Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


13. A Walk & Night with Liam Payne

Nialls ~POV~

I hurt her, I told her and myself that Id NEVER hurt her, I promised her and I broke that promise. How could I do this to her? I just thought the dare would make her realize that maybe she loves me and doesn't like or love Harry, What if she loved Harry and I just broke her heart making Harry kiss her best friend. If Melissa was or is in love with Harry, that breaks my heart for her not being in Love with Me, but it also breaks if I broke her heart by making Harry kiss Alexis. I didn't mean for all this to happen, everyone getting mad and fighting, and all the yelling. I definitely didn't want Liam or Melissa to leave like that. I hope they're okay, Where are they? They've been gone for almost 1hr, I have to go look for them. As I'm walking out the door Louis ask "Niall, where are you going?" "I have to go find Melissa and Liam" "Niall you've done ENOUGH, just let them be, they're together so they should be safe, Melissa wont let anything happen to Liam and Liam wont let anything happen to Melissa, not that it matters to you anyway" "IT DOES MATTER TO ME LOUIS! Why would you say it doesn't?" "ohhh I don't know, maybe because your the reason they left" "It's only partly my fault, it's mainly Alexis and Harrys fault, if they would of only kissed a simple 5minute kiss, like Melissa even said, we'd be fine" "NO NIALL! You should of NEVER had Alexis and Harry kiss, that's where it all went wrong!" Louis did have a point but still, it was only partly my fault,, right? Alexis, Harry and Zayn were now by the door with Louis and I. Alexis and Harry asked angerly "YA Niall why would you dare us to kiss? Now the ones we like and care about are gone and mad at US!" "That's because YOU TWO got on top of each other and were practically having sex with your clothes on for 15 FUCKING MINUTES!" I shouldn't have dared Harry to kiss Alexis. "Ya we messed up, we got caught in the moment, but it would of never happened if you didn't dare Harry to kiss me in the first place!" Alexis said, Harry added "Exactly!" "I KNOW SORRY! BUT YOU GUYS DIDN'T HAVE TO GO OVER BORED LIKE YOU DID! FUCK! I'M OUT OF HERE!" I yelled opening the door, Louis grabbed my wrist "NIALL! Where are you going!?" "To fine Melissa and Liam, now let me go!" I pulled my wrist out of Louis grip and walked out the door. I walked to the street, looked both ways and didn't see them, I walked all over the hotel and still nothing. I went to check Louis and Melissas room, nothing. Both cars were still here so I decided to check Liams room and then......I couldn't believe what I saw, why would they do that? I started to tear up and then I started crying, I was so hurt, mad, angry, shocked, heart broken and sad/unhappy. I wish I stayed in my room and didn't come looking for these two. Liam knows how I feel about Melissa, how could he do this to me? I walked back to my room but before opening the door I stopped my crying whipped my face and then went in. "Did you find them?" Louis asked "ya, they're asleep in Liams room" "Asleep?" "THAT"S WHAT I SAID!" I answered rudely "Okay Niall relax" "DON'T TELL ME TO RELAX!" I took a deep breath then said "Sorry I'm just tired, can you guys go to your rooms so I can go to sleep please?" "What about me? I was supposed to share a room with Liam" Alexis said "You can share with me, I don't trust you sharing a room with Harry" Louis said, I added "YA, No sharing a room with Harry! Goodnight guys" I tried to playing it cool but Zayn could see I was upset. Everyone but Zayn said goodnight and left. "What's really wrong Niall?" "It's Melissa and Liam" "Were they really asleep? Were they even in the room?" "They were in the room but they weren't sleeping". I couldn't even look Zayn in the eye, so I just kept my head down. I walked towards the couch and said, while also scratching the back of my head "welllllll" I sat down and Zayn sat across from me. "Welllll what?" I took a deep breath, looked up at Zayn and said " they were in the room and on the bed but they weren't sleeping" "What exactly were they doing?". I didn't know if I should tell him what I saw, but other then Liam, Zayn IS the one other person I go to when I need someone to talk to, Although he doesn't quit know yet that Melissa is My "Dream Girl", I have to get it off my chest, Ill tell him what I saw Melissa and Liam where doing. "If I tell you, you have to promise NOT to tell ANYONE!" "Okay I promise" "and you CAN"T tell Melissa or Liam anything, you have to act the same, like you know nothing!" "Okay, tell me already please". So I started to tell Zayn "Okay well I looked threw the little crack of Liams room window and I saw Liam and Melissa..."

I can't believe Liam kissed me, I love his lips. Ive always thought he had the best lips of all the boys, they're so nice and plump, big and they just look so yummy and juicy, is that weird? ha whatever that's what I thought of them but now that I'm kissing them I now no how they really are and they're exactly how I thought they'd be. I'm trying really hard right now but I can't do it anymore, I have the hugest urge to do it to him, OH GOSH I CAN"T NOT DO IT!! That's it I'm doing it. And I did, I bit Liams bottom lip, and he actually reacted better then I thought, I thought he'd back up and not like it but he moaned and bit me back. Oooo Liam's a secret freak? I think so ha I like it. (I'm still drunk too don't forget that). "Come on" Liam said breaking our breath taking kiss, "Wait, what, where are we going?" I asked "Back to the hotel" "I don't want to go there and see any of them, the only person other then you that I can see right now is Zayn and of course my LouBear" "We can just go hang out in my room" "Okay well that works for me", We smiled and turned to walk back, Liam entwined our fingers and his hand felt a lot warmer now then it did about 10 minutes ago. We got to Liams room and went inside. Liam said "Lets get a drink shall we?" "Sure, wait what kind of drink?" "Like a drink, an alcoholic beverage, Unless you don't want one of course" "I mean of course I do but what about your Kidneys?" "I can drink this one night" "Are you sure you wanna do that Liam cuz you don't have to" "I know I don't have to but I realllly want to, it's been a long night" "You don't have to tell me that twice, but I don't want you to get sick or anything" "I wont drink to much just a few shots or something" "Are you absolutely positive you want to drink Liam?" "Yes Melissa I'm absolutellly sure ha don't worry ill be fine" Liam said stepping closer to me, putting one hand on my lower back and pulling my body to his and saying "Thank you for caring so much Beautiful" and before I could say anything he kissed me again, this time instead of it being full of lust, anger and being spear of the moment, this time it still had lust but also passion and romance. Liam was so gentle but yet rough but rough in a gentle way, if that makes seance, it does to me. This felt good. We pulled our lips apart and smirked, "Your welcome Handsome" I whispered Liam peeked my lips with a little kiss and we walked to the kitchen. He pulled a bag out of the fridge and pulled a bottle out, "Where'd you get that?" I asked "I got it when we all went to the store but put it in here just in case" "In case of what?" "I didn't know at the moment but I guess for this" we both laughed then Liam realized we didn't have cups or shot glasses, "Fuck it lets just drink from the bottle" "Oh My Gosh Liam did you just swear?" "Ya sorry" "Haha No need to say sorry Lammy Bear, I swear alot, well when I'm mad ha and a lil whenever" "I can see that after a day with you" "oh it gets worse" "Well if I have anything to do with it, it wont and it'll get better" "I hope so, you gonna stay on top of me pause OH haha that sounded wrong, you know what I mean though...right?" "Yes" we both started to laugh then Liam stopped and said "I can stay on top of you too if you want" with a wink, what's going on here, Liam's being freaky and he hasn't even started to drink, or has he. "Are you usually this freaky when your alone with girls or did you sneak some drinks?" "Do you not like it?" "Oh hell yeah I like it, just didn't expect freakyness from the sensible one, but you can keep it up if you like" I said winking at Liam. "I will keep it up aha but I ain't gonna lie I did have a few drinks well more like shots when no one was looking other wise I wouldn't be able to openly talk to you like this cuz Id get to nervous but thankfully I got a few in me to be able to talk to you the way I want without being shy and nervous" "Well now I thought so ha it's all good, you have no reason to be shy or nervous even when your sober, WAIT if you've drunk already are you sure you still want to keep drinking?" "Yes Melissssa, I'm barley even buzzing, I kind of want to get a little drunk, don't you want to have fun and try to forget what happened in Nialls room?" "Of course I don but like I said I don't want you to get sick, I love you Liam and would feel sooo bad if anything bad happened to you tonight because of me" "oh Melissa, Love please I will be fine you have absolutely nothing to worry about, your so kind and caring, I Love that but your worrying just a little to much, I will be okay Love so please just relax and have some fun" "Okay Liam if you say so but if you start to fill any pain you let me know okay?" "I'm feeling some right now" "WAIT Are you serious" "No HA but you shoulda seen your face, priceless" "Liam that's not funny, do you understand how priceless you are!?" "I guess ya, but I was just playing Melissa" "I know Liam sorry but I don't think you understand how IMPORTANT you really are and to so many people" "I'm not that Important" "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Liam you mean so much to SOOO many people, your fans shot your FAMILY, we all love you with everything we have, True Directioners and I'm one of those, we would die if something happened to you, your so important you have no idea do you?" "No not really, but I'm started to get the picture" "Good get it! because alot of people would be sad if anything happened to you" While I was talking Liam chugged like a quarter of the bottle, "Your so Loved Liam I just wish you could see that and.." Liam cut me off pulling me to him by my waist and saying "come over here and kiss me" he pulled me to him to where our bodies were completely touching and kissed me passionately, I felt something wet my cheek so I opened my eyes and looked at Liam, NOT breaking our kiss, and saw that Liam was crying, now I broke our kiss, "Liam why are you crying?" I could feel myself getting watery eyes, "What you said" "I MADE YOU CRY! I'm SO sorry Liam I didn't mean to make you feel bad I just" he cut me off "Melissa you did NOT make me feel bad you made me happy, No one in person, has really ever told me that, and Its usually just my mo who does and she doesn't say all that because we both know we love each other so she doesn't need to say  much, but you, you Melissa just made me feel so good about myself and actually made me feel loved, so Thank you, thank you so much" "Liam your SO loved, more then you could ever imagine, don't ever think your not" "I wont now, you weren't kidding about being able to put a smile on anyones face" "I sure can, IF I really want to" "And you really wanted to put a smile on my face?" Liam asked taking a step closer to me and looking down at me with seductive and passionate eyes."I reallly really did want to put a smile on that Handsome face" I said with a smile. I made Liam think I was gonna kiss him, I moved in and then spun around him and said "Let me get some of that" taking the bottle off the counter and started drinking some. "ha did you just tease me Melissa?" Liam said with a grin on his face "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't Liam" I said with a grin, a wink, and a bite to my bottom lip. "Are you biting your lip right now?" "Yes, yes I am, why?" "You know how much guys love that?" "No, how much?" "Enough" "Enough for what?" "Enough to do this" Liam grabbed the bottle out of my hand and put it on the counter "HEY I was drinking that" "well if your drinking that I can't show you how enough we Love that" "okay well, how enough Liam, enlighten me ha" he wrapped his arm around my lower back and swung me down to his side( like when 2people dance and hey swung/throw the girl down, idk what its called ha sorry) and smashed his lips to mine, we started kissing then Liam stood us both fully up (still kissing keep that in mind) and walked us somewhere, I couldn't really see cuz my face was correctly still connected to his, a few seconds later Liam and I were slowly sitting and shortly later laying on the bed in the room. We started kissing harder, we were making out with so must lust, it was so powerful, it was great. Liams hands started to touch my stomach and his hand slowly was raising higher and higher in my shirt till he got to my breast and cupped them, then he very quickly took off my shirt, I willingly let him. Once my shirt was off I took Liams off. I pulled back so I could look at the shirtless Liam, as I did that, he did the same, looking at me shirtless (I still had a bra on). I was biting my lip at this point cuz DAMN was Liam Payne sexy! I looked up to see Liam biting his lip too, that turned me on even more then I already was, because now I was picturing myself biting Liams lip and he mine. "Why are you biting your lip there Liam?" I asked pulling him slightly closer. "Because your beautiful and biting your lip, that turns me on, why are you biting your lip?" Aw Liam called me beautiful. "Because your sexy as hell Liam and seeing you bite your lip's turning me on too. But here come here let me do that for you" I said winking and puling Liam over me, he hovered over my on his hands and knees (all fours ha) and slowly his body was moving on top of mine, our bare shirtless bodies touching and our lips touch as we kissed and then I bit his bottom lip Finally. He moaned and then moaned even more as I bit his lip again, then sucked on it after biting it. I loved doing this and I could tell Liam was loving it too. Ive always wondered how Liams kiss was and how it would feel to bite and suck his bottom lip, and it's even better and hotter then I could have EVER imagined, there's a possibility I'm enjoying this much more then I EVER could because I'm a bit drunk, but FUCK do I LOVE this so bad right now, I want Liam so bad right now! I started kissing Liam more aggressive and powerfully, faster and harder, he kissed me the same back also putting his arm under my lower back and pulling my body up a little from the bed, now our bodies as close together as they could get, our bodies were tightly on one anothers. I wrapped my arms around Liams neck, Liam grabbed my left thigh, lifting it slightly and gripping it tightly. I slowly lowered my hands to Liams back. Liam dug his finger tips and nails into my thigh which caused me to dig my finger tips and nails into his bare back, we both moaned. Liam let my leg go and got off me and got up his knees in front of me and started to unbutton my jeans then slowly but quickly pulled them off, then he leaned in for a kiss, I kissed him while sitting up and standing Liam up. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down a little past his knees, Liam kicked them off the rest of the way then kicking them to the side. Then he lent in, kissed me and picked me up to where I had to wrap my legs around his body at the waist. He walked us towards the bedroom door and kicked it closed then he walked us to the bed and then held me with one arm/hand as he used the other one to pull back the blankets for us, He kissed me again and slowly dropped us on the bed, as we were kissing. Liam and I were kissing, laying on a bed UNDER the covers in nothing but our undergarments, I can't believe this is happening. This is amazing! Liam started kissing my neck and slowly kissed down to my chest then my torso, when he got to my pantie line he kissed the bottom of my stomach once more and slowly pulled off my panties off while looking at me for approval, I just gave him a look and with that he took them off throwing them to the ground somewhere. He started to kiss my body back up till he reached my lips. Liam had his hand on my side, he slowly slid his hand down my body to my vagina and started to rub my clitoris, I moaned and he grinned. When I saw him grin I couldn't help but TRY (the reason I say try is cuz of the pleasure I'm feeling makes it alil difficult to do so) and grin back and think to my self "aha hes a sexy lil smart ass isn't he?" ha Love Liam "Ugh oh my gosh Liam!" I yelled out in a moan. "You like that do you?" I just moaned again "I'll take that as a yes" Liam said then kissed my jaw line. OH MY GOSH Liam knows exactly what the FUCK he's doing! He slid his fingers into my thrusting them in and out of me, driving me crazy! I dug my nails into Liams back and scratched him, he was kissing me so to help let out more of what's on my insides I bit Liams lip so hard. "oooo I like that" Liam said I was able to talk back saying "I bet you do" with a slight wink. This is the first time I let a guy do this, it's kind of weird that I'm allowing this to happen but I'm comfortable with Liam and it feels so good, plus I have a good amount of drinks in me. Liams Handsome, sexy, well he's hella attractive so that helps too. Liam continued to thrust his fingers in and out of my and just as I was about to exploed something happened that, I'm sure neither of us expected, I screamed out "Niall" as I saw a picture of Niall, I right away started filling guilty for doing ANYTHING with Liam when I'm in love with Niall. Liam asked "Wait, what, did u just say.....Niall?" "Ya, Liam I'm so sorry I cant' do this, we shouldn't of even got this far, after the first kiss outside we should have stopped, this isn't right, I'm.." Liam cut me off, sitting beside me and saying "I know, I can't believe we've gone this far, it isn't right we should have stopped after that first kiss., your right Melissa" "I'm so sorry Liam I don't mean to upset you, I mean I loved every second of it but there's someone else" "what do you mean there's someone else?" Why did I open my mouth? "I'm in love with someone" "WAIT! Why would you not tell me that?" "Why tell you?" "Well if your in love with someone and you had told me we wouldn't be in this situation" "Liam it's okay, relax" "HOW IS IT OKAY? I COULD HAVE JUST RUINED SOMETHING FOR YOU!" "ha Liam please, just relax and listen to me would you?" "Okay, sorry, go ahead" "I'm sadly in love wi" "SADLY!? Why sadly?" "Well if you let me finish!" "oh ya sorry" "I'm sadly in love with someone who will never been in love with me" "How do you know that person isn't also in love with you?" "Because hes yet to show me any signs or tell me anything to make me think he's in love with me" "I'm sorry Love, how long have you loved him?" "3years"

Liams ~POV~

"3years" 3years? That's as long as Niall has been in love with Melissa and just about as long as we've, One Direction, has been together. Is it just me or does it seem like she's in love with Niall? No it's probably just me, I'm over thinking it.

Melissas ~POV~

"Can I ask who he is?" Liam asked, I don't think I can tell him, I mean Louis is the only one I feel comfortable telling at the moment. "I'm sorry Liam but I can't tell you that, not now" I started crying, but just to the point that tears were falling. "Are you crying?" "I'm sorry Liam, I'm so sorry?" I cried while whipping my tears, jumping off the bed putting my underwear on and grabbing whatever shit I grabbed and threw on along with my jeans. "Sorry for what? What are you doing?" "I'm sorry for all of this and letting this happen, I'm sorry for betraying the one we both Love and oh my gosh I'm sorry Liam, I have to go!" "We both Love? Wait Melissa what are you tlking about, where are you going?" I opened the bed room door but just as I was about to step out Liam grabbed my waist and spun me around to face him. "MELISSA STOP! Where are you going? and who are you talking about?" I looked Liam in the eye and he did the same to me, I gave him a peck on the lips and said with tears falling from down my face, "Liam please, I'm so sorry but I have to go, Ive said to much, I shouldn't have said what Ive said I didn't mean anything by it, I can't talk right now" I paused while I pulled myself out of Liams grip and then continued "I'm sorry Liam, I love you I do, your amazing but I can't do this right now" "What do you mean not right now? Melissa please talk to me, you can trust me believe me" "I know I can Liam but.....I'm sorry" I turned and ran out of Liams hotel room and to Louis'. I heard Liam yell out for me but I didn't look back I couldn't. How would Niall feel if he knew about what just happened with Liam, would it hurt him would he even care? That's the real question, "Would he care?". I pulled my key out so fast and in a panic you'd think I was being chased by a murderer, I unlocked the door and when I got in I saw Lous shoes by the table so I walked to his room because I need him more then anything right now. When I got in his room I turned his light on and in the bed I saw both Alexis and Louis laying down. "WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING IN THE BED WITH YOU LOUIS!?" I screamed making them both jump up in a sitting position, then Louis jumped off the bed and said "WHAT THE FUCK MELISSA! I was sleeping? She's in my bed cuz Niall said you were asleep in Liams room, wait whos shirt are you wearing?" "NIALL SAW ME IN LIAMS ROOM!?" I can't believe Niall saw us, what exactly did he see and how? And what did Louis mean about whos shirt I was wearing, my shirt. I looked at myself and I had thrown on Liams shirt, shit! "Calm sown, he said you two were asleep, what's the problem?" Lou asked "Nothing I gotta go sorry" I said in a panic as I turned around and Louis said "Wait where are you going, why you saying sorry and are you crying?" "Your crying?" Alexis joined in, I shot her a dirty look and looked at Lou and said "Sorry Louis I have to go, Ill maybe talk to you tomorrow" "Wait tomorrow Melissa what's going on?" "I have to go!" I ran out but Louis got me at the door right before I got to it. "MELISSA! What is going on!?" "Ill tell you tomorrow Louis I just can't right now, please" I looked at him with pleading eyes and tears screaming down my face, Louis just wrapped my in a bear hug, I needed this and Louis some how knew it. "Thank you Louis I needed a hug, I don't know how you knew but I love you, thank you" "I love you too Melissa". Louis said he loves me too, it made me smile. "Hey look your smiling" "You can ALWAYS make me laugh LouBear, that's one of the many things I love about Louis Tomlinson" "I can? Good I'm glad I can do that for you, Did it take the pain away?" "I'm sorry Louis but nothing can take this pain away right now, I have to go sorry" "wait where are you going?" "I guess back to Liams room, I need somewhere to sleep" "Why not Nialls room?" I started crying more thinking of Niall. "What did I say?" "Nothing goodnight Lou love you" "Love you too?" Lou said confused because I was crying and storming off. I went by the basketball court and sat for a bit crying and wondering how am I about to face Liam again, I just have to do it, maybe he wont ask about what I said. I got up walked back to Liams room and knocked on the door when he answered he said "Melissa? Come in" I walked in and said "can I stay here tonight please? Alexis is in Louis room" "Ya sure but why is Alexis is Louis room?" "because I was in here" "But how would they know that?" I thought about hoe Louis told me that Niall saw me and Liam, and the thought of Niall seeing and knowing what Liam and I were just doing kills me, it breaks my heart, I'm sure he doesn't care though, I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing, but then again I'm not, I could have just ruined me and Niall ever having a chance to be together and in Love. All these thoughts of Niall made me cry more. "Melissa what is it why are you crying so hard?" "Ni, Ni, Nia, Niall ssss saw us" I hope he understood what I said cuz it was hard enough to say it the first time, I'm not trying to say it a second time. "Wiat, what? Did you just say that Niall saw us?" "ya" "what did he see and how do you know he saw us?" "I don't know what he saw, Louis told me that he said you and I were asleep but we both know that's a lie, only God knows what Niall really saw".

Liams ~POV~

Niall saw, how could I do this to him, I just made out and did other things with the Love of His Life. How could he ever forgive me, I knew I shouldn't of drank. "DAMN IT! Niall's going to hate me" "Wait why would Niall hate you?" I can't tell her Niall is in love with her, he'll kill me if I did that to him. I can't tell her. "Because I got drunk" "Are you sure that's what you mean Liam?" She's seeing threw me, smart girl. "Ya" "are you sure? It seems like your hiding something, you can trust me Liam believe me" She's practically using my words on me and I can tell she means it but I CAN NOT do that to Niall. "Ya I'm sure and I do believe you, lets just go to bed and we'll figure it all out tomorrow okay?" "okay Liam, can I sleep with you please?" I could tell she meant sleep and nothing else. "Id like that" I needed someone to sleep with, to feel the comfort of another person.

Melissa ~POV~

I'm glad Liam said I could sleep with him, I needed someone, not in that way in a comforting way. "Thank you Liam I just need the comfort of someone else, I need someone tonight" "I was literally just thinking that same thing, your welcome" this made me smile "Love you Lammie Bear, lets go to bed" "Lets". Liam and I walked to the bed room and I asked "Do you mind if I take my jeans off and just slept in your T-Shirt?" I hate sleeping in jeans and Liams shirt goes to my knees so it was kind of like a night gown. "Ya sure, I mean my shirt's long on you" "haha I was just thinking that, its kind of like a night gown" we laughed and Liam laid in the bed while I took my jeans off. "wait don't you want to do that in the bath room?" Liam asked before I got to pull my pants down at all "seriously?" "Ya seriously" "Liam we were just practically naked on the bed together your face was in between my legs, ill never be worried about changing in front of you, I'm comfortable with it, you should be to" "I guess your right, go ahead" Liam looked away and I pulled my pants off and claimed in bed with Liam. We were laying on our backs but I was wide awake because I had Niall stuck on the brain, so I asked Liam "Wanna watch a movie?" "Sure, wait all the movies are in Nialls room" "Shit! Well lets just run to the store and get one" "Okay, lets go". We got up and started walking to the door till Liam stopped and said "Aren't you gonna put some pants on?" "What for, we're going down the street in a car and your shirt goes to my knees" "I guess you have a point". We got in the car went to the Circle K at the corner and got The Croods and went back to the room, I laid down while Liam put the movie on then came and laid down. I placed my head on Liams chest and he didn't seem to mind. After the movie was probably half way threw I felt myself getting tired so I turned on my side wrapped left arm around Liams chest and left leg around his right leg and slowly let myself treft asleep, just before I closed my eyes I felt Liam kiss my head and say "Even though we just met you today I love you, Louis loves you and Niall loves you, I'm positive Zayn and Harry love you too, sleep good and we will figure everything out in the morning. I'm here for you and will always protect you" and kissed my head once more and a few seconds later I was out. I dreamed about Niall all night.


Well thats the end of this Twisty chapter. Sorry I took sooo long to update. What do you guys think of this chapter?? Did you expect that huge twist with Melissa and Liam? I didn't even expect it haha but Im not gonna lie just writing it I felt guilty and feel bad for Niall but they were drunk and it just happened and now they both feel like shit for doing it after remembering Niall. Sorry Niallz baby. Well let me know what you guys think and how you feel about this chapter and what do you think or what should happen next with Liam, Niall and Melissa.Well till chapter 14 I hope you like it so far and thank you for reading and checking it out!! :) <3

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