Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


7. Dinner

As we're walking out the door I ask, "So you guys are following us right Liam?" "yes" Ali and Liam both answered. I locked the door while everyone but Niall walks down the stairs. "You know you don't have to wait for me right Niall?" "I know I don't HAVE to but I want to" Niall said with a smile making me smile, he's so sweet. "Well thank you, that's so sweet of you Niall" "Your welcome Melissa it's no problem", We both smile and start to walk down the stairs, Niall starts a little conversation "So how long have you been a fan of ours?" "Just about 3years, I wish it would have been as soon as you guys were put together but sadly I can't say I was" I say. "Why not?" Niall asked "Well Niall it's quit simple you see, I live in America and your guys season of "X Factor" was filmed in the UK so I wasn't able to watch them as they came on but I did watch them on youtube, well most of it" "I see.....wait what do you mean most of it?" Niall asked, I looked up and I could see that Harry kept looking back at us, Why? "well I watched it up till Aiden Grimshaw got sent home" I answered, "Why haven't you finished?" "I can't bring myself to watch it, I loved Aiden and was upset when he got sent home, I was actually more mad because Wvagner should of gone home, he actually shouldn't of even been on the show at all, so many talented and good people were getting sent home and he kept staying and that's what pissed me off so bad, so I haven't been able to watch it, I know who won, who the top 4 were and what place you guys came in. Hopefully someday ill be able to finish it." "Wow. Well I agree Aiden is talented and Wvagner.....well not so much, Aiden's a good guy too and maybe I can get you to watch it" Niall said with a grin "Maybe" I replied. We looked ahead to see Harry eye balling us from the car and Niall said "Am I the only one who sees Harry looking at us?" "ha nope I been seeing it too". As we got to the car it was about 5:20pm so we'll be having dinner. I tell Louis to sit in the front because I want to sit in the back and talk to Niall, he just winked at me and said "Sure "talk" okay ill sit in the front you little freak". Thankfully Ali and Niall were already in the car and didn't hear. I playfully hit Lou in the arm and said "Shut up you little nasty, I mean talk haha". We both laughed and Louis acted like I hit him hard and hurt him making a sad face and saying "OUCH, not so rough girl!" with a wink, so I hit him again and said "get in the car before they start to think something's up". We got in the car and Ali and Niall asked "why'd you hit Louis?" Me and Louis just started laughing and Al and Ni looked at us weird, "I playfully hit him" I said correcting them. "Why?" Ali asked, "it's an inside joke, don't worry about it. Now lets go eat!" "um okay" was all she said as she begun to to pull out of the parking lot and Liam not to far behind in the other car. "So since I got your code right on your phone are you gonna let me see your messages to see where we're going?" Niall asked and before I could say anything Ali said "you gave him the code to your phone!?" Louis answered her question for me "No he was guessing and figured it out on his own" "oh". I just Direction my attention back to Niall "Sorry Niall you were to slow, its not like your gonna know what it is anyhow, plus it's right down the street we'll be there in like 2minutes literally" Niall just said "fine" crossing his arms and pouting his lips, for some reason I thought it was so cute when he did that, I just wanted to grab his face and pull it to mine and kiss him. I felt myself starting to move towards him to do so, Niall noticed and stopped pouting, uncrossed his arms and begun to move towards me, while looking at us in the mirror Ali yelled "WE"RE HERE!" Niall and I moved away fast and I just looked at Ali mad dogged her and instead of her giving me an apologetic look, she gave me a smile that said "I don't think so", ill be talking to her about that later. We get out of the car at "Little Mexico" and I'm so excited to eat, I love this place and food. "Little Mexico?" All the boys said, Ali and I started laughing "ya its really good Mexican food and they have really good fried Ice Cream" I said with a stupidly big smile on my face, I can see everyone grinning at my excitement. "Sorry I'm a fat ass, I love food and Mexican food is my favorite kind of food, and I love Ice Cream!" Zayn, Louis and Liam all smiled and said "oooo Niall, just like you, she in love with food" Harry didn't seem happy that they said that and said "and like me I love Mexican food, hello tacos are my favorite food and they're Mexican" "okay Harry" Liam said. I looked at Niall who was smiling but looked like he was made at Harry, I wonder why. I asked "Ready to go in and eat?" they agreed and I added "Just to let you boys know it ain't all fancy in here but the food's great" Louis laughed and said "We don't care how the place looks, weather it's fancy or not, come on Melissa we eat at McDonald's for crying out loud, all that matters is that the food is good and we're trusting your judgement: Liam said "Exactly" and Niall said "I eat almost anything and right now I'm starving so can we get inside please?". We all laughed and I wrapped one of my arms around one of Nialls and said "Come on", Louis got sassy and acted jealous saying "Hello! What about me!?" I laughed wrapping my other arm around one of Louis arms. We walked in with Ali, Harry, Liam and Zayn right behind.The hostess asked how many and I told her 7 and we were seated. oooo I can't wait to eat! Our waitress got our drink orders down and was back with them shortly after. "Well I already know what I want so just let me know when you guys are ready" I said, Harry said "I'm ready too" with a cheeky smile. Harry was across from me, we were both sitting at the heads of the table, Niall and Louis were on both sides of me, Zayn was in the middle, and Liam and Ali were on both sides of Harry. Zayn asked "How do you already know what you want Melissa? You didn't even look at the menu. And Harry you hardly looked at it" "I always get the same thing" I answered, Harry said "I found what I wanted almost instantly". While saying that Harry never took his eyes off me, making me feel like he's not talking about the food. Zayn awkwardly said "ookaay then". "Why don't you try something different?" Liam asked me. "Because I'm always in the mood for what I get whenever I come here, I love to try different and new things though". The waitress came back and asked if we were ready, I looked at everyone and they all nodded, I started and got a #4, Ali got a #4 too, Harry got a #2, Liam got a #5, Zayn got a #6, Louis got a #1 and Niall ha well Niall got a #3, a #4, a #6 and a #7. The waitress got wide eyed and asked Niall "Is all of that just for you?" "yup" Niall replied with a smile, we all laughed. The waitress said "Ill be back with your order as soon as its ready" we all said Thank you and she was gone. "So how old are you guys?" Liam asked, I spoke up "well Im 15 and Ali is 16" "SERIOUSLY!?" Louis and Harry said, the rest of the boys looked shocked and Niall and Liam looked a bit disappointed as did Louis and Harry, and Ali was trying so hard not to smile. Ali and I started laughing so hard. "What's so funny?" All the boys asked. Trying to calm our laughs, I started "We're haha not ha" I stopped and Ali begun " 15 and 16 haha Melissa's haha 20 and I'm haha 21 haha" I finished "haha ooooweee you shoulda seen your guys haha faces" tpgether Ali and I said "Priceless" We all started laughing and when we were finally able to stop Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry all said "You scared us, don't do that" Zayn added "Melissa you sold it so good too, made it so believable. How did you do that?" "Well thank you Zayn, it's my dream to become an actress, so I try to act out certain situations" Just as Niall and Zayn were about to say something 2waiters and our waitress came to out table with all our food. Before eating I said "I'm actually older then all you boys other then Louis and Zayn, and Ali's older then, well all of us ha old lady" "I'm not old haha" Ali said. We laughed and then ate our food, I thought Niall would be full at this point but he wasn't, but everyone else other then me was full. So Niall and I got a fried Ice Cream to share (their fried ice creams are big). "That was good" Niall and I both said at the same time causing us to smile at one another. We all sat for a little to let our food settle then we went to pay but Niall took the check from my hand "HEY!" I yelled shocked "There is no way I'm letting you guys pay" Niall said "Why not?" I asked "Because you guys are the girls" "And? Its not like we're all on a giant date or something". "Melissa your not going to win this, plus I got most of the food" Niall stated I just said "Fine you win this one, BUT this ain't over Niall!" I walked outside with Ali and Louis following. "Why'd you walk out? They both asked, I answered with another question "Why'd you follow me out?" "to make sure your all right" they answered a little mad because I was being rude. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude to you guys, I'm fine thank you" "are you sure?" "ya I'm sure, Thanks". The rest of the boys came out and we got to in the cars and left. I sat in the front this time, I don't know why but I didn't feel like sitting with Niall, I just felt like being with Ali and listening to Music. I could hear Niall ask Louis if I was mad at him and Louis just said he didn't think so. Other then that it was a quiet rid back to my house, besides our singing. As we got out of the car, now its about 7:10, Niall grabbed my hand causing me to get those sparks and chills threw my whole body and giving me yet again, butterflies and knots in my stomach, saying "We need to talk" I just said "Okay" grabbing his hand back which made him smile and his smile made me smile. Louis turned around and asked "Are you guys coming?" Niall answered "We'll be right up, we gotta talk" "oh haaay, okay" Louis said with smirk and a wink "Not like that Lou you perve!" Niall and I laugh shouted. Ali and the boys waited by my door, I had the key. "What's up Niall?'"Are you mad at me?" He asked concerned "No, why would you ask that?" "You just seem  mad and you didn't sit with me in the back", "Niall aha I'm not mad at you I just wanted to sit with Ali, I don't know why I was a little mad when we all left "Little Mexico" and I didn't want to sit with you, don't ask why cuz I don't know why, I can be a little bipolar sometimes, I already told you guys that I'm weird, bu I'm not mad at you" I said, "So your mad for no reason but not mad at me?" Niall asked, "No I WAS mad but after driving in the car with the Music and remembering Ive finally got to meet the Lo.....I mean you and the boys and just had dinner with yous and you and Lou were in the car with me and Ali, I thought how could I possibly be mad and for what?" "Music calms you?" "ya" "okay good, me too. Now for the real question, What were you about to say before you stopped and corrected yourself?". Oh gosh Id hope he missed that I did that considering I said so much after that. How am I supposed to tell him I was about to say "Love of my life"? I can't can I? I have to answer him but what do I say? What to do.


That's the end of this chapter. What should Melissa do, should she tell Niall or not? Do you think Niall and Melissa should be together? Do you think it's cute that they're in love but don't think the other person loves them back or feels the same? How should and when should they tell each other? Do you think that Ali is messed up for stopping them from kissing in the car? Well till chapter 8. I hope you like it so far. Thanks for reading and Checking it out!! :) <3

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