adopted by one direction

Little lynsy was an only child she was an orphan and she was only 12 years old she loves one direction when she finds out that one direction adopted her she is really shocked read the book to find out how her life is now.


4. Chapter 4

Lynsys pov:

So i say down at the table and ate. When i finished i put my dishes in the sink. Then i went to the living room and they were all sittin on the couch and there was know more rtoo so i grabbed

a blanket and layed on all of them and put the blanket over me. Niall said what are you doing. I said what does it look like im doin im Layin on yall duh. He rolled his eyes. After the movie was over i went up to my room and played some music the song the way by arianna grande and Mac miller i turned it up and grabbe my beush and started singin i forgot i left the door open so they all stood in the doorway and just stared at me. Then i heard shouting from zayn i didnt know what he said so I yelled you want me to turn it up and turned it up really loud now. Then Harry walked over and threw it out my 2 story window i walked over there towo him and slapped him in the face and then i kicked him in the Shen he fell to the ground i yelled at him i said what the fuck Harry!!! Then they all had shocked expressions on their faves an Liam said your grounded for 2 whole weeks. I said what you should ground Harry he broke my radio. Liam said yea but you cussed and your only 12, now hand me your phone. So i handed him my phone and yelled at them sayin GET OUT!!! And with that they left. I sat on my bed i eventually fell asleep. I was bein awoken by zayn but i was too lazy too listen then all of a sudden freezing cold water got poured a over me i jumped up ran after zayn i eventually caught up to him and pushed him down the stairs then i ran downstairs jumped on him and started pullin his hair. I would have said somethin but i wasn't talkin to them they shouldn't have gground me so now there getting the silent treatment. Then i ran back upstairs and ran to my room i locked the door so they couldn't get in.  

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