*First chapter has the 'about' because it was too long to fit 1000 words... so my apologies :)*


2. Chapter One

Savanna’s POV

“Hey Vanna, what are you doing tonight?” Megan asked me, running to catch up. I smiled at her and wrapped her in a friendly hug, then looked at her with a sad frown.


“I have to go home and do the chores my parents asked me to do and finish an english book report.” I told her. She groaned, throwing her head back.


“Can’t that all wait until tomorrow? I heard there’s going to be a huge party at Alex’s house tonight! Everyone can go, no invites needed.” she said. She looked around and leaned in as she said the next part. “Besides, it wouldn’t kill you to try a drink of beer or something at least once.”


“First off, you know I don’t drink.” I said.


Yeah, because your parents told you not to.” she mumbled, rolling her eyes. I ignored her comment and went on.


“Secondly, I seriously can’t go. I have to do my chores and work on homework.” I responded, frowning. I really did want to go out. I mean, it was a friday night! What kid stays in on a friday night as soon as school is over? Well, obviously me. It’s not like I really have a choice though, I have to get everything done.


“But you never go out with me!” she whined, stomping her foot like the little kid she is. “Fine, be a self centered bitch.” she said bitterly. My jaw dropped as she walked away from me, but not before showing me her manicured middle finger.


Most people would have gone on self-defense mode and told her off right then and there, but I wasn’t like that. I kept my mouth shut and just continued with what I was doing before. I tried to be reasonable about situations like that, but sometimes it got out of hand. But when people said stuff like that to me and I didn’t respond, it was a fact that I was defiantly saying some serious shiz in my head about them.


No, I don’t cuss. I find it extremely rude and disrespectful. The only time you’ll hear a fowl word come out of my mouth is when I’m extremely angry and can’t keep to myself anymore. And to be honest, that’s only happened once and I was a lot younger then I am now.


I threw my books into my bag and shut my locker, looking around at the several people that were trying to get out of the building as soon as possible considering school just ended.


I sighed and frowned sadly. “Happy eighteenth birthday to me.” I mumbled sarcastically. The only people that had actually told me happy birthday were a few teachers, but other then that, no one remembered that it was my birthday... Not even my own parents.


My parents were currently on a vacation without me all the way in Australia. They made up every excuse in the book as to why I should stay. They said I had chores to do, school to keep up on, and friends to hang out with. But to be honest, my friends are all jerks that don’t know how to treat people. Take my friend Megan for example.


I shoved my bag on one of my shoulders then walked to the front of the school. As soon as the door was opened, I groaned. People were running as quickly as they could to get to their cars because of the pouring rain. Almost as if on cue, lightening flashed through the sky and thunder screamed out loudly, making me jump.


I quickly pulled the hood on my hoodie over my head, hoping to protect myself from the rain as much as possible. I now feel stupid for not checking the weather forecast this morning. Out of all the days I decided to walk to school instead of taking my car, I pick the day that it rains like it never has before.


I stepped into the rain and immediately shivered. The wind was extremely strong, almost knocking me off of my feet. I took a deep breath of the cold air, knowing I had to get over it. Rain was rain, and I didn’t have any other way to get home.




As I entered the house, I took a long look around the entrance. It was no different then usual, even though my parents’ belongings were all gone. They were almost never home anyway, considering they both travel for a living.


I suddenly shivered, which made me remember that I was soaked in rain water from head to toe. I groaned and threw my shoes off by the side of the door, then ran upstairs to go to my bedroom so I could change. My socks were also wet, which I wasn’t thinking about as I suddenly lost my balance and fell back down the stairs, screeching from fright.


As I reached the bottom floor, I groaned. I had never fallen down stairs, unless you count the one time when I was a toddler and thought it was a good idea to climb up the stairs, even though I barely knew how to walk.


I laid on the floor for a second, staring at the ceiling. Why do I take all of this crap? The schoolwork, my parents not paying any attention to me, my so-called friends only liking me because my family’s rich?


But the thing is, everybody was suppose to be here right now. If I had a normal life, my parents would be here and throwing me some type of party for my birthday. I’d come in the house and everyone would yell ‘Surprise!’, making my day. Turning eighteen was a big deal. I was legal to do almost anything I wanted to do. But if I was at a party here in this house with some real friends and my parents, I wouldn’t have fallen down the stairs. And even if I had fallen down the stairs with just me and my parents here, they both would have rushed to my side to make sure I was okay.


But my parents aren’t here. My parents don’t care. I don’t have real friends. All I have is a life that looks like it’s perfect on the outside, but it honestly isn’t. I’m tired of trying to act happy and nice when people are just going to take advantage of my kindness. My parents do it all the time, telling me to do more things around the house. My friends do it all the time as well, convincing me to do stupid things I usually wouldn’t dare doing and going out to parties without any kind of permission. My teachers do it as well, making me feel as if I have to go sign up for some new sport or club.


And that’s when the thought hit me. I shouldn’t be trying this hard to make everyone happy. For example, the one time I tell Megan I can’t go to some party with her, she cusses at me and flips me off. That was the first time I told her no in literally two months, and that’s saying something, considering she asks me to do stuff with her every weekend. The one time I tell her that I can’t go hang out with her, she’s angry at me.


Why do I let people take advantage of me like this?


Most importantly, why am I just laying here and doing nothing about it?

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