Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


6. Confused and don't know what to do

"WELL!? What the hell was that?" Ali asked a little frustrated because I still haven't answered her. I looked up and said "I'm not sure", "Your not sure, what do you mean your not sure?" "I mean I'm not sure, I don't even know what I was feeling when it happened, I'm so confused right now?" I said. Ali went on with questions not even letting me talk, "Your confused? I'm confused you've always talked about Niall and being with him if you ever met him, and here you are almost kissing Harry! Whats wrong with you, whats going on in your head Melissa!? Do you want to be with Harry and not Niall? I thought you were in love with Niall? What you want to just have a little of all the boys before Niall? If you do that your not gonna ever be able to get Niall. Stay away from Liam because you know how I feel about him and stay away from Zayn and Louis because they have girlfriends, or do you wanna ruin that for them? And speaking of Louis what the hell was that about you guys being best friends? Do you want them to...." I cut her off saying "SHUT UP ALEXIS!! LET ME FUCKING TALK!!" "Fine talk" she simple said. "1st off you know I wouldn't do any of those things, what are you thinking? and why are you getting so mad and crazy!? And yes Louis and I are going to be best friends, Ive told you that so many times, Your my girl best friend and he's gonna be my guy best friend so chill" I said, she said "I don't know I'm sorry Melissa, I don't know what came over me, Sorry". "Its okay Ali, we cant be or stay mad at each other, but I see your concern for the boys, Id do the same. I am in love with Niall but something about Harry and looking in his beautiful green eyes just got to me I don't know what the feeling was but it just felt right and I don't know what came over me or Harry" "I guess I understand I mean Harry is attractive and his eyes are beautiful, but I guess I'm just confused because of how you are about Niall." Ali stated, I replied with "Ya I'm confused too believe me, Id never think one of the boys would have me looking at them or thinking about them in a way other then friendship other then my Niall, but I guess if it were any of them it would be Harry". "Why Harry?" Ali asked, "I think its because hes got that amazingly beautiful smile and those pretty green eyes and hes cheeky and charming, hes Harry freaking Styles ha I don't know." I responded. Ali looked shocked at my answer and said "Wow didn't expect that one, but since you say that do you like Harry, like would you date him if it came up?" "I'm honestly not sure, I wouldn't ever want to ruin anything with Nial, if there were ever gonna be anything for me and Niall. I don't even know what Niall thinks, I mean he just met me today. But I.....I just don't even know, cuz I some what know what Harry thinks. I don't know what Niall thinks at all really." I said, Ali started "I think Niall has feelings for you but I also think so does Harry, I know it sounds crazy because they just met you but I think they both like you. and it all just comes down to you deciding who you want to be with." I answered telling her "You know if they both asked me, Id pick Niall no second thought, no questions asked" "Well then no worries......right?" Ali asked, I answered quietly with an "I hope so" then I said "We should probably go get the boys in the room huh?" Ali just said "Ya". we started walking to the room and I stopped us and said shhh to Ali because I heard the boys talking. 

**Boys talking**

Louis and Liam both say in sync "WHAT THE HELL HARRY!?" "What? you heard her shes single" Harry replied annoyed that the boys wouldn't drop it. "That's not the point..." Liam began but was cut off by Louis, "Ya that's the point HAROLD, She didn't want to kiss you" Louis paused for a split second realizing he almost spilled my secret and then continues "I mean she probably didn't want to kiss you and you cant just throw yourself on her, Damn It!" "LOUIS CALM DOWN! I didn't throw myself on anyone and she lend in too, I wont make her do anything she doesn't want to do. I have respect for woman and I think shes beautiful, Id never hurt her. and you know me well enough to know this so I don't understand why your getting mad at me for nothing." Harry responded. Louis said " I know sorry mate I just for some reason fill protective over her and..." Liam cut Lou of saying "So do I, I feel like brotherly protective over her, its weird, but a good weird" Louis began again "As I was saying, I feel protective over her and she said early that her and I are going to be best friends and I believe her it just feels right". When Ali heard that come out of Louis mouth she nudged my ribs and made me yell out "OUCH!! WHAT THE" I stopped myself remembering we were spying on the boys, but I guess they heard because they were all like "huh?" and peeked there head out the door like they did with the tent in LWWY. "Were you guys spying on us" Zayn asked. Ali and I just looked at each other. "Well were you ?" Louis asked with alil grin, "Maybe.....okay just a lil, we came to get you guys when we were done talking but I stopped walking when I heard you guys were talking and I knew you guys were probably talking about what just happened with Hazza so I wanted to hear, sorry" I said. "wait how much did you hear?" Liam asked, "Not to much I don't think, why?" I answered "Just asking". "Okay can we just drop it for now please, I'm not sure how much time I.....I mean we have with you guys and I want every second to be good and remembering not anything else" I asked and Harry said "I was just thinking the same thing, well the dropping it part ha". Niall spoke up "YES! Lets go out and eat, please?" "HA of course Niall, lets go!" I said stopping for a second then starting again "Wait. 1st where are we going to eat and how are we going to get there?". "Well I have a car but we're not all going to fit in it, it only fits 5 people and there's 7 of us" Ali said. I jump in to say something again "and I'm sure you guys don't want to drive the tour bus all over, attracting attention towards yourselves, right?" "Well your right there, but how are we going to get a car in such short notice and where from?" Liam said, "haha are you kidding me Liam there are so many car rental places here in Tucson" I said trying to hold back laughs. "Really? well Alexis do you think maybe you could take Harry and I to a car place to rent a car please?" Liam asked Harry quickly said "Why do I have to go?" "Because Harry I'm not going to have you stay here with Melissa" Now I quickly said "Who says I'm staying here and not going?" "Well all of us don't fit in the car and I'm sure you wouldn't want to leave Niall, Zayn and Louis here by themselves" Liam stated, "I trust them.... I'm kidding I'm fine staying here with them I just don't like that your trying to tell me and Harry how to live our lives and what we can and can't do, why would it be so bad for us to both be left here?" I said. "We don't want you guys to.." I cut him off, "If your about to bring up what happened earlier DON'T, I'm not trying to sound rude I just thought we all agreed to drop it" "We did, I just......nothing, so Ali you think you could maybe please take us?" Liam asked Ali answering with "Of course Liam which one do you want to go to?" "I'm not sure which ones the closest?" I answered with "The one by the airport" "Okay near the airport it is, you ready?" Ali said the boys agreed, we said our byes and see ya laters and they were gone.

"So guys what do you wanna do till they get back, wait would you guys like anything to drink? I'm sorry I'm just now asking" "I'm okay with the water you gave me, thank you" Niall said with a smile, Louis said "Sure whatcha got?" Zayn said "Just a water please". "We have some water ha some kool aid, and I think some pepsi" Louis took a second to say anything as I got up to go to the fridge "Just a water too please" "You guys got it"."Wheres there to eat here in Tucson Melissa?" Niall of course asked. "Well Niall there's alot of places to eat here, what kind of place do you guys want to eat. Actually let me text Ali really fast, I know where we're going to go eat" I say. "Your not even gonna ask if we want to go there or not?" Louis asked trying not to laugh, "Do you all 5 like Mexican food?" "Well ya but..." Lou begun but I cut him off "But nothing that's all I need to know" "Okay" They all said with smiles. I texted Ali to tell her where we were going to eat and to make sure she doesn't tell Liam or Harry, she agreed. As I was with Niall, Louis and Zayn I couldn't help think of Harry and Niall and try to understand what that really was with Harry, I try to block it out but its nearly impossible. I don't want to think of Harry in any way other then someone who I become great friends with. The only boy I want to think of as more then friends is Niall but I keep thinking about kissing Harry. NO MELISSA STOP! I yell to myself in my mind. I start to ask the boys questions to distract myself. "So boys hows tour going so far?" "Pretty great our fans are crazy ha" Niall says causing us all to slightly laugh. "Yes believe me I know, that's why you call us Crazy Mofos" I said "Ha ya that's right" Niall said. "Why don't you guys tour to Tucson.....ever?" I asked "Management wont book us a show here" Zayn answered "Why not?" I ask a bit mad, Louis answered "They say Tucson's bad news, that's part of the reason we wanted to stop here on our way to California, so we can see for ourselves" "Well I'm glad you guys decided to stop,You made the right choice. I'm not gonna lie Tucson can be bad but its also good, it's all up to you and how you choose to be when here and what you choose to do, you can either get in trouble or stay out of it. its all up to the person, you know? BUT Ali and myself will show you how it can be good, We'll take you to good food places, malls, movies, parks, where ever you guys like" I said with a big smile, the boys joining in with the smiles saying "Can't wait". Niall asked "So where are we going to eat?" "Of course you'd ask Ni, I cant tell you its a surprise" I answered "Come on Melissa pleassssse" Niall pleaded giving me the puppy dog eyes and looking me in the eyes. He probably knows it'll be hard to resist his beautiful ocean blues. "Okay Ill make you a deal Niall, if you can figure out the password to my phone you can read Mine and Alis messages to see where we're going, deal?" "DEAL! now hand it over" Niall quickly said, I laughed and said "Chill my phones not gonna run away silly". I gave Niall my phone because I knew he'd never figure out my password. A few seconds went by and Niall jumped up, threw his fist in the air and screamed "I GOT IT...YES!!" just as I was about to say something Ali, Liam and Harry came in, so I jumped up snatched my phone out of Nialls heads and said "Oh would you look at that our rides are here, sorry Niall" I said kissing his cheek, when I kissed his cheek I felt a spark/shock on my lips. I pulled away acting like it was nothing and said "okay who's riding with who, unless all you boys wanna all go in one car together, either way works for me" Liam responded with "We've already decided who's driving with who actually" Niall, Louis, Zayn and I all said "Okay?" Harry answered with an angry tune "I have to go with Liam and Zayn is also coming with us, You, Ali, Niall and Louis are all going in Alis car" I responded with an excited tune "Okay LETS GO!!"



End of this chapter sorry I took an extra day to update, Ive been busy but ill try to update twice tomorrow and I made sure to make this chapter some what long to make up for being late. Well I hope you guys are liking it so far. Till chapter 7. Thank you for reading and checking it out. :) <3

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