Love at First Sight

The Boys pull over in a city they've never been to in Arizona called Tucson and meet a Girl they all Love (as a person/friend). But one of the boys falls in love with her at first sight.............Can you guess which boy it is??


18. A Day with Lamb Chop


I woke up when my phone started to go off, I quickly but calmly grabbed it and turned it off, Harry just shifted but didn't wake up, good cuz I didn't want him to. It was my alarm that was going off, it was 6:57am I didn't wanna wake up cuz I was so tired but I had to get up and go to the gym, thankfully this hotel has one. I very softly pulled Harrys arm off my and slid out of the bed. I looked back down at Harry asleep, he looked so peaceful and Happy, this made me smile. I kissed his cheek and grabbed my sweats and threw them on, I grabbed my sweater, purse and phone and went to mine and Louis room. When I went in Louis was still asleep so I, as quietly as I could grabbed my bag and looked for my workout clothes, I found them and went into the bath room to changed, when I grabbed my sweats and Harrys shirt to put them away I smiled at Harrys shirt remembering last night. One of the best nights of my life. I put away the clothes, grabbed my room key, phone and headphones, then left for the gym. This gym isn't to big but it has a stepper, treadmill and some weights and that's all I really need.After I was in the gym for about 10-15minutes the door opened, I first thought it was Louis looking for me but when I turned around it was Liam. I pulled out one of my headphones and said "Good morning Daddy Lamb Chop" "Good morning Melissa, what are you doing in here?" "um working out?" "Well ya but I didn't know you worked out or went to the gym" "You never asked, plus I have to, I can't be or look this fit by sitting on my ass all day" "I understand but watch your language" "Okay Daddy, you got it sooorrry" I laughed and Liam just rolled his eyes. I was just on the stepper and Liam decided to ask something Ive been trying to avoid since last night "So wanna tell me why you were crying after being alone with Louis and Niall, or was it when you were alone with just Niall?" "Honestly Ive been trying to avoid talking about it, I even stayed with Haz last night so I didn't have to talk to Lou about it" "You did what!? And Louis allowed you to stay the night with Harry?". Did he seriously just say that? Now I'm pissed and before I could think about what to say the words just came out, "Louis is NOT my father and even if he was Id still do what I want, just because he, or you or anyone doesn't want me to do something doesn't mean I'm not gonna do it, like Ive told you guys numerous times, I'm a GROWN ass woman and do what I want, I'm a good girl, if I wanna stay the night with a grown ass man then that's what I'm going to do, I know how to make smart decisions and the sooner people except the fact that I do what I want and I can handle myself the better, now I wish everyone would lay off my fucking back when I hardly ever do anything bad. FUCK! oh and to answer your question NO Louis wasn't happy with it and he didn't want me to stay with Harry but like I told him last night and you just now, I'm a grown ass woman who makes my own decisions and do what I want" I just yelled and Liam, I don't want to but it just got to me, everyone trying to tell me how to live my life and what I can and can't do, not only the boys the last couple days but my family practically my whole life, I just snapped and I hate that it was on Liam but it just happened, I reached my breaking point and I couldn't hold it in anymore.I got off the stepper, which I was now just standing on, and started walking towards the door, when I got in front of Liam I stopped and added "I don't need everyone telling me what I can and can't do in and with my life, I'm about to be 21 years old I don't need people treating me like I'm a fucking child!" I started to walk past him but he grabbed my arm and spun me around, I snatched my arm out of his grip and yelled "WHAT!?" "MELISSA RELAX!" I hate being told relax or calm down when I'm mad so this made me madder, "When a girl is mad you never tell her to relax or calm down, that just makes us more mad LIAM!" "I'm SORRY OKAY! I just need to to hear me out, let me talk" "TALK" (I didn't yell the talk part I just said it super sassy with alot of attitude). "Melissa, I just am protective of you and I know Louis is too, I don't want you to get hurt. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life or what you can and can't do. I just don't want you to do something that's going to hurt you in the end, I honestly care about you" "I'm sorry Liam, I didn't mean to yell but I just had it with everyone telling me what to do, but you don't need to worry about me okay, I know how to take care of myself, Ive made it this far making my own decisions and I'm a great person, I don't mean it in a conceded way I mean it in a confident way. It took me literally years to get to where I am with myself, i know not to make stupid decisions and Harry and I didn't do anything last night, I'm honestly a good girl and don't get offended when I say this cuz believe me did I enjoy it and have a great time but what you and I did the other night we shouldn't of done" "Agreed" I gave him a look and he then said "Oh no I don't mean it in a bad way, cuz I enjoyed it as well but Ni...I mean it shouldn't of happened" "Why were you about to say Niall?" "I wasn't, he just popped in my head so his name almost came out, I didn't mean anything by it I was just trying to say I enjoyed it but it shouldn't of happened like you said, you and I are just meant to be friends and nothing more" "I feel the same, to be honest, this is gonna sound weird, but before actually meeting you guys I always thought that you and I would have somewhat pf a brother sister relationship but that, after whats happened, will take time to happen" "Not necessarily" "Why do you say that?" "because I already feel I can trust you and I'm pretty protective of you, so I can see it happening sooner then later" I smiled at that "Thanks Lamb, I hope so, but please don't get all super protective like you did just now or how my brothers did when they saw you guys in my house and found out I was staying at a hotel with you guys, please" "I can't guarantee it" "Liam please" "I can promise to try" "Alright I guess that's okay" "Aw come here, we're having a moment and what does a moment, especially like this call for?" "A hug?" "YUP" Liam grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me into a to tight of a bear hug. "Liam can you loosen up a bit I can't breath, I can't even move my arms to hug you back" "oh ha ya sorry bout that". He loosened his grip and I was able to hug him back, he is muscular aaaa I can't think like that anymore about Liam. I just wanna take in this moment, this hug feels amazing, not in a sexual way at all just in a way when your not in the best of moods and all you need is a hug, well this is that hug and I just want to think of this and only this and nothing else, we must've stayed like this for about 6-10minutes and I forgot about all my thoughts, other then the happy ones of the boys and Liam in the last couple days, I couldn't have been happier or luckier, which is weird cuz Ive always had the worst luck my whole life. I whispered "thank you" "for what?" Liam asked back "This, the hug, making me feel better and for everything you and the boys have done for me in the past 3years" "oh, your welcome". I expected him to say more but a your welcome is all I need right now, as long as Liam knew I was thankful that's what matters right now.

**Liams ~POV~**

I didn't fully understand what Melissa meant when she said thank you for what me and the lads have done for her in the past 3years but ill save that for another time, right now I just want to hug her and let her know that I am here for her and somehow already love her. I know ill ask her to lunch so it could be just the two of us and we can talk. I know she doesn't want me to be super protective over her but I can't help it and neither could Louis, obviously. I just want her safe, always.

**Melissas ~POV~

"Melissa would you like to go to lunch today?" Liam randomly asked, "Like just the two of us or everybody?" "Just the two of us, not like a date or anything, just as friends so we can hang out and talk and stuff like that" "Oh alright, yes Id love to Lammie Bear" "So say at about...12:30?" "Sure, sounds like a plan" "Then it's set, lets work out so we can eat and hang out with Ali and the lads before we go". I pulled away to where I held him at his shoulders and with a grin said "SO Ali and you huh?" "oh ya um, ya I quit fancy her....maybe" "Maybe, why maybe, what don't you like about her?" I said putting my hands on my hips "Get your hands off your hips, there's nothing I don't like about her, I just don't want to rush into any feelings" "Understandable". We walked over to the steppers and both got on one. "So are you gonna ask her on a date before you guys leave or no?" "I'm not quit sure yet to be honest, I feel like I want to get to know her more" "That's what first dates are for, Me and Niall learned so much about one another last night, it was amazing" "You mean Harry?" "That's what I said" "No you didn't you said Niall" "No I didn't!........did I?" "Yes, you did" "shit, I meant to say Harry, please don't tell anyone I accidentally said Niall" "I wont, but why would you say Niall instead of Harry?" "I don't know Niall must be thinking about me ha they say when you say someone elses name instead of the name you meant that, that person is thinking about you so who knows ha" or maybe it's cuz I'm always thinking about Niall and Wish I had a first date with Niall. But I'm super glad I had a first date with Harry, I really, honestly do like Harry. "If you say so" "Ya so anyhow back to you and Ali, yolo Lamb, yolo. You don't want to leave for California and wish you had asked her on a date, cuz you wont be able to come back and change that fact of not asking her, you know?" "You know what, your absolutely right, I'm gonna ask her on a date" "Yay, good cuz I know that would make her happy, and I can tell you fancy her" "I do, there's just something about her" "I know what you mean" "How so?" "um...cuz that's how I feel about all of you boys". Truth was that was how I felt about Niall, there was just something about him and the fact that we had like everything in common, we're so compatible 100% compatible. "Oh alright, is that so or is that how you feel about Harry?" "About all of you, but maybe one in particular and if you want to think it's Haz then you can think that" I said it not looking at him because then he'd know it really wasn't Harry. "Oh well then, ha Haz must be spacial" "mmhmm" I just mumbled, I didn't know what to say. "Anyhow back to the important question that I first asked, why were you crying when left alone with Niall last night?" "Honestly?" "yes" "well Niall was crying which made me cry" "Why was Niall crying??" "I have no idea, he wouldn't tell me, he said he didn't want to talk about it" "That's weird"

**Liams ~POV~**

When she said he wouldn't tell me I thought that was weird until it all hit me, he was crying because of her, he was crying because he has to see the girl he is in love with be with another guy, and one of his best mates at that. Why wont he just tell her how he feels? For some reason I think she might feel the same, but I could be wrong. I think she likes Harry but that's it, I think she Loves Niall. Someday ill have to ask her about it, but not today. I don't want to be wrong and he get mad and yell at me again, not twice in one day, maybe ill ask her before we leave for California, we'll see how things go between her and Harry, and Niall. I have to talk to Niall today about last night.

**Melissas ~POV~**

"Liaaaaam!" "Oh ya, sorry just got lost in my thoughts, what did you say?" "I said I guess but why do you think it's weird?" "I don't know, Niall's just usually an open book, if you ask him something he answers honestly" "So Ive heard but he just didn't want to and I had to respect that" "That's good but why would that make you cry?" "I just hate to see him hurting, if I see any of you cry I get sad and usually cry also, I'm telling you I Love you boys" "Aw well we love you too". I mumbled "Niall doesn't" but Liam heard "Why do you say that?" "oh crap, I didn't think you'd hear that" "Well I did so answer my question, why would you say that?" "I don't know Liam, I just feel like he doesn't, but then sometimes I do, I Don't Know Okay. can we PLEASE just drop it?" "Alright". Of course Niall doesn't Love me, if he does he has a funny way of showing it. I had to change the subject, I didn't want to talk about what's going on with neither Harry nor Niall. "So where do you wanna eat lunch?" "Oh you can pick since you know what is here and I don't" "Well what kind of food do you want to eat?" "Maybe we should just go for an early lunch and eat breakfast" "So like a brunch?" "Yes, and after this just eat something small and leave at like 10:30-11:00?" "Sounds good to me but I'm still gonna eat something after this, before we go to eat cuz I'm already super hungry" "Oh you remind me of Niall, you two would be perfect together". Did Liam really just say that? Does he even realize what he just said? I don't think he does cuz he hasn't try to fix it. I stopped on the stepper, got off and went over to the treadmill. "Are you alright Love?" "I don't know, why did you just say that?" "Say what?" "That me and Niall would be perfect for together?" "Oh um, um" he froze, seriously why would he say that, and Zayn yesterday? If only they knew they were breaking me just a little more every time they said anything like that about Niall and I. "Um, what Liam, why'd you say that?" "I don't know, cuz you both love food and can eat it like crazy and then eat even more and pretty much never get full, why are you getting so upset about it?" "I'm not, I'm just, please don't say stuff like that?" "Why not, its not like it's anything bad, would you not ever want to date him or something? Would it be bad if you two were together? Would you not ever want to be with him? Would you be ashamed of him? Would.." "LIAM STOP! I couldn't ever be ashamed of any of you and definitely not Niall, just I'm uh" I froze for a sec, I didn't know what the hell to say. "You, uh what?" he just did what I did to him to me. "I'm trying to focus on Harry and you guys are putting thoughts of Niall in my head and I ju.." Liam cut me off "You guys? who's you guys?" "Uh you and Zayn" "What did Zayn say?" I started power walking on the treadmill, "He said he was happy for Harry and I but he pictured me with Niall" "Well he has a point" "What do you mean he has a point?". I started walking faster to where now I was jogging. "Well you guys just have a lot in common, including your love for food" "Well everyone loves food". I'm not sure why but I was kinda panicking. "Calm down Melissa, I'm just saying you guys have a sick passion of food, you both kinda laugh at nothing and well I haven't known you long enough to compare other things but you guys look better together, and the way you both look at each other is unbelievable, it reminds me a bit like Zayn and Perrie or even Eleanor and Louis". At this point I was running and couldn't breath, I think.....ya I'm having a panic attack. "Melissa calm down!" "I can't" I said while trying to get in a breath "Melissa STOP!". I threw my hand on my chest but couldn't stop running or freaking out, Liam jumped off the stepper ran to the side of the treadmill, slowed it and slowed it till it was not going anymore but I was still running just this time in place, I couldn't stop. Liam pulled me off the treadmill and try to get me to calm down and breath but it wasn't working, I just couldn't stop. Why did everyone other then Niall, Harry and Ali have to keep saying me and Niall are meant to be or better together or whatever they were saying, I can't think clearly right now I just want to breath but I can't remember how to, I'm to panicked to think of that. "MELISSA BREATH, CALM DOWN AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH! IMA HAVE TO CALL 911" I was able to get out "no!" "What's happening, why are you freaking out, what is this, are you having a heart attack or something?" I just shook my head, I looked and saw a water bottle in reaching distance, I grabbed it and poured it on myself and tried to drink some, I shouldn't have done that cuz now I'm choking on the water.

**Liams ~POV~**

I don't understand what's going on with Melissa, I'm freaking out. Shes not really breathing and she's pretty much hyperventilating at this point, but she wont let me call 911 for her, what am I supposed to do? Now shes choking on water, why would she try to drink water!? I have to get the water out of her throat, I grabbed her and turned her on her stomach and started to hit her back but that seems to have made it worse. I looked around for a trash can and saw one, I got up to grab it, put it in front of her and did the only thing I could think of but I never thought Id ever do this in my life, I put my finger down her throat to make her throw up, I tried to get my hand out in time but it didn't happen, I had Melissas throw up all over my hand but at least now she isn't chocking on any water. I sat her up, faced her towards me and pulled her in a tight hug. "Melissa, shhhh, calm down it's okay, I'm here don't worry just take a breath, breathe, please just breathe and stop freaking out. Melissa calm down it is okay,  Love you and I'm here, it's okay" I stroked her hair and she was slowly calming down. "That a girl, now breathe, take a breath" and finally she took a breath, a big breath, she sounded like she was being held under water and was finally let up for air. After a few moments she was finally breathing at a somewhat regular paste. She just laid there in my arms as I hugged her and I was still worrying even though she was now breathing and relaxed. "Are you alright?" she didn't say anything, I just sat there not asking anything else cuz I figured she still needed time. This was one of the scariest things Ive ever had to experience, and Ive experienced some scary things. To be honest I thought she was having a heart attack or something like that, I thought there was a possibility she was going to die. I'm so thankful she didn't and that she is okay, I really do already love this girl, as a friend of course, I will protect her like she is my sister, we will have that brother sister relationship she wants and has dreamed of, i can see it happening, I can feel it. I can't believe this happened, I feel bad, but I'm here and shes okay, that's what matters.

**Melissas ~POV~**

I can't believe Liam just saved my life. I can't believe I had a panic attack like that, I mean Ive got anxiety real bad, especially with my claustrophobia but nothing like what just happened, ever! I don't understand why that just happened, I know it was because I got over whelmed with all the Niall and me talk but I don't understand why it just got how it did, that's never happened to me before, weird I didn't like it. I didn't want to move, so I didn't I just stayed still in Liams arms. I'm so thankful for him right now. When he asked if I was alright I didn't answer, I couldn't. I don't know if I'm okay, physically or emotionally, I just don't know. I curled myself in a ball on Liams lap, he didn't seem to mind cuz he just tightened his hug and kissed the top of my head. A few tears were leaving my eyes but I didn't care, I let them. I looked up at Liam and he had tears falling down his from his eyes too, I whiped them and whispered "Thank you so much Liam, I Love you" "Your welcome, please don't ever scare me like that again, I Love you too". I just put my head in his chest and closed my eyes, I fell asleep I guess cuz all of a sudden I was in bed cuddled with Niall, we were facing each other and laughing about something, I couldn't hear anything, it was like in a movie when they show memories and they're just laughing and smiling and being all cute and in love. I was so confused but so Happy. All of a sudden a hear a panicked deep  British accent, "Melissa! Oh My Gosh Melissa Love wake up!" it was Harry, then I heard Liam "Shhhh Harry I told you Id tell you what happened if you wouldn't freak out, now leave her alone, let her sleep". I just laid there acting as if I were still asleep, well cuz I was still half asleep, a little more then half i was like 80% asleep still. "I can't just leave her alone, I have to know she's okay" "You can see that she is, but she needs rest, it took alot out of her, now get out of here and let her sleep" "I don't want to get out but I will let her sleep, I want to stay in here with her, can I please lay with her?" "Alright but only if you promise not to wake her" "I promise" "Alright, you can lay with her but if you wake her up I'm going to be very disappointed and upset, do you understand" Liam he's just a Daddy Directioner ha live up to your name Lamb Chop. "No worries, I want her to get her well needed rest, you  don't need to worry about me Liam, ill take care of her". Technically Liam already has taken care of me but Harry can make sure I stay asleep, he's so cute. I heard the door close so I guess Liam went out, I felt Harry get on the bed with me, he got under the covers and wrapped his arms around me, I put my arms on his and pulled one to cuddle up to me neck and face. I feel fully back to sleep with a smile and in Harrys arms. And surprisingly I dreamed about JUST Harry. I heard my phone ring, the song was (Cherry Bomb by the Runaways) it was my moms ringtone, then I didn't hear it anymore, weird. I woke myself fully up and turned over, I forgot Harry was there for a second, this felt good, to wake up nect to him and see his handsome British face, sleeping so peaceful. I started to lift his arms to get out of his grip and he woke up, yawning he said "Hello Love where are you going?" "My mom is calling me" "Don't be silly love, she isn't here, you must of been dreaming" I laughed and said "No Harry, I know that, she's calling on the phone, I heard it ring but I think someone picked it up" "Oh I see, alright then, would you like me to let you go?" "Please" "After one thing" "And what is that" "Give me a kiss" "Oh Harry, no sorry, I haven't brushed my teeth since I threw up" "Oh ya, well let me kiss your cheek then" Harry said and just leaned in and kissed my cheek, I gave him a tight but quike hug then got up. I went out of the bed room and saw Liam on my phone peasing back and forth, and saw Louis, Niall, Zayn and Ali in the living area, sitting on the couch. I came out quietly-ish, quite enough so none of them heard. I walked over to Liam and when he turned to walk the other way he saw me. I put my hand out for him to hand me my phone "Oh she's up, would you like to talk to her?" pause "Oh okay, absolutely, I love her already......Yup ha....okay your welcome anytime, bye" Liam handed me the phone, and I put the phone to my ear "Heyy mom". Everyone in the living room heard me and turned around, when they saw me they practically ran to me and started loudly asking me questions, I couldn't even hear my mom. "Sorry mom, hold on real fast please, guys! I'm on the phone with my mom can you please shut up so I can hear her?" As I was telling them that I realized that Niall wasn't with them, I looked at the couches and he was still sitting down and looking at his phone, see Liam this is what I was saying, I gave Liam that look and pointed with my head towards Niall, he looked and just gave me an okay/disappointed look, Ali, Louis and Zayn noticed that I pointed to the couches with my head and looked so I quickly came up with a fake reason "Ya go sit down and when I'm done on the phone ill go sit and talk to you guys okay" "Alright", they went and sat down and I decided to go outside to talk. "Heyy mom, sorry I couldn't hear you everyone was in my face asking questions" "Okay so what the hell happened are you alright?" She sounded like she had either been crying or was crying, and with my mom I wouldn't doubt it, shes super emotional, always crying but I Love her! ha "Ya mom I'm fine, I just had a crazy little panic attack, that's all, I'm fine though" "Why did you have a panic attack? Liam said he thought you were having a heart attack or something like that" "I just had a panic attack that's all, I just got over whelmed and it just happened, it was weird that's never happened to me" "I know it hasn't. Why would you get over whelmed?" "Liam was just talking about how me and Niall would be perfect together, and Zayn was telling me pretty much the same thing yesterday and it just got to me" "Well don't you want to be with Niall?" "I do but it didn't work out that way after meeting them, I went on a date last night with Harry" "Wait how did that happen?" "It just did, I asked Niall it would bother him and he said no that he didn't care, why would he" "What a jerk" "No not in a mean way mom he just meant like me and Harry can do what we want, why would I have to ask him if it was okay or not" "Oh okay, well do you like Harry? Nevermind you like all of them" "Ha mom don't make me sound bad" "I'm just kidding but your sure you're okay?" "Ya I'm positive" "Where's Alexis?" "She's in the room, why?" "Where was she when this happened?" "I don't know probably asleep, it was at like 7:30 this morning, in the gym" "Oh okay so did the date go good?" "Yes" I told my mom the story about that date and she wasn't super happy when I told her I slept with Harry but she trust me and believed me so she didn't get mad. We talked for like 30-40 minutes then said our I love yous and byes, I went back in and when Harry saw that I came in he walked up to me, put his hands on the back of my waist and pulled me closer "How's your mom love?" "She's good, just filling her in on a bit of what has been going on the last couple days" "Wait you told her everything that's happened the last couple days!" Everyone asked "Oh gosh no, do you think I'm an idiot? I just told her about what happened in the gym with me and Lamb and about mine and Harrys date" everyone sighed in relief "You told your mom about our date?" Harry asked with a smile. "Of course, why wouldn't I?" "I don't know" Harry kissed my cheek and let me go. "Liam, where did you put my stuff or is it at the gym still?" "No, it's on the chair by the wall there" "Thanks". I looked at the time on my phone and it said 11:02. "Oh Liam its already 11:02" "I know, we can just go at 12:30or1:00 like we originally planned" "Alright cool, this gives me time to go back to the gym" "Where are you guys going?" everyone asked "To lunch" Liam and I answered. "Why?" Niall, Harry and Ali asked with attitude. "Because we can" I responded back with attitude, Liam just looked at me with that look dads give you when you do something wrong then said "Because we want to go and talk, just the two of us" "For what, why just you two?" They asked again. I was getting annoyed "OMG seriously? Because we can, we're friends and we want to talk and hang out, there is nothing wrong with that, I'm going to the gym bye!". I walked away ignoring what anyone was saying cuz I just really didn't want to fight or argue with anyone and I wanted to get 30 more minutes of gym time before showering and getting ready for lunch. I went to the gym, did time on the treadmill, the stepper and even some weight time. I really wanted to stay longer and keep working out but I wanted to go to lunch with Liam even more. I left the gym at about 11:45 or so and went back to Louis and my room. I jumped in the shower and then brushed my teeth. After I was showered and brushed teeth I walked out of the bathroom to the bedroom, not realizing Louis was back. I was in my towel cuz I didn't grab my clothes before the shower, I just wanted to get in the shower since I was all full of sweat and what not from the gym. "Oh...heyy Lou, I didn't know you were back" "Yup, well hello " "Ha Lou your such a perve, I hope you know that" "Oh I do, don't worry" "ha jerk". I walked over to the closet for my bag and pulled it out, I threw it on the bed by Louis who was texting. "Are you texting Eleanor?" "Ya" "Tell her I say hi and I still have to get her number form you" "Alright, wait she told you to get her number from me?" "Ya, didn't I tell you last night?" "I'm not sure" "Me either". We both laughed "Ya well she did, she wants to know all about mine and Harrys date" "Oh ya, how was it?" "It was good, let me get dressed really fast then ill tell you about it". I grabbed out some under clothes, jeans and a tank top, went into the bathroom got dressed then came back out. "Alright so tell me all about it" ha omg Louis is to funny. I told him all about the date and if I tried to skip any details Lou would yell at me not to. "Sounds like a great date, did you have a good time?" "An amaZayn time" "Did you really just say AmaZAYN?" "ha yaaaa, I did, Don't judge me" "No judgement, I get it, like you said you're a fan first" "Exactly" "anyhow so tell me what happened in the gym this morning" "Oh ya that, well I just had a massive panic attack, that's all" "That's all? People don't just have panic attacks for no reason Melissa, why'd you have a panic attack?" "Well honestly it was as a surprise to any of you as it was to me, actually it was probably more of a surprise to me then you guys, cuz Ive never had one before, well nothing like that" "Okay so why'd you have it?" "Well I got over whelmed about everyone saying how me and Niall would be so perfect together, I freaked out and had a panic attack" "Wait, who was saying that, what did Liam say?" "Well yesterday you and Zayn were saying things then Liam was saying almost the same thing this morning and then I told him what Zayn said yesterday and how you agreed with him and he agreed with you two and said more so I freaked out" "Oh well he has a point, I'm sorry it just came out, I didn't mean to say it" "It's fine, you already know that I pretty much already know that but it's not gonna happen and things are going great with Harry and I want to see where things will go between us two, so I just wish you guys wouldn't keep picturing me with Niall" "Ill try for you but I can't speak for the others" "Thanks Lou Bear but I need to brush my hair for lunch with Lamb Chop" "Ya about that, what made you and Liam think to have lunch together?" "I don't know Liam asked, but guess what?" I said that a little to excited. "What?" "Liam is gonna ask Ali on a date!" "Oh good for him" "I know right, well ima go do my hair real fast" "Alright". Louis went back to texting and I just went in the bathroom brushed my hair and threw it in a ponytail. "Alright Lou are you staying in here or going back to Liams room?" "ill go over with you but the rest of us are probably gonna go to Niall or Zayn or maybe even Harrys room since Liam wont be there for us to be in his room" "Makes seance". We walked back to Liams room and Zayn opened the door, "Heyy Zayn why'd you answer the door?" "Oh Liam is in the shower, he said if you got here before he was out to tell you that he wont be long to just hang out" "Okay works for me, thank you" "No problem, now you can tell us what happened this morning", I just looked at Louis and he looked at me and we just looked at each other like holy shit we need to think of something to tell them. I had it pretty much figured out already. "Okay well lets go sit down shall we?" I told Zayn and Louis, Zayn said "Well everyone is already sitting down on the couches". Louis and I followed Zayn back to the couches, while we walked Louis whispered in my ear "What are you gonna tell them?" "Don't worry Lou, I got this". We sat down and they all just looked at me, then Zayn spoke up "well??" "Oh right, so ya I just had like a small massive panic attack, that's it" "That's it!?" everyone but Lou said. "Why did you have a panic attack, you never have panic attacks" Ali said "I just got over whelmed about everything that has been going on that's all, it's been alot to take in. Like I was in the gym working out with Liam freaking Payne for petes sake, I think it just all hit me that I was talking to Liam Payne like Ive known him my whole life and working out with him and it just all hit me that Ive finally got to meet 5Boys that mean the world to me and I didn't know if that dream would ever come true and it did" "Wow, okay sounds good" Ali said the boys just said "Wow" Louis said it in the tone of surprise that I was pulling this off and came up with something so quick. "Ya, so anyhow what are you guys gonna do today?" "We're gonna like just go to Nialls room and like play some video games or something like that" Zayn said "Sounds fun, did you guys bring a playstation or xbox?" "Well ya" Louis and Zayn both said. "Oh your here already? why didn't any of you tell me?" I heard Liam said I started to talk "Well Zayn said th.." I stopped talking when I turned and saw that Liam just had a towel wrapped around his waist, I looked him up and down and lost my will to speak. "I said what?" I heard Zayn but I didn't at the same time, ha I was stuck staring at Liams body. I shouldn't be looking at Liam this way but damn I can't help it, he's hot, and he has an amazing body. "Melissa? MELISSA!" first just Zayn said my name then Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis all said it, making me slap back into reality. "Ya, sorry. what?" "What were you saying that I said?" Zayn asked with a grin on his face, "Oh ya that, ya well Zayn said you said for me to just hang out that you wouldn't take long to get ready" "You might want to look up at my face when you talk to me Love". I was still looking at his torso, I face palmed myself. "Sorry" everyone laughed, well I believe everyone, wait NOP Niall didn't, I know that because I didn't hear his marvelous laugh that I Love so much. "It's quit alright I'm just joking with you, but yes ill be out in about 10minutes, is that alright?" "Yes, of course". I still had my hand on my face, I turned back around and threw my other hand on my face and put my hands and face into my knees. "Why do you have your face in your knees?" Zayn said trying not to laugh and putting a hand on my back, I was sitting between him and Louis. "Seriously?" "Ya, it's alright we get it, Liam apparently has a great body" "Ya he does, OH GOSH I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that" "ha well it's not like your lying, he does have a great body" Ali said, I turned my head to look at her "Thank you" "Ha just saying, it's true". I glanced at Harry, who was sitting on the other side of Ali, Niall was sitting on the other side that I wasn't facing and I hadn't looked at him, I don't think I could. But ya I looked at Harry who was sitting with a huge smirk on his face, trying not to laugh. "What Harry, what are you gonna say?" "Nothing....I'm just gonna.....LAUGH" Harry started cracking up which made Louis, Zayn and Ali laugh. "Niall, lad why aren't you laughing?" Zayn asked "I just didn't find it funny" "It was hilarious, what are you talking about?" Louis asked "Not to me" Niall asid then rolled his eyes and looked back down at his phone, then stood up, put his phone in his pocket and said "Well lads and Alexis, I'm going to go to my room, see you in a bit?" "Ya, you alright?" "Ya why wouldn't I be? I'm just getting hungry and the good food is in my room". I'm actually really hungry too, I stood up and everyone asked where I was going "To look in the kitchen for food, I'm starving" "But you're about to go have lunch" "And? I'm hungry now, but no worries ill still be hungry when Liam and I go out to eat, Liam knows this too, we talked about it at the gym" "See this is what I was talking about" Zayn said, "What were you talking about?" Niall, Louis, Harry, Ali and myself asked. "Nothing" "No tell me" "Well just you remind me of Niall and this is another reason I pictured you two together, no offense Haz" "None taken, cuz Niall and Melissa don't have feelings for each other, and Melissa likes me, right?" "Ya of course I like you or else I wouldn't have gone on a date with you last night" I said ya and it wasn't a lie cuz I really did like Harry, hopefully he doesn't notice that I totally avoided his me and Niall liking each other statement. Niall just looked down and left the room, slamming the door. "Is he okay?" I asked "Not quit sure to be honest, he seemed upset all day" Zayn answered "She one of us go and talk to him?". Liam came out of the room before anyone could say anything "Not you Melissa cuz we're about to leave in like 5minutes" "It's alright ill go talk to him" Zayn said "Thanks Zayn" "For what?" "Um I don't know, going to make sure Niall is okay?" "Well he is one of my best mates so of course". I went into the kitchen and grabbed some doughnuts and ate a few till Liam came back out and asked if I was ready to go. I gave everyone a hug by and Harry a kiss on the cheek, he gave me one back, I smiled at him and Liam and I left. In the car we listen to some Music and I sang, he laughed. "So where are we going to eat?" "Did you still want breakfast food?" "Of course" "okay well there is a Dennys down the street we can go there, it is the BEST restaurant" "What is it like your favorite or something?" "It just might be". It was I Love Dennys, it's the best place ever, well to me it was. "Nice" Liam said with a little laugh. We both sang two more songs till we pulled up at the Dennys. I'm SO excited to eat. We stepped out of the car and started walking into Dennys, "Lovely singing there buddy" "Don't Judge Me Liam, I'm doing my best here, haha sorry Harry told you that on 1DDay, but seriously ha don't judge me" We both laughed and went inside and waited to be seated, once we got seated we looked at our menus even though I already knew what I wanted, I looked at the menu literally for like 12seconds and put my menu down. "You already know what you want?" "Ya, I always get the same thing when I come here" "What's that?" Orange juice and a grand slam" "Oh, nice. Do you ever think about trying something different?" "Ya, rarely every here and there I get something different but I always miss my Grand Slam when I do that, I know I'm weird but oh wellz" Liam just slightly laughed and looked back at the menu. The waitress came over and asked us what we'd like to drink and we both got orange juice, I love Oj, I can drink it all day. Liam looked over his menu for another 10minutes and then put it down. "Do you know what you're gonna get?" I asked "Yeah, I believe so" "What you gonna get?" Liam laughed a little so I asked "What's so funny?" "I actually want to get a Grand Slam also, it looks really good" "Well it is, trust me" "I do, considering you get it every time". I just smiled and then the waitress came back. "Are you guys ready to order or do you still need time?" "We're ready" We both said at the same time which made us smile. "ill have the Grand Slam, but instead of two bacon's and two sausages can I please just get four Beacons?" "Yes, and you sir?" "ill have the same but two sausage and two Bacon's" "Alright, anything else?" "no that'll be all thank you" Liam told her and she was off. "So hoe you feeling?" Liam randomly asked me. "I'm good, Thank You sooo much Liam, Id probably be dead if it weren't for you" "You probably wouldn't have had a panic attack in the first place if it wasn't for me so don't thank me" "that is true but that's alright because you saved my life and it wasn't the first time" "What do you mean, it wasn't the first time?" "I'm telling you Liam that you and the boys save lives everyday and mine has been one of them a couple or a few times. You've always wanted to save lives and you do that everyday, weather you know it or not" "How?" "Well alot of your fans think about killing themselves and because of you guys we don't, you guys make us so happy, one of the reasons we love you guys SO much". Liam just looked at the table shocked, like he didn't know what to say. "Liam? You okay?" "Ya, it's just weird to know that but an honor at the same time, I just don't like the fact that the fans think about killing themselves" "Well this is a very judgmental world Lamb Chop" "Ya that's true, I'm glad we can help people to not kill themselves although I still don't understand why or how" "Because Liam, you guys are AmaZayn and we love every little thing about you guys, and even though you don't personally know every singe Directioner a.k.a Crazy Mofos, we all feel like we know you guys personally and you guys really speak to us through your Music or when your talking about us, and in interviews you guys are just yourselves and we just feel like we connect so well with you guys" "that's incredible, we love you guys so much" "And we love you guys more" "Well that's a matter of opinion" "I guess your right" "I am" ha Liam stealing my words. The waitress came back with our food, and I literally started bouncing up and down in my seat, the waitress looked at me like I was crazy and Liam did to but Liam was trying so hard not to laugh. I looked at him and said "sorrrry" "No need to be sorry, you just look hilarious" we both just laughed and the waitress rolled her eyes and walked away, what a bitch. I cut my pancakes in to pieces, cut up my hash browns, Bacon, sausage, and eggs and mixed it all together, well all but one Bacon (saving it for last). "What are you doing?" "I like to mix it all together and eat it like that, I think it's better that way" "Oh, you are weird" "Why thank you" we laughed and Liam watched me take me first bite, after I finished chewing I said "Look who's really the weird one, you weirdo" "How am I weird?" "You just watched me eat my first piece of my food" "Oh sorry I watch people eat some times, it just happens" "Wow, Ali does that to it's so weird ha please don't watch me eat, I don't like that. Makes me uncomfortable" "I wont sorry. Does she really?" "Ya, she gets so into it too" "How's that?" "She'll freeze and just stair, and have the most serious and creepy look on her face, always makes me laugh". We ate all our food but I was still hungry, I mean I was some what satisfied but still wanted more. "So how'd you like it?" I asked "It was really delicious, good place" "I know right, I Love it" "I can see that" "Ha anyhow, so when you gonna ask Ali out?" "A little after we get back" "Where you gonna take her?" "I don't know, I don't know anything here" "Well if you guys are going to dinner, she really like "On The Border" and it's not to far from the hotel" "Where did you and Harry eat?" "We went to Union Public House, I never been there till last night" "How was it?" "It was pretty good, a bit fancy though" "Not that, the date? but I guess the place too" "Oh ha I knew that. ha the date was really great" "How was the walk?" "Oh my gosh, amazing. We talked for hours, it literally felt like 5minutes but was like 3-5 hours" "Wow that's a long time, what time did you guys get back?" "It was a long time, woulda been longer if Lou didn't text us both and we got back at like 2am or a little after" "Wow, no wonder Louis was texting you guys, he must have been worried" "That's what I said and he was cuz when we didn't text him back he called and was mad cuz we didn't text back, he said we had him all worried" "Well I would have been worried too, even more if neither of you texted back after I texted you at 2 in the morning" "Ya same here". I did understand where Louis was coming from, I would have been the same way towards him or any of the boys. "So what happened when you guys got back to Harrys room?" Liam asked, I wasn't expecting that and we already talked about this. "I told you, all we did was sleep" "just sleep, that's all? Not even kiss or anything?" "Oh my gosh Liam or should I say Daddy, why do  you care so much about what happened?" "I don't I'm just curious is all, OH and no you didn't need to say Daddy" "if you say so, but we just went to the room, I asked Haz for a T-shirt to sleep in, he gave me one, I changed into it, we had a little kiss and went in bed and went to sleep and that was it" "Okay good" "What do you mean good?". What is Liam talking about good? What would be so bad if Harry and I did anything, I don't really think anything but at the same time it would be bad. Well we didn't do anything bad so I'm good.


Oh dang why did I say that aloud? I just meant to say it in my head, I said good because of Niall, I wouldn't want what happened between us to happen with her and Harry as well. I don't regret it at all but she's supposed to be with Niall and he's my best mate and in love with Melissa. I can't believe I did that to him, I have to talk to him about that night, since he saw, I wonder what exactly he saw, I don't even know what he saw but hes been a bit distant since that night. I need to figure out if she likes Niall or if she still feels the way she said she felt for Niall in her tweets; more than that, I need to get Niall to tell Melissa how he feels about her. He's been dreaming about and been in love with this girl for nearly 3yrs now, it's time he be with her and be happy. Ill talk to him tonight but for now I have to tell Melissa something, what to tell her is the thing, what to say? "Ummm,.......ya good, I wouldn't want you to end up regretting it, like you do with me" "Liam, I don't regret what happened between us at all". I wasn't expecting her to say that, why wouldn't she regret it? "You don't?" " No, why do you?" "NO, of course not" "So why would you think I did?" "Because of Niall, I mean Harry!" I really did mean Niall, why would I possibly mean Harry, her and Harry were absolutely nothing at the time. "Why would you say Niall?" "I meant Harry" "I don't think you did, you meant Niall, Liam you can tell me" "fine. I meant Niall" "Why?" "Honestly?". She just nodded in agreement so I continued "Because that night, you know between you and I, you yelled out Nialls name then stopped and I believe you cried, then you ran off" "True but.........I don't know what to say" "Don't say anything just answer me this, Do you Love Niall?" "I love all you five boys" "No, let me rephrase the question, are you IN Love with Niall?". If she says yes then they can be together. "What??" she asked, so I asked her again "Are you IN Love with Niall?" "Why would you ask that?" "I told you, cuz of what happened, just please answer the question" "Uh, well, I...." her phone started to ring, she let out a sigh of relief and answered it. Who's calling her right now? I have to know if she is or isn't In Love with Niall.


I can't let Liam know that I'm In Love with Niall, he's to close to him and enough people already know. Why is he so interested in knowing so bad anyhow? My phone started to ring, thank the lord. I let out a sigh of relief and answered it, it was Ali. "Hello?" I said answering the phone. "Hey, What are you guys doing?" "Eating why?" "Just asking, you guys have been gone a long time". I looked at my phone screen, it was only 2:10, "Ali, we've only been gone for like an hour or two, that's not long at all, you know how much and how slow I eat" "True, so how long till you guys come back?" "I don't know, why? What does it matter?" "It doesn't I was just curious is all" "Ali, your making it seem like we're doing something other then eating" "Well how am I to know your not? How do I know you guys aren't on a date and making out or doing other stuff?" "Because we're just friends, I told you how his and my relationship would be when I met him and the other boys" "Which is what?". Is she seriously asking me this as if she doesn't already know. He's going to be like my brother Alexis, and you know who I like anyhow so chill" "Yeah but you like them all and I'm not with you guys right now so I don't know what's going on" "Alexis we are eating and talking and even if we were to do anything it wouldn't matter cuz we're both single so we can do whatever we want, but you know who I want to be with so stop worrying" "I guess you're right, I don't know why I'm worrying, ill try to stop" "Okay good, then see you later?" "Yeah" "alright love you" "Love you too, bye" "Bye". I hung up and tried not to look at Liam, I wanted him to drop the Niall subject but of course with my luck that's not gonna happen cuz Liam said, very anxious "Well?" I slowly looked up to see Liam looking at me with anxious and curious eyes, raising his eyebrows, he said again "Well?". I played stupid, well tried to at least, "Well what?" "Well what!? What do you mean well what?" "Oh ya, that was Ali, she was just won...." "NO, I don't wanna know who was on the phone, I wanna know if you're In Love with Niall or not!" "Id rather not answer that" "Why not?" "Because my focus is on Harry right now" "Are you In Love with Harry?" "No, we've only been on one date" "So? You hadn't even met Niall, of any of us and all over your Twitter you were constantly saying how In Love with Niall you are". Damn he got me with that one, what am I supposed to say right now? He got me in a jam and has me on the spot. "Am I not right about that?" "no you are, I'm just stuck on what exactly to say, you're putting me on the spot, it makes it hard for me to think clearly" "I'm not putting you on the spot" "What! Yes you are, you keep asking me this super big and important question and wont drop it, that's putting me on the spot" "But that's why?" "Why?" "Because it's big and important" "but why? Why is it Important to you?". Seriously why does he care so much, I need to find that out. "'s not" "But you just said that it was, so which is it?" "Well it is but I can't tell you why" "And why not?". He froze  for a bit, he looked like he was really thinking about what to say. "Cuz I don't have a reason, it just is" "That's a lier, isn't it?" "Ugh yes, but I can't tell you the reason" "What do you mean can't tell me, why can't you?" "Can you just trust and believe me that it's a good reason" "Yeah but it's gonna bother me that I don't know", I said cuz it was seriously gonna bother the hell outta me. "I understand" Liam said. Hopefully now he'll drop it. "So are you In Love with Niall Melissa?" Liam asked again but this time he asked calmly and nicely, I wanted to tell him, I mean I really do wanna tell him but I just can't. "I like Harry". Yeah Ima try and avoid his question as much as I possibly can.


She's avoiding answering this question so much, but why? And why did she bring up Harry? "I didn't ask about Harry, I asked about Niall" "I know and I'm telling you that I like Harry, Harry is who I'm dating so it doesn't matter how I feel about
Niall, it doesn't doesn't matter weather I'm In Love with him or not". I think she's In Love with Niall. "But it does matter" "how so?" "because its what you feel in your heart, it determines and has to do with your happiness" "Harry makes me happy" "But wouldn't you also be happy with Niall?" "Well yeah, Id be happy with any of you" "But would you be happier with with Niall? That's the real question". She just got quite and looked down. I know for a fact now that she'd be happier with Niall and is In Love with him but I'm not gonna say anything unless she herself tells me, I could still be wrong but I'm pretty positive I'm right.


I think Liam may have an idea that I AM In Love with Niall, I'm just gonna keep pushing the attention onto Harry. I mean Liam's right about the happiness stuff but Niall doesn't Love me back so I don't wanna go there right now with Liam. "You're right, but Harry does make me happy and that's what matters" "You're right, Ill let this go for now" "Thank you" "Yup, BUT this wont be the last you hear from me". Why? Can't he just leave it, it makes me sad to think of Niall and I, and me being so Truly, Madly, Deeply, crazy In Love with Niall that I am, it hurts a lot. "Should I get Alexis anything?" Liam asked, totally changing the subject, thank the lord. "What do you mean?" I asked, "Like a gift?" "Why taking her out to dinner and paying for it is gift enough" "no it's not" "why not?" "because a gift i more romantic, and it shows that I really like her" "That is true but Li she knows you like her, plus her and I aren't all about material things, I mean we like them but we don't need them for someone to prove their love and care for us, we'd rather have time and affection and simple things like that, we like to buy our own things, we don't want people to ever think we're using them, we're not like that" "welllll, that's a great trait and great to know, most girls are like, I Want I Want (see what i did there) and expect so much from the person they're in a relationship with" "ya that's called a gold digger, I say I Want I Want alot but don't expect anybody to get it for me, I expect to buy it for myself, unless I'm asking for it, then that's when you know haha" "ha that's a good independent trait you two got there, two independent woman" "Yes sir, I'm not sure where Ali gets it from but, I get it from my mama" we both laughed then Liam said "well of course isn't that the way it always is?" "In most cases, yes" we both laughed then got quite for a second. "So Melissa, when's your birthday?" "In a couple days actually" "Really, what day is it?" "It's on Wednesday, April 2nd" "Wow it really is in a couple days, how old are you turning, 21?" "Yup" "That's a big one, are you excited?" "Hellz Yeah I'm excited, been waiting anxiously for this day for nearly 21years" we both laughed then Liam said "I'm sure". We talked about every single one of our birthdays, from birth to now, well what we could remember, I only remembered a few of mine but Li remembered almost every single one of his. When we talked about his 16th birthday and how nobody showed up, I told him how I felt so bad and if I would have known him back then I would have still been his friend and would have gone, and we woulda had the best time, he laughed and said Thanks. "You're very forgetful aren't you Melissa?" "ha yaaaa, very". We talked about things for a bit longer, then I got a text from Lou,

From: Lou Bear :} <3

Hey Bestie, hows lunch going? Alexis thinks its a date.

To: Lou Bear :} <3

Seriously!? ill just talk to you about it when we get back

I looked at the time and it was 3:40. "Heyy Lamb, readyto go? It's almost 4" "Is it really? Time goes by so fast when you're having a fun time" "It really does, doesn't it?" "Sure does, was that Louis texting you or Alexis?" "Lou, Ali apparently thinks You & I are on a date" "Seriously? Is that what Louis just told you?" "Yup" "well we're not" "oh I know that" "Well, we should head back", I nodded, agreeing with Liam then reached into my clutch to pull out $20 bucks, when I tried to hand it to Liam he wouldn't take it, "What is that?" "For my half of the bill" "Um, I'm not gonna take that" "Why not!?" "Because I invited you to eat so I'm going to pay" "So then if I invite you to the movies before you guys leave will you let me pay for you?" "Sure, I guess, if it'll get you to put your money away right now" "I will if you shake on it" "Fine" We put our hands together to shake and I said "Shall we call it a deal?" "We shall".We shock hands, then Liam went to pay, I waited for him by the door. We got in the car and drove towards the hotel. I pulled my phone out cuz Lou texted me back.

From: Lou Bear :} <3

Ya and alright but when are you guys coming back?

To: Lou Bear :} <3

In the car on our way back now

From: Lou Bear :} <3

Okay, see you in a bit

"Thank you so much Lamb for lunch, I appreciate and loved it" "oh absolutely, your welcome, thank you for coming, I loved it as well. I see the beginning of a great friendship". He glanced over at my already smiling face and smiled. "Ya I seen it a couple years ago, Ive just been waiting for us to officially meet" "Ha I know" I just smiled, proud ha. We listened to the radio and sang along to them with funny voices and laughed, we're fun I think ha. When we got to the hotel we sang/danced to Niall's room where we believed everybody was. We knocked on the door, still singing and dancing. Niall opened the door then looked at us like we we're two weirdos for the way we were singing and dancing and probably for the fact that we were singing  or dancing at all, Liam and I looked at Niall then at each other and just started to crack up, then so did Niall with his AmaZayn laugh that could just kill with AmaZayn-ness, We went inside and everybody but Harry was in the room. Alis head popped up when she heard us and she gave me a dirty look, I just rolled my eyes and laughed it off. "Where's Hazza?" I asked curious, Zayn answered "He's in the gym, I believe" "Oh okay, Thank You Zayn" "Your welcome". Louis ran up to us and pulled us by our arms to the living room area and sat us down on the couch, on each sides of him. "So how was lunch?" He asked, Liam and I both said "Good" "Where'd you guys go?" "To Melissa's favorite restaurant, Dennys" "Oh nice and what did you guys do?". Why is Louis asking 50 questions? "We ate Lou, what else do you do at a restaurant?" I asked sarcastically."I don't know, you tell me" "Seriously Lou, what's up with you? We ate and talked" "Sounds like a typical lunch" "Cuz it was, Ima go find Harry, bye". I was over this conversation and just really wanted to see Harry, so I got up and walked out. I went to the gym and nobody was there, so I went to Harry's room, I knocked a couple times and there was no answer, so I walked back to Niall's room. When Niall opened the door and let me in he asked, "I thought you were going to find Harry? Cuz he just came here looking for you, we told him you went to the gym looking for him" "Really? I went to the gym and to his room and he wasn't at either place" "Ya he came, you should probably text or call him" "okay, I will". Niall started to walk away, "Heyy Niall!" he turned back around "Ya?" "Thank you" he just said "Yup" and walked away. I started to text Harry and just when I was about to hit send there was a knock on the door, "I GOT IT" I yelled out then answered it, it was Harry! "Melissa?" he whispered when he saw me, then he wrapped me in a bear hug. I giggled "Hi Harry" "I was looking all over for you" "Same here Haz, and I was literally sending you a text, look" I showed him my phone. "Ha how funny, I was told you were looking for me, well we're both together now" "Finally" "What? Did you miss me Melissa?" I looked down all shy, "Mmmaaaaybe" I looked up and smiled into his eyes and the look on his face was so cute and priceless, He has an AmaZayn smile, I could just die, and those dimples. He kissed my head and whispered in my ear "I missed you too Beautiful" I smiled and grabbed his hand, we started walking to the living room and Harry asked "How was your lunch with Liam?" "It was really good, thank you" "Your welcome, wanna sit?" "Sure let me just grab some snacks" "you just ate, didn't you?" "Ya but I'm hungry already, that was almost 2hours ago" "2hours? But you guys just got back" "I know but we just talked after we ate" "Oh alright, well ill save you a spot on the couch" "Okay". Niall was in the fridge, "What you getting in there Niall?". He jumped a little and hit his head in the fridge, he didn't know I was behind him, "Sorry! Are you okay? Did you not know I was in here?" "I'm fine, ouch, no I didn't think anyone was in here" "I'm sorry" "It's okay, no worries, I'm just looking for a snack to eat but, I just have things to drink in here" Niall frowned, so did I, I'm hungry. "Well I want food, mind going to the store with me?" "Me? Go with just you?" "Ya, I mean unless you don't want to I can ask Ali or one of the other boys" "NO, I mean no, ill go with you......I want food too". I smiled at Niall "Okay sounds like a plan, lets go" He smiled back "Lets Go". Niall grabbed car keys, we walked towards the door but before we could get to it Harry said "Where you two going?" I forgot there was anyone else here. I answered him "Oh to the store, we're both hungry and there's no food here, do any of you guys want anything?" "Ya can you get me uuuhhh a protein bar and maybe a uum some fries....chips or something" Harry said "Okay no problem, anybody else?" Liam said "I'm still good from lunch thanks". Everyone else asked for a couple things, we said our byes and left. We just went to a circle k down the block. We grabbed everybody else's things before our own. We alone both got more stuff for ourselves then everyone else's stuff put together, we're true fat asses and I Love It! "Ha wow" I said aloud, "What?" Niall asked, "Look at how much food You & I got for ourselves, compared to how little everyone else got put together" "Oh haha I didn't even notice, should we put some back?" "No, for what?" "Oh I don't know I thought you'd want to" "No, I love food and i'm hungry, I want all of this, I don't want to put none back but if you want to I will" "I don't want to either, I thought, I don't know what I thought ha lets get this and head back" "Okay". We laughed while we looked at the food, this was making me more hungry. Niall paid and we got in the car to head back to the hotel. "Melissa, can I ask you a question?" "Of course". I wonder what he is going to ask me, hopefully something about us. "Did you and Liam just eat and talk when you guys went out today or did you guys do more?". Why would he ask me that!? Seriously. Oh ya he did see Liam and I that night. "No of course not, all we did was eat and talk." "Oh okay" "What does it matter if we did more Niall? It's not like we're in a relationship". I didn't mean for that to come out rude, it was meant to come out as a plead, for him to say that we should be and that we can be and need to be. "I know I just had to know" "Had to? Why, it's not like you want to be with me". I'm hoping, with me saying this, he'll say he dose, if he does like me or has any feelings for me, this is his chance to let me know. If he doesn't then ill know he doesn't love or even like me in that way, fingers crossed. "How could you possibly know that?". Does he!? "Cuz you practically told me you didn't care at all" "No I didn't" "Yes you did Niall" "When, what did I say?" "Before my date with Harry, you said why was I asking you, that you didn't care". How can he not remember that or act like he doesn't?




I can't believe I told her dat. I only said it because I do care, I was mad dat she was going on a date with Harry and not with me. I didn't want her to go out with Harry and I still don't and I never will. Truth is I do care, I care to much, I care more then all da lads put together. I just want to be with her! "You have a point, but I do care, I really do. I was just in a bad mood dat day, when you asked me dat, and I didn't understand why you were asking me. I didn't know why you cared about what I thought or how I felt about it" "Because". Dat was all she said, really? "Dats all you have to say, because? Because why?" "I thought I should ask you because I feel overly comfortable with you and I respect what you think ans what you have to say" I was hoping she'd say she loved or liked me in dat way and she'd hope I would have told her not to go out with Harry but with me instead, but of course dat was a long shoot. Why would I think she'd say dat or anything like dat? I don't know why I'd ever think she'd think or feel the same way about me that I do her. "Well thank you for dat but it's your life, I have no say in what you do"




I wish I could of told him how me asking him about Harry, was me hoping he'd tell me he loves or likes me, and he would stop me from going on the date with Harry and to go with him instead, but of course not, I don't know why I'd ever think he'd feel the same way about me that I do for him. We pulled up to the hotel but we didn't get out of the car, we just sat there silent for a moment, I feel like we were going through all the same thoughts and emotions, but I don't see hot that could be possible, but I still, very strongly feel like we are. Niall put his head slightly down and turned towards me, "Melissa?" "yeah?" I asked looking up at him. "There's something I need to tell you" "What is it?" "I......." Just when Niall was talking, Louis knocked on my window, making both Niall and I jump in our seats. I looked over at Louis, who was smiling, then looked back at Niall, "Can we talk about this later?" "Sure, but we don't need to, it's fine" "Yes we do Niall, and we will".




Damn It! Why does Louis always do dis to Melissa and I? I was just about to tell her dat I'm In Love with her, that I Love her. Louis ruins it everytime! I can't tell her now. Great now I'm going to have to figure out something to tell her later when she wants to talk about "it". I feel like Louis was a sign for me to not tell her, not now at least. Hopefully I can tell her one day and hopefully sooner than later.




I opened my door and stepped out of the car, "Niall, you coming?"  "Oh yeah, sorry". He sat for a few more seconds, while Louis asked "What's wrong with him?" "Not sure, but he was about to tell me before you knocked on the window, scaring the shit out of the both of us" "Oh ya funny huh?" "NO" "Anyhow bestie, do you guys need any help?" "Sure, we have like 10bags or more" "Seriously? What the hell did you guys get?" "We love food what can I say?". Niall started to laugh, that most AmaZayn laugh which made me smile and both Louis and I laugh. We grabbed the bags and went inside, we put the bags on the table and gave everyone their stuff, we got Liam some candy bars cuz we all know how much he loves his chocolate, and he got super happy when we handed it to him.Then we put all of Niall's stuff in a couple of bags and then the same with mine. We took our bags and joined everyone in the living room. I sat in the middle of Harry and Zayn. "Hi guys" I said to the two of them, Zayn said "Hi" and Harry said "Hello Beautiful", I smiled and kissed his cheek. We had Liam put on Anchorman, we we're gonna watch both Anchorman's. We all started to eat our snacks and laughed at the movie and Niall cuz he was mocking it. I curled up to Harry, between his chest and under his arm, He put his arm around my shoulder and grinned down at me, we looked at each other and smiled, we stayed like this till we heard Niall burst into laughter. We turned to look at what Niall was laughing at and started laughing ourselves. When the first Anchorman was over we all got up to use the bathroom, get a drink/snack, or whatever we needed or wanted. We all sat back down and froze, "Guys? Where is Ali and Liam?" I asked, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry all said "Not sure". We turned our heads from left to right, "LIAM, ALEXIS!!" We all yelled out. "YEAH?" They yelled back, "What are you two doing, and where are you?" We asked. "In the room....talking" they replied, "WELL HURRY UP!" Louis and I yelled then looked at each other and laughed. Ali and Liam came out and said, "We're going to leave" "Wait why, where to?" We all asked curious, "Um, we're going on a date" Liam answered. I said "ooohh", I already knew Li was gonna ask her on a date, so I wasn't surprised, then I winked at Liam (a friendly wink, nothing more). then I got up to put on Anchorman 2. Niall loves this movie, I can remember when he tweeted about it, he's so cute! "A date huh? where ya goin?" Lou asked. "Ya, it's about time you asked her out Liam" Harry said. "Ya lad, where ya takin her?" Zayn asked. Then lastly but definitely not least, Niall asked "Are you guys gonna get food?". Ha "Oh Niall" oh no, I looked up and everyone was looking at me, "Did I say that out loud?" "Sure did" everyone quickly answered. Damn it! "Haaa sorry, I didn't meant to, but I said it cuz Niall and his food,.........I Love It!" "You love it cuz you're the same" Zayn said. "What!?" Niall and I both quickly asked. "Oh I mean, um well, you both have a ridiculously massive love for food" Zayn quickly answered. I knew Niall and I were the same in many ways but I didn't want to be constantly reminded of that, and I didn't want to be constantly thinking of Niall and I when I need to be thinking about Harry and I. "Oh" Niall and I both simply replied, to take the attention off of Niall and I, I said "Anyhow, so Liam and Ali have a great time and tell me all about it tomorrow" "Will do, Thank you" they both said, "Yup, k so Haz, Lou, Zayn and Ni, you guys ready to watch this movie?" "Yup!". We all said our byes to Al and Li as they walked out the door. "Come on Melissa hurrrrrry" Harry said a cutely whine "Almost done HazzaBear, relax" I said with a giggle. "Anyone want anything, while I'm still up?" I asked on my way to the kitchen, of course Niall did, Zayn and Louis did too, Harry just said "I just want you, here on this couch, in my arms". Awwwww that is too cute, he is too cute, adorable. "Awww that's cute Haz" "I know, but it's true so hurry up and come back to me please" "Ill be right there". I fast, grabbed what the boys and I wanted and power walked, nearly ran back to the living room, I threw them their things and as I was about to sit beside Harry I stopped to just look at him. "What?" He asked "nothing" I replied making him get a confused (such a cute face on him)  "So why are you just standing there, in front of me looking at me like that? Get over here!" as he said that last part he had put his hand around my waist and pulling me to him on the couch. "haha Harrrryyyy!" I fell on his lap. "Harry you almost made me drop my food" "And what if I did? It's just food". I pulled my head back to give him a somewhat dirty look, as I looked him in the eyes I said "Harry it is not simply "just food" it's FOOD, it's not only delicious it keeps us Alive and its just, it''s just the best thing ever, I Love food, like love the hell out of it, it's so damn good and if you woulda dropped it I probably woulda threw a bit of a fit, don't mess with my food, the sooner everyone knows that the better and safer it is" I took a calm deep breath. "Wow" they all said, Niall's was more enthusiastic, pleased and impressed? The Louis and Zayn and Harry's was more like they thought I was crazy or something, but hey I don't blame them, Harry added "Well then let's not ever drop your food or mess with it and you just come and sit in my arms, shall you?" I giggled and answered "I shall". We smiled at each other and I scooted to the couch but left my legs on Haz and he put his arm around my shoulders again. We started the movie and ate our snacks. We laughed, this movie is hilarious. A little more then half way through the movie I fell asleep, head on Harry's shoulder. I felt movement so I batted my eyes open to see Harry's face, "Harr?" "Yes love?" "Where are we going?" "To the room" "Where's Louis?" "I'm right here love, what's up?" "I want to go with you, sorry Haz" "Why do you wanna go with Louis?" "Because he's who I share a room with and I wanna go to my room, it has nothing to do with you, so don't worry or feel bad or anything, I still love you, I just wanna *yaaawn* go with Lou" "You heard her, now hand her over" Louis's sassy self said and I'm sure with a smart grin. "Ha alright Lou, hold on a sec, Alright Love I'm going to put you in Louis arms okay? Sleep good beautiful and Ill see you tomorrow" Harry said then kissed my head and handed me to Louis. "Good night Harry, Thank you" I smiled a Harry then said "Hello Louis" "Hello Love, you ready for bed?" "Yeah, where's Niall and Zayn?" "We're over here" They both spoke up, Louis turned so we were facing them "Goodnight you two" "Goodnight Love" they both said then Louis said his goodnight and we started walking out the door and I said "Love yous all", Louis just closed the door and said "Yeah they love you too". Well okay then ha. I was already falling back asleep in Louis arms before we got to our room. We got in the room and Louis layed me down, "Goodnight Melissa" "Goodnight Louis, Love You" "Love You too Love". He pulled out his phone and stepped out of the bedroom and I believe called Eleanor. I heard the beginning of their conversation before I fell asleep, he was just telling her how he just put me to bed and then started telling her about his day. I fell asleep a few minutes later, thinking about how cute Louis and Eleanor are together.

*My Dream*

Niall-"So you're just gonna let Harry tak you away from me like we never had anything or like we have no feelings for each other, like we're not Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love with one another?" he said the last part, letting a tear fall down his cheek and looking down, he said it lower too, but loud enough for me to purposely hear it.

Me-"No Niall, it's not like that, I do Love you but"

Niall-"BUT WHAT!?!?"

Me-"But I just..........I don't know"

Niall-"What do you mean you don't know? How do you not know?" The truth was I didn't know, I didn't know what to say, I was so confused. But I know that I DO LOVE Niall, so why can't I just tell him, how did we even get to this point, how did we get here?

Niall-"Well are you gonna say anyting?"


Niall-"I, I. I what Melissa!? Do you Love me or not?"

Me-"Of course I Love You Niall"

Niall-"Then why are you choosing Harry over me?"

Me-"You're making it seem like I'm choosing him over you, I haven't chose, but I Love you both". What am I saying? I Love Harry yes, but I'm not In Love with him, I'm only In Love with Niall, why can't thoes words come out of my mouth right now?

Niall-"Melissa, I Love You and I want you to come and be with me, please chose and come with ME now, please!"


Niall-"NO, don't say what I think you're going to say, just say you Love me too and you'll come with me, Melissa please" he pleaded.

Me-"Niall, I do Love you, but I can't just leave, I can't do that to Harry,I'm sorry"

Niall-"Don't say you're sorry, cuz you're not, I'm going to leave now, if you are In Love with ME, you'll follow me if not, you'll never see me again. But know that I am and have been In Love with you and only YOU" he kissed me and began to walk away. I tried to follow him but I couldn't move, I than tried to yell at him to stop but I couldn't make a sound. When I could no longer see him I was able to move and speak again, I ran out the door he had just walked out of and when I stepped outside the door slammed behind me, when I turned to look at it, it was gone, along with everything else, I was surrounded but nothing but sand and dirt, everything was gone, why was everything gone and why was I in the middle of nowhere? What's going on? There wasn't a single, thing, person or place around, I was all alone. I started to yell out Niall's name, I yelled it out once more and still nothing. I fell to my knees in the sand and dirt, face in hands, already crying.

*End of Dream*

I made myself wake up from my dream, no my nightmare, I couldn't take it any longer. I woke up with wet cheeks, tears still falling from my eyes, I got up carefully from the bed, to make sure to not wake up Louis. I went into the bathroom to blow my nose and wash my face, but I kept crying so it didn't even matter that I did either of those. There was a light knock on the door, "Melissa?" Louis said with a groggy voice, "Yeah?" "Open the door". I opened the door, Louis looked at me and turned his head to the side and asked "Love, What's the matter?" "My dream" "What about it, What happened in it?" I told him all about it and how I tried to tell Niall I chose him and how I tried to go after him but I couldn't, my mind and body just wouldn't let me and then Niall was gone. "I don't understand why I couldn't go after him Lou" "Melissa, it was just a dream, if Niall was to really tell you he was In Love with You and he told you everything he told you in your dream, in real life, you wouldn't hesitate or have a second thought on who to choose, we both know you'd pick Niall and go after him in a split second, faster if that were possible. So calm down and let's go back to bed" "I know but why couldn't I in my dream, no matter how hard I tried? I asked as we started to walk out of the bathroom and back towards the room. "Not sure but it was just a dream so don't stress over it, don't worry, everything is okay" "Is it? Is everything really okay Louis?" "Of course it is, why wouldn't it be?" "Is Harry taking me from Niall?" "No, technically you're single, you're giving Harry the rightful chance he deserves, and he can't take you from someone who doesn't have you". Louis right, but I just don't ever want my feelings for Niall to EVER go away, EVER! "I just don't want my feelings to EVER go away for Niall, I don't want to fall In Love with anyone else or ever have to say the words "Niall you're to late" to come out of my mouth, I Love him Lou" "I know you do sweetie, I think you're going to have to tell him how you feel and not just him, Harry as well". I can't tell either of them, I can't tell anyone other then Louis, all of this. Sitting on this bed talking to Lou, I know I need to talk about it or it'll drive me insane but at the same time I just wanna curl up in a ball under the covers and stay there forever.


I feel so bad for Melissa, this poor girl torn between Niall and Harry, but at least she knows who's she's In Love with and who she truly wants and needs and that's Niall. I just need to get her to tell Niall how she feels about him, I gotta make this right, I know they belong together, everyone but Harry and Niall seem to know this, question is, why doesn't Harry and Niall know this? "I can't Louis" Melissa responded. "Why not?" seriously, why can't she? She has to! "Niall doesn't feel the same and I don't want to, I can't lose him as a friend cuz then Id lose him all together, I couldn't live if that happened, and I can't tell Harry, he'll probably hate me and stop talking to me and I can't lose him either", She kind of has a point. "But you can't keep living like this, unhappy, stressed out and crying all the time. It's not healthy and I hate seeing you like this". "I know, and I HATE that you've seen me cry at all, I'm not a cryer, I actually hardly ever cry, I hate crying, the only time I really cry is when I'm watching a movie or show or something with you guys" "Wait with us? Why something with us?" "I get overly excited, I'm not technically crying, my eyes just get really watery, except when I watch 'This Is Us' then I'm crying or Story Of My Life" "Makes sense, I guess, you're so weird" we both laughed. "Thank you again Lou, I just hope everything works out the way it's supposed to, the way they're meant to be" "And they will, everything will be as it;s meant to be in the end, you'll be happy, I promise" "Thank you Louis, it's not like I'm not happy, I'm just..." "I know, let's go back to sleep now, okay?" "Ya, do you mind if I curl up to you?" "Of course not, come here, let me comfortingly hold my best friend" "ha, Thank you Lou Bear, I owe you, you're the best!" "You're welcome and I know, I really am aren't I?" "ha yes you dork, thank you....again" "Yup, it's no biggy". She laid her head on my chest and curled up her body, I wrapped my arms around her after pulling the covers over us "Goodnight Love, Love You" "Love you too, goodnight Lou Bear, thank you again" "Anytime". I kissed her head and we slowly fell back to sleep. It's crazy how much I love this girl, it feels like we've known each other our whole lives and like we've been best friends since birth. It's nice to have a girl best friend, other then El of course. I have the best girlfriend and best girl-friend that a Lad can ever ask for. I can't wait to get to know more about Melissa and hang out with her, and for her and Eleanor to officially meet. Goodnight.



Well that is finally the end of chapter 18. Sorry it took me so long to update, haven't had internet and anytime Im with it I have to do school work, stupid school lol :/

But this is a nice long chaper and im already typing the next. Hope you liked this chapter, ive come to realize \, Ive kinda made Melissa a bit of a spaz ha didnt mean to do that but oh well ha It Is What It Is. Hopefully ill be posting chapter 19 tonight, I would do it know but Im tired so ima sleep lol but at least ive already started the typing of it.

Well till chapter19, I hope you like it so far and Thank you for reading and checking it out!! :} <3

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