Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


4. I cant believe my eyes ~Nialls POV~

I cant believe its actually her, the girl of my dreams, the one I dream about practically every single night for the past 3years. Shes real. I whisper into Liams ear low enough that nobody but him hears "Its her", he glaces at me knowing exactly what I'm talking about. I don't know what to do, think, say or even how to act. I gotta be calm and act natural. Who the hell am I kidding this is so over whelming and shocking what the f***! I don't even....I just, I don't even I cant believe shes real and Im at her door step. There she stands in front of us with her beautiful face, her Brown eyes/hair, her nice soft plump and oh so kissable lips, and her soft beautiful light skin. She says "hello?" Liam replies with "Hello Love, we're One Di" she cut him off saying "I know who you guys are, Liam you silly boy ha your One Direction, I love you guys.....sorry don't mean to fan girl I just.." cut off by Louis "Its fine happens to us all the time" Harry joining in "Ya we're used to it" and Zayn added "We love all our fans". They smiled, as did I. Then another girl appeared besides my girl (well my dream girl, I WISH she was my girl), and said "Hi" we all said our "hellos", I said mine never taking my eyes off my dream girl. My soon to be princess asked us "Would you like to come in" and we just nodded yes. I'm kinda panicking, I'm about to go in the home of this girl i'm just meeting for the first time, but to me its not the first time. She introduced herself, "I'm Melissa Lopez and this here is my best friend Alexis Peters" She finally has a name and its a beautiful name........Melissa. I shook their hands, but when I shock Melissas I felt sparks and chills run threw my body as I also get butterflies and knots in my stomach, the love and feelings Ive been dreaming about and wishing were or would become real for the past 3years, is real . We all sit down and Melissa soon starts to talk asking, "So boys what can I do for you guys......Wait why are you guys in Tucson?" Zayn said "Liam care to answer this one?" "Ha I guess I should, shouldn't I? Liam started "Well we were driving through Arizona to get to our next state, which is California, on our tour and we decided to stop here since we've never been to Tucson, we've heard both bad and good things about it". Liam finished and Louis picked up where he left off, "It took us some time to finally make that decision, we were arguing, well more like debating weather to do so or not" "And you guys decided to stop? Obvi ha ignore that question please" Melissa said as all the lads, Alexis and I laughed. She must of asked what she was thinking cuz she quickly asked "can I ask why you guys knocked on my door, I mean I'm super glad and happy you did but I live in a very large apartment complex and not right in front where you park so what brought you guys to my door? "Alexis added "Seriously shes pretty far in". Louis answered a little sassy saying "Well thAAAt Melissa and Alexis is a good question" Zayn helped out Louis saying "Yet very hard to explain" "What do you mean?" Alexis and Melissa both asked in sync. We all laughed a little and Liam continued, "Well you see Niall here was the one who brang us to this exact apartment" Harry jumped in with "And the rest of us felt like it was right where he was leading us so we didn't protest". They all looked at me, I couldn't believe they just said that! But since they did I begun to blushed and looked down. "Niall is that true?" Melissa asked while taking a couple steps closer towards me. I looked up and replied with a simple "Yeah" But I feel like I was telling her much more and she understood? I cant believe my fantasies and dreams are now reality. "What did you "Feel" or "think" that brought you to my apartment Niall?" "I'm not really sure to be honest, its just like something was telling me to come this way and that there's someone or something spacial in this apartment that's meant for me.....or I mean us (mumbles "me") to meet and/or be in and a part of mine, I mean our lives, (mumbles "It was right"), They all asked me "What was that last part!?!?" looking at me with somewhat serious faces but more curiosity then anything, I looked at everyone but stopped when I got to Melissa purposely to locks my eyes to hers, I blushed and scratched the back of my head and said "It was right". Everyone but Melissa and myself, Aw'd. Melissa and I just look into each others eyes and I swear its like she knew exactly what I was thinking because after looking in each others eyes, a few seconds later we were both smiling and began to step closer to one another just as we were about to touch everyone else in the living room noticed and Louis yelled "Am I the only one who sees this? Looks like love" everyone laughed and Melissa and I just looked down all shy like haha but I was a little mad at Lou cuz I been wanting to know how her touch really feels. When we looked up they all had stupid grinny smirks on their faces which made Melissa and Me fight our smiles from showing on our faces. I still cant believe shes really real and I'm standing in her living room. "I'm surprised how calm your being" Harry said making her for some reason giggle, "especially considering you such a huge fan as you say you are" Zayn added. "Or were you just saying that and you secretly hate us but since we're famous and showed up on ur doorstep, you wanna act like a fan to get something out of us and use us!?" Louis said kinda mad, sassy and a little rude. She answered a bit sassy and rude back, but answer Harry first, "Hazza I was just thinking that Id be laughing at that lil coincidence right now but Im quit hurt that Louis would think that and say anything like that, I wouldn't EVER try to get anything from you guys unless it were a picture or an autograph, and I wouldn't EVER use you guys, 1st off I'm not that kind of person to use anyone and 2nd I Love you guys and would do practically anything for you guys, so Don't You EVER think that Id do that!" Louis just looked down, upset that he'd said anything, Liam, Zayn and Harry grinned and I all smiled big. Alexis added to what Melissa had said before anyone else could say anything saying "ha ya shes a bit obsessed with you guys, shes always talking about you guys, if we're talking about something and it reminds her of you guys, instead of keeping it herself she said it aloud to who ever's around, even if nobody want to hear it.. honestly it can get annoying at times". "THANKS ALI!!" Melissa said a little angry and kinda embarrassed.The lads and I all laughed and Liam said "Not that we don't believe your a fan or anything but do you think you could maybe prove it, please?" "Oh gosh you seriously want me to prove it? its not that I don't mind proving it, I just don't want you guys to think I'm crazy and weird. ha I mean I am weird but in a good way, you know what I mean? haha" She responded. I thought it was cute how she said shes weird but in a good way. " We just never know, Louis could be right for all we know" Liam said, "Okay Liam, boys please follow me to my room" She commanded. I believed that she was a fan I didn't care for her to prove it, I mean she called Harry Hazza, enough proof for me. The lads, Alexis and I followed, before She opened the door she stopped and said, "Promise you guy wont leave because what your about to see and think I'm crazy, I'm just a fan and my celebs make me happy" we nodded and she opened her door as we walked  in I couldn't help but get nervous to go into HER room. In her room you could see our faces all over her walls, on her desk, everything in her room pretty much. "Ha okay I'm sorry I ever doubted you Melissa" Louis said laughing "ha its okay Lou, shall I show you guys my twitter? ha I don't know if you'll wanna see it" "SHOW US!!" Louis screamed, hurting all our ears, yet causing us to all laugh. Melissa pulled out the laptop and showed us, we didn't say much but eyes widened every here and there and there were a few laughs. But in my mind I was fan boying ha if that's possible to do to a non-celeb, Melissa tweets so much about us but the good thing is she mostly tweets about me and about how much or how in love with me she is. I wanted to say something but I couldn't, not now anyhow. When we were done looking at twitter we all said "Okay we believe you". I'm so happy right now I don't even no what to think or say, I'm still a bit over whelmed. I actually am beginning to fill quit light headed, I think I need water no I know I need water. To late i'm getting dizzy......oh no I feel myself falling and I'm down and black out for a second then start to dream about My dream girl Melissa.


Omg long chapter here ha took sometime to write it and im lighted headed and dizzy right now ha thats what helped me end the chapter. Sorry Niall Love you ha.But there will be alil more of Nialls point of view in the beginnig of chpter 5 and alil of all the boys point of view too. oh and I just found out today about Liams grandfather it mad me sad and then mad that Liam wasnt aloud to leave tour to go to the funeral, I think thats bs if Niall was aloud to leave tour to met his nephew Liam should be able to leave to go to his grandfather funeral. I fill bad and guilty as hell for that, I fill its partly us fans fault but mainly managaments fault!! im so sorry Liam I send my love and prays & deepest regards to you & your family, Im sorry. If us fans could do anything believe me we would. Im so sorry Liam may your grandfather R.I.P. We Love you!

ill update tomorrow, hope you guys like it so far thank you for reading and checking it out! :)


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