adopted by one direction

Little lynsy was an only child she was an orphan and she was only 12 years old she loves one direction when she finds out that one direction adopted her she is really shocked read the book to find out how her life is now.


2. Chapter 2

Lynsys pov:

I woke up in my my messy bed.  Preparing for another boring day. The intercom came on and ms. Smith wanted to see me. I was excited yet a little worried i dont know why she wants to see me but i guess i better go find out. When i got there i could not believe who was standing right in front of me.  It was ONE DIRECTION. ms. Smith said lynsy meet your new Gaurdians. I couldn't believe i was going to live with one direction. All of a sudden i fell to te floor and everything went black. A HOUR LATER.  I woke up in a strange place and i had a bit of a headache. I slowly got out of bed and walked downstairs i saw five guys sittin at the table Louis was eatin carrots zayn was lookin at himself in the mirror Niall was eatin potatoes Liam was eatin soup with a fork and Harry was only in pants. As i walked past them my legs felt tingly so i ran to try and get my legs back to normal i realized that i was just running in a circle in the lounge room and that walked in and stared ate i finally stopped running and stood in place my headache got worse from running i said hi my name is lynsy. And they said hey then they all went down the line sayin their names when they finished talking Niall asked me if i was hungry i said now that you mention it i am hungry.  Soo Niall made me some potato soup and Liam handed me a fork i asked him for a spoon but he said ask Niall i forgot he was scared of spoons. So Niall handed me a spoon and Louis got me a dr. Pepper 

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