Best Friend's Brother

Telisha was alone. That was until the Wallers moved in, a family of six, 4 children, two adults. She quickly becomes friends with the only girl, Darci. 1 year has passed and Telisha's graduated from High school, only to find she developed feelings for Darci's eldest brother. Will this ruin their frendship?


2. The Graduation




Mr. Harnson finally finished his speech which means we are graduated from high school! I run up to Darci and give her a hug screaming "WE'RE FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL!!!!"  "WE DID IT YAY!" Darci screamed.

"Guys lets take some pictures," Darci's dad, John says so we get together and take what feels like a billion photos before Darci says "Hey make sure you don't forget my party tonight!"  "Ok" I'm guessing it's going to be pool related cause they have a giant pool. "Honey it's time to go home," my mum says snapping me out of my reverie

**skipping the car ride home**

Oh crap what am I going to wear... Finally I pick out Black high waisted shorts With a black tassle bikini and a white and blacktop that says "GEEK" and black converse and start walking to her house which takes 20 minutes.Better start walking now, I thought.


I was dressed in my favourite dark pink bikini, a dark pink crop top shirt and pink tie-dye shorts with red converse

As soon as I was ready I heard a knock on my door "Come in!" I call. the door opens and Christian is standing there lookig at his feet "IsTelishagonnabetheretonight?" he mumbled. "Yeah why?" I ask. "justcause," he replies. I immediately understood. I stood up and said "I understand, just don't drool on her!" and walked out when I heard a knock on the front door. Telisha. "It's open!" I yell


"It's open!" I heard Darci yell so I walked in. "Wow you look pretty today." she says."you too!" I reply.  "I'll - " I was interrupted by someone falling down the stairs. Christian. "Sorry, sorry! ummm,  the other guests have arrived." " okay I'll go and help them, " she said, leaving me and Christian alone. " ummm - " he was interrupted by screams "Telisha!!!"  "Shh calm down Melanie!" I said " It's only been 1 single hour since we've seen each other!" "oh ok" she replied, stepping away from me. "Come on! to the pool!" Darci shouts from behind us with 20 more people.

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