*First chapter has the 'about' because it was too long to fit 1000 words... so my apologies :)*


1. About:

Scarlett Rose. She was popular, skinny, pretty, athletic, and had about fifteen scholarships from different schools just handed to her. She had everything people could only dream of having, yet that’s not what she wanted. The one thing that she always wished that she could have, she never thought she’d receive.


To be free. But she’s a goody-two-shoes, always doing everything she’s asked. If her teachers recommend she signs up for a new sport or club, she does. If her parents give her seven more things to do when she gets home from school every day, she does them. But once she reaches the breaking point and runs away from home as soon as she turns eighteen, she knows she can’t go back. But to be honest, she doesn’t want to go back. She’s tired of that life.


Harry Styles. The pop star known worldwide as a famous singer and a complete player. But to be honest, a player is the exact opposite of what he really is. His management just sets him up with girl after girl to give him that ‘bad-ass’ image he so badly hates. But what his management tells him to do, he has to. That means dating every thirty-five year old women that you can find.


Harry seems to grow tired of these things though, and continues to search for real love, something he has never felt before.


All these things seem to somehow send him into a small, dark neighborhood that he didn’t expect to find himself in, or the girl he might end up falling for. Who knew their fate could end up bring them to one another?

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