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4. Chapter Three

“Do you have a phone I can use?” I asked her as she started to clean up the pizza mess. She nodded her head and grabbed one off the counter, handing it to me. It was a cheap phone with no kind of internet connection, but it didn’t surprise me. I didn’t expect her to have an iPhone or something.


I dialed in Louis’ number, considering he was the only one out of all the boys other then me that could actually drive. I had all of the boys’ numbers memorized for emergencies like these. “You aren’t going to report what happened outside to the cops, are you?” Savvs suddenly asked, a look of worry crossing her face. I scrunched my eyebrows up in confusion.


“Why wouldn’t I?” I asked. She suddenly held a distressed expression, running her hands through her hair.


“Y-You don’t understand... In this area, you can’t call the cops. If he was to get arrested, he would have some of his friends go after you. Then lets remember the fact that I pointed a gun at him as well and fired it.” she said, now pacing. I set the phone on the counter and walked to her, putting my hands on her shoulders.


“Calm down, you’re making it way too big of a deal.” I told her. She looked at me with wide eyes.

“You really don’t get it, do you? These people are heartless and have killed others before... do you really want to be next?” she asked. “Look, you’re probably use to having people being able to solve your problems, but calling the cops and telling them about it is just going to make everything worse. I can guarantee that if you call the cops, you’ll be dead within the next few days.”


“Hello?” I heard Louis’ voice through the phone and I looked back at it. Savvs had a panicked expression on her face, obviously terrified that I would tell anyone about what happened. I sighed, giving in.


“Okay, I won’t tell anyone.”


“Not even the cops?” she asked, her face holding hope.


“Not even the cops.” I replied, nodding my head. She sighed, obviously pleased with my answer.




“Hello? I’m going to hang up.” I heard Louis’ annoyed voice say. I quickly grabbed the phone, putting it up to my ear.


“Louis, it’s me, Harry.”


“Hazza! Where are you? Everyone’s going nuts to find you, even Uncle Si is worried!” he said. I groaned.


“Look, can you come pick me up? I’ll just explain everything later.” I said.


“Alright, where are you?” he asked.


“What’s the address?” I asked Savvs. Once she told me, I repeated it to Louis, who said he’d be over as soon as possible. After I hung up the phone, I set it back on the kitchen counter and started to help clean up the pizza mess.


“W-Why are you helping?” Savvs asked, stuttering. She seemed shocked that I was helping her clean up the mess.


“Because I ate the food, too.” I responded, giving her a confused smile. She looked down at the sink that was filled with soapy water, nodding her head. She continued to wash the pan, not looking up at me. I grabbed a washcloth out of the water in the sink and ringed some of the water out of it. I then washed off the table with it, as well as the counters.


“Thank you Harry.” she said, looking up at me.


“For cleaning? It’s not a big deal.” I replied, shrugging.


“No, it’s a huge deal. Every time anyone comes over, they always go into the front room while I clean up the mess. It means a lot to me to know that someone’s willing to help every once in a while.” she replied. I frowned. To be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve had to clean up one of my own messes. Considering I have as much money as I could ever ask for, I have people that clean up after me for a living and get paid quite a bit for it.


“Honestly, it’s nothing.” I replied, smiling at her. I returned the washcloth to the soapy water and dried my hands on a white hand towel that was hanging on the handle that opened the oven. “Thank you for the food.” I told her, smiling. She nodded her head, not looking up from the dishes.


“It was no problem. I wouldn’t have been able to finish the pizza on my own anyway.” she replies simply. I nod my head, looking around to see if there was anything else I could help her with. There seemed to be nothing out of place, so I sat down at the table and pulled my phone out, checking to see who had left me messages. To no surprise, my phone had been blown up with several calls and text messages. I held in an annoyed groan and ignored all of them, shoving it back in my pocket. I was going to have a lot of explaining to do when I got back. I was suppose to go to an interview on live TV with the boys today and I was never going to hear the end of it for not showing up.


“What’s wrong?” Savvs suddenly asked. I looked up to see her looking at me with a confused expression, obviously curious.


“Nothing, just... work related things.” I replied honestly. “I didn’t show up for something and now I’m probably in trouble.”


“Even though you got lost?” she asked.


“Yeah, even though I got lost.” I replied, sighing. Savvs sat right across from me at the table, searching my face for any sort of emotion.


“Did you just move here?” she asked. I shook my head no.


“I travel for a living.” I replied. “I go all over the place.”


“What do you do?” she asked.


“Singing with a group. It’s no big deal.” I reply, sighing. I hope to god that she doesn’t figure out I’m famous for it, because she’d probably treat me different if she knew I had money. I have people that do everything for me, yet Savvs does everything on her own, probably struggling to keep from going bankrupt.


“Wow.” she said, eyebrows raised. “Is that what you want to do? Or is there something else?”


“No, that’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing.” I tell her honestly, smiling. “I always thought I’d be a solo act, but I’m much more happier doing it with my best mates.”


“That’s so cool.” she replied, smiling widely at me.


“What do you do?” I asked her, suddenly curious.


“It’s not as neat as what you do,” she said, fidgeting with her fingers, “But it makes money. I work at a local gym.”


“So are you a trainer or something?” I asked. She laughed and shook her head no.


“I’m sorta the receptionist. You know, the one who sits there and takes a nap because she’s so bored.” she replied, laughing slightly. “It’s always extremely slow. I don’t even understand how they’re still open. I guess people buy memberships but don’t really go there.”


“Yeah, probably.” I replied, nodding my head. “What’s your dream job?”


“Dream job?” she asked, looking at me surprised. “I’ve never actually had a dream job before...”


“You mean to tell me there’s no job that you’d really like to do?” I asked her surprised. She shrugged her shoulders.


“It’s all work, anyway. What’s the difference?” she asked. She sighed and looked down at her lap. “I work all the time, both at the gym and here at home.”


I was about to ask her what she meant, but was ripped out of my thoughts by the sound of someone knocking on her door. I got up to get it, but she quickly stood up and stopped me.


“Hold on a second.” She walked into the front room and I followed behind her. She carefully peaked out the window, looking at the person with a concentrated expression. “I’ve never seen him before. Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.”


“That’d be Louis.” I replied, smiling. I opened the front door and smiled at one of my best mates, who was uncomfortably fidgeting in the same spot. He was as uncomfortable in this area of New York as I was when I first came, but I’m much more comfortable considering I trust Savvs.


“Harry, what are you doing in a place like this?” he hissed angrily. I frowned at him and waved him off as I grabbed Savvs’ arm, pulling her so that Louis could see her.


“Louis, this is Savvs. Savvs, this is Louis.” I said. Louis seemed to glare at the girl while Savvs uncomfortably fidgeted, not making eye contact with Lou.


“Harry, we need to leave... now.” Louis said, looking back at me. I gave him a confused look, but he ignored it and walked to his car, sitting in the drivers seat as he impatiently tapped the steering wheel.


“Well, I guess I have to go.” I said, slightly chuckling. She nodded her head understandingly.


“Okay, goodbye Harry. It was nice meeting you.” she said. I walked out of her home but stopped, turning around to look at Savvs. I pulled a sharpie out of my pocket and took her hand, scribbling my phone number on it.


“Call me sometime and we can hang out again, alright?” I asked, smiling at her. She laughed.


“Hopefully next time I won’t find you with a gun to your head.” she replied. I slightly smiled, nodding my head in agreement. I’d rather not experience that again.


“Well, I’ll see you around.” I said. She nodded her head as I turned around, walking to Louis car. I jumped into the passenger’s seat with a large smile planted on my face as Louis sped off. “Slow down Louis, jeez.”


“Harry, you’re going to hate me for saying this,” Louis said, sighing with an angry look on his face. “But you can’t see her anymore.”

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