to meet the Lo" what were you going to say?" " Nothing that's why I said everything else that I said" "Melissa just please tell me, please". I thought for a second and nodded my head yes, I'm gonna tell him, I'm finally going to tell Niall James Horan that I'm in Love with him and have been for the past 3years, oh my gosh so many nerves. "Okay Niall what I almost said was that Ive finally got to meet the Lo..." My phone started ringing, damn it! "Excuse me Niall, Hello?" "Melissa are you guys coming its getting hot and were tired of standing outside and I think these girls recognize the boys" Ali said on the other end of the phone. "ya we'll be right there sorry" I hung up the phone, "Sorry Niall, it was Ali they wanna go inside and they think some girls recognized the boys, I have the key so we have to go up, maybe another time?" "can't we make them wait just a little longer till you finish what you were gonna tell me?" "ha no Niall plus if anyone does recognize you or any of the boys, I don't want them knocking on my door" "I guess your right" "I am now lets go" we both giggle, I grab his arm and we walk to my apartment. I unlocked the door and while doing so every asked Niall and I "What were you guys doing?" "talking" we replied, Harry mumbled "sure", we ignore him and go inside. "What time are you guys getting back on the road?" I asked "Why you trying to get rid of us already there Melissa" Louis asked with a giggle "Of course not, I just want to know how much time I have with you guys" "well we were hoping to stay here in Tucson a couple days actually" Liam said "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" I asked "haha yes" Niall said with his amazing laugh, the best laugh Ive ever heard in my life. "That's amaZayn!" I said fangirling, oops. As I was about to ask another question someone was unlocking the door and a few moments later in walked my mom, dad, and two of my brothers. My brothers being well my brothers seen 5guys in my living room and decided to be protective and possessive saying "who the hell are you guys and why are you in my living room with my sister!?" Liam was about to talk as my brothers got closer, I jumped in front of them and said "My room,  Now" "hell no who the fuck are these dudes in our house!?" never taking their crazy eyes off the boys. "I said my room now and I meant it so NOW!!" I yelled angry. They went to my room "Ill be right back boys, I'm so sorry" I said Liam said it was fine. but to me it wasn't. I walked in my room and closed my door and started yelling "ARE YOU GUYS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS!? YOU DON'T COME INTO THE HOUSE AND START YELLING AND TALKING SHIT TO MY GUEST, ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE!? WHAT THE FUCK!?" I yelled at them so loud I know the boys, Ali, and my parents heard, I was so mad at this point I wanted to murder my brothers. (sorry I swear alot when I'm really mad). "Don't you come fucking yelling at us when we left the house there was just you and Ali here and we come back to five guys" "FUCK YA ILL YELL AT YOU GUYS, YOUR BEING RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL FOR NO DAMN REASON!!" "WELL WHO THE FUCK ARE THOSE GUYS IN OUR LIVING ROOM!?" "YOU STUPID MORONS" I paused, sighed and rubbed my forehead "Look at my walls you idiots!" They did and felt stupid and laughed saying "Oh shit are you serious right now? We didn't see that coming" and continued laughing which made me even more made "IT'S NOT FUNNY ASSHOLES, NOW WE'RE GOING TO GO BACK OUT THERE AND YOUR GOING TO APOLOGIZE DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?" They looked at me with a look like "your trippen (crazy)" so I asked again "Understand!" "Fine we'll apologize but they better not try anything with you" "You better not say anything stupid like that to them!" We walked out of my room and I said "Sorry if you guys heard all of that, wheres my mom and dad?" Ali answered "they went to take some bags to their room" "okay well boys Id like you to meet my stupid brothers George and Daniel, you can just call him Danny, brothers this is Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry, from One Direction" I said the last part rudely towards my brothers because they know how much these boys mean to me. "Hey sorry we were being assholes before" George said, Danny continued "Ya we thought you guys were just some Tucson guys, we didn't know who you were" George went on "ya if we did we wouldn't of went crazy cuz we upset our little sister and she loves you guys" Danny started before I cut him off "Ya and just cuz you guys are famous that don't mean you can take advantage of my lil sister and..." "Danny shut up! I told you guys in the room not to say anything stupid like that to them, I'm not a little kid, I'm a grown ass woman, I can take care of myself and I'm not stupid! Please get out now" Liam said "Melissa calm down its okay" "NO Liam its not! sorry for yelling but they have no right to tell you guys anything or tell me what the fuck to do, if I wanted to do something with any of you that's my choice but that's not the case here, they just want to run m life, and that pisses me off, I run my own life and do what I want!" Liam said "but you know we're not like that Melissa, you know we have manners and are gentlemen, and what you know is all that matters, not what they think. No offense (he said looking at my brothers) but she can make her own decisions and live her own life" "ay don't be coming up in my house and telling me how to be with MY sister, it works the other way around little boy" Danny said, acting brave getting closer towards Liam and causing Liam to stand up. "Oh Hell no!" I said mad as hell and getting in between Danny and Liam, facing Danny my back to Liam "Danny you better back up and Liam sit back down" Liam sat down and Danny said "Hell no I'm not about to let him come up in here and talk shit to me" "your the one who talked shit! Liam's just defending me, SO YOU NEEDA CHILL AND BACK UP LIKE NOW!! Have some respect for ME and for them!" as Danny was about to say something else my parents walked in and told Danny "Whats your problem Daniel Renee? Have some respect for your little sister and her guest, go outside and cool down" "Fine" Danny said mean mugging me and Liam, I mad dogged him back and so nobody but he could see I flipped him off. He went outside and my mom said "Sorry about that boys" Liam said "its fine" I started introductions "Mom, Pops this is One Direction, Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry, boys this is my mom Michelle and my dad Elvis" They all shock hands and said their "hellos and Nice to meet yous". my mom and dad sat down with all of us but I got up and walked away and went in my room, I was still so mad at Danny and he made me yell at Liam and curse in front and to the boys. I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it Louis stood there, I pulled him in and closed the door. I sat on the bed and put my head in my hands, I could feel Louis put his hand on my back "Are you okay Melissa?" he asked I just looked up and threw my arms around his neck and started to silently cry, "Are you crying?" Louis asked pulling away, "no I got something in my eye" we looked at each other and laughed because that's the worst excuse people use when they cry. "Why are you so upset Melissa, it was just a little argument" "No Louis it was a big one, I haven't fought with my brother like that in like 8 years and he had NO right to treat you guys and especially Liam that way, you guys don't deserve that, and I yelled at Liam and cursed at him, I feel so guilty right now you have no idea" "I'm sorry you got in a fight with your brother, you shouldn't have stood up for us, your family comes before we do. I'm sure Liam understands why you yelled at him and knows you didn't mean it, do you want me to tell him to come here so you can talk to him?" "I know family comes first but right is stronger then wrong, that's the side I'm always on and my brother was wrong so I'm on your guys side because you did nothing wrong, I told you Louis I love you guys and would do practically anything for you guys. I can't see Liam right now, I need a little time before facing him. But I might need to face my brother right now" "well I guess your right, and ill let you go to Liam when you feel its time, I'm here for you now too Melissa, I'm not sure what it is about you but your spacial and mean a great deal to me already, if you ever need anything you call or text me and Ill do what i can for you, do you understand me Best Friend?" Louis said with a smile causing me to smile " Thank you Louis same for you okay? oh and just to let you know, a bit of a heads up, I'm always right okay?" We both laughed and I added "best friend" we both smiled and a couple tears left my eyes. "Why are you crying Melissa, I thought I just cheered you up?" "Oh Louis believe me you did, these are Happy tears, I freaking Love you!" I said jumping in his arms wrapping my arms around his neck again, He hugged back saying "Thanks Love, I can't wait to be able to say that back to you which I'm sure will be before I even know it" "it's okay Lou as long as you know how I feel that's all that matters" "What about Niall, dose it matter that he knows how you feel?" I pulled away slightly "Of course it does Louis, it just has to be at the right time just like it was the right time with you" We both smiled and I said "I guess I should go talk to my brother now huh?" "ya" Louis responded. We walked out of my room, everyone looked at us and asked "is everything okay?" we just nodded and  Louis went to sit and join in whatever conversation everyone was having, I walked outside to see my brother Danny sitting on the stairs smoking a prime time. I sat by him and said "Hey you okay?" "I'm fine, what about you?" "Ill be okay, why'd you react to the boys like that?" "I'm not sure, probably because your my little sister and I just want to protect you" "I understand that but you only need to do that and act that way when I ask for your help, I'm a grown women and can handle myself" "I know I'm sorry you know we all have some anger issues" we both laughed "Well that's so damn true, but we just have to control ourselves" "I know I know, I'm sorry sister, do you forgive me?" "Of course your my brother I don't like fighting and we hardly ever fight, but can you please apologize to Liam?" "Hell no, I can't do that, sorry" "why the hell not!?" "because I don't like the way he disrespected me" "YOU DISRESPECTED HIM WHAT THE FUUCKK!" "Don't be yelling people are gonna look" "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! Your pissing me the fuck off, why can't you just do this for me? why do you have to act immature, your supposed to be a grown ass man so act like one!" "I am a grown ass man and I do act like one!" "Obviously NOT if you can't own up to what you did wrong and apologize to someone who did NOTHING wrong! FUCK THIS, I'm not dealing with this right now!" I walked down the rest of the stairs and started walking away, Danny yelled "WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOU HAVE COMPANY!" "I don't care right now I need to get some air and not see your face!" I stormed off. I can't believe this is happening to me right now. Its just my luck, I finally got to meet One Direction, they mean sooo much to me, they've done so much for me and Ive dreamed of this day for so damn long and my brother has to ruin it for me! They probably hate me and want nothing to do with me. SHIT I left my fucking phone, oh well good. Now I don't have to worry about anyone texting or calling me, which is not only good cuz I need to calm down but because Id just be rude to whoever called or texted me, and I don't want that. WHY ME, WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE SUCH HORRIBLE LUCK!? I just need to relax and breath, just walk it off, I wish I had my Ipod on me so I can listen to my Music. Music always helps put me in a better mood, especially 1Ds songs. I'm just gonna walk and try not to think.

~Dannys POV~

Melissa's right, I'm being immature but I'm her big brother I'm just being protective like a big brother's supposed to be. Liam don't seem like a bad dude, none of them do. I have to make this right, for Melissa. Shes my sister and I love her and I know how much she loves One Direction, everyone dose. She talks about them enough. I may not understand why she loves them so damn much but she does, and that's what matters in this situation, I don't want to be the reason she doesn't get a chance for them to become her friends or whatever. Gotta suck up my pride and do this. We never fight and I'm not gonna make us fight and possibly end up not talking because I was acting a fool. I got up and walked up the few stairs and went inside. As I closed the door and turned around everyone was looking at me and my mom, pops, and brother George looked at me and said "What happened? we heard you guys yelling" "We just got into a bit of an argument, that's all" I replied and then looked at Liam "Hey Liam can we talk?" "Sure" he said. Some other dude with brown hair asked "Wait, wheres Melissa?" "I don't know" "What do you mean you don't know, where is she?" he asked again, annoyed I answered "I mean I Don't know, she got mad at me and stormed off" "Seriously? I have to call her" He pulled his phone out and called her, a few seconds later we hear a ring, her phone was on the counter. Great now shes out there with no phone, FUCK. That same guy started talking again "I have to go look for her" a blonde dude said "I'm going with you" the brown haired one said "No Niall I think it would be best if I went alone" the blonde one I guess named Niall said "LOUIS I"M GOING, THERE'S NO WAY I'M NOT GONNA HELP LOOK FOR MELISSA. ARE YOU KIDDING!" wow, why they getting so worked up about Melissa, they must care about her, Melissa was right they're good guys. Man do I feel even worse now. Louis said "Fine Niall but if she asks you to go away that she only wants to talk to me then you go do you understand?" does this Louis guy like my sister? I feel myself getting a little mad but brush it off. "Louis I'm sure she wont say that but if she dose ill leave" Niall said looking down and seemed saddened by his own words, does he like my sister? "Well I'm going too" said a brown curly haired dude, "Harry we don't have time for this, if your coming same goes for you as it does for Niall" Louis said and then added "Alexis stay here with Zayn and Liam please" "sure" Ali said and with that the 3dudes were out the door. That should be me but right now but I have to fix this problem with Liam.

 Liam and I went outside to talk on the top steps. "I want to apologize for the way I acted it was wrong and disrespectful of me, I don't know you or any of you for that matter, to react the way that I do, so I apologize" "It's okay, I apologize as well, I didn't want Melissa to run off and I hope the lads find her soon, I'm worried and I don't like to worry. All that matters right now is that she gets back here safe and is okay" Liam responded, he seems like a cool dude, "I'm worried too, that's my little sister and its not super safe to be out at night in Tucson, especially if your a female" "Let me call Louis to see if hes had any luck okay?" "Okay thank you" "No problem, we care about her too you know" "I can see that now".

~Louis POV~

As we're walking around looking for Melissa my phone rings, I look at the caller ID and its Liam. Seriously why the fuck is he calling me right now when he knows I'm looking for Melissa!? I hand the phone to Harry and say "Tell him what does he want, we're busy!" " Why don't you?" "JUST TELL HIM WOULD YOU!! SHIT!!" Harry answer's the phone "Hello? pause He said why are you calling? pause Louis Liam said if we've had any luck?" "Are you fucking seriously asking me Harry!? Your with me you no that we haven't!" I said angry "sorry, Liam we haven't had any luck and Louis' getting frustrated, we'll call or text if we have any luck okay pause okay bye". Harry handed me the phone back and asked "Why you so frustrated Louis?" "Because my new best friend is lost somewhere out here and Liam has the nerve to call and waist time, then you ask a stupid question you already know the answer to!" "Sorry, but I still don't... wait your "best friend"? you just met her today" "I don't care when I met her, and you just met her today and threw yourself at her" "I didn't throw myself at her, I explained this already damn it!" Niall jumped in loudly saying "Both of you STOP, stop it right now, if your going to be fighting right now you can both go back to Melissas, because right now we need to find her. Shes what should be on our minds right now not whos done what and who hasn't so either shut up or go back!". We all stayed quit and kept looking. Niall is right we have to find her and stop fighting. After walking for what felt like hours (it was really only like 20 or 30 minutes) I spotted her, Running I yelled "MELISSA!!!!" She turned around and just stood there, I got to her and picked her up in a giant bear hug, She said "Louis I can't breath, let go" "if I let go do you promise not to run away again??" I asked "I didn't run away, I went for a walk to calm down, now LET GO!" I put her down but didn't stop hugging her just yet " Don't you ever do that again, you nearly scared me to death! and if you go walking off make sure you have your PHONE!" "I didn't mean to leave it, its usually in my pocket sorry" I handed her her phone and Niall and Harry are just getting to us, "How do you have my phone?" Melissa asked "I grabbed it when I tried to call you to find out where you had gone off to". "Melissa are you okay!?" Niall said pushing past me to wrap Melissa in a gianter bear hug then me. "Ya Niall I'm fine thanks" She seemed to light up in Nialls arms, I thought that was super cute all I could do was smile big like an idiot. She looked at Harry and smiled, he smiled back. Niall let her go but grabbed her arm and said "GOOD! Now lets get back, everyone is worried". We walked back to Melissas place.


Well thats the end of this chapter. sorry she didn't get the chance to tell Niall, Ali keeps interrupting ha, I wonder why? What do you think will happen between Danny and Liam, do you think they'll become friends or be enemies? Do you like that Louis is calling Melissa his best friend and is already so protective over her? Is Harry over his lil thing for Melissa? ha well till chapter 9 I hope you like it so far.

Thanks for reading and checking it out!! :) <3

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